2009-04-27: Game Time


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Summary: After a long day in the heat, two Young Avengers sit back for some relaxing video games and a chat.

Date: April 27, 2009

Log Title: Game Time

Rating: R

NYC - Seaside Warehouse

This warehouse is like any other. It's cold, somewhat damp, there are boxes stacked up about the place and a second floor that only wraps around the inner edge of the building, made to look over the floor below. Only there is something odd about this place, as those boxes and rooms hold the property of the Young Avengers. Training ground and living quarters for the young team.

Since the base is so close to the water, some might say it doesn't need air conditioning. That hasn't stopped a nice A/C unit from being installed however, keeping the place nice and cool. Of course the cool air doesn't stop a burst of steam from exiting the locker rooms as Teddy Altman steps out of them and into the main area of the base. With one hand busily using a towel to dry his hair, the shapeshifter's lacking clothing as he looks around. "There they are…" he mutters to himself, scooping the parts of his uniform off the floor that he'd discarded on his way in from a tiring nightly patrol. "Why couldn't it have been an ice villain?" he wonders to no one, examining a burnt portion of his uniform.

Elijah wanders out of his room, dressed in a t-shirt and jeans, and wearing white sneakers. He spots Teddy and pauses. "Ooops. Sorry, Teddy." He spots the uniform. "Man… sorry about your uniform…"

Teddy jumps slightly, turning to see Eli. "Huh?" he blinks. "Hey Eli. It's not a big deal. I've got two more in my closet upstairs it was just…ya know, the heat a bad guy that was throwing fire…" he waves a hand vaguely. "What's up, man?" he asks. There's a pauise and he looks down. Jumping slightly, he quickly shapeshifts into some jeans. "Sorry about that…bad habit from when we first got this place…" he trails off sheepishly.

Elijah chuckles. "No problem, it's all good." He stretches as he heads to the couch. "So, what's on the agenda?"

Teddy finishes drying his hair off and stretches his arm into the locker room to toss his towel into the laundry bin. "Not too much," he says, following Eli to the couch. "Just gonna hang till Billy gets back from his patrol. You?"

Elijah shrugs. "No idea." He looks around. "Grandparents are visiting friends in the city all day, and I'm on spring break." He leans back.

Teddy smiles. "Lucky. I've got three more days of school before my spring break kicks in," the shapeshifter says with a smirk. "I finally finished that painting in case ya wanted to see it. It's not that good but…" he just shrugs.

Elijah nods. "Of course! I'm not expecting it to be a museum piece, but it would be nice to see how it came out!" He pats Teddy on the back.
Teddy blushes faintly before popping to his feet. "I'll go grab it then," he says, heading upstairs quickly. After a quiet few minutes, the shapeshifter comes back. He's holding the painting, looking a bit sheepish. "Alright, be honest…" he trails off, turning it around to show Eli. It's a painting of the whole team…Patriot, Wiccan, Hulkling, Vision, Stature, Speed, Kate, Rebound, Wave, and Silent Image…all gathered in a heroic pose on the edge of a building. "What do ya think?"

Elijah looks at it and smiles. "Not bad, Teddy. It's a good likeness of it. Not only that, but I get to see the rest of the team." He grins at Ted and stretches. "We should put it on one of the walls here." He looks at the room.

Teddy blushes again. "Thanks, Eli," he says, looking around. "Really? Umm…I could get a frame for it and put it somewhere…" he trails off, not sure where it would go. "Working from memory was a little hard…maybe I can get someone to model for me sometime," he shrugs.

Elijah nods. "Maybe you could do a series of famous heroes and villains!" He grins at Teddy. "I mean, its something to do, and you'll get more practice. Just a thought."

Teddy looks up thoughtfully. "That…sounds like a good idea. Do stuff like Captain America and the Red Skull, Fantastic Four and Dr. Doom, and Ironman and the Mandarin," he says with a smile. "Might even try and do one of us fighting the Zodiac…or you and me beating up Mecurio," he grins as he says this.

Elijah chuckles. "That does sound like a good idea!" He chuckles. "Just the parts where we beat him silly…"

"I don't know, we looked particularly dashing with me frozen to a shelf and you getting tossed across a room," the shapeshifting alien hybrid jokes. "So…wanna hit the X-box for awhile or see if any of those new DVDs are worth watching?"

Elijah nods. "Sounds good. What DVDs we got?" He sits in front of the TV and turns it on. A random commercial is playing. "Wow, TV these days…" He chuckles, shaking his head slowly.

Teddy moves over to rustle through the shelf next to the TV. "What about it?" he asks, leaning back to look at Eli. "Not too much. Couple action films, stuff from Billy's collection, stuff from my collection, few horror films, all those Avengers DVDs that IronMan gave us when he gave us the TV, and…something that shouldn't be in here that I think Tommy might have put here…"

Elijah chuckles. "All right… Well then…" He goes through the stack of X-Box games. "You got a favorite movie?"

The game library is a considerably large one, having a lot of the big populat games and several rare gems. There's also a couple Avengers games that came with the TV base thanks to IronMan. "I can never decide on a favorite movie, There are just too many choices. How about you?"

Elijah looks up at him and nods. "Same here." He chuckles. "Well then…" He looks at everything. "How about one of the Avengers games?" He shrugs.

Teddy looks over. "Sounds good to me," he says with a smile. "This one I'm actually good at," the shapeshifter adds with a laugh.

Elijah chuckles and puts the game in, letting it load. "I got dibs on Cap." He looks to Teddy and grins, handing him a controller.

Teddy accpets the controller and laughs. "I saw that coming," he says, bemused. Sitting back on the couch, he shifts a shirt onto himself. "Ya know, I wonder if the Avengers sit back and play video games when we're not there," he wonders aloud.

Elijah chuckles. "I can only imagine. Iron Man hacking into the console. 'Hulk button mash!' Cap using his enhanced reflexes to pull off insane combos. Thor shorting out each controller he uses. 'By Odin's Beard, the game doth cheat!' Ant-Man trying to shrink down into the console and try to rig the game. Yeah, that would be kinda funny to watch." He shrugs. "It could happen…"

Teddy starts to laugh as he imagines it. After a few moments, he manages to regain enough composure to flash a grin and speak. "Oh man…we'd have to see that," he declares. As the character select screen comes up, Teddy shrugs before picking Johnny Storm. "I know they use that pool table they've got, seen 'em playing," he muses.
Elijah chuckles. "Oh, that must be something to watch…" He selects Cap and starts the game. "First level, because we might as well try to get as far as we can through the story mode." He sighs. "I would love a shield like Cap's. I mean, don't get me wrong, I like mine, but something that size to bounce off of people would be something…"

Teddy nods in agreement. "I never get past level five on my own," the alien admits. "That would be pretty cool," he remarks. "We could ask Billy to try magicking one up for ya. Or we could ask Black Widow where she got the one she had on the news that one time."

Elijah nods and ponders for a moment. "I suppose." He shrugs as he guides Cap through 5 thugs and slaps them around. "I mean, I'm just thinking out loud, really." He leans back, letting Teddy take out a group of thugs behind a door.

Teddy guides Human Torch around, flinging fireballs into the various baddies. "It would be cool though. Kate with Hawkeye's arrows and bow, you with a shield like Cap's, Billy with that weird sword of his…" he trails off. "Ofcourse, the equipment doesn't make the hero."

Elijah nods. "Trudat, my friend." He slams into a few other baddies before they reach the end of the level. "Well, one level down…" He looks over to Teddy. "I think some people get hung up on a lack of powers, or of specific powers. Me, I'm happy." He grins.

Teddy lets out a breath of relief when they reach the end of the level, just like always. "Yeah, I'm happy with what I can do too," he says. "It's not like I'd pass up an armor is Ironman offered one but shapeshifting and superstrength are enough for me," he chuckles.

Elijah nods. "I'm just on this side of superhuman, but I can train." He pauses for a moment. "That might be a good idea. Actual training in combat." He smacks another group of thugs and dodges out of the way for Teddy to scorch some more thugs.

Teddy presses the button for a 'super move', letting out a little whistle at the cinematics. "Yeah. I wish Carol…Ms. Marvel…was back. She ran some awesome combat training for us. Cap too…I hope they come back soon."

Elijah nods, his eyes widen at the screen. "Impressive…" He looks over to Ted. "I'm not sure I could get through a session with Cap, i would be SO nervous…" He chuckles. sounding like a teenaged girl swooning over a musician.

Teddy smirks a bit. "Now you sound like me and Billy," he teases. "But we were nervous too…until he threw an army of holografic HYDRA agents at us."

Elijah chuckles, "Wow… how did that go?" He then sets off his own super-move. "Aw yeah…"

Teddy pauses to watch the move, grinning a bit. "Man…that would be awesome to see but it looks like it'd hurt to get hit with," he states the obvious with a laugh. "Is it just me or do all the super-move cut scenes make a point to give close ups of their butts?" he comments, blinking at this observation. "It went alright. Just tired us both out. I had to carry Billy home. We didn't even make it upstairs. Collaped right into that chair," he says, tiltling his head towards the recliner in the room.

Elijah grins with a chuckle. "I guess that's just for you, Teddy." He looks over to the recliner. "Wow… part of me is scared, the other part of me is excited…"

Teddy rolls his eyes a but but keeps smiling. "They close up on the female characters' rears too," he says. "And don't act like you don't appreciate Captain America's mighty, patriotic buns of steel," he teases. The shapeshifter then blinks. "What? About the chair? We didn't have sex in it…just slept. Sure we were all sweaty and dirty but I washed it…" he trails off, confused as to what Eli meant.

Elijah shakes his head. "Nah, not my thing." He looks at the chair. "Nah, I mean you guys didn't even make it to the room. Damn…"

"Oh, so Johnny's is more to your liking?" Teddy asks, just getting in a little good natured joking with his friend. He then blushes faintly. "Oh! Yeah…Cap's endurance training. He said he'd be joining us in the training chamber for the next one but had to go off on some kinda mission first," he says.

Elijah eyes Teddy, shaking his head. He grins and chuckles as they reach the end of the level. "Mini-boss… heads up." He nods to Teddy. "Wow, that would have been something."looks over. "What mission?" He sounds curious…

Teddy keeps his smile up. "Oh, I remember this one," he murmurs. "Always gave me trouble," the shapeshifter remarks. "I don't know. Either none of the Avengers know or it's too classified for us," he frowns a little at this.

Elijah nods. "Follow my lead." He heads behind him. He turns slow, so this gives us time to wail on him. Just fly in circles and eventually he gets tired." He shrugs. "Well then, just have to be patient and hope everything works out for him."

Teddy nods, following the orders of the team's fearless leader. "He's Captain America," he remarks. "Of course things are gonna work out for him," he chuckles.

Elijah chuckles. "Indeed. Still, it never hurts to wish him well." He watches the boss fall. "All right. Nice work, buddy."

Teddy lets out a little noise of triumph. "Nice work yourself," he says. "Yeah. It can't hurt," he muses. "I'm sure he'll start training us again when he gets back."

Elijah sets the controller down and cracks his knuckles. He picks it up again and grins. "All right, we march on." He looks over. "So, how did you and Billy get together? Like, how was your first date?"

Teddy laughs, cracking his neck. "Sir, Yes Sir!" he gives his best imitation of a boot camp recruit. When asked about himself and Billy, Teddy blushes faintly. "Well…remember how he and I used to always leave training together when it was just us three and Nate? We…did a lot of talking and eventually…I just caved and asked him out. Man…I was nervous as hell…"

Elijah nods and chuckles. "Right on." He heads off and slams a drone into a wall. "It's nice that you both are so happy together." He sighs. "Just wish I could find someone. No hurry, though… I mean, I got time." He chuckles. "No big deal…"

Teddy takes a deep breath and smiles, burning a turret up with a stream of flames. "Yeah…I'm glad he said yes. Not sure I would have been able to show my face if he said no…" he trails off. He glances over at Eli and offers a smile. "I'm sure you'll find someone. You're smart, heroic, funny, and sexy," he says. "Got a body most guys'd do a lot for."

Elijah chuckles. "Thanks, but I'm looking for a woman to spend my time with, no offense. I mean, sexuality was never an issue with me. Cap said it best. We defend all Americans, not just straight, white, Republican Christian males. I'm not gay, but it isn't because it's immoral, it's because I'm not attracted to men. All love is cool, not just certain kinds. Well, some of it can be kinda weird…" he chuckles. "Nice shot."

Teddy laughs a bit. "I was more commenting on your physique than the fact that you've got guys drooling over ya," he explains. "But yeah, all's cool," he says. There's a slightly mischievious smile to his face for a moment before he suddenly shapeshifts into Spider-Woman. "Weird like a shapeshifter?" he jokes around a bit more, keeping his own voice as he appears like Spider-Woman. "Thanks."

Elijah shakes his head. "No, I mean, well… stuff I don't wanna discuss. Illegal things…" He blushes slightly. "Good look for you, Teddy." He grins and chuckles. "No problem," he says, smashing a turret to pieces.

Teddy quirks an eyebrow behind his 'mask'. "Illegal things?" he mostly asks himself that, shrugging it off. "You like?" the shapeshifter slips into Spider-Woman's voice for a moment just in teasing. "Not one of my favorite looks," he comments back in his own voice. "Changing like this is…weird," he admits. "Good shield-work. Oh man…here comes the part with the enemy that explodes when ya beat it…'

Elijah shakes his head slowly. "I mean the really sick things that you go to jail for." He chuckles. "Oh yes… I like muchly." He looks at the screen and points. "Stay there, and keep up the ranged attacks. Those boxes? They're cover." He then heads to the boss and slams away with his shield. At the last moment, he uses his Ultimate combo and the enemy explodes, but does no damage to Cap. "He's invulnerable when he uses it." He grins.

Teddy nods slowly in understanding. "Ah…the kinda stuff we beat people up for. Yeah…that's…" he just shivers. "Glad you enjoyed it," he says, changing back to himself. "Mm…much better. Felt really off there…" he trails off, making a quick glance down. "Got it," he says, ducking behind boxes and tossing fireballs and jets of flame. As the Ultimate Combo hits and the level complete message comes up, Teddy offers a hi-five. "Awesome!"

Elijah hi-fives Teddy. "Very nice, indeed. Now, we can get to the parts of the game you haven't seen. Stick with me, and keep up the double front. You range them off, and I ground and pound." He smiles. "You know…" He says after a pause.. "I missed this, just hanging out with teammates."

Teddy nods. "You got it!" he replies, enjoying himself. "Yeah. Me too," he replies. "The whole time the team was apart…it was like
there was something missing."

Elijah agrees. "Yeah, like being away from family. You know, when you're sick, and you're at home, instead of school, and you're in bed reading or whatever. You aren't in school, or with your friends or going to classes. You feel… kinda lost. It was like that. It felt like I was too far from home." He pats Teddy on the arm. "Good to be back now, though."

Teddy nods, giving Eli a clap on the shoulder. "Yeah. It good to have us back and back in action. And official too so no more worrying about Ironman and Cap ratting us out and getting grounded for eternity."

Elijah chuckles. "Well, my grandparents already know. That why I kept chuckling." He grins with a wink. "The rest of the team, though, that's another thing." He starts slamming thugs again.

Teddy takes a deep breath and looks up. "Billy's parents already know about all of itm obviously…" he trails off. Not every say the Super Skrull blows up half your apartment…and Eli was there anyway. "And you know my situation…" he sighs a little, shaking his head. He takes a couple hits on screen before unleashing a super move to clear the room. "But let's not dwell on that…"

Elijah nods to Teddy. "Of course not. We have a game to beat…" He nudges Teddy with an elbow and grins with a wink. "Nice shooting…"

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