Mike Drakos
C. Michael Drakos
Portrayed By CGI mostly. Also, Moises Gil
Gender Male
Date of Birth 1/1/1995
Age 25
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Aliases Meck, Ghost
Place of Birth Taos, NM
Current Location Unknown
Known Relatives Mother, the Rev. Ana Drakos. Father, Kyrios Drakos
Significant Other
Known Abilities In past: Robot able to merge with vehicles. Now: Unknown
First Appearance

The ghost in the machine.


Something bothers Mike shortly after his sister is born. He won't talk about it. He just says that something bad is coming, that he's had to revisit his beliefs, that the split between the two branches of humanity has become almost inevitable, and while he writes passionately about it on the internet and urges people to remember that humans and mutants all have souls, all have common humanity … it's increasingly hard to bear the hatred from the most noisy and the bland quiet dead hate of the everyday.

After graduation Mike goes to Barnes Academy for college. He says he sees the direction things are going and that he has painfully given up on pacifism as a survivable strategy for the world. He's learned how to store and marshal his energies for two, perhaps three mod-passes at the vehicle he possesses, though he knows he'll be nearly comatose out for weeks or even months afterwards. And he's gone to his second "schematic" by this point, having a much more human-like but also much more technologically modern design for the "vehicle for his consciousness" … he can do things that he wouldn't ever have considered.

On the day that Barnes Academy falls, he's there.
As Barnes is invaded and SHIELD is being taken down from inside, there is an attempt to save the students by evacuating them through tunnels and through the SHIELD Sub-Carrier (docked beside the school.)
A mutiny started by the infiltrators has damaged the Sub-Carrier, and Mike (as one of the older students helping out) is forced to merge with the Carrier. He restructures it to separate the students from the mutineers, and sets his secondary processor to operate autonomously. (It has no 'soul" as such, but it has a copy of Mike's personality, without personal volition, but following the orders it was last given, until a trusted/authorized person gives him new ones.)

The secondary processor is locked into phase with the section of the sub which is sent off … Mike intends it to go to Canada, but once it's away, he can no longer control it. He has to remain in merger with the Sub-Carrier until he gets the signal saying that it's arrived, or the remote part will revert to a truly un-seaworthy section of sub. So when the mutineers or the Sentinels manage to overwhelm the remaining loyal SHIELD agents and take out the Sub-Carrier, Mike is left in the remains, unconscious for 45 days, and trapped at the bottom of the river, haunting a demolished and trashed machine, a ghost in the burned-out shell of a sub.

Five years have passed. After a heavy storm, a metal husk is found on the shore by scavengers.


  • "My body lies under the ocean, my body lies under the sea, my body lies under the ocean, I wish it would come back to me."

Theme Song


  • the shape of things to come


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