Portrayed By Allan Hyde
Gender Male
Date of Birth ??
Age 26
Zodiac Sign ??
Aliases Instinct
Place of Birth Romania
Current Location ???
Occupation ???
Known Relatives ???
Significant Other Marshall
Identity ??
Known Abilities ???
First Appearance ???

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Mikhail stayed on at Xavier’s joining the X-Force and began working helping students with Combat and recognisance training. On the day of the attack Mikhail fought along with the X-men and the X-Force to get the students out safely, many of the students and his teammates were killed Mikhail managed to get away and survived due to his healing factor. He is now working with the Rebellion to destroy the Sentinel regime, willing to sacrifice everyone necessary to end them. Xavier’s were the closest thing Mikhail had to a family, the Sentinels will pay for what they did to the people of Xavier’s. Since the attack he has discarded his name and now goes only by his codename. Over the years Mikhail has continued his relationship with Marshall, which is probably the only thing that stopped him going completely feral.

Powers – Mikhail’s powers haven’t really changed, they have just increased in power in the last 10 years, he can now lift roughly 15tons, at a flat out run he can reach 120mph and his senses have a reach of roughly a 5 mile diameter if he really concentrates. He’s also retreated more into the feral side of his nature, rarely speaks and acts mainly on instinct.


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