Vincent Lorimar
Portrayed By Steven Straight
Gender Male
Date of Birth Oct 13, 1989
Age 30
Zodiac Sign Libra
Aliases None Yet
Place of Birth New York City
Current Location Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Known Relatives None Alive
Significant Other None
Identity presumed dead
Known Abilities none
First Appearance June 13, 2020


Six months from now, Vincent Lorimar is discovered as a mutant, and his power is catalogued with Washington. Weeks after that, he disappears off the face of the earth until the sentinels return from their decade long hibernation.

Vincent only disappears due to the fact he is kidnapped and held captive for then entirety of the ten years in and underground and solitary laboratory, owned, operated, and funded by a geneticist on his last straw. His name is Gerrald, and at our current time, he is suspended from his teaching job at the university in California and his license is revoked. This was based off his latest paper he submitted, a research paper saying that if he could map out the mutant gene he could rewrite it and make the mutant human once again, and maybe even, eventually make humans into mutants with specific abilities that they desire. His colleagues laughed him out of his position, calling him a hack and many other things.

As I said, in about seven months, Vincent vanishes, as he's kidnapped by Gerrald, who keeps Vincent locked away at his own personal hidden lab. First thing, he maps out Vincent's DNA, and saves it, for a fall back, incase the experiments turn out unfavorable. For ten years, Gerrald pokes and prods, shifts and evolves Vincent's DNA, causing multiple mutations to befall Vincent, and after everyone he reset Vincent by plugging in his original DNA. Near the end of Vincent's time of captivity he went through numerous, and many unbearable “gifts and curses.” The last one that Gerrald ever did was to give Vincent the DNA of a winged mutant, and mix those with the combination to create a powerful energy construct. Thus giving Vincent large leathery wings of flesh, like a dragon, and marginally limited energy construct powers. At the end of this specific experiment Gerrald started the process to return Vincent to normal when a power surge occurred, caused by the Sentinels breaking through the underground, and with that jolt, Vincent as he was becomes lost forever. The new Vincent with energy construct powers and demonic wings, is caught with his old immunity to toxins powers and nothing else, even so bad as he ages slightly faster than a normal human would… shortening his life drastically.





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