2009-04-13: Garden Fun Times


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Summary: Cammie, Jay and Vladimir chat a bit in the gardens.

Date: April 13, 2009

Log TitleGarden Fun Times

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Japanese Gardens

A large area of the grounds is landscaped with a Japanese Garden. A river filled with coi fish runs through the middle with a wooden bridge. There is even a small waterfall splashing on the rocks. Bamboo can be heard clacking on the rocks. A small statue of a Buddha can be found in various places. The trees hang over the area and when the flowers are in bloom, it brings a variety of color to the peaceful landscape.

Now that the weather is finally nice and spring is in the air, instead of that yucky weather that leaves you stuck inside all day, Cammie and her companion Puck are outside in the gardens. Currently she's standing on the bridge looking down at the water, looking at a bobcat that sits on the edge of the pond, every so often sticking a paw in to swipe at a coy. "You know Puck, I don't think that's such a good idea. I don't think the school would like you teasing their coy." The Bobcat looks up and there's a young male voice that emerages. "And I didn't think you cared about getting into trouble."

Vladimir walks into the garden really no reason to be there other then he just wondering around and looks around. He sees Punk and Cammie not sure what to make of them." He walks over slowly trying not to scare the two incase there wild animal all he needs it to be attack by a bobcat.

Up above, like an arrow shooting across the cerulean sky darkening by the dying sunlight, is Jay. Soaring through the air, his wings flapping effortlessly he glides lost in thought. His pattern is not consistent although he seems to be flying with a set area of the field minding his own business to clear his head. Although for once, he's not all sad. He's got a broad grin on his face as he flies about.

Cammie laughs at Puck and shrugs. "You're right, but it's not fun now that they know I can talk to animals and don't put me on stable duty anymore." She shakes her head and shrugs. Puck sniffs and looks around. "There's someone in the air and some one else over there." She looks over at Vlad and grins. "Heya!" She says happily as Puck leaps up and lands on Cammie's shoulder, shifting in the air to land as a finch.

Vladimir blinks and looks at the wing guy and sighs, "that's low key I am sure he can only be seen a few blocks away." He looks at Cammie and nods, "hello there." He walks closer and on the bride, "Are you student here?" His tone is light and relax as he looks at the bobcat, "that your pet?"

Jay performs a few barrel rolls which ever ceases to amuse himself. He lets out a laugh as he suddenly spots the people down below. Tucking his wings close to his body, he begins to plummet like a rock to the ground. There's a whoosing sound as he falls closer and closer. At the last possible second his wings spread open, breaking the bomber dive and straightening himself out touching down softly on his feet. "Hey guys." He grins with a faint Southerner's drawl. "Hope Ah'm not interrupting anything."

Cammie looks up and grins brightly. "That's Jay!" She hasn't talked to him in quiet some time but he did leave an impression on her. The finch on her shoulder looks at Vladimir and shakes his head. "No! I'm not a pet!" Says the Finch in the same voice that the Bobcat was using. She laughs and strokes Puck on the head. "Easy Puck, he didn't mean offence to that. Yes I'm a student and no Puck is not a pet, him and I are a part of each other." She turns and grins at the winged mutant and waves. "Heya Jay!"

Vladimir Watch but does not move he sure you pull up and even if you don't there not much he can do for you. He smiles as you do pull up and watch you land. shakes his head, "no you know we are just waiting some crazy mutant put on an air show." nods and tries to wrap his mind around them being part of each other? He was unsure what that means does she mean there dating, married, family, or just close friend. He look at Punk, "Sorry I didn't know I did not mean to up set you."

Jay smiles warmly at Cammie. "Hey Cammie. Been a while, how've you been keeping. Hey there Puck, been keeping Cammie out of trouble I hope." He grins as he holds out a hand to Vladimir. "Hey there friend, Ah'm Jay, Jay Guthrie, pleasure to meet you." He walks over to Cammie and takes a seat on the grass leaning back.

"Puck's just being sensitive." Cammie says as she sits down next to Jay in the grass and the Finch flys onto the grass and shifts into a brown bear and lays their lazily. Yes, Puck is taking up a lot of space. "You try keeping Cammie out of trouble, it's almost impossible. Just last night she snuck out at two am to go swimmming." Puck the bear says. Cammie chuckles and shakes her head. "I don't care about that and I don't think they do either. I've been good Jay, what about yourself?"

Vladimir nods at Jay and offers a hand as well, "I'm Vladmir but everyone one calls me Vlad. So they let you fly around like that? I mean can't like everyone see you and wouldn't that give away the school?" Blinks seeing the bear, "Well I guess I don't have to ask what your powers are" He walks over with the others and sits as well. He blinks and thinks, "I must of just missed her when I went to the pool."

Jay chuckles at Puck's answer. "Well if you can't keep her out of trouble I'll take it as a challenge for me to try then." He offers with a wink. "Well… Yeah they let me fly around, how else am Ah supposed to practice? Ah don't even wanna try and figure out how they cloak it, but they assure me it's fine." He offers Cammie a smile. "You went swimming without me?" He pretends to pout. "I'd wanna go swimming at night, hell thats what we used to do back home… Sneak into the school and swim? That was a lot of fun."

"We did so much fun stuff back home on Peaks Island. It was always fun sneaking out in August, sneaking onto Rick's parents boat and going for a midnight sail." With booze and other things that teenagers get into. Cammie grins at Jay's words and pushes his shoulder lightly. "I think you'd bring me trouble Jay. And how about tonight?" She says giving him a wink before looking to Vlad. "So what's your story Vlad?"

Vladimir smiles and nods, "oh okay good as long as it not going get the school in trouble." He leans back resting on his elbows, "It not as fun as it sound when I was there there were three others there. It seems even at night this place jumps." He just smiles as he listens to the other talk and then blinks when he is addressed, "My story? What do you mean?"

Jay smiles mischieviously wondering if he really would bring Cammie and Puck more trouble. "You're prolly right about that one." He laughs out loud. "Tonight? Nothing really you got something planned?" He asks curiously turning to Vlad, waiting to hear his story.

"Your story, your new here right? What are you powers, how do you like it here? Just more than your name is Vladimir call me Vlad." Cammie says shifting to lean against Puck and the bear wraps himself around her as the two cuddle. "I have sleep planned, there's that homework stuff but that can always be done five minutes before class."

Vladimir nods and thinks, "well I am a technopath I can hack into any computer with my mind. To do this I leave my body and that can scare people. I also have to power to travel thought wire but that's a pain I have no control of it and sometimes things I am holding or wearing don't come with me. I am from Long Island from the time I was 11 until I was 13 I spent in a halfway house for trouble teens. Not fun. After that i lives with a friend and his mom until shades and a black woman with white hair found me. The school is okay I meet nice people but to many rules and the spandex thing they give to some of the students is dumb."

Jay chuckles. "Sleep? No little adventures planned?" He turns to Vlad listening to the story as he says, "The suits are designed to compliment and protect the people from their powers. It may look a bit weird but it's all in good reason." Jay says sticking up for the costumes and the X-Men, after all he hails from a long line of them. "Thats pretty cool Vlad. Next time my laptop crashes, Ah've gotta remember to call you."

"That's cool Vlad. I can just talk to animals and feel what they feel, oh! And I have Puck here." But don't ask Cammie the details, neither of them know. "None tonight but that doesn't mean I can't plan on Wings." She says teasing Jay. "And oh god the uniforms, last time I put it on I got the worst camel toe, it's like panty lines or camal toe, take your pick!" Puck lets out a loud yawn. "What's it like inside of computer? I've only seen Cammie use them."

Vladimir nods and sighs, "I been told that and wouldn't mind wearing it under my clothes just wish they were not there colors they are. You see I only wear black. Even my socks and boxers are black." He points to his blue sun glasses, "there are the only thing I do not wear that are not black." He laughs some, "sure I can see if I could help but no virus they can mess me up while interfaced with the computer." Smiles and nods, "that's cool power." He then thinks of cammie with a camel toe and grin some. He then looks at the bear, "Well it is different. there no up, down, left, or right. There is just pure thought and movement. I sure it nothing like being able to talk to animal. Your surrounded by pure date and code. It can be over whelming at times if you do not sure what your seeing."

Jay raises an eyebrow also at the thought of Cammie camel toeing and clears his throat. "Well then…" He blushes as he looks around. "Wings huh?" He sticks out a tongue at Cammie. "I was kinda hoping to go for a midnight flight or maybe even a dip somewhere… Guess I'll either fly solo or find someone else." He wonders silently to himself what Cammie's suit looks like or better yet when she got it.

Cammie doesn't always thinking about what she says, the thought is there and she vocalizies it. "Well just say the word Jay and I can free up my plans tonight." She gives him a wink and stretches back. "That sounds cool, like a whole nother world Vlad. You can travel through cyber space, you can fly and I can talk to animals. At least I have Puck!" Cammie says as she know she's not going to be a super hero with her powers.

Vladimir smiles and nods, "it very cool but scary too when you run into a virus or spy ware always have to make sure they don't come back with me." He sighs and glad no one called him a goth or anything like that.

Jay lets out a low whistle. "What do the viruses and spyware look like?" He wonders if it's anything like the Shadow Realm and the Shadow King from what he remembers the X-Men having told him and his brother, from their numerous encounters.

Vladimir pages, "I don't mind" to you, Jay, and Antonio.

Cammie is curious to find out when her cellphone suddenly rings. "Oh shit it's Jonathan, my kind of father." She explains. "I gotta get going for now, it was nice meeting you Vlad and Jay, I'll meet you at the pool later tonight." She says with a grin as she jumps up and Puck shifts from a Bear to a Ferret to crawl up to her shoulder and sit with her as she bounces off to talk to her father figure.

Vladimir shrugs, "each one is different since each one is program different. Some look like demons or animal, other look like normal programming, other look like black masses that are eating everything. all of them are bad news" He looks at the other two and nods, "have fun tonight." He hopes he can get a swim in before she shows up.

Jay waves good bye to Cammie as he turns back to Vlad. "Wait… So… What does regular programming even look like?" To Jay this is a whole new ball game. Something he's never even considered.

Vladimir smiles, "well zeros and ones. They steaming from no where and goes into nothing they are never ending since the program is running. Ones that are not running just stop moving as if someone hit pause on them."

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