Theodore "Hardline" Fegenbush
Portrayed By Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Gender Male
Date of Birth July 15, 1994
Age 26
Zodiac Sign It's still for the superstitious!
Aliases Hardline
Place of Birth Manassass, VA
Current Location Nuclear bunker. Shh, it's a secret!
Occupation Freedom Fighter
Known Relatives Abigail Fegenbush, Rebekah Fegenbush
Significant Other None
Identity Unknown
Known Abilities Master Technopath, Technotelepathy, Super Intelligence
First Appearance ???

The sentinels were made to destroy us. I guess it's a good thing I was made to destroy them.


Theo had been long gone by the time the sentinel attack came. He left Xavier's and decided to spend time with Magneto, learning more about his powers so that he could stop mutant oppression. Or at least that's what Magneto thought. The truth was that Theo was after his own glory, and his own glory alone. After he felt that he had learned all he needed from Magneto, he left the brotherhood, one year before the sentinel attack.

Theo was in process of his own rise to power, and he had begun to plant control protocols into public systems such as banks. Ones that he could control remotely with little risk of detection. Likewise he began to plant software into police mainframes. His plan was pre-empted, however, when the sentinel strike came a year later. The plans he had made to take control of the nation were now the plans he had to rely upon for his own survival. Having heard about the evolving capabilities of the Sentinels, he found it important to be one of the first technopaths to engage them, before some of his dumber power siblings did the same. He was able to locate a sentinel with great ease, of course, and directly controlled and immediately severed its communication with the others to prevent it from sending information back to the others.

Where to hide the sentinel became another matter. He scoured the nets, and found an old military bunker from the sixties. It wasn't in use, but was designed in the early cold war as a VIP escape from a nuclear holocaust. It was perfect. Here he stored the sentinel, and through his powers, was easily able to operate the bunker. Here he has remained fairly well hidden. Because of the low level of technology, the old forgotten bunker remained a quiet safehouse. He offered his location to only a handful of other mutants, but beyond that, he demanded the location be silent, not willing to risk discovery.

The protocols he had placed within the law enforcement and banks enabled him to keep an economic flow while keeping tabs on the sentinels without having to directly use his powers to locate them, which might attract attention. Unfortunately, because of how deeply driven the rest of the mutants have become, he remains isolated from the rest of those he might call allies. He has spent the last five years quietly studying the sentinel he captured, looking for ways to deactivate them on a massive scale, meanwhile doing what he can to replicate the technology. He developed implants and bionic attachments for his own personal use, and began working on what he believes will save mutants. If he can perfect it before it's too late. A nanite virus to implant in the Sentinels to erase their adaptations to mutant powers.

He has begun to build his own version robots of various sizes and functions, seeking for a way to use them to liberate mutants from the sentinel threat. Currently, however, the most he has used them for is recon, while he remains safely tucked away in his bunker, hoping that there doesn't come a need by the government to use the forgotten location.


What I've Done - Linkin Park


  • "It's funny how people say "be yourself" when they don't really know you, isn't it?


  • Theo has overcome his homophobia! Yay!
  • He's still left-handed.
  • He's got a lot of toys now.


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