James "Tooth" Palmer (Future)
Advanced Forward Scout: #4'/3z4
Portrayed By Hugh G. Gnoll
Gender Male
Date of Birth 6/21/94
Age 26
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Aliases The Boogie Man
Place of Birth Medora, IN
Current Location Xavier's
Occupation Hunter
Known Relatives All Deceased
Significant Other None
Identity Tooth
Known Abilities Teleporter & Feral: Teeth, claws, healing, senses, healing, bite
First Appearance Just showed up at breakfast and refused to leave.

Gotta' catch 'em all!


Having never gained the ability to shift out of his Hyena form, James stayed on at Xavier’s and continued his education at the school—eventually going so far as to join X-Force. Less interested in scholastic activities, James put his feral side to good use on the battlefield and in the classroom after becoming a combat teacher, Paragon squad leader, and counselor. Having been tempered by age and experience, James became a role model of sorts and could always be found providing a better example than he had in his youth.

Upon the return of Lucas, James was instrumental in convincing his former roommate to take the recently vacated leadership role on X-Force. Some say the team had never done so well. Some say it was just so the pair could show up Hellion and other past members. Regardless, it all changed the night of Sentential attack. In the ensuing chaos, James stayed behind and helped buy others the time they needed to escape. As a result, he was one of the first to fall.


As a feral, James had a certain skill set that made him valuable in the new world order. As such, James was spared depowerment and immediately sent into training. Upon ‘graduation’ the hyena was sent to work overseas in the Africa campaign as an advanced forward scout. The next two years proved disastrous for all involved, and while the war in Africa is far from over, James was reassigned to NYC in hopes his previous experience and expansive knowledge of the area would prove useful in ferreting out the remaining resistance forces.

Around 2017-2018, rumors among the New England survivors began to circulate that the Hunters had a hyena-like creature working for them. These rumors proved to be true when James, himself, began showing up during major raids. During one such raid, James was wounded by the Redeemers and successfully captured. Now a prisoner in the care of his former friends, James watched as Rashmi and Lucas argued over his treatment. Rashmi felt rehabilitation was an option. Lucas disagreed. Taking advantage of the distraction, the Hyena grabbed their daughter and teleported; leaving her to die in the place Between. His final words spoke coldly of 'repaying his friends for their kindness.'

Current Status

Over the last 1-2 year(s) James has continued his role as a Hunter, now specifically going after those he once knew. Given his preference for night, coupled with his teleportation, the Hyena has the distinction of being a storybook-like threat parents use to keep their children in line. While its unknown how many people have been claimed by James, one thing is for sure: He keeps a list. A list several would like to read just to know if their missing loved one is on it.

AFS Branch

Advanced Forward Scouts (AFS) is a branch of the hunting program created to deal with especially large, expansive tracts of land. As such, AFS Hunters have the distinction of being harbingers of sorts as, by the time you see them, reinforcements are usually already on their way. Those in this program are treated with some extended freedoms, but pay the price in loyalty. Aside from standard reprogramming, each Hunter has a series of devices implanted inside their body to ensure loyalty. This makes it so that they don’t just wonder off. Aside from a GPS module, James’ spine is wired with an encrypted micro bomb, making sure that, depending on the size and difficulty of the area he was sent to survey, James returns to have his “expiration” date reset on a daily, weekly, or monthly time frame.


  • 2015: Presumed dead; rumored otherwise
  • 2016: Hunter training and Africa campaign
  • 2017: Reappared as a Hunter in the U.S.
  • 2018: Wounded and captured by the Redeemers. Betrayed Rashmi and Lucas then escaped
  • 2019: Began a campaign to personally dispatch those he once knew


Feral: Teeth, claws, senses, strength, healing and all the other things
Teleportation: Can teleport people, items, and objects. Can also discard them half way 'Between.'

Theme Song

"M.I.A." AX7 (AX7) Video Lyrics

"The Great Destroyer" NiN (Year Zero: Remixed) Video Lyrics


  • "What once was is no more."


  • James' teleporting ability was gained after an accident around 2010. As a side effect he no longer 'talks' to machines.
  • Well known for teleporting victims with him then reappearing alone; leaves them stuck "Between" forever.
  • Keeps a detailed 'kill' list of his friends: Locations, dates, times, & GPS. All the data he can record.
  • Has a large bounty on his head. Lucas is rumored to have put it there.
  • James' 'Between' is OOCly based upon the same destination mentioned in the Pern series.


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