Robin Keen
Portrayed By Agyness Deyn
Gender Female
Date of Birth June 4th, 1993
Age 27
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Aliases Puppeteer
Place of Birth Pomona, Kansas
Current Location New York
Occupation Redeemer
Significant Other No
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Puppet manipulation

My world is over. But I'll still fight.


Robin graduated from Xavier’s school on schedule and, having resolved to become a stronger person, also trained her puppeteering powers as much as she could. While her power grew, it wasn’t a substantial gain. What did change, however, was her ability to cooperate with and control Blank in a fluid, rehearsed way. There were a couple of occasions where she completed missions with the X-men, but given the general vulnerability that her powers leaves her with, she mostly stayed at the mansion to teach classes on using mutant abilities in creative ways, as well as teaching English. At the very beginning of the sentinel regime, Megan, Robin’s sister, was killed by Sentinels since, as an Omega level mutant, she was a very big threat to the new world order.
Robin continued going out with Skyler up until the sentinel attacks on the school, and still yet awhile afterwards: they had both survived the attacks on the school, escaping with their freedom and their lives. However, the relationship started to sour as it went on. After they had gone down to the tunnels and joined with the Redeemers, Robin didn’t know why, but realized that Skyler was becoming different, more suspicious and unpredictable. What she didn’t know that she was being seen the same way by Skyler, who had been manipulated by Mystique who was sometimes posing as her. By the time that Robin managed to figure it out, it was too late: the relationship was poisoned and Skyler left with Mystique.
As much as this distressed Robin, she continued to work with the Redeemers, sending Blank out as a scout, since the puppet could not die permanently. Few people knew the level of psychological trauma that Robin felt when Blank was temporarily ‘killed’, and she made sure not to spread the word so she wouldn’t be discouraged from doing it, but between the frequent deaths of the puppet, the general state of the world and the failure of her personal relationships, she started to withdraw socially, becoming bitter and disillusioned. She remains hopeful, however, that the Sentinel rule will be destroyed and that things will improve.


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