2011-08-19: Gathering At City Hall Park

Players: Brian, David, Fiona, Kai, Patrick, and Vinny

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Summary: Random gathering

Date: Date the log took place.

Log Title: Gathering At City Hall Park

Rating: PG

NYC - City Hall Park

In front of the large white building with pillars, American Flags, and bell tower on top, is City Hall Park with its extravagant fountain. Four sets of black iron gas lamps sit on the four corners of the fountain, there the only gas lamps left in the city. Four spouts of water shoot in the center tier of the fountain and shower down into the water below. Four smaller pools sit on each side of the fountain where water pours into them from the main part. Benches sit all around the fountain with trees and flowers covering the grass behind.

It early evening and most New Yorkers are leaving work for the weekend. David, however, has gotten an early start on his weekend. He is making is way through New York hoping to meet up with some friends for a much-needed fun filled weekend. As he makes his way through City Hall Park, he stops by the fountain as he the water pour out as he takes a break and sits on a bench. He is dressed comfortably in black cargo shorts and a blue, green, and red striped polo shirt. Leaning back and enjoying the summer sun, he is grateful to be away from the stress of recent events from the Xavier Institute.

Kai is sitting under a tree not far from the fountain with a pair of earphones in listening to a band he found on the internet called Chameleon Circuit, he's dressed in dark jeans, red converse, a dark blue t-shirt with a picture of the TARDIS on it with two weeping angels either side with 'the angels have the phonebox' written underneith, he's going though the pictures on his camera while he waits for a phone call.

Sitting up a moment, David looks about as he seems to recognize something or someone, not visually but more from a familiar and unique skillset he has encountered before. Looking about and spotting Kai, he remembers him from his time at the diner when he was running from bullies. David never really followed up as he was busy with life at Xavier’s, but now. Free from students and staff, he meanders over to Kai and offers a wave as the boy listens to some music. Looking over the shirt, David smiles as he recognizes it from Dr. Who and the stone angel. He points to the shirt and smiles.

Kai looks up as he sees the wave out of the corner of his eye, he pulls out his earphones, "Oh, hey", he
reckognises the man from a couple of months ago butcan't recall his name, "You like my t-shirt?, thanks", he quickly stashes his camera into his bag, "I've met you before".

“Yeah, I like the shirt. The stone angel episodes of Dr. Who are the only ones I’ve ever seen.” David offers a smile and extends his hand, “Well, I guess a new introduction is in order then. I’m David. We met at, I think it was an IHOP. Some bullies were chasing after you.” David pauses a moment and makes a face, “Kai, right?”

Kai smiles, "Those are really good episodes", he shkaes the offered hand and nods, "Yeah we met when i ran into the IHOP and hid, kinda wussy i guess", he stands up and nods again, "Yeah i'm Kai, nice to meet you again, probably won't run this time".

“Even better, then. “ David shakes the hand firmly and then goes about, “So I take it with no school during the summer, there are less incidents with bullies, huh.” David looks around a moment to be sure there are no sudden appearances of bullies as really being at Xavier’s surprises always show up when someone makes a comment like the one he just made. Noting no surprises yet, he returns a smiles to Kai, “So summer’s been good to you?”

Kai nods, "More or less, i've ran into them a couple of times since school finished but at least i dont have to deal with them on a daily basis anymore", at least he can pretty much always outrun them, "The summers been ok, been working on getting into a new school, what about you?"

Taking a moment to answer the question, David mulls it over in his mind as he thinks of things going on in the mansion and how his summer has been eventful in positive and negative ways. With a sigh, he smiles, “It’s been ok. Pretty quiet.” David hmmmmns, “A new school, huh. Transferring gotta be a pain, going to a new school and having to make new friends. Hopefully no new bullies or anything like that there.”

Kai sighs, "Trust me, if i get into the school i really won't be sad to leave my school, my future happiness pretty much depends on getting in", he raises an eyebrow at David, "That ok sounded convincing, you must be having a great time".

“Well that’s great about the new school. I hope you get in.” As David thinks about schools and the one he works at, ,”Well, it’s been interesting. I work at a school too, but there was no real break, so I kinda make use of my free time in small ways. I didn’t really take a vacation.” David supposes he could have, but he felt he shouldn’t have when students are missing and attacking the campus.

Of course, Fiona would come wandering up from China Town… she seems to have a fondness for that part of the city. Or maybe it's just Chinese food or something. In fact, she's eating some takeout right now! Wouldn't you know it, she's actually using a pair of chopsticks too… Go figure. She nearly bumps right into the three at the fountain, so absorbed is she in her mobile meal.

After a year or so, since he himself was turned into the Horsemen of Death, Brian has come back to the city in which he did his final transition from boyhood to adulthood. his black hair turned red again, black gloves cover his hands, eyes restored to their once striking emerald color. He may be recognized from the plaque in the hallway of Xavier's, or if someone really remembered, the incident from years ago. A duffel bag sits on his shoulders, his clothes remain a little nondescript, simply a yellow shirt beneath a royal blue button-up.

"Aren't you a bit young for a teacher?", Kai checks his phone quickly to make sure he hasn't got a message, "No break?, is it a bosrding school or something?", he didn't know there were any schools like that in New York City, as Fiona approches clearly not gonna avoid bumping into them, he puts his thumbtip and tip of his index finger in his mouth and whistles loudly.

As Fiona literally stumbles onto the scene, David looks over and blinks a bit, "Now that is a skill I can't quite absorb." David offers a smile to Fiona, "Gotta watch out, chopsticks can be deadly, if used the right way." As he politely adjusts his body to include Fiona into his conversation with Kai, if she would like to join in. David momentarily stares off as he catches a glimpse of Brian in the background and ponders where he may know him from. He absently answers Kai, "Um, something like a boarding school." He reaches into his pocket on his cargo shorts revealing a yellow pair of cybershades as he stares at Brian and notes who he is and then nods, "Oh."

The energy manipulator is a bit complacent right now, simply taking in the site before he does some more scrutinous looking. Mainly at the different people here. Though he doesn't see in the way that David can. The emerald-eyed mutant takes a seat at a bench in front of the fountain, quietly and nonchalantly observing David and Kai.

Fiona looks up, "Huh? Oh…" she looks astonished to find herself in a park. Who are these people? Crazy! "Erm, what do you mean, a skill you can't quite absorb?" she glances at David, looking confused. The others, of course, get a once over each - they would probably notice the girl's strange eye color, but it could easily be artificial. She looks like the type for that.

Now that Fiona isn't about to walk into him Kai turns his attention back to David, "Yeah, i was gonna ask that?", he makes a mental note of Fiona's eyes, "I didn't know there were any boarding schools in New York City, whats it called?", he couldn't have run into another member of that school could he?"

"Oh, I'm sorry. I just meant that I am pretty clumsy so I wouldn't be able to eat and walk at the same time, especially with chopsticks. That was rude of me. I'm David." He offers a smile and looking to Kai, "I'm not a teacher. I'm a teacher's assistant at a school up state. You wouldn’t know it" Then he turns his attention to Brian, though they've not officially met David knows him and acknowledges that with a wave and a nod.

Feeling the need to be outside of Mutant town for a bit Vinny is out for a stroll. The hybrid mutant gathering a fair share of stares from passerby as he enters the park area in his usual waddling gait.

Brian looks a bit off from the nod and wave from David, but returns the nod in return. Awkward turtle moment for him. And then the platypus waddled by, and his attention was grabbed for a second, remembering where they were, and the fact that he went to Xavier's reminds him of the possibility of mutants that have an altered appearance. He makes it a point not to stare, he after all has just been able to live down the thought of the Horseman he once was.

"Oh! I'm Fiona," the purple eyed girl offers, before looking a bit sheepish and rubbing the back of her neck. "I was really hungry, that's all, I mean. Yeah. I'm not all that good at it! I almost ran into all you guys, anyway."

“Excuse me, one moment.” David offers to Fiona and Kai as he goes towards where Brian is. Catching sight of Vinny’s arrival, he waves and smiles as he goes to introduce himself to Brian, “Hey, I’m David. We don’t know each other, but I think we went to school together at Salem Center.” David offers, “I’ve been running into a lot of alum as of late. And I recognized you from a picture I saw there, I think.” The yellow shades seem to flicker a moment.

Fiona waits as David wanders over to talk to someone else for a moment - that's okay with her, anyway; she just came here to eat her food, after all! Mostly on accident.

Kai watches as David walks off before his attention is grabbed by Vinny, "Huh, it's the walkin' talkin' platypus again", from what he remembers the platypus is a hydrokinetic, he sitson the edge of the fountain to wait and see what happens.

Brian's attention switches to David once he comes along. He listens as David speaks of their alma mater, nodding once he finishes. "Brian." Is simply all he gives at this juncture. The energy manipulator is a bit intrigued, offering the seat next to him to David.

Vinny gives a nod and wave to David in return as he looks around for a moment to see who else is about. He gives a wave to Fiona and looks to find a place to sit where he can watch the fountain.

“Well, I thought I would just introduce myself. Always good to meet some Xavier’s alum.” David’s shades flicker some more as he looks back to Fiona and Kai and gestures for them to join them as well. He takes the seat on the fountain offered to him and then towards, “Vinny, no digideroo today?” He then continues with Fiona, “No worries about almost running into us.” And to Kai, “And yeah, I don’t teach there. Just help out.” He’ll let everyone introduce themselves.

Patrick is walking out to the park from the direction of Union Square with an expression of determination and a general sense of purpose about him. In the youth's hands is a gingerly held map of the city unfolded. He could look more like a tourist, but it would border on the painful. Around the edge of the park he pauses, looks up and around as if gauging the validity of an intended destination. Seemingly happy with his location, the teenager starts to fold up the map with an obvious effort of concentration to do it right.

Fiona's gaze flicks over to Vinny for a moment - someone she knows she's met at least once before, so she gives him a little wave and a, "Hi," in a sort of fancy-meeting-you-here way. Of course, being a native New Yorker she immediately notices Patrick and his giant map and well… The fact that he's rather tall and well dressed compared to most the other people around doesn't hurt things either. "You lost?" she tosses in his direction, an amused smile on her face.

Kai dangles is fingers into the water of the fountain and begins lowering the tempreture as he listens to the people around him talk and he waits for his phone call, he's still getting used to how complete strangers will just randomly talk to each other, with the amount of conflict in the world, you'd think it wouldn't really happen.

"I agree, for the most part." Brian offers up, before looking down to his duffel bag. "I'm surprised that you just came up to me like that though. When I left there were few who would." The energy manipulator states, as he adjusts his gloves, making sure that the hands underneath can't be seen.

Vinny looks over to david and pats the long cylindrical case over his shoulder "Never leave home without it mate, just no call to be usin' it out here. Figured I needed a break from mutant town and would see tha rest'a tha city a bit."

“Well, a lot of the former students I run into tend to be surprised when I just introduce myself, but given everything that happens there, it helps to befriend everyone. I hope things are well.” David offers that in a friendly enough manner, but also inquisitively as he is aware of Brian’s time at the school and all that occurred, but David has pointedly been reaching out to former students as of late. Spotting Patrick, David waves to the current Xavier students and gestures for him to join the others and offer to Vinny, “I may want to give that a shot one of these days.”

Patrick remains in this sense of taking in the surroundings more than anything else, until he sees David and actually lets a geniune smile touch his expression. "Dave. Hey." He briefly looks at Fiona and with a obvious and concerted effort of self control speaks a more jovial tone, "Really, I do appreciate the thought." Here he starts over towards David sparing a glance at Kai with a raised eyebrow before looking back to where he heads, the other mutant known to him.

"Oh, well, okay!" Fiona replies, shrugging a little bit. That was certainly offputting! Though, maybe she /did/ word her greeting wrong… Maybe she meant to ask 'new here?' or something like that. Darn, and such!

Kai looks over at Patrick, "I think you gave the wrong answer, she seems disappointed", straight to the point and a little rude?, yeah Kai can be like that sometimes when he doesn't focus on the socialy exceptable, he continues playing with the fountain his attention on the two, wondering how the continued reaction will go.

Not surprised at all when it came to the talking platypus, Brian goes on. "I'm fine, had to take some time off to get things together, you know?" Though now he feels as if he can come back to the New York area. "Tell me, David. Do you know if 'Erik' is still around the mansion?" He says in a whisper, trying to keep it as hush hush as he can

Whispering to Brian, “No, that Erik isn’t there anymore.” David knows who Brian refers too. When his cybershades flicker and he is given information regarding the latest attack at the mansion. David lets out a sigh as he removes the shades “Looks like I have to head back. You know how things are there.” Turning to Patrick, “When you are done in the city, you are to return to the Institute, ASAP.” David’s tone is firm to the student and should alert Patrick and Brian that something has gone down. To the group, he offers a frown, “Sorry, I have to get back to work. Emergency and all.” He rushes off apologizing to the group as he leaves.

"Heh, it's okay! I didn't realize you knew someone here… still, you new in town, and stuff?" She peers around at them. Is this a school meeting or something? Fiona has heard of this Xavier place before, but she knows very little about it. A special school, for… someone? Hrm. "Any of you mind clueing me in on what school it is you all go to?" she asks suddenly, watching David leave. "I keep hearing about it… But it's like some secret club."

Patrick looks over at Fiona's question, though his words are instead spoken towards David and the kid starts in Prodigy's direction. "Sir, uh. I could just head back with you, then? I was just on a short leave to see the sites and all that."

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