2010-10-22: Galaxy Sandwich


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Summary: Addison comes down for food. July is there, offering assistance. Max J tries to be too happy.

Date: October 22, 2010

Galaxy Sandwich

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Dining Hall

In a school for children the dining room is decorated to be practical instead of elegant. The walls are a pleasant tan color. Two large windows line the walls looking out to the school grounds. A large table for at least forty people sits in the center of the room. Two chandeliers hang from the ceiling to light up the room. Along the wall is a hole in the wall looking into the kitchen so food can be passed back and fourth.

The search has been long and tiring. But with the endurance of Phoenix, Addison hasn't shown a sign of it. But, for once, he is actually… hungry. As he walks into the Dining hall, his stomach growls lightly. He's forgotten his physical needs in an effort to be useful. again. It's not uncommon for him. He's also, still in his costume, which remains pristine and untarnished. White bodysuit with a gold sash, boots, gloves, and phoenix logo in the center of his chest.

July steps into the dining hall as well, and she notices Addison, "Hey." the girl says, waving lightly to the phoenix bearer, "Any luck?" she asks, the girl having come to give a hand to everyone, wearing the usual graduation uniform, blue with yellow X styled on the front and back (Seriously? She didn't get a new one yet?) and she sits at the table, watching the older guy.

Even thought half the school is gone it just means less victims for Quill. It might just be how he handles half his team going missing is to goof off. There are a few yells of 'hey!' and 'ow!' that come from the hallway as Quill runs into the Dining Hall and hides against the wall next to the door holding a pair of six shooter rubber band guns. He doesn't notice July or Addison yet as he pokes his head out and fires one of the guns with a 'twang!' at an unlucky, unhappy, target.

The growl comes back, louder. "Unfortunately, no. They are not anywhere that I can reach, and my reach is… amazing." Addison says, voice mildly annoyed as he turns to look at the new entrant. One of the new (to him) students. A prankster. Yay. "And it unnerves me. Even with Cerebra enhancing my skills that are already enhanced by a cosmic entity… that means they're probably not in this universe or in this dimension." Being a dimensional traveller himself, he knows there are other worlds than this.

While July isn't a dimension traveler, she's seen enough weirdness to learn to not doubt the word of a teammate. Well, not exactly teammate, but close "And that kinda ties our hands together for now, then…" she shakes her head softly, before looking toward the door when she hears the 'gun' being shot at an innocent student. She frowns and stretches her neck longer, to go around the door and into the corridor to look at whoever is doing that. "Oh, it's you." she arches one eyebrow at Quill.

Quickly trying to hide the two rubber band guns behind his back, Quill just grins the grin of someone trying act innocent. "Yes, it's me. Hellooooo October, how are you doing thing fine evening. And Mr. Falk! I hope you are doing well. It is a fine night at Xavier's, that it is!" He then lets the conversation sink in his head. "So! My team is in another universe or dimension? How do they get the fun stuff."

"We don't know that it's fun, Max. It could be problematic. Not all other dimensions are good ones. My own…" Addison shakes his head softly. "War-torn and ravaged, but healing now. That's just my guess as to where they are. Can't feel, can't sense… therefore not there." He shrugs a bit. A mild flame tracing over his shoulders as he does so. He won't say anything about innocent pranks like that. Unless he hit the girl that's allergic to rubber.

July retracts her neck back to normal and shrugs, "All the confirmed information we have is that they're not in this planet." she says, shaking her head, "They could be in a different planet, or, like Addison said, another dimension. All are possible outcomes." There is the possibility they're all dead, but she doesn't entertain that idea at all. "So, I guess until whatever event caused our friends' disappearance happen again to give us clues… we're shooting blindly in the dark for answers."

"You don't know that it isn't. At the very least they're getting out of classes and homework." Quill says with a bit of a pout. "It's just that us Corsair's don't get anything cool…unless you're a chick. You noticed just Scott and the chicks got taken, so not fair." He still doesn't realize that this kind of danger is actually that…danger. It's not just another day in a Shi'ar tech combat simulator.

"Their lives could be in severe danger. Things in other dimensions can be a lot worse than what you realize. Would you like to see what the Max Jordan of my world was like?" Addison asks with a mildly dark grin on his face. He knows what happened with that one. And that's… the scary part. "I'm hoping it's not a bad one, but with the luck of ours… it's probably not. And… you do realize, the instructors are just holding the homework for them. It'll still be there when they return, don't you? That they'll have to do it a lot faster…"

July shakes her head lightly, "I don't think you realize the fact that their lives could be in grave danger, depending of the world they get in. There are countless dimensions around." she says, looking at Quill. "And as for homework…" she points out. "It's like Addison said: their homework is still there, just wiating for them to return."

"Sure! Why not! Probably not as creative or handsome as me." Quill says with a grin as he doesn't take a lot of things seriously. "But what if they're in Disney World and they call come back with Mickey Mouse ear hats, ballons…metallic Donald Duck ballons, Goofy sippy cups and a princess wand. Then you'd be jealous, you know you would."

Addison reaches forward, mentally to portray an image of the Quill from his world. A frightened young man, powers out of control. That is, until the aliens got a hold of the stronghold he was staying in. He was found and enslaved. Rather than fight back, he went with them, broken in mind and spirit. "That what happens. At base, he was the same as you. but the world affected him differently. It wasn't a nice place. I was a commander in a war zone from the time I was 13. You had only just awakened to your powers there…" He sighs softly.

July wonders what is going on in the brief moment when both Addison and Quill get silent, but then she hears Addison speaking again, "Am I right to assume you showed him what his verison in your world is?" she asks, looking at Addison.

"I'm glad I'm not that dude." Is all Quill says with a nod of his head though he can't help but chuckle at an odd mental image. "See but you're just assuming the bad, I'm just assuming the awesome. What's the difference, we're both guessing what's going on?" He just choose to hope for the best.

"I expect the bad, because that's what usually happens with people at this school. We don't get kidnapped just for fun. There's often a purpose, and often dark." Addison explains. "I've seen that often enough. That's why I stayed here. To try to keep some of that from continuing." He says with a nod to July. "Yes."

July frowns at Quill after getting Addison's answer. "You just don't get it, do you?" she is getting annoyed at the guy. "Our friends could be in grave danger, wherever they are, and you just don't want to do anything because you assume they're in some fairy land?" she frowns, "You'll abandon your friends just because you think they're in a world that's your definition of utopia?"

Quill's quill's actually bristle at July and he points a finger at her. "No you don't get it. You can either sit around, frown, and mope and be all 'woe is the world' about what happened or you can try to think of something good and hope for the best. Cause you're not helping anyone being dark as December but maybe by making someone laugh, I'll help them forget about a missing friend or teammate for a few minutes." He then switches tones at her. "And then noone will want to share their Disney Princess Wand with you cause you're grumpy."

"Or you can actually try to work to find them and try to bring them back." Addison retorts to the student. "It's one of those touchy subjects on both sides." His stomach growls loudly again. "For example, I haven't eaten in… apparently weeks. I just realized today." He looks away with a bit of a cough. "I just… forgot."

July doesn't seem the little bit affected by Quill's outburst, "You are doing nothing, boy." she frowns, despite only being slightly older than him. "You say you're hoping for the best, but, past that, nothing. WE are hoping for the best as well." she says as she stands up, "But, unlike you, we're preparing for the worst. Which is more likely an outcome if you check previous mutant kidnaps like that that happened in the past. We are searching for them in the hopes of finding them before the worst come to pass." she then looks at Addison and nods, "And I'll go get a sandwich. Want me to make one for you, Addison?"

Quill puts his hands on his hips and poses after being called boy. There's a huge grin on his face. "So what have you done then lady?" He isn't bothered by what she's saying though he knows he's just a student and that the wouldn't let them really do much. "So, lemme ask ya this Mr. Red. So if I was proactive and trying to do something to help, what would you do? Tell me I'm to young? I'm just a student and could get hurt?"

"That depends on what you were doing. You'll find that I have a slightly different philosophy on many things. I told you. I was a front-lines war-commander at 13. I know what it's like to fight for what I believe in before puberty has even finished with my body. Research is the best thing that can be done right now by anyone. That's what I'm trying to do, and I may be overlooking things. Other eyes are useful for that. Since we have no leads whatsoever, other than the girl appearing covered in… Pumpkin Pie… filling…" Addison scrunches his nose. "With no memory." He ponders for a second. "That would be quite nice, July." He offers with a nod. "Thank you."

July goes to make the sandwiches as Addison explains things to Quill. "Research. Try to find any lead, anything that would help us get closer to finding out our friends and bring them home safely." she shakes her head, "The library is open, I think the computer access with the database of all the incidents the X-men fought in the past are open…" she shrugs, "Cheese or ham, Addison?" she asks, grinning.

"Ew gross. I don't want to know when you went through puberty." Quill says crinkling his nose in his best 'ew' face." Then Quill can't help but laugh, covered in pumpkin pie filling, that's great to his funny bone. "So maybe they're trapped inside a pumpkin? LIke a dimension inside a pumpkin….hey! It's possible. So then July, how many pumpkins have you researched. Anything with X-Men and Pumpkin Pie in the same file?"

"Anything, July. I'm so hungry I could…" There's a pause as Addison's eyes go aflame for a moment. The white of his costume seems to turn red for the merest of moments. "eat an entire galaxy." His voice, during this takes on a very menacing tone. He stops. The white returns. "Excuse me." he shakes his head. "My guess is that it has more to do with the season than anything. How about you go hide in a few pumpkins and see if they'll approach you while you're in there." He offers, unhelpfully, to Quill.

July prepares the sandwiches, but she jumps a bit at Addison's sudden change, but she calms down when red turns white again. At Quill's quip at her, she frowns and glares at him for a moment, "I'm very busy with helping run this school now. I'm not going to college, skipping classes to help keep this place in a semblance of order. If our friends remain missing for too long, I'll most likely fail this term and have to redo those classes." she explains, none too pleased with the guy's attitude. "I do whatever research I can with the little time I got left. Perhaps you could stop making such unfunny, unhelpful comments and actually, y'know… help a little?"

Quill is in the middle of a yawn when Addison changes. "Dude…you're creepy. Grade A creepy." He says before shaking his head and giving a long, exaggerated yawn at July and waves his hand. "Sorry, I have homework." He more says it that way since she's being high and mighty and then to him saying 'I've done nothing'. "I'll get on that research as soon as you do girl." He says as he looks back to Addison. "Um…Mr. Red, I really don't think a Galaxy Sandwich is on the Xavier's Special list tonight."

"It's just a little bit of my mother affecting me." Addison says quietly. "And I know. I'm also trying to figure out how to get rid of this. It's too much power for any living human. Fortunately, I have better genetics than most and can handle it better." He says, offering thanks to July at the sandwich. "She once consumed an entire galaxy just… for the hell of it." He looks away. "July is doing her part. If you can help, I'll take it, Max. We're at the point where there's nothing to lose to find and follow any leads."

July doesn't dignify Quill's remark with an answer, she just finishes the first two sandwiches, "Here you go, Addison, with some extra ham. I hope they're good substitutes for a whole galaxy." she grins softly.

Quill looks out the door and grins broadly before looking back to Addison. "Riiiiiiiiiiiiight, anyway I'm off like a dress on leaf night!" He says as he ducks out the door pulling out his rubber band guns as he heads off to try to sneak into the rec room and find people who can be a bit interesting there.

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