Future Logs


Date Cast Title Rating For Tez's Use
May 7, 2018 Magik and Devotion Devoting One's Life PG *
May 7, 2018 Strange and Distance Going For Distance PG *
May 8, 2018 Magik and Thought A Penny for Your Thought PG *
May 8, 2018 Strange and Hope Everyone Needs Hope PG *
June 5, 2020 Ahab and Heather A Hound in the Making R *

Different Times

Date Cast Title Rating For Tez's Use
Varied Addison, Armande, Bruce, Cam, Connor, Daisuke, Danny, Darrell, DJ, Envy, Heather, Hilde, James, Jeremy, Jericho, Jordan, Kalindi, Robin, and Robyn What a Wonderful World R -


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