Jonothon Starsmore
Portrayed By Jared Leto
Gender Male
Date of Birth August 25
Age 36
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Aliases Chamber
Place of Birth London, England
Current Location New York City
Occupation Protector
Known Relatives Evan, Eleanor Starsmore (Parents) Ellene Sims (Sister)
Significant Other Still none
Identity Private
Known Abilities Omega Class Telepathy and Telekinsis
First Appearance GenX

Sometimes I think the remains of Xaviers are all I have.


Jonothon completed his education, eventually gaining a masters degree in business (following in the footsteps of his father.), and became an administrator for the business side of Xaviers (Someone needs to arrange ordering supplies and making sure everyone gets paid). While not a teacher he still devoted his time to teaching the children their powers, and in being with both the X-Men, and X-Force.

Over the years he finally came to accept what he was, and with that acceptance he learned how to rebuild his body properly. He also learned how to use his telepathy. Finally. One who had been known for avoiding responsibility came to embrace it.

For the most part he's lead a lonely existence in amid all the people at the school. In as much as he's changed a good deal for the better, relationships just seem to elude the man.

When the attack came he 'sacrificed' himself to ensure people could escape. This is in quotes because he destroyed his body, then reformed later on, as he'd done repeatedly in the past. While it was a highly dangerous time, Jono managed to find the mutants in the Tunnels. There he remained. The underground situation isn't great, but he has experience in living on the streets and turned that to good use. For the most part he does as he has been doing for years.. making sure people have enough to eat and a place to sleep.


  • Jono doesn't age. He still looks in his early twenties.
  • He's finally developed his powers. Molecular telekinesis, and a fully trained telepath.
  • Nearly twenty years in American has worn away his accent.
  • The only thing of worth he carries with him is his X-Men communicator.
  • He hasn't had contact with his family since the attacks, but they are all 'safely' away in London.
  • The stubble on his pictures is actually there. Someone learned how to emulate humanity in full.


Not going to go into the full explanation here, but Jonothon has two main powers. Everything else stems off that.

A big drawback of his power is that he's got a large psioic signature. Really big one. He almost never goes topside for this reason. A bit too easy to find.

A full telepath, Jonothon has a range of 400+ miles. Astral projection, communication, memory alternation, mind shields, psy blasts.. he can do it all. Problem comes in getting him to be willing to do it. Still stubborn and determined not to invade the minds of others.

Capable of 50 tons of lift, with a range of 50 yards, Jonothon is a molecular level telekinetic. This means that not only can he lift things, but he can change what they are, not only what they look like. Sure he can't lift a nuclear submarine (Those things are like 150 tons or more), but he could sure as well change it into something else if he had enough time.
Flight, blasts, shields, force fields, fires (molecule agitation is your friend when you're cold).. anything that a telekinetic would be capable of.
His body is also an aspect of his powers, for he literally shapes it with telekinesis. Remove an arm, and while it will hurt, he's going to be able to reform it. Doesn't really need the organs he has either, so he doesn't either eat or breathe. The man can't shape shift, but his appearance will change somewhat depending on his moods. Will always look like himself, always be recognizably Jono, but some days it's going to be very obvious that he's unhappy.

Resources of Note

Unstable Molecule costume
The costume is a step well and above what it might appear to be. It protects against temperature extremes, even to some arctic extremes, and is also somewhat bullet proof. Although this protection is only about the same level as modern body protection, and will do nothing against specialized rounds. Rather like wearing a full length bullet proof vest. Mostly it allows him to run around and get into all kinds of trouble without him having to worry about losing his clothing.
Should be worn and heavy damaged by now, but Jono keeps telekineticly repairing it.

Telepathic Communicator
Once Jono couldn't use a normal communicator. So using Shi'ar technology he was made one could hear his telepathic speech, and relay it along comm lines as a 'normal' voice. It offers him a couple of small, but nice features as well. It can be used to speak for him verbally. There's a small delay as he relays words and it speaks, but a small price to play. The other is that it holds mp3s. This is all he has left of his music collection.


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