2009-03-05: Gathering in the Living Room


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Summary: A group of teachers and students chat in the living room of the X-Mansion

Date: March 5, 2009

Log Title Gathering in the Living Room

Rating: G

Xavier Mansion - Living Room

Cream colored couches and chairs are placed among end tables and a coffee table. A large entertainment center covers one of the blue walls. The windows are set back a bit creating comfortable window seats for those who want to read.

Only about a half our ago did Christopher finally get a chance to come back to the mansion, he's been working at his salon most the morning and has just gotten done with his shift. He knows his son stayed at the school last night and he's also holding the extra cooking classes just to keep kids occupied and their mind on something else other than the invasion, but at least he has some time to kill before that begins. He was filping through a magazine when he closed his eyes for a bit to rest his eyes, it's possible he's drifted off.

Eddie has been wandering around the mansion in a rather 'out of it' state. He didn't even get much sleep last night. Especially not after running into Max, Erik, and the twins in the kitchen. Dressed in jeans and an Excalibur shirt, he wanders his way into the living room. Looking around, he blinks when he spots Chris and moves silently to sit next to him on the couch.

Sleepy on one side, out of it on another— when Pryde steps down through the ceiling, one of these things is clearly not like the others. She's bright eyed and on top of things, blue golden-apple t-shirt tucked in to new jeans, old Keds tied, hair swept back into a loose, oversized bun and glasses on. She's carrying her laptop and she -looks- like she's just planning on waving and heading right down through the floor, and then she spots Eddie's t-shirt. "Oh, *Eddie*," she says with a fair-to-middling tone of embarrassment.

Bright-eyed? Kitty's not Bright-eyed. LEO is Bright-eyed. He's currently reaching that brighter state again. His body is sparkling heavily, and his eyes are glowing like a 20 watt light bulb, all in white. That and there's the energy coming off of him as he bounds around into the living room. "Hihihi." He says, quickly, glancing from person to person. He's not happy, per se, but he's too energetic to be irritated about the state of affairs right now.

Last night was a blast and exactly what Clara needed. So it's no surprise as she strides into the living room in high spirits. Clearly she hadn't expected the room to be quite so full, but it doesn't seem to bother her a lick. "Hey ya'll," she offers with a wave, moving towards the couch to lean against it. "Am I crashing a party?"

A mix of Eddie sitting next to him, Kitty and Clara entering and Leo's energetic enterance snaps Christopher awake. There's that look on his face that says 'I wasn't sleeping'. "Huh…oh hello, when did this room get so full? Good to see you again Clara." He gives Eddie a smile and ruffles his hair. Leo and Kitty both get a warm smile from Christopher as well. "How's it go…Eddie everything alright?" He asks noticing his demenor seeming off.

Eddie looks up slowly when Kitty appears, blinking a few times before he makes a connection that its actually her. The gladsses threw him off there. "Hmm? What?" he asks, that usual cheer missing from his voice. As Leo bounds in, Eddie winces and waves slightly. Re repeats the wave for Clara. He lets out a faint squeak when ruffled and then just leans on Chris. "No."

"Hiya," Kitty says to Christopher, amused: drift off in the middle of the living room, this sort of thing will -happen-. Then she just shakes her head at Eddie, crooked grin taking shape on her face. "Your t-shirt. Now I know how Alison feels." She definitely stays out of Leo's path, not wanting to intersect with any of that energy (especially not while holding her precious deck), and then she laughs at Clara's question. "No idea. I was on my way back down to the server room."

Fortunately Leo's energy is quite harmless to non-living things. It only affects the living. "Anythingnew? Anythinginteresting?" Yep, his words are slurring together again. Some people may recognize the signs, though his brightness declares it's not quite time yet. He bounces onto a chair and perches, squatting, on an arm. Fortunately, he's in socks, rather than shoes.

Clara's eyes widen as Leo begins to talk, staring at the boy for a second before her smile blooms wider. Now that's enthusiasm. She gives the boy, and then everyone else a quick wave. "So how is everyone doing this afternoon? It's a great day outside, isn't it?" She thrusts her hands in her pockets as she glances between the faces. "I think I know everyone here except you," she says, bobing her head towards Leo.

Christopher looks at Eddie and puts his arm around him. "What's up?" He asks before nodding with Clara. "I just met Clara the other day, and I know Kitty and of course, I know Eddie but I don't think we've met either." Christopher says to Leo giving him a smile and offering him his free hand. "I'm Christopher Parker-Mayfair, the culinary teacher here." He definately thinks Leo does not need any caffiene or sugar.

Eddie looks up at Leo and frowns. "Are you gonna go all…flashbang again?" he asks, concerned. Sighing again, he looks up at Chris. "Dai's missing and the badguys probably have him again…" he trails off. He perks up slightly when Kitty mentions the server room. "What did you find last night, ma'am?"

A quick smile at the other inhabitants of the room, and then Kitty's bespectacled gaze is focused on Eddie. "He left overnight on the twenty-fourth and came back in the same clothes, then was here until last night, when he left on his own. And it wasn't too long after Mr. Falk left. Headed toward the train station each time. We'll find him, Eddie." She reaches up and rubs the back of her neck, looking uncomfortable. "And do you -have- to call me ma'am? Miss Pryde is weird enough."

Looking first, to Clara, Leo extends a hand. "Leo Osborne." If she accepts and shakes, she'll get a boost of energy like she just downed three or four cups of coffee. He extends his hand to Christopher afterwards, with the same potential effect. Also, minor bruises and abrasions will disappear. "Notyet, Eddie. Soonthough." He nods, quickly as he frowns. "Dai'smissing? Notgood. Haven'tseenhiminawhileanyway."

Clara doesn't know not to take the hand, so she does with a smile. "Ms. Matthews. I'm the new theater arts teacher. It's a.. whoa." Her hand pulls back as she stares at it suddenly then back up to Leo. That was unexpected. "Nice to meet you," she finishes as she blinks at the sudden jolt of energy. She focusses on her hand for a second before blinking and looking between Eddie and Kitty. "Wait, someone's missing?"

Christopher takes Leo's hand with a smile and nods at him. "Pleasure to meet you…wow, I feel like I just drank a whole pot of strong coffee." He says as he sits up straight and his leg starts to a jitter a bit from the energy boost. "Daisuke's missing? Oh honey, we'll find him okay and make sure he's safe." He says knowing that Dai is his son's best friend.

Eddie slumps right back down. "Mr. Summers and I found the same thing…" he trails off. He blinks after looking up at Kitty and then sighs. "Sorry. Force of habit," he murmurs. He just gives a faint half-squeak in response to everyone telling him they'll find Dai.

"Well, Mr Summers also said we could try and see if Pallaton could pick up his scent." Kitty's dropped into analysis mode, here, and switches her laptop to being held in her other hand. "I have a feeling, though, that even if we dragged him to Penn Station, the trail'd only stop at another train track. Besides the fact that the last time we *knew* it was him was the twenty-fourth, and that's generally enough time for the trail to get cold anyway. So I'm going to be working on some other stuff Mr Summers handed me. It looks like we might have a line on another location. If you can think of anything else, let me know?" She glances to Clara, eyebrows up, looks apologetic. "Eddie figured it out last night. Running theory is that we got sussed by a duplicate for about a week."

"Yeahsorry. I forgetthat…" Leo pauses, obviously trying to slow himself down. "that when I touch someone, they get some of my hypercharge. It's part of why I don't sleep more than a couple of hours a night." He adds on as he tries to think of where Dai's gone. He hasn't heard most of the story, himself. "Ohman. I'dhatetoseeaduplicateme." He mutters under his breath before controlling himself. He doesn't say it, but he looks at Eddie, hoping that Eddie knows he'll do what he can. Not that… well, with his brightness, he's hardly stealthy.

Clara rubs her temples for a second, not sure what to do with the excess of energy. Her hair twitches faintly as she looks back to Kitty curiously. "Like one of the duplicates that have been running around the city?" She seems to think about that for a second before her eyes go wide. "Wait a second, does that mean there could be duplicates of any of us running around the city?"

"Yes," Eddie answers without looking up. "I already know there's a duplicate of me out there. Likely in Memphis. And I want to go find him…" he trails off, thinking he can atleast talk sense into himself. Of course, Kitty's just making him feel worse. "Other stuff?"

Glancing between them all, "Apparently." Leo says with a sigh. "They said the Young Avengers fought some of themselves a few weeks ago. And we've got a few people in the medbay that are the same as some we have. But I can't do enough to heal Mr. Xavier's legs." He says, with a bit of a pouty expression. He's been going down there and giving occasional bursts of healing energy to them. Not that he heals very fast, but any improvement IS an improvement.

Kitty is a helper! "Other stuff. You mentioned Memphis— I'm looking at readings from Tennessee. So looks like we're both looking in the right direction," she says cheerfully. And then to Clara and Leo, the hacker gives a brief grin. "Duplicates aren't so bad. You just gotta remember that no matter how much they might look like you or act like you, they're *not* you."

"Well, if you need any help, I know Tennessee pretty well. Might be able to do something?" Clara doesn't think she'd really be much help in that department, but offering something is better than nothing. "Man, I have no idea what I'd do if I ran into a duplicate of myself. Are they… aren't they bad guys? Trying to take over the city or something? Or is there just more to it than I know?"

"From wheat I've heard around the school and from Eddie here is that it's more than just that. It's someone taking over their minds and they believe they're getting revenge for us taking over their universe." Christopher begins. "Some are willing more are unwilling. And exactly, they're not us."

Eddie shakes his head. "Some are being controlled by their Shadow King. Others are just evil jerks, and some more are just being tricked. There are even a few that are on our side," he explains with yet another sigh. He glances around then takes a deep breath. "Would it be okay if I went with you all to Tennesee when you go to look, Ms. Pryde?" he asks.

"That's Cyke's call, not mine," says Kitty, again with a distinct note of apology. "I'll be going with his team. There's no harm in asking him, though," she suggests. Then she holds up the laptop. "But I," she starts down through the floor, "have -got- to get back to work. I'll be downstairs if anyone needs me."

"If you need extra energy, just let me know." Leo offers to Kitty. After all, with the laptop and glasses, he figures she may need some geeking up. He may not KNOW the stuff, but knows geeks love caffeine. "Eddie, we'll find something we can do." he offers, moving to sit down next to the booster.

Clara frowns to herself as she ponders a not so nice version of herself. Revenge isn't really something she can see herself striving for. "Shadow King? Their world has a king?" There's just so much that poor Clara doesn't understand and probably won't for some time. Maybe they should have a quick run down class to bring the new teachers up to speed on what it's like to live at the school and the enemies they might end up facing. "See ya Kitty," she calls with a wave before sinking into a nearby chair.

Christopher looks at Eddie and raises his eyebrows. "If you go down their, I think your father and/or I should go down with you. After all you might need some help down their as well." He says nodding. "Take care Kitty and we'll see you later." He leaves it up to Eddie to tell Clara who the Shadow King is knowing his son is the best for the job. "You will be able to help Eddie, I promise you that, okay?"

"Bye, Ms. Pryde…" Eddie trails off, making plans to go see Scott very soon. He looks up at Clara and takes a deep breath. He immediately starts rattling off the Shadow King's powers, past encounters with the X-men, a few different aliases, and varrying bits of random trivia about both versions of him. When he finishes, he slumps back down again. "You don't need to, Dad. You'd both probably do better here helping to keep the other students out of trouble," he says. "Like what, Leo?"

"Like I have a clue yet. I'm still learning all this stuff. I can't even stop from 'sploding all over the place at the worst possible moment." Leo says with another bit of a pout. "And I haven't figured out how to throw my balls, either." He pauses, blinking and suddenly pink cheeked. "ENERGY balls."

Clara's jaw drops as she listens to Eddie's explosion of information. Holy crap, what did she get herself into?! "Oh, well.." What on earth is she supposed to say about that? Crazy telepathic monsters with a bone to pick aren't exactly something they teach you to handle at NYU. "Atleast it sounds like the X-Men are well prepared to deal with a threat like that. And it sounds like you guys have been through worse than this. I wouldn't be too worried about your friend."

Christopher looks at Leo and can't help but chuckle, he doesn't say anything though. "Eddie, it's not like I don't have super powers okay?" He shakes his head seeming a bit annoyed. "Ya know Eddie, I've been told over and over and over again that I'm best suited just to watch the kids here, as much as I care about them, like you, I don't want to sit around and do nothing okay?" He doesn't mean to snap but hearing it from his own son, it bothers him.

Eddie just nods as Clara and Leo speak, not having much of a response. Then Chris snapping has Eddie wincing. He closes his eyes and gets up. "Sorry, Dad…" he mutters, trying to decide what he wants to do now.

"Ouch." Leo mutters under his breath, trying not to let Eddie hear it. He's quite glad his parents aren't mutants and aren't around here at the moment. He's perfectly happy NOT having to deal with that as well. "And I can only imagine some of them out there."

Clara shakes her head. There goes her fabulous mood. It's time to do a little more exploring, and maybe time to get more of an up and up on what to expect around the school. She rises from the chair, not commenting on the father/son dynamic. "Well, I should be off you guys. Thanks for the heads up." She moves off towards the door, making a bee line for the kitchen.

Christopher stands up and shakes his head. "Sorry Eddie." He says as he runs a hand through his hair. There comes a point where you become tired of hearing something over and over. "I'm gonna head to the kitchen for a bit, you two kids take care okay?" He says as he leaves the room.

Eddie just nods faintly. "See ya later, Dad…" he trails off. "Bye, Leo…" he starts to head outside after this. Seems he's going for a walk.

"Uhm… bye?" Leo says as everyone desserts him in the living room. "I'll see everyone around."

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