Hunter Black
Portrayed By Sam Worthington
Gender M
Date of Birth November 9th
Age 35
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Aliases Kowari, Bounceback
Place of Birth Melbourne, Australia
Current Location Xavier's Camp
Occupation Captured
Known Relatives All deceased
Significant Other None
Identity Known
Known Abilities Kinetic Energy Redirection, Martial Arts
First Appearance NYC Central Park

Hunter of the Future! Though, not a 'Hunter'

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Hunter had arrived in New York looking for an adventure, for a way to get to know the Mutant community. Over the years he had ran into all sorts of interesting people in the city. Over time he began to spend more time in Mutant populated areas eventually taking up residence in Mutant Town. Tensions rose over the years between Humans and Mutants causing him to accelerate the learning curve of his abilities. Through trial and error he gained better control of how to manipulate his re directional abilities. Once he was confident that he could control his powers he began seeking out opportunities to learn how to control his impulsiveness.

Settling upon the marital arts of Wing Chun and Judo, Hunter found an outlet that gave him the ability to become more adept physically as well as control his emotional state. Being able to calmly think things through ,and to not Boy Scout up, kept him out of trouble or at least made sure that he walked away from a fight. With his confidence up, and his emotions under wraps, he finally made the decision to seek out help from Xavier's Institute, as many of the kids he had a habit of running into over the years had mentioned the school.

Hunter never made it to the school to inquire about what they could offer to a guy long past his school years. When everything hit the fan he had been out in Central Park jogging along as he was prone to do. He managed to avoid situation after situation until his luck finally ran out. He witnessed a fight between several Mutants and the Sentinels. One by one people were falling to the attack and his hard fought control started to slip. He charged into the battle unthinkingly and blinded by rage. The end result had left Hunter with a permanent reminder of the battle in the form of a scar running across his left eye.

When Hunter came to after having been knocked unconscious by a powerful blast in the battle, he found himself being bodily dragged into the Mutant Detention Camp at the ruins of Xavier's. Being confined didn't appeal to the Australian, but having his powers deactivated made him deliriously happy. For the first time since he was a teen he felt 'normal.' He didn't have to worry about constantly monitoring his activities or keeping his distance from others. He'd rather not be in this hell hole he's in but he can't help but be thankful for being free of his Mutant abilities.

Hunter is now thirty-five years old, time having aged his features. His athletic build has taken on more definition, and size thanks to his martial arts pursuits. His hair is shaved close to his head, a thin scar can be seen cut across his left eye that he obtained from a piece of flying metal that got past his force-field in the battle that wound him up in the Detention Camp. His hard fought for control of his impulsiveness has faltered but is still considerably better than when he was a younger man. He still possesses the drive to help others and is more capable now that he can rely only on his martial arts training. The most drastic change in his personality is that he is actually thrilled to be powerless.

Hunter worked for several years on learning how to master his Mutant abilities. Through practice and error he was able to gain some moderate control, and was in the process of seeking out help from the Xavier Institute when the attacks began. After his capture and internment at the Xavier detention camp, Hunter was stripped of his powers like all of the other mutants. However, in his case, he was thrilled about not having to worry about having to play things safe. Now he could be just another normal guy. As normal as you could be in a detention camp.

Skills and Talents
Close Combat Fighting – Athletic training in multiple sports such as Rugby and Boxing made him a formidable opponent. His strength, agility and flexibility have all been increased by his martial arts training over the last ten years. He dabbled in Judo, and has achieved black belt status in Wing Chun Kung Fu.

Mechanical Repair – Able to make repairs on motor vehicles and choppers. He picked up this skill over the years working with people who repaired company vehicles.

Weapons Usage – His stance on weapon usage changed as the environment around him became more hostile. He is now an even better shot with various guns and has picked up the knowledge of wielding several forms of bladed weapons through his martial arts training.


  • Hunter gained moderate control over his ability to redirect Kinetic Energy.
  • Hunter was injured and sent to a mutant camp.
  • Hunter was fitted with a collar to turn off his powers.
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