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Jinx Vallon spent the remainder of her years at the school learning that she'd never shift from the form that she now inhabited. Doomed to a life of fur, ostracized from society, Jinx found work at the mansion helping out in the library, and after earning an online degree in education, began teaching some of the younger classes at the school, classes before the scent of puberty in the student classes really hit. Her powers continued to magnify to a point that she could walk into a room and sense every emotion, and it became overwhelming and exhausting for her to be around people for long periods of time. She continued to teach until wanderlust hit her, and she felt the need to go North and find herself in places where people were sparse and she could find room to breath. Jinx had always been a lover of nature, and she planned to write her master's thesis on the biology of tundra wildlife.

The world changed while she was away. Unaware, she went into what was once a friendly town and soon found herself captured and collared by the Hunters. Despite the servitude of it, in ways the collar was a relief that muted her often overwhelming senses. She felt able to function again in a limited capacity—even through currently she’s little more than just another face among the captured.


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