Mikhail Androv
Portrayed By Tad Hilgenbrinck
Gender Male
Date of Birth March 3
Age 28
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Aliases Agent 36
Place of Birth Russia (A secret military facility)
Current Location New York
Occupation SHIELD Agent
Known Relatives None living
Significant Other None
Identity Private
Known Abilities Dimensional Teleportation
First Appearance ???


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Misha became a SHIELD agent mere moments after graduating college. Not that this surprised anyone. He'd been recruited months after his appearance in New York, but delayed this in order to finish his schooling. A couple computer sciences degrees later and he shifted right into agent training. Not that this took all that long thanks to the training his aunt had given him years before, and the constant practice he'd been getting with it at Barnes.

Yes, Mikhail was trained as a Russian spy as he grew up, but never knew what it meant. Never having worked for the Russian government, and having lived mostly in Poland.. well, his aunt was crazy. Can't expect rational things from her.
Thanks to his excellent language skills, and his knowledge of several European nations, he was quickly assigned out of the country, and shipped over seas.

So it's no surprise he was out of the country when the attacks occurred. He abandoned a mission as soon as he heard, and returned to America. This wasn't as easy as it sounds, for he had to cross illegally into the country, but he managed. Yes, this also means that he abandoned SHIELD. The very group who trained him, appeared to be working with the sentinels. Mikhail felt he couldn't trust them enough to find out where their loyalty lay.

While he didn't know any of the Rebellion, he eventually stumbled over them, and soon joined.


  • Misha is NOT a mutant.
  • Yeah, he's a SHIELD trained spy. That means he's an alarming degree of skills.
  • Angelo healed his vocal cords after he joined Barnes, so his voice is much better.
  • His powers are the same really. See Misha for power details.


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