2010-01-25: Gain Vs Loss


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Summary: Amanda awakens. Lucas escapes. A student dies.

Date: January 25, 2010

Gain vs. Loss

Rating: R

Xavier Mansion - Emergency Living Quarters

In case of emergency there is a large room that is supplied with beds, food, water, and enough emergency supplies for twenty-five people for two weeks. Comfort is not the function of this room, it is survival. This room is unused unless for emergencies.

Alarms begin sounding across the mansion. Downstairs, where the more dangerous aspects of the place are kept hidden, a female figure is running across the hallways. "I know he's here, somewhere." She says, loudly. To those that have seen her in the medbay, or in the files… she is Amanda Sefton. Best known for her on again off again relationship with her adopted brother, Nightcrawler. She's clad in silver armor with large, scrolling horns coming from her head. They appear to be a part of the armor. Along with that, she carries a VERY healthy sized sword in her hand.

Having dropped everything when the alarms began, Jonothon emerges from the elevator and catches a glimpse of that woman in silver. The horns have him frowning, but the sword.. well, school and crazy lady with sword. This isn't a good combo. It's not until he's caught up with her, likely as she finds her location, that it clicks in his head as to who she is. That lady from the medical bay. «Hey! Stop..» Not a threat, just an attempt to get her to pause.

Zack is just wandering, so when he hears the alarms, well, damn, he shakes his hea, "Woah what's going on?" he asks as he's in his regular cloths here, no uniform or anything, the big teen looking around, "Big alarms, everyone running around, what's going on?" he sees the chick with the horns and the sword and the big teen's first thought is to duck back into the doorway he came out of, ya, no, that's not gonna be good.

Lucas is in his cell, sleeping, since there's not a lot else to do. When the alarms begin to sound, he opens his eyes, looking around. With a half grin of opportunity, he shuffles a bit, testing the energy fields holding him in place.

It figures. Though Van has been in the mansion before to discuss his position and such, giving rise to potential rumors of a new instructor, today was the day he actually moved in. And what happens? The alarms go off. Dashing out of his room, he takes to the stairs and checks each floor to see what and where the disturbance is. And when he gets to the floor with the woman with a sword… Well, wait and see before taking action.

Alarms are never a good sign. The adults of the school dropping and running, even worse. But it's when the students start trickling through toward where the action is, that can only spell disaster. "Come on, *please!*" Rashmi shouts over the buzz of wondering chatter, pushing her way through to place herself in front of the others. "Get *back!* This is *stupid,* everybody, this isn't for us to handle!"

Trey had been working out, he's dressed in typical work out clothes for him. A pair of the Xavier basketball shorts and a white tank top. When he hears the alarms it is very annoying to his enhanced hearing. Normally he would be running for the hills but something recently has been awakened in him after he killed that Demon. The sleeping dragon inside of him is awake and has a bloodlust. The thrill of battle has overtaken him and so he is looking for that same rush he got when he was fighting the demon. He runs into Zack in his search for the intruder and he says, "You know what's going on?" Of course he has Mr. Fuzzles in his hand.

"No time. There's a demon here." Amanda says, not stopping her run as she comes to a series of doors. "Which is he in? I need to deal with him before he becomes an issue for your school." She states, quickly and simply. She knows what the place is, apparently. She holds the sword high, above her head as she looks towards Jono. "You? Where's the demon. I can put him at rest." She says, looking from face to face. "I'd back away if I were you, children. It may not be pretty."

However, some of the students aren't interested. Even Coyote can't help but move herself closer to get a better look at things.

A crowd is gathering, but Jonothon doesn't look their way. Not when there's a woman with a sword running through the halls. He doesn't look, but he is hoping that some of them actually listen to Rashmi. No time? «We already know he's here.» Attempting to plead with her. «He's been locked up… would you stop? It's a possessed kid. I'm not letting you cut him down.» Even if Jono wonders if Lucas doesn't like being a demon, which is never a good thing. Eyes shift to red as he speaks, showing that he's readying himself to blast her if he has to.

Zack is looking at Trey, and back down at him, and then the girl with the sword, "Dude you got me, I'm with Rashmi, let's get the hell outta here, that girl's got a sword and is swinging it around, any heavy chick with a sword is bad news for me, I'm just waiting on a chance to run." he nods to Rashmi, she's got the right idea, he's just watching at this point. "Hold on, is she talkin about Lucas.."

Lucas struggles a little harder as he hears the approaching commotion. The energy fields holding him snap and crackle as he struggles. He smiles, "Save me! Rashmi! Help!"

A demon. Van's suddenly holding a 9mm in his right hand and a moment later a wicked looking combat knife in his left. "A demon, you say?" he asks, stepping forward then glancing over the kids. "Students should leave the area immediately." Not that he knows what the hell is going on beyond the little that's been said.

"Yeah," Rashmi says to Zack, her voice bleak, "she probably is… Come on and help me, Zack, we've gotta get these kids back! I don't know what's going to happen, but it's bad enough we're all already down here! Come *on!*" she cries to the throng, pushing on the shoulders of those nearest. "Didn't you hear? You're going to get *hurt* if you don't get back!"

Trey just looks from Zack to Rashmi and then back to Zack. "Isn't this what we are training for? This is our school and we have to defend it if we need to. I've taken out demons. So it's nothing that I haven't dealt with before. Besides, if anyone could take on a demon attack and survive it's you Zack. Don't turn tail and run, stand up and defend yourself and your home." He looks towards the woman with the sword. He's not about to let Rashmi and Zack sway him away. Especially with his new found desire to beat things up. "The question is, who's the threat that is setting off the alarm. Is it her or this supposed Demon?"

"I don't have time for this. If you're going to get in my way of saving the bastard, then I'll stop YOU." Amanda says to Jono clearly. The students would easily hear it. "My name is Amanda Sefton. If you don't know who that is, ask Nightcrawler. I'm the ruler of Limbo, but I've been usurped. Now that I'm back to my senses, I should be able to take control of some of the demons." She says. Hearing the voice, calling out to a student, she nods, turning towards that door and opening it. Of course, inside, in an energy field is Lucas.

Coyote just moves forward, despite the crowd. She's been in one big fight before, and just wants to see what's going on ahead of her.

«..Lady, look.» Jonothon is wearing his comm, a sure sign for those who know it what team he's with. Hands shown to be empty he approaches her. Taking that risk. «Some weird lady in a bad costume and a bloody big sword is running through a school basement.. what would you have me do?» Those brown eyes dance with flames though. «Can you promise me the kid's going to be alive when you finish this? Otherwise, I will do my best to stop you.» Never mind he knows he's little chance against magic.

Zack huhs a small bit, "hey wait a minute, limbo…madre dios! Hey she's gotta be one too! Limbo is part of the circles too!" he points at her, catholic school kicking in as he remembers the threats of the nuns to end up in limbo, "if she's a ruler of limbo she's trying to infiltrate us too!" suddenl realizing this is dangerous! "Oh crap!" he says as he looks at Trey, "You think we can take her? Damn, ok…" he says as he takes a deep breaeth and he gets ready to go for a charge.

Lucas snaps to attention when the door opens. He grins, a wicked smile. The air in the cell is warm. Warmer than it should be. Even trapped, with the energy beams holding him down, the gloves on his hands, he's started charging the nuclear reactors that engulf his hands…

Van moves forward to take a position several feet from Jonothon. Far enough away a single sword swipe can't take them both out. "Let me get this straight… A demon possessed kid is a prisoner of the academy and this woman doesn't belong here? And she's threatening to kill the prisoner?" He thumbs the safety off.

From bad, to worse, to cataclysmic, and still Rashmi is desperately trying to push the crowd toward the elevator. "Zack don't be *stupid,* you remember what Lucas can do! If we don't get out of here, someone is going to get *really hurt!*" Dark eyes flick back toward the confrontation, and widen in horror. "COYOTE! GET AWAY FROM THERE!"

Trey looks towards Zack as he starts talking about all this religious stuff. Even if Trey didn't have amnesia he wouldn't know too much about Religion. That wasn't part of the training he received. So he blinks his purple eyes at Zack and says, "Okay, whatever you say." He doesn't particularly need it right? "We all make our own descisions in life. We are going to help them if we can. Lucas is my friend." Sorta, "And until we know what's going on. We should not just stand idle and let someone possible hurt him. If someone is capable of fighting, they should stay. If they are not capable they should leave. They should know what they are capable of."

"I belong wherever there are demons doing things they shouldn't. And the longer you question me, the easier it will be for him to get out." Amanda glares at the adults. "He's been toying with you. He's strong enough to escape if he wants." But it still goes on. Telling her what she needs to do. And, Amanda is known to have a bit of a temper. "Fine. You want proof? Here's your damned proof." She takes the sword and flings it, blade first. It flies in a straight line, as if flung by an expert. While she's not looking, it's headed for Rashmi. However, it flies right through her to hit the wall behind her. "It doesn't harm innocence." She growls before she begins to move to get the sword back in her hands.

Coyote simply waves a hand at Rashmi. "It's ok. I'm just trying to see. Anyway, they won't let anything happen."

A glance back to Van, but the man's words have Jonothon's attention back on Amanda. «She may be able to help him, so hold off.» And then he turns his attention to everyone gathered. Trust me, you all hear this, «Anyone who's a student get the BLOODY HELL away from here. I swear, anyone who even attempts to attack her gets blasted.» And yes, he's serious. Defending Amanda even as he attempts to slow her down. It gives Amanda the time she needs, leaving Jonothon floundering in the aftermath. He actually bursts into flame, the struggle to keep from doing someone harm is that hard. «….After all that talk of wasting time you throw it away?!» Yes, now he's angry. «You bloody bint.» Please let Rashmi be okay. Please.

Zack isn't really sure…what just happened, he just kinda stares as the blade is flung, random blade flying, and he ahhhs! "Holy shit I!" doenst really think…he leaps in front of it, and hopefully it goes through him too…really he's an innocent, kinda…he grunts as he lands on his feet though, "Oh damn, she's crazy! What the hell man! Stop her before she kills someone!" well he knows Jono and he doens't want to NOT listen to him, but she just threw a sword. The psychic's words make him look back, and realize he doens't have a hole through him, nor does Rashmi? "Crazy woman, someone tie her up or osmthing…" guessing if Jono needs help he'll call, but obviously wanting to do somthing about the whole tossing swords at students.

Lucas furrows his brow, not thrilled that strange armored chick knows he's able to escape. The moment she turns to throw the sword, he burns the energy in his hands as hot as he can, funneling all he has into the nuclear reaction. The gloves on his hands suddenly melt, and the energy backlash sparks around the field that held him in place. The field flickers as the energy in his hands overwhelms it, and the air is filled with a wrenching crack of thunder as he yanks his arms from the containment field. He quickly hurls the giant, brilliant glowing reactions towards the doorway. They are more charged than anything he's ever thrown, and they soar through the doorway, passed Amanda, slamming into the first person in the hallway. There's a momentary shriek as the nuclear energy burns its way into Coyote, and then silence as much of her upper body is incinerated and destroyed. The charred husk that was once the teenage girl slumps to the steel floor.

Van's pistol lifts to train directly on Amanda as she throws the sword but he doesn't fire since it does pass through the girl and she appears uninjured. "That was incredibly stupid." he tells her. As she goes to retrieve the sword, he moves to let her pass all the while keeping her in his sights. "It's your call." he tells Jonothon. "Just make sure you know what you're do… DOWN!" he shouts and dives to the ground as Lucas breaks free and fires some kind of energy blast.

It's too late to react; too late to do anything, in the eyeblink between the moment the sword leaves Amanda's hand and the moment Zack leaps to her defense, except scream. The sight of the blade passing through the back of the giant Latino unhindered only drills her voice up an octave, but as it passes through her and slams into the wall behind, the sound startles her into silence. Horrified, she looks down to her unharmed body, face ashen… and is, perhaps mercifully, spared the sight of Coyote's murder. The flare of light is a familiar one, however, and it shocks her into action; grabbing at Zack and Trey's shoulders, she all but leaps for the floor.

"What a great logic that one has. Let's protect the students by attacking the students." Trey doesn't like psychics, isn't that obvious? His brain seems slightly more susceptable to psychic stuff then most people. He grumbles at Jono's demands and he takes in all that's going on around him. He listens to Amanda and then all of that happens at once. When his purple eyes take in the sight of Coyote's body being decimated by Lucas' blast he reacts too. He knows about Lucas' power from their first encounter together at the pool. The cold water put out the nuclear reactor in his hands. He acts almost on instinct, the first thing that happens is the temperature drops… fast. Dropping down about twenty degree's starting around Trey and going out in a radius around him. Even as Rashmi knocks him down he's already building up a cloud inside of the building from perceptiton. It's going to be a very cold rain in here very shortly.

"Stop him!" Amanda shouts, the sword vanishing from the ground and appearing in her hand as she leaps towards the demonic mutant, swinging her sword broadly. "Demon, I'm the one you want to take back. I'm the one they had imprisoned." She says with a bit of a laugh as she lunges. She's just trying to even TOUCH him with the sword. That's all it'll take, if she can make it in time. She doesn't spare the dead student a look, as it would be too painful. Never let them taunt you into proving yourself. It costs valuable seconds and valuable lives. Another lesson she's learned in blood. "Lock him down!" She shouts, trying to get at him. If she hits anyone else, they won't feel it. It'll pass right through.

Psy-fire dances around the man, echoed in his eyes. A glance to Van, but Jonothon's clearly having trouble with something. Mainly his temper. This is suddenly a horrible situation. Van calls 'down', a shot goes right past him, burning him, a girl dies, and Jono blasts at Lucas. So not holding back this time. He can't really help it right now. There's a PHOOM of sound as the blast coils through the air at the demon possessed. Knocks a large chunk of the edge of the door frame too. The force of his own blast rocks the slender form, sending him back a step. Ice forms up over him, yet he pays it no mind. «Get in there and do something about it!» That's to Amanda, oh yes.

Zack grunts as he's brought down to his knee by Rashimi, looking at Rashmi and Trey, "Damn guys! Come on! Come on lets let it!" he gulps to himself as he will try to get up and get the hell out of here, "Com on lets do it, come on!" he gulps hard again as he's pulling back to get out.

Lucas scowls at Amanda as she enters the room with him. She lunges at him just as Jono's blast nails Lucas in the shoulder. He spins, toppling to the ground from the impact, causing Amanda's sword to miss its mark. Lucas looks through the doorway, out the hall at all of this woman's backup. He can't take all of them. He looks at Amanda, breathing a stream of fire at her from his mouth as he charges his glowing hands again, firing a series of energy blasts at the load-bearing walls of the hallway, repeatedly firing in an attempt to bring the roof down on them.

Van stays prone and fires once, twice, aiming past Amanda and at Lucas. Perhaps knowing the kid is possessed is taken into consideration as he's not aiming for the chest or head. In between shots, he rolls to the side by the wall to get as good cover as possible from Lucas' return fire and possible ceiling droppage.

Rashmi huddles on the floor, too terrified from the sword and the blasts and the panic to even consider being anywhere else, taking any sort of action. Folding her hands over her head, she huddles, shaking in terror as maddness reigns all around her.

Trey pours his energy into his powers, clenching tight to Mr. Fuzzles seems to help. Once the cloud gets big enough, he starts to assault Lucas with icy cold rain. There may be some collateral damage to other people being hit by Trey's indoor cold weather but that is acceptable as it won't kill them and the icy cold rain may in fact actually have some influence on Lucas' powers just as the pool did. His intent to make it cold enough that Lucas can't use his powers or at least weaken him a bit. If anything it may at least help with the fire that he is spewing out.

Waving a hand upwards, The walls stabilize as Amanda glares. She's on her upward swing. Her powers are only gaining in power now. Thus is the winding way. Her power takes hold, and solidify into a mystic energy barrier, keeping everything from falling. Again, she moves to hold the sword to the side. "Look, child. Come to me and we'll sort this out. We know that's not your real body." She says plainly, making sure he hears every word. Of course, if he makes an attempt to fire something else at her, something other than the firey breath which she wards away with another gesture, she will swing the sword again. Well, if he gets close enough, she's going to as well. But she's steadily moving towards him. She does feel the cold and the ice, but she's moving anyway. Any witch worth her salt can ignore the elements for a few minutes.

Jonothon's taking quite a bit of ice as he moves forward. The stuff crackles as he walks, raining down off his person, but it does little beyond slow him down. Contrasts strangely with the psy-fire too. Does anyone notice that there are no breath plumes from the man? No more blasts either. There are too many people here. And speaking of that he glances back to Van. Sorry for being in your way. «Hold off for the moment.» The cold he doesn't question as it seems to be helping. Going to let Amanda do her thing for now. He's already made this harder. Not doing so again.

Zack will leg it, he's up, if Trey or Rashmi want to come with him, he'll take them and try to take them with him, but if they'r staying he won't drag them away, legging it back up stairs.

Lucas jerks a bit as the bullets bounce off his unholy armor. Then he snarls at Amanda. "Ah don't think ya'll have any idea what you're gettin' into…" He then chuckles, glancing at the cold rain slinking into the room. He looks at Amanda then, realizing he doesn't have much time. He lunges at her, attempting to grab her sword with his glowing, energy encircled left hand as he pulls his right back to punch her in the face with his nuclear fist.

Van just grunts an acknowledgement at Jonothon and stops firing. Though the bullets just bouncing off of Lucas make it an easy decision. Glancing up, he notes the lack of bits of ceiling falling down on him so climbs back to his feet. "Suggestions? Is he susceptible to cold or water?"

Rashmi remains huddled on the floor, ignoring Zack's attempts to pull her up. With all that's happened, panic has kicked in, and in the grand tradition of terrified small animals everywhere, the redhead simply stays locked down where she is; curled up on the floor and praying that the insanity can end soon.

Trey is in full on combat mode. The thrill of the combat sending adrenaline through his body. He's not used to taking a leadership role in situations. He's more of the have someone tell him to do something and he'll execute it type. But as Zack says that he's trying to leave, he says, "Grab her and go. Take her by force if you have to." He pushes his energy and focus into his cold weather to see if it will in fact have an impact on Lucas. To Jono and Van he explains. "His power weakened and then went out in the pool." Thus why he's making it rain inside. If it doesn't show any sign of affecting him, he'll have to move to plan B.

As Lucas grabs at the sword, Amanda lets him have it. But then, when it touches his skin, he'll learn why she was so eager to let him grab it. Of course, that puts her face right there, in line for the blow. Her soul-armor doesn't creep up quick enough to deflect it all, but it does dampen the blow as she reels into the wall. She spits a little blood as she looks up, glad that she can heal herself later. She simply calls the sword back to her hand and vanishes it, knowing she doesn't need it anymore. She stops, letting it take it's course as she looks to Jono. "Tell anyone you know, look for other soul-weapon wielders. That's the key to this. If I can get at the other two and free them, we can end this."

Suggestions? Jonothon isn't sure he has any right now. Mostly he's trying to stand there and physically block more students from attacking and being attacked. He'll get hit instead. «Can you get the kids out of here?» (Is that a suggestion?) They are being as stupid as he is. «This ice hurts.» And if he's feeling it, Jono's sure it's going to be hard on Amanda. Someone who needs not to be hindered right now. The fight nearly over, he stands there, ice and fire covered, looking anything less than pleased. «I don't have a clue what you're talking about.» Soul what?

Zack is running, and gone…

Lucas grabs the sword, and as his other fist collides with Amanda's face, he howls in agony. "AARRRGGGHHHH!!!" He drops to his knees, and then crumples onto his side, screaming in pain. Slowly, the scales across his skin beginning to flake off, leaving little droplets of blood on his skin. The horns on his head begin to darken, dying, and then sloughing off to the floor, leaving read, bloody circles on his head. He begins to shake, crying out as his body is forced slowlly to normal, his glowing hands melting the floor as he twists and curls in pain.

Van stays where he is for the moment, gun still trained on Lucas. But he's waiting to see what happens. So, Amanda got him to touch the sword like she said. This was supposedly a good thing. "Did it work? is the demon gone?" Looks like it but let's make sure, shall we? "What are these soul-weapons and who are the other two?"

"Well maybe you should have moved your ass out of the way." Apparantly knowing your allies weaknesses can come in handy, as he knew about Lucas from personal experience. He'll store Jono's discomfort in his brain in case it is needed in the future. Not like Jono is his ally or anything, since Trey obviously doesn't care for him. Either because he is a psychic or maybe because he called them kids and children one too many times; maybe a little of both. As Lucas converts back to his normal looking self, he doesn't stop the cold rain from falling down on them. Mostly because the mutants hands are still burning through the floor. Now that the demon is out of him, maybe it will actually do something. If anything it will continue to bother Jono and he clearly doesn't seem to have a problem with that. He doesn't move away, Lucas is sort of his friend, and so he's not going to abandon him to these people.

"He should be fine in a few. Once the demon's burned out of his body, he'll go back to normal. He may need a little recuperative time, but he should be just fine." Amanda says with a nod. "Soul-weapons. Like my Soulsword. I haven't been able to figure out who the other two are yet. But one's amazingly familiar. A young blonde girl. And a brunette boy. Both of them teenagers. One has a sword like mine, the other a large dagger. Those who control the soul weaponry control Limbo. There's only supposed to be one. That's what started this whole mess. I didn't know it was here, and it gave them a chance to get me and control them." She says, with a shake of her head. "I'll leave you to your students and your… fallen." She says, looking down slightly. She can't do anything about that. But, she can do something for Lucas. "Don't let them pull you in again. Resist for everything you're worth." With that, Lucas will feel a strengthening as he comes back to himself. Just enough to pull himself back together and have only a little redness where things used to be. With that, she starts walking away, stepping between people that will let her through. Her armor fading away into something resembling a rather nice looking gown.

Jonothon hopes that hurt, Lucas. Really, really hopes. His attention is on Amanda though, for he too wants to know about this soul-weapon thing. He doesn't even bother replying to Trey. The boy isn't worth it. Instead he frowns at Amanda, trying to digest all this. It's a lot to take in. Frankly he's disgusted, and in saying nothing as Amanda walks off, Jono looks to Van. Shoulders shift and he cracks the ice off his person, not even shivering. «I'll be back to help with the body, but if I don't vent right now it'll be bad.» The tone to Van is apologetic, and with it the Brit heads to the Danger Room. Sorry, he really will be back in a few minutes.

Van's knife disappears followed a moment later by his pistol as he sends them back to his room. Leaning over, he scoops up and pockets the empty shells. They'll serve as a reminder to refill the magazine back to full. He just listens to Amanda's explanation and stands back up, leaning against the wall as he continues to watch Lucas. Though after a second, he moves back to get out of the bad weather.

The fireworks and screaming over, Rashmi's head lifts, hesitantly, panic-stricken eyes darting left and right to make sure nothing new and unpleasant is about to happen. Seeing Lucas writhing on the floor, Coyote's husk still smoking, she lets loose a sound that could be sigh, could be sob, and likely is something in between. Pushing herself up to her knees, she settles back, looking around at those remain. "He… he needs his gloves," is all she can think to say at the moment. "If you don't put them on… he'll melt through the floor…"

Trey is not afraid of Lucas, nor is he bothered by the weather in the slightest. As his clothes soak through he walks over to Lucas and he places the hand not holding Mr. Fuzzles on Lucas' shoulder. "Hey Luke. Come on, you have to get strong so you can get back to fighting with Dallas. Someone needs to put him in his place for teasing me about Mr. Fuzzles. And I believe you're the man for the job." Trey is rather serious in his tone despite the joking nature of his statement. Looking around after Rashmi's statement, he says to Lucas. "You have another pair of gloves in your room? I don't see your other gloves anywhere."

"The ones he was wearing melted." Given what the woman said, Lucas is no longer a threat so Van shifts him from enemy to casualty. "Get him what he needs, please. Check his room." he tells Rashmi, turning to look at her. Brow furrowing, he grimaces and steps forward, the blanket from his bed in his hands as he drapes it over the remains of Coyote. No one needs to see that lying there. "Also inform… Mr. Summers, I suppose. Or whoever you run into first."

Rashmi gives a full-body shake, eyes tearing away from Coyote's corpse, snapping up to Van. With a small nod, she wavers to her feet, turning and pelting down the hall toward the elevator, and the dormitories beyond.

Lucas slowly comes to rest in the floor, the rain Trey is making has cooled his hands some. They are still glowing, but not hot enough to melt the floor any longer. He moans, furrowing his brow, and looking around. He looks at the covered body, then to Rashmi. He stares a long moment, and then asks, "…wha… what happened…?"

Trey looks down at Lucas and he says, "Forget about what happened right now Lucas. We'll deal with debriefing you after you let us know if you have a second set of gloves somewhere in the Mansion. Unless you want to go for a swim in the pool. Because I am not going to keep it raining inside here all day. The water damage alone would piss the Headmaster off a great deal."

Returning quietly, psy-fire gone, a thin looking man in black stops near the body under the blanket. He missed Rashmi running off. «Thank you.» Jonothon offers that to Van, for he couldn't find anything in the way back from the Danger Room. He looks small without the power affects, but he doesn't care about that. «I'm Jono, by the way.» Angry and tired, he's mostly trying to get grasp on emotions so that he can continue to help. «You can stop it raining now.» That to Trey. «This isn't for you to say what's going to happen. That's for the headmaster.»

Lucas sits up, laying his hands safely in his lap. He looks at Trey, and furrows his brow. "…the pool…" He looks around, then, worriedly, "Rashmi?" He tries to stand, but stumbles back to the floor, worn out.

Van nods to Jono. "Van. Does the school have a shrink? The kid'll probably need one. The girl went to check his room for gloves. You'll want to call someone about that." He nods to the body under the blanket. Holding the fire extinguisher that was down the hall, he looks at the label then moves forward to offer it to Trey. "Use this if he starts getting too hot. CO2."

Trey turns his purple gaze towards Jono and he says, "Last time I checked, I don't take orders from you. I'll stop it raining when Lucas has his gloves on. Unless you feel the desire to see if you can stand one of his blasts. Because I don't know if you noticed but his power packs quite the punch. And if you don't stop treating me like a Kid we can start a pissing contest if you really wanted." When Lucas says he wants the pool, he nods his head and he picks the other teen up. Despite the size difference, Trey has no trouble picking him up. He also doesn't seem to have much trouble with the temperature. He's careful not to let those hands touch him at least. To Van, "I don't think it's going to help but we could always try it if he starts to heat up too much. I'm going to bring him to the pool." Better to be safe then sorry, Rashmi may not be able to find gloves.

The moment Trey turns around, the elevator doors open on a wide-eyed, panting redhead, thick burgundy gloves clutched to her chest. "I… I'm sorry Lucas…" she says, trying to catch her breath and almost succeeding, "I… had to… hurry… but… found them…"

Does the school have a shrink? «Bloody hell if I know. I've been here a week.» Didn't when he was a student, but that was years ago. Jonothon pauses a moment, strangely silent, and then says to Van, «I sent a general ask for help. Hopefully someone is around.» Communicators are good for that. Then back to Trey. «Stop being an arse. Would you please stop the rain? It's entirely unnecessary.» No, Trey's words really have no affect on Jono. Just one more idiot kid who thinks too much of himself. This place is full of them. And then Rashmi is there. «Thanks, Rashmi.»

Lucas turns his head, opening his eyes again when he hears Rashmi's voice. "…Rash…" he says, hoarsely. He sees the gloves, and moves his hands some, holding them out so that she can get to them.

Van quirks a brow at Trey's tone and glances at Jono. Kid. Not a kid. INteresting power dynamic. Though that the older one is a recent arrival does help explain things. "Ah, well you have six days on me then." Half turning, he nods as Rashmi returns. "Excellent. Thank you. Please get them on him. Carefully."

Enter three hundred fifty-five pounds of blue furred genius. Hank is pulling on a lab coat, it actually looks as if the fuzzy scientist might have actually been, *gasp*, SLEEPING! Looking about the room Hank has a medikit in one hand, and much to his dismay the asked for bodybag in the other. Eyes of blue are deadly serious as he takes in the room, looking to Jono for an explanation since he's the one that called for assistance.

Trey looks towards Jono and he says, "Oh since you asked me so nicely." He rolls his eyes at him and thankfully Rashmi has come and she is holding thos big familiar gloves, he moves to let Lucas get closer so that way he can get his gloves on. Once he does, Trey shrinks the cloud. It doesn't go away, it just shrinks and shrinks until it is just a cloud above Jono's head raining on the annoying psychic. He wants to treat Trey like a kid, he'll act like a kid.

The hallway of the Emergency floors is, to put it kindly, a mess. Several walls are scorched in places, chilly water is running down the walls and pooling on the floor, and a short distance from the open cell that once held Lucas, the shrouded shape of a dead student, mercifully covered, lies on the ground. Pelting down the hall a short distance ahead of the blue genius, a curtain of red hair marks Rashmi's path toward Lucas, the gloves carefully wedged into place on the Tennesseean boy's hands. "There… That… should do it…" Stepping to the side, she turns her gaze back down the hall, much preferring to watch Hank approach, rather than chance looking at the body.

Lucas lets Rash put the gloves on, and then he relaxes in Trey's arms a bit more. He sighs, tired, but his eyes stay on Rashmi.

Soaked through, hair plastered to head, Jonothon stands near the body covered in a blanket. Said blanket seems entirely out of place here, but was brought in by Van. The Brit looks exhausted, but the cold chill down here seems to not affect him. Mainly because it doesn't. Really, it's a good thing he's a nice guy, because he could disintegrate Trey without really trying, and yet merely lets himself be rained on. Thus proving his point about Trey not being an adult. «Thanks for coming.» That to Hank. «This is Van. No idea who he is really, but he was handy. Sefton's gone, who knows where, Rashmi brought Lucas' gloves, the dead girl is there, and I'm being rained on. Welcome to the show. We'll be here all week.» Yet he's clearly not laughing.

Van half turns once more as yet more people arrive. No doubt the first of many. He nods to Hank at the intro. "Vance Walker. New instructor here. I was just getting settled when…" Trailing off, he shrugs. The scene speaks for itself. "Pleased to meet you." He might never have met Hank but the man's appearance makes it obvious.

Hank is more than a little put out by the condition of the room, and then he sees the covered remains and a small sound of anguish might be heard by the keen of hearing, he certainly looks stricken. "Not good at all." Moving through the room he watches as the rain clouds coalesce down to just rain on Jono's head, and the looks with stern disapproval at Trey. "That will be enough of that, young man … unless you fancy being on suspension." He looks to Vance as he introduces himself. "Ordinarily I'd make small talk starting with 'my pleasure', I do hope you can forgive my being a bit more taciturn and present — I do promise to be more gregarious and genial when we're not in a crisis." He does shake the man's hand, and then he nods thanks to Jono for the telepathic summary. "Is anyone injured?" Dead he can't fix, injured he can do a lot about.

It's certainly a mess down here, Scott was getting in a few precious winks of sleep before hearing a request call on the X-Comms. The brown-haired Headmaster is in an Xavier's shirt and Xavier's lounge pants. He barely had time to grab his glasses before he was out of the dorm hall door. He's more than concerned about the students down here than the body right now. As tragic as it is, the body is already dead, that's how his mind works. He doesn't speak quite yet as he observes the situation. The floor is wet, the air is cold. And Hank already asked the question he was going to ask, still getting used to having old team members back it seems.

Trey rolls his eyes at Jono. "Yes, well figured you could use a bit cooling off. Because I didn't have time to pull the massive stick out of your ass." As for the disintegration without trying, that is left to be unsaid since it is Jono's opinion of what he thinks he can do and that is different from what actually would happen. Trey shrugs his shoulders and the cloud stops raining on the other man. "It would be completely worth the suspension, but he's not worth the time or energy to keep the rain falling on his head. As amusing as it would be to make sure that nothing around him was ever dry. People like him deserve stuff like that." He allows the room temperature to go back to normal and then says, "Lucas can you walk or would you like me to drop you off somewhere so you can rest up? I'd like to go finish my workout and finish a paper I am writing."

Jonothon motions to Lucas, «Not sure, but Lucas may be.» The one who was possessed. «Sefton used that sword on him and the demon parts melted off.» Not having had experience with that before, it was strange. Having said this he notices Scott arriving and nods to the man. «From what I know no one else has been injured.» One dead, Lucas hurt.. they were all very lucky. Pointedly ignores Trey. No point in responding to the teen.

Rashmi's head swings around, jaw dropping in shock and disbelief at Trey. It takes a moment for her to recover, before she turns back to the professors, shaking her head slowly. "No, professors," she says, voice quiet. "There were a lot of students that came down… but… most of them ran when everything… went crazy…"

"No one appears to be injured." Van agrees, nodding at what Jono says. Glancing at the no longer needed fire extinguisher in his hands, it's back in its holder down the hall. "From what I understand, the boy isn't directly responsible for what happened. And the woman set off the chain of events that led to it." Seeing Scott, he gives the man a nod. "Sir."

Lucas stares at Rashmi, watching her talk. Watching her ignore him. His brow furrows, and he rolls his head a bit weakly around to look at Trey. "…my room… sleep…" He sighs, and closes his eyes.

"You're treading on dangerously thin ice, it might behoove you to be a little less antagonistic." This to Trey. "And since the suspension was apparently desired, by all means consider it in force pending further notice." Trey situation dealt with for the moment, Hank turns blue eyes to Lucas as he speaks. "Actually, as you're injured we'll be taking you to the medical facility so we can treat your injuries, please try to relax, Mister Heathe." He will look to Van and Scott. "Gentlemen, could you fetch a stretcher, I'd like to avoid exascerbating any unseen injuries if at all possible." And then he looks to Rashmi, "Don't worry, Miss Franklin, we'll make sure all is taken care of in due order." And then he sighs, and looks at the remains of Coyote under the blanket and opens up the body bag, and with great care and respect for the body seals her up inside.

The Headmaster looks to Trey with a stern face, well as much of one as he can give. "Trey, cut the lip, now." He says in as stern a tone as he can give. He's about to just boot the kid out of this area before he offers to assist Lucas wherever he needs to go. "We'll be back with a stretcher, not good to not support him if he is injured." Scott says, still looking at Trey, not very pleased with his attitude. "Van, let's go." He says, moving out to grab a stretcher for Lucas.

When Hank gives him a suspension anyway, Trey frowns and he is about to open his mouth to say something when Scott scolds him too. He grumbles and it's a good thing he has Lucas in his arms right now. He grumbles about them, apparantly Dallas has been rubbing off on him and he says, "Sorry Lucas, I guess you'll have to wait before you get back to your bed. Another cell for you till they give you a clean bill of health." He waits for the stretcher since they don't seem to want him to move Lucas even though Trey's already holding him.

Left to his own devices for the moment, Jonothon slicks back his hair from his face as he watches Hank deal with the body. The effort is half hearted, leaving dark locks to stick in all directions. He cares nothing for his appearance anymore. Then, a touch slowly, he looks to Rashmi. Moving over, he offers the girl a hand. The kind of gesture that says 'let's go.' Where? The medical bay, because that's where Lucas will be.

Van nods and follows Scott.

Rashmi shakes her head with a quiet sigh at Trey, looking up as Jono holds out a hand. Nodding once, she moves up next to Trey, gently combing Lucas' hair away from the bloody circles on his forehead. "I'll see you when you get there," she says softly. "And I'll be there when you wake up, okay?" With an attempt at a smile, she leans down to whisper in his ear. "I'm so glad you're back… Don't go anywhere again, okay…?" Straightening, she nods her readiness to the Brit.

Lucas doesn't open his eyes, but he does smile very slightly when Rashmi speaks to him. He relaxes a little more, then, as he drifts asleep.

Once the stretcher arrives, Hank looks to Trey. "If you would be so kind, mist—ehn…Trey." Hank motions toward the stretcher. The unpleasant task of carrying Coyote's remains he doesn't delegate, that's all on him right now. He'll do the post mortem later too. Once Lucas is on the stretcher he smiles to Scott, "Headmaster…" And to Van. "…Mister Walker, your assistance in getting Lucas up to medical would be much appreciated, gentlemen. I didn't see any obvious signs of anything broken, but he might have internal injuries we're not aware of."

"Thank you." He does thank Trey once Lucas is on the stretcher. Really, Hank is generally pretty easy going, but when death and injuries are on the line, well, his tolerance levels suffer a sharp decline.

The Headmaster returns with the stretcher and Van, good thing he was out of earshot of Trey's comment, or else he would have tacked on an additional punishment. He helps adjust Lucas on the stretcher and starts to cart him to the medbay. "Right." he says before he makes his way down the wet hallway. More repairs, great, at least it wasn't the whole mansion this time… All the while, Scott maintains that dead pan reserved look that he is known for. Though someone who has known him for a good while may notice he is distraught in his own way.

Trey scrunches his nose up as Hank tries to call him Mister and fails since he has no last name. One last bit of salt to add to the wounds his amnesia has created. He puts Lucas down on the stretcher and says, "Good luck. They don't want me around." He doesn't say anything to anyone else. He turns and starts to head off. As he does he grumbles and the rain starts outside. Jono needed to go release his frustrations in the danger room, he is releasing his own in his way.

Jonothon has no problem waiting for Rashmi, and once she's ready he escorts her to the medical bay. Doesn't say anything, doesn't offer to touch again, just walks with her.

Van doesn't have much to add so just waits as Lucas is put on the stretcher then takes the other ends when Scott does. Once in the medbay, he'll take note of where everything is stored for future reference.

"Actually, you're not unwanted, Trey. Your manner needs a bit of…polish, but you're not unwelcome. You simply need to learn to channel your ire. Mister Starsmore is not the enemy, nor am I, or Scott, but there are rules of conduct and that was an emergency." And then he nods, and heads up with the others, Coyote's remains set on an exam table for the impending post mortem. Hank will make sure that Lucas' injuries aren't life threatening, and then get him on an IV rich in nutrients and meds to treat his ailments, whatever they might be.

As the procession reaches the medbay, Rashmi pulls a chair up next to Lucas' bed and takes a seat. Pulling a copy of 'The Silmarillon' out of the book bag at her hip, she settles in, cracking the book open and reading in silence.

"Yes well there are rules of conduct and I don't appreciate him threatening to blast the other students and treating us like we are invalid children." Trey heads towards the elevator. "He deserves a whole lot worse then a little rain on his parade." He shakes his head and goes back to his room.

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