Sabina "Shi" Vida (Future)
Sabina "Shi" Vida
Portrayed By Rachel Dashae
Gender Female
Date of Birth 9/25/1991
Age 29
Zodiac Sign Libra
Aliases Shi
Place of Birth Intercourse, PA
Current Location New York
Occupation Hunter
Known Relatives Mary Vida (Deceased)
Significant Other ???
Identity ??
Known Abilities Psychic medium in speaking to the dead. Necromancy in raising the dead to the status of 'undead'.
First Appearance Vultures…The lot of you.

Death is what she was brought up seeing - It's all she knows now.


Years were spent in S.H.I.E.L.D, training was rigorous and trying on Sabina. She was so used to a lax lifestyle of a typical citizen that when it came time to even moderately push it hurt every part of her from her muscles to her joints, and that psyche as well as her ability. But these years culminated something inside of her, a festering wound that only so much as was held at bay by the covering of a band-aid. In her constant silence she managed to keep it well covered, and her habitual brooding silence she had grown into in Barnes made for an easy cover.

She could finally turn off and on her ability to call and speak with the spirits, turning them away or letting them in. One possession haunted her eternally when a volatile spirit had wracked her frame and ultimately caused her to shut off her psyche. She had opened herself to try and find out the beginnings of what was going on when the Sentinel’s began their march, and it waylaid her, only pulled back by her own will and the aid of a couple of her teachers.

That ability since has been locked away and kept on guard, she closed those doors and barred them as her necromancy then became the forefront of her focus. After her 21st birthday this power alone had grown, as well as was honed to a neat and orderly perfection by the trainer’s at Barnes and through S.H.I.E.L.D. Not only could she raise small animals, but people came under her power, the freshly dead to those that had been buried one month ago. A salt circle could contain them, but without her setting of “boundaries” they would roam to where she pleased, beside her with eyes that only reflected a life she now held in the palm of a bloody hand.

She had not only learned the ability for hand to hand combat but the use of smaller fire arms. Sabina tended to stay away from fire arms despite her knowledge of them, much preferring to get her hands “dirty” when it came to fighting the Sentinels and aiding the mutants. But she was no mutant, she was not marked as a number like they were, she was marked for her willingness to aid them and when she lost a battle against a Sentinel the barrel that was aimed for her final line was interrupted by a voice that was nearby. “Save this one, she doesn’t need to die – she can be useful.” In his hand was a half burnt folder, its significance she did not know, but when Barnes and S.H.I.E.L.D fell the enemy got its hands on remnants and stories. Her file saved her when all her life she knew nothing but damnation and loathing for those bits of paper.

Captured life was one year; it would have been longer had she not insisted her life aiding the mutants was over. She had fought well for them when S.H.I.E.L.D and Banes collapsed but being kept locked away, solitary to keep her abilities from turning the captor’s tables had pushed her over the edge. Years and years of silence and solitary while surrounded by people was enough, but not even one glimpse of life save a sliver of light on delivery of necessities shattered something in Sabina, and the band-aid was ripped off the festering wound.

When they offered her a promising life, fair treatment, and a chance to truly let loose and garner no scrutiny for it - she took it, albeit uneasily, the bait was hooked and she bit.

The next time mutant kind or any possible former student’s that had studied and trained beside Sabina saw her was at the gates of Trinity Church Cemetery in Manhattan. The sun had set save for the burning light and the backdrop noise of gunfire, while mutants and human sympathizers fled down the streets like rats from a flooding sewer. Her head hung low, the veil of black hair covering her face, her skin pale from the drain that pooled in blackness at her feet from the dying light, but it was not black, it was red, from forearm to wrist the cut had been made and in timed droplets her life had dropped over the resting place of over a dozen deceased, rising them from their resting places in a birth of sod, worms and rot. Each second was timed by the drip-drop of blood that fell from her fingertips to add to that pool at her feet. Much to the horrified screams of those fleeing they met a wall of corpses re-animated, backed by the Sentinel’s and closing.

The dawn cracked over a horrifying smile, carved by the sadistic cheshire. She will serve them well.


  • Powers:

Necromancy – Her ability to raise the dead to the status of undead has flourished thanks to the training received by Barnes and SHIELD. It all started with a dog, going from freshly dead small quarry to that of aged in death. Her ability to control them to her will was never an issue; it was her focus that was. Now she can hone her focus and control them. Dead pigeon’s en masse would fly in directives, lab rats would run maze’s after being months in the freeze. A sickening sight to see decayed things come back to animation and shift as well as move with the simple desire of Sabina.
Also what was built through her time and training as well as sacrifice of other alive animals or her own blood and the powers held within it [she believes to be through voodoo ritual and belief] she could make these small to medium creatures nearly reform, to look closer to alive. For example a cat with a half mangled body on the side of the road, a palm full of sacrificial blood [and prayer] would bring that beast not only to its two remaining feet, but reform it as if it was living and breathing. That is the ruse, it is not.

Through the years and especially after her 21st birthday Sabina gained an exceptional foothold on her powers. Cadavers were used in the beginning; newly dead and donated to science in all of its glory were rolled before her. It started as large sacrifice, even one she herself could not make, instead medium sized animals had to be donated alive to the cause, drained over the corpses and commanded to rise. But even like before, just before the sentinel attack she had honed this down to a smaller need and a better control, even able to return month old corpses to a fresh and alive look. The only thing that will tell you there is nothing left of this walking shell, is their eyes are nearly empty, lacking any light of life or soul as Sabina prefers to call it – Because she took it if any was left.

Psychic Medium – In the beginning Sabina could not shut off the ability to hear or see spirits. It started at a young age with her father and only grew to tremendous amounts, her body seemingly exuding the call and beckon of being able to hear and aid – though this was not necessarily the case. Victims of shootings, bombings, and general death in New York would come to her at Barnes and after several outbursts from Sabina that got her looks of reproach and whispers of her insanity she finally learned to control it. Turning it on and off at will was something that required great focus, especially to keep it off. If something happens like unconsciousness, until she can gain back her own mental ground she open to her own personal haunting, and one in particular after the falling of Barnes caused her to grow embittered towards her ability and almost completely close it off for a few years. Recently she has begun to reopen it, in attempts to pick information from them…Of course in exchange for their own wishes if she will even hear them out long enough.

  • Abilities

Through rigorous training in Barnes and with SHIELD Sabina became rather good at hand to hand and close quarter combat. She has always carried a blade on her of some kind once she perfected her necromancy abilities and even threw that into the mix. This went from close quarter with a blade to minor fencing skills, though the closer the better.

Fire arms training has brought her up to speed on side arms and those alone. Anything that cannot be held [figuratively] in one hand alone she won’t be good at, but her marksmanship skills with her Ruger P97DC have proven her to be rather efficient as long as she can remain calm.

On top of those trainings, once she entered the group of Hunters during the war she worked and trained along side Deadpool in hand to hand methods as well as weapons wielding for what she carries on her.

Carried on her
-A machete strapped and fit into a leather holster down the line of her spine, hidden.
-Two Ruger P97DC’s on holsters that are strapped to either thigh.
-Smaller blades in various points.

Mentally Sabina is still socially inept due to either choosing to stay away from people in Barnes or being shunned. She holds a grudge, and this has made her easy to manipulate by all the wrong people. A sliver of acceptance and she’s eating out of their hands. (This does not mean she will not bite said hand)

Physically she is scarred and easy to distinguish if she ever uncovers her head from the hooded top. One jagged scar runs along the length of her jaw line on the right side, another three run across her face and are a bit less gnarled but in the marks of when she was captured by another mutant, the claws an ever reminder to her of what could happen if she betrays the side she plays on.

Her abilities are overall her weakness. She hates them and would rather seek to have them erased than kept, but if embraced she will use them and use them well. The spirits tend to push her level of sanity when she is open to them, and raising the dead…Well, if she has no other sacrifice, the only thing to do is use her own blood, and this drains her physically weakening her…Well, what major blood loss does to anyone (dependent on how much she puts into it). This also has pro’s and con’s. The con’s being more scars that lace up and down her arms which she keeps covered, the pro’s being she had built an uncanny tolerance to pain.


  • What's happened since you've been approved?


  • "You tremble carcass? You would tremble if you knew where I was taking you."


  • Once wanted nothing but to be a part of mutant kind and "fit in."



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