Gabriel 'Seraphim' Angeleus Dumont
Gabriel Angeleus Dumont
Portrayed By Kevin Zegers
Gender Male
Date of Birth ??
Age 20
Zodiac Sign ??
Aliases Seraphim, Templar
Place of Birth New York City, New York
Current Location New York City, New York, other locations
Occupation Entrepreneur/Adventurer
Known Relatives Cervantes Dumont(father)
Significant Other ???
Identity Public
Known Abilities Flight (avian), Super Accuracy
First Appearance ???

Strike the wrath of God into the hearts of the Wicked!


Gabriel's father, Cervantes Dumont, owns a lucrative technology company called TechNoir. His son, Gabriel, is the head of it's New York City branch. The tech company focuses mainly on micro processors and the power thereof. After an attack on his fathers life, Gabriel was sent to Xavier's School to remain safe during the time when his father needed to figure out what was happening in his company. His father is a mutant, but never told anyone about it, having only heightened reflexes. But it was at the advent of his son's mutation, that he told Gabriel.


  • After graduating from Xavier's School, Gabriel was given control of the TechNoir branch in New York City. His father intended his son to take over the reigns of this branch from the start. But Gabriel did prove himself with his grades. Nevertheless, his father made him promise to attend college when he was ready.


  • "Balgame de dios a quien el cree que es? Te digo que tu eres, tu eres un idiota. Yo soy Gabriel Angeleus Dumont. Y yo no tengo que escuchar a esta mierda!"


  • Gabe's sword, Metatron, has been passed down to the men of his family for generations. It is the first-born Dumont's birthright.
  • Metatron's blade will be cast aflame should Gabriel or any other first-born Dumont should grasp it's hilt completely.
  • Gabriel would only lose a game of darts if he wanted to.
  • Gabriel's father assigned him the New York branch of his company, TechNoir.
  • Gabe is fluent in both Spanish and English.


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