July Lanford
Portrayed By Hailey Marie Packer
Gender Female
Date of Birth May 7th, 1992
Age 29
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Aliases Elastica
Place of Birth Washington DC
Current Location New York City
Occupation Rebel
Known Relatives Mark Lanford (father) and Lyan Lanford (mother)
Significant Other Annalisa
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Body Malleability
First Appearance ???

I spent most of my puberty period locked in my home because of my powers. Now that I'm out, they want me to lock me again? Nuh-uh! No one deserves to be locked because they're born!


When all hell broke loose, with the Sentinels returning with a vengeance, July was arriving at the Xavier School to speak about taking a part-time job as a teacher at the school, when a sudden attack happened to the school grounds by the sentinels, looking for mutants to exterminate or capture. She manages to get away, by sheer luck and opportunity with the sheer amount of giant robots and mutants fighting for survival.
Her powers continued to evolve, as survival proved to be a cruel, but efficient, mistress, the girl's control over her body mass increasing enough to allow her to change the texture of her surface skin, as well as her coloration, allowing her to mimic any kind of cloth, wood, metal or plastic texture, and any kind of coloration pattern. She also refined her ability to copy details, though not enough to completely take someone else's appearance, but it's fine for her.
Months after the attack on the school, a chance encounter allowed her to find the Rebels, and join their cause, to bring the sentinels down, to avenge her parents being killed by the sentinels on the account of treason for covering up a mutant, their own daughter.


  • What's happened since you've been approved?


  • Her malleability is now under almost perfect control. She can stretch and shape shift at incredible speed now.
  • She can also change her body's surface texture and color to match anything she wants.
  • She is now almost impervious to physical damage, be it piercing, slashing or blungeoning strikes.


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