Lucas Heathe
Lucas Heathe
Portrayed By Cliff Besley
Gender Male
Date of Birth April 30, 1992
Age 27
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Aliases FallOut
Place of Birth Chattanooga, TN
Current Location Xavier's School
Occupation Biology Teacher, Leader of X-Force
Known Relatives Rashmi Heathe, wife (Seperated); Jessica, daughter (deceased)
Significant Other None
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Nuclear Fusion Reaction from hands
First Appearance ???


After graduating from Xavier's, Lucas attended Rockefeller University where he received his bachelor's in Biology, with minors in teaching and medicine. Much to his emotional detriment, his mother passed away before seeing him graduate, leaving him with no drive to do more. As his girlfriend Rashmi went off to Law School in New York, Lucas returned to Xavier’s, mostly just planning to hang out and cause trouble with his best friend, James, who had become a combat instructor.

What he didn’t expect, was to almost immediately end up teaching biology at the school. Not long after, James even managed to convince him into becoming the leader of X-Force when the position opened. It was strange and ironic that the boy who hated being a mutant and being at Xavier’s would end up embracing it so much as a man. The time was simply right, and he proved to be an impetuous, but solid and respected leader.

In 2014, Lucas proposed to Rashmi. They were married not long after, and was his Best Man. In the first year, Rashmi and Lucas had a daughter they named Jessica, after Lucas' dead mother. Things seemed to finally be going well.

When the Sentinels attacked in 2015, Rashmi was in New York. Lucas helped lead the evacuation of Xavier’s, and he made a decision that would forever haunt him. As the machines attacked, someone had to stay behind to buy the escapees time to get out. Lucas took the job, knowing he might not survive, but James stopped him. Lucas had a little girl he needed to be there to protect, and James insisted he be the one to stay instead. After a short debate, Lucas conceded, and he left his teammate behind. James did not return.

Rashmi and Lucas quickly joined the rebellion, doing all they could to stop the Sentinels. Rashmi focused on rescuing mutants, but Lucas began insisting they take the offensive. It was the first strain on their marriage, as Lucas could not sit and watch as mutants continued to fall back and retreat over and over again, being culled like cattle.

Everything changed two years later, when James reappeared. He was now a hunter, and he had Lucas’ family in his sights. James attacked, and managed to get Jessica from Lucas, teleporting her away and leaving her to die in the Between. When she was killed, Lucas was devastated. He was always a little too reckless and willing to do whatever it took, but now that his best friend had killed his daughter, his tactics became even more extreme.

He began to lead a small group within the rebellion who were willing to kill innocents and civilians to take out hunters. They began focusing more on the hunters than the Sentinels, and if killing a few innocents or kidnapped mutants meant they would kill a hunter, they wouldn't hesitate. He was done sitting idly by as everything he knew was destroyed.

This skewed view was not shared by Rashmi, whom Lucas was already becoming more and more distant from. He was so obsessed with killing every last hunter, and finding James, that he failed to see her pulling away from him. She finally separated from him, asking that when he finally gets his head back in order that he return. He never has…


  • 2010: Graduates from Xavier’s; attends Rockefeller University
  • 2014: Begins teaching at Xavier’s; Marries Rashmi; Jessica born in late November
  • 2015: Assisted the exodus of the Xavier's mutants, joined the Rebellion
  • 2018: Daughter murdered, separated from Rashmi


  • "Whatever."


  • Had a wedding necklace instead of ring to keep from melting it when he used his powers.
  • In college, he sang and played guitar for a band called, “Phoebe’s Ring.”


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