Portrayed By Zeb Atlas
Gender Male
Date of Birth October 12
Age 42
Zodiac Sign Libra
Aliases Doc
Place of Birth Denver, CO
Current Location NYC
Occupation Rebel
Known Relatives ?
Significant Other ?
Identity ?
Known Abilities Strength, Running, Power-share
First Appearance ???

Hyppocratic Oath? I dropped that when I quit being a doctor.


Jericho's life changed the night that Christopher died. With the loss of his husband and one of his children, his entire outlook on life changed. He became the warrior he never wanted to be. The front-line fighter. The strategist. He started leading the rebellion. When he went out, Mutant hunters began to fear. Over time, he's grown even stronger, but remains as youthful appearing as ever due to his altered genetics from Kevin. The only real difference in his appearance is the loss of an eye that happened when he destroyed the sentinel that killed Christopher. What he is now, is not what he was known and loved for. What he is now… is a hardened combatant that will stop at nothing to end this war, even if it costs those he loves.


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