Star Rosen-Johnson
Portrayed By Erica Durance
Gender Female
Date of Birth 7/19/92
Age 28
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Aliases Hawkeye, Apate (former)
Place of Birth South Boston
Current Location New York City
Occupation Redeemer
Known Relatives Cloud Rosen (deceased), Embry Johnson (husband, Hound), Emory Johnson (daughter)
Significant Other Embry Johnson
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Pheromone based Empathy
First Appearance ???

I said 'til death do we part' and I meant it. I will get my husband back!


In her time at Xavier's, Star learned first of all that, yes, she is a mutant and exactly what her power is. She started to learn how to control what emotion she's emitting and how to pinpoint exactly who around her is feeling what, though more than three or four people and she still just picks up a general feeling and not individual emotions. She never really trusted the school after Cloud's disappearance right before she arrived and she made few friends among the other students. She came to think of Laura as one of her closest friends, even though the other girl was much more violent than anyone that the elder Rosen twin was accustomed to, and came to respect Mikhail both as a team mate and as a friend, often going to him when she wanted to practice her powers.

She eventually toughened up to where she could stand blood enough to actually join in Danger Room sessions with the rest of Alpha Squadron without passing out when something blew up. When Star graduated, she decided to attend ESU so she could stay close to the school and keep practicing her powers. While attending college, she met another mutant, a telepath named Embry, and fell in love. They dated for a couple of years and got married right after graduation. Star had gotten a job as a kindergarten teacher at a private school in the city and was getting on with her life, expecting her first child, when the Sentinels attacked New York. She and Embry were separated and both thought the other killed.

Star was rescued by the Redeemers as she was being transported to one of the camps, but she went into premature labor during the escape and gave birth to a little girl she named Emory for her father. Without medical care for her four pound daughter, the little girl struggled to survive, but, against all odds, did. Star joined the ranks of the Redeemers, feeling that she owed it to them to repay them for saving both her and her daughter from death in a camp. It was only when she was on a raid to help free a group of mutants from a camp that she discovered the truth about her husband: He had been captured and made into one of the Hounds. This left Star broken and she refused, for almost a year, to leave the safety of the tunnels, tending to her daughter and the other smallest children left in her care while the others ventured into the outside world. Finally, when Emory was four, Star pulled herself together for the sake of her daughter and the future of all of the children and stepped back into the ranks of the Redeemers, often going on missions with the Resistance, hoping against hope that she would be able to rescue Embry from his bondage as a hound

Powers, Resources, & Abilities

Star's powers have grown over they years and she has finally learned to control them for the most part. Her powers are entirely dependent on those around her being human enough to let off pheromones when they feel things. Those with too high a percentage of alien or animal characteristics are as much a mystery to her as they would be to anyone else. She can't affect those that don't breathe, so those like Mike and Jono that don't have lungs would be immune to her abilities.

Empathy: Reading
She is able to smell the pheromones that others put off and interpret them instinctively. The reliability of this is entirely dependent on the distance between herself and her 'target', the number of people around (she can't reliably read individuals if there are more than four people around, though she can still pick up the general mood of each of them. She just can't pinpoint who is feeling what. For large crowds, she can get a feel for the general emotional state, but not much more than that.), and the local air currents.

Empathy: Broadcasting
She has learned that it is possible to broadcast a chosen emotion to a crowd in the time since first arrived at Xavier's. By focusing on what she wants those around her to feel, she can release those pheromones into the air. It takes roughly two minutes before her pheromones fully affect most people, though those that are resistant to outside influences would be able to shrug her influence off with some difficulty. Those that feel very little on their own are more resistant to her pheromones than others and may not notice anything different than normal.


  • July 23, 2020 - Arranged a meeting between Kalindi and Rashmi so that the Hunter could defect to their side.
  • July 25, 2020 - Met the Harbinger Devotion and was given Hawkeye's bow, mask, bracers, and costume, becoming the newest member of the restored Avengers.
  • July 26, 2020 - Met the new Captain America and entered training under him for hand-to-hand combat and Domino for marksmanship.


  • "My daughter is the world. If I'm doing this for her, then I'm doing it for everyone: For those already living, for those that have already passed on, and for those yet to be born."


  • Star has a five year old daughter named Emory.
  • Star is, technically, still married.
  • Star still isn't fond of peas, though she will eat them now.
  • Star was a kindergarten teacher before the Sentinels attacked.


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