Sophie Adriana Morriconi
Portrayed By Ellen Page
Gender Female
Date of Birth 11/02
Age 29
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Aliases Wire
Place of Birth Chicago, IL
Current Location New York City
Occupation Redeemer/Guardian
Known Relatives Mom, Dad, brothers and sisters
Significant Other None
Identity public
Known Abilities Electrical Manipulation
First Appearance ???

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After having graduated from Xavier's, Sophie would end up attending a culinary program in Portland for a little less than a year, dropping out and moving back to new york. She'd eventually find herself a position as a cook at what used to be a little dive bar, but recently bought out by a young couple who wanted to turn it into more of a hipster bar. When Sophie was added to the staff, she'd quickly establish herself as head chef. She would even build the menu for them that was very friendly to all types of diets; meat-eaters, vegetarians and vegans. The place was named The Old Crow and would quickly build up a young, hip clientele. While working at the bar, Sophie would meet and eventually fall in love with a girl named Diane, and they'd soon become inseparable. Within a year they'd be living together in a small apartment just outside Brooklyn.

The grind of the bar would take it's toll after a couple years, causing Sophie to reconsider going back to school. After one semester, she decided the best bet would be to get her bachelors in Electrical Engineering. It made sense with how her powers worked, and though it wasn't much of a breeze, she'd eventually get out in four and a half years with a degree. Around a year after that she got into contact with some of her old friends at Xavier's and decided she'd love for her girlfriend to meet them. They would arrive the day after the sentinels attacked. Sophie knew the world was about to change for the worse around her, and persuaded Diane that they should just go back to their apartment and try their hardest to remain under the radar. It would be a couple years later that she'd be captured and placed into one of the camps for mutants.

As with all those that were captured, Sophie would be branded with the 'M' tattoo across her right eye, marking her as a mutant. The camp she was imprisoned in just so happened to be the same as Daisuke, an old friend from Xavier's. They would be provided with plenty of time to reconnect and reestablish their friendship. She always felt that she was able to maintain a positive attitude, but felt that he was not doing quite the same. When the camp was attacked and all the mutants freed, she decided to go along with her old friend and try to fight under his cause. Turns out it was just a little too extreme for her views, and should would quickly fall into place with the camp that called themselves The Redeemers. It was with them she felt the most comfortable, and with their loose ties to the Rebels, tries to keep an eye out for Daisuke whenever possible. He was the only friend she had left, not knowing what ever happened to Diane after her capture or her other friends from the institute. So whenever he asked, she'd be fast to go along in an attempt to make sure he was always safe.

Power Addition

Sophie discovered after Xavier's and mostly during her Electrical Engineering degree that she had an intuition with electronics. If she used her wires to connect with an electrical object that was broken, she'd be able to figure out immediately what was broken with it. It was like an odd sort of electronic channeling, as if what was left of the electronic device had some sort of spirit that she could channel.


  • "I said it!"


  • Amazing thing!
  • Amazing thing!
  • Amazing thing!
  • Amazing thing!


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