Julian Keller "Hellion"
Portrayed By ??
Gender Male33
Date of Birth ??
Age ??
Zodiac Sign ??
Aliases ??
Place of Birth ???
Current Location ???
Occupation ???
Known Relatives ???
Significant Other ???
Identity ??
Known Abilities ???
First Appearance ???

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Hellion had become a member of the X-Men after leaving the X-Force. Of course, he and some of the others had problems, and eventually his past had resurfaced and he became highly competitive and arrogant. Julian had tried his hardest to ensure the safety of the others. Seeing so many of his charges hurt had made him angry and begrudging on the battlefield. Often waiting until the very last second to leave, making sure he did everything he can to destroy the opposition. To this day he is a high-ranking rebellion leader, though he prefers to fight on the frontlines because he knows he is a valuable asset to the cause.
With Addison gone crazy, he is now top dog of Telekinesis. And he knows it. His combat skills and quickness in flight had kept him away from being captured, as much as Ahab would love to brainwash him.


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  • "I said it!"


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