Portrayed By ??
Gender Male
Date of Birth 1920-something
Age Old enough.
Zodiac Sign Leo
Aliases The Mutant Master of Magnetism, and a whole bunch of others. What's convenient to use this time…?
Place of Birth Eastern Europe
Current Location Wherever he wants to be
Occupation Freedom Fighter
Known Relatives Most of his blood relatives are dead, but he claims the whole of mutantkind as kin.
Significant Other Varies.
Identity Public, as Erik Magnus Lensherr. Private, as Max Eisenhart.
Known Abilities Magnetic manipulation, in the main, but the whole rest of the electromagnetic spectrum if he wants to put the effort in. Also, weird technology.
First Appearance X-Men #1

In the future… Magneto is still being Magneto. He has always opposed those who would oppress his kind, and he always will. Ergo, he is still kicking butts and taking names. And running safe houses. And providing false papers. And supplying the Resistance. And…


Decades of conflict and violence lie behind him, from Nazi Europe through the rise of Israel to the emergence of the mutants, and beyond. Magneto has seen it all, picked sides in it all, and fought in it all. He isn't stopping just because the faces of the 'bad guys' have changed.


  • What's happened since you've been approved?


  • "So speaks Magneto!"


  • Still ruling Genosha! Some of the time, at least.
  • Probably has a few more kids out there. Whether he knows about them? He ain't saying.
  • When in doubt, launch the Sentinel into orbit. It'll be back, but it will give you a minute or so breathing space to think what to do next.
  • Dead bodies make him angry. There are too many dead bodies in this world… by several magnitudes. Do the math.


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