Jakob "Captain America" Kincaid (Future)
Jakob Kincaid
Portrayed By Jared Padalecki
Gender Male
Date of Birth August 24, 1990
Age 29
Zodiac Sign Leo/Virgo Cusp
Aliases Captain America formerly Arsenal
Place of Birth Unknown, U.S.
Current Location The Future
Occupation Freedom Fighter; former Mercenary, Soldier & SHIELD Agent
Group Affiliation New Avengers, The Mutant Rebellion, S.H.I.E.L.D. (past), U.S. Army (past), Friends of Humanity (past), Barnes Academy (past)
Known Relatives See Below
Significant Other ???
Identity Secret
Known Abilities See Below
First Appearance ???

Hate. I grew up believing I knew hate, I didn't know true hatred until I learned the name Ahab.


In 2012 Jakob would graduate from Barnes Academy and be indoctrinated directly into S.H.I.E.L.D., for the next three years he would spend as a loyal and dedicated Operative, even having softened up where his prejudices were concerned forming friendships and new companion-ships with 'ab normals' things were in order for the young man. A very competent soldier he rose to every occasion to prove himself even on the night in 2015 when Sentinels obliterated Xavier's and Barnes Academy, he was one of the initial who tried to stop it.

In that battle he lost a hand, half of his other arm, a good portion of his torso and a chunk of his head including an eye the battle. Near death he was saved by several of those whom were fleeing New York and the Sentinel raid, thankfully a cybernetics capable and savvy individual was amidst them, one who helped salvage the lost parts (temporarily at the time). However, his mutant abilities would be severely altered. No longer did he have the ability to 'surge' or completely control his own physiology as he had learned to over the years (having even achieved new heights with it up to staggering superhuman levels).
Jakob would become more cyborg than mutant. Using bionic and cybernetic implants to compensate for lost abilities, He now uses his considerable knowledge in combat tactics, martial arts and weaponry to make up for the loss.

For a while he bore the name Arsenal, sporting multi-optics, an array of firearms, explosives and swords, commonly using the plasma sabre that is housed in one of his limbs, this instrument is powered by his own bio-current which seems to be fueled by barely existent mutant powers he's all but lost. He was always geared up and ready for combat, seeing himself as not something human or mutant anymore, his drive was simple destruction of enemies and vengeance. A rebel to the core, he existed from battlefield to battlefield, very much in arms for the cause of mutant-kind.

Now as Captain America he fights for a dream and an ideal, not for vengeance. His weaponry has changed from the use of heavy munitions to the shield and plasma blade on his left forearm. Dressed as his predecessor he uses the man's presence and attitude as a platform for his own, though never losing track of himself or real origins.


Prior 2012 - Graduated Barnes Academy, transferred service U.S. Army to NATO & ultimately SHIELD (advanced training completed shortly after graduation).
??-??-2015 - Rallied in defense of SHIELD NYC HQ and Barnes Academy, 'dies' as Jakob Kincaid, following is a year of physical cybernetic reconstruction and therapy
02-02-2017 - Mercenary role begins, taking on jobs to hurt supporters of United States reform.
04-09-2017 - Allied with Domino, a recently escaped captive. Started up a mercenary crew that sometimes worked as Freedom Fighters.
06-05-2020 - Joined Mutant Rebellion of New York City.
06-09-2020 - Destroyed a Hunter scouting unit with Domino.
06-10-2020 - With Domino and Etoile learned from the Hound Caleb, Ahab was using the mutant Heather to tamper with the past.
06-12-2020 - Member of strike force lead by Volk that tried to stop the public execution of Captain American, Nightcrawler, Mystique and Storm. Arm torn off by Sandstorm en route to extraction. Only Mystique and Storm are rescued.
06-15-2020 - Encountered the traitor Dingo in the tunnels alongside Vincent, finished repairing damaged arm. Caught rumor of new Sentinel 'Spiders'.
06-20-2020 - Participated in a successful raid on a storage facility with Domino, Misha and Volk.
06-29-2020 - Major assault on Sentinel factory took place, was teamed with Domino, Howl, Psylocke and Volk. Battled an ambush team consisting of several Avengers and various villains, killed the Lizard in ensuing battle. Would carry on to find rumor of Sentinel Spiders were true, first encounter with an Omega Sentinel also transpired.
07-07-2020 - Alongside Domino critically wounded and captured Caleb. Along with Rashmi's assistance moved the fallen Hound to a secure location.
07-10-2020 - A raid on the Mutant Underground was staged, Arsenal with Domino, Rashmi and Theo defend against the attackers, Cheshire during this epic battle switches sides joining the rebellion.
07-22-2020 - Approached by the Harbinger known as Hope the mantle of Captain America is bestowed upon Arsenal, reluctantly he takes up the shield and steps into the shadow of the original super soldier.
07-26-2020 - Has a small encounter with the Hunter turned Rebel, Kalindi, a holographic projection of Mike Drakos, Neena and Rashmi. Following training he meets the new Hawkeye (Star Rosen) who begins her own training under Domino.
07-27-2020 - With a small group consisting of Quicksliver, the new Hawkeye and Rashmi they went topside and retrieved Iron Man to begin his stay in the Mutant Underground.



Cybernetics & Powers

Jakob's primary power used to be bio-manipulation granting him the power of surging his attributes or controlling his physiology altering it, slowing it, advancing it etc, this no longer exists for him. What does remain in a world of megapowers is barely notice-able, he is now decked out in an array of cybernetic augmentations and attachments that make up for his lack of abilities. His previous bio-manipulative abilities have somewhat fused with the cybernetics. Adapting to them being planted into his body, yet in doing so he lost other functions stunted in power and growth as a mutant human.


A tall well-muscled man riddled in scars, the right side of his jaw is marred with the crimping of skin that runs in a scar upwards this overlaps plating grafted to his skull under synthetic and real flesh. His eye is a glassy red where as the other is a deep brown. His hair is wild, several beads are weaved through it in places, stubble typically lines his jaw. His hands are both mechanical as well, yet the left ends at the forearm, the right is entirely up past the shoulder and into the chest cavity soon connecting to a re-enforced spine that trails off to joints, hips and bone.

Having changed his attire from the old tattered SHIELD uniforms he has now taken to wearing a costume of the same 9-ply Kevlar to fire-resistant beta cloth. This costume is fashioned after Steve Rogers Captain America outfit, from head to toe it fits Jakob like a glove. The Red, White and Blue is worn proudly on his body and rarely covered up when on the battle-field unless fully necessary. At times customized MTV gear with additional weaponry will also be worn but this is only when a large battle is anticipated (There are still red bands of piping worn on one bicep, denoting his former rank in SHIELD).


" I don't believe in friendship, I believe in loyalty"


*Jakob started out a human supremacist and hated mutants, now he is quite the opposite.
*He only has about 45-68% sense of feeling in all mechanical parts. Which a majority of them are made of omnium, the same metal alloy some Sentinels are made of.
*Was engaged to and possibly had a child with Valerie Toomes (the Vultures daughter, her status is unknown).
*His mutant abilities 'power' his cybernetic attachments on an almost un-noticed level.
*He had a short lived fling with fellow former S.H.I.E.L.D./S.W.O.R.D. Agent Jessica Drew.
*Until recently he Never went by his real name, always referring to himself as Arsenal, if asked would claim Jakob Kindcaid died 2015. Though, he has lightened up on this responding easily to Cap, Captain or Jake.


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