Maximillian Maximus Farlane
Portrayed By Tripp MacConnell
Gender Male
Date of Birth 08/04
Age ??
Zodiac Sign Leo
Aliases A/C, Commander Cool
Place of Birth Boston, Mass.
Current Location ???
Occupation Former Children's TV personality
Known Relatives ???
Significant Other Kael Langford
Identity Public
Known Abilities Cryokinesis
First Appearance ???

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Max had gone onto college after Xavier's, eventually serving his…unusual nature to children's programming in New York. He stayed by Kael and refused to register as a mutant. He had become quite the able fighter, though he would not choose to fight. Preferring to make sure people were taken care of in the tunnels, hoping one day to taste freedom again.
Max became a Redeemer, choosing to fight only when needed and only to protect those who couldn't protect themselves.


  • What's happened since you've been approved?


  • "I said it!"


*Max gained very nice control over his powers over the years, his ice form had taken a more spikey look to it after he had to flee to the tunnels.

  • He is not affected by temperatures up to 300 degrees now, but higher than that, he will have to concentrate more on keeping himself cold, so that he may survive.
  • He has also gained use of ice slides in this future, taking the form of an ice board that forms under his feet.
  • Amazing thing!


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