2011-03-31: George Washington The Drag Queen


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Summary: Robin goes on an interesting artistic streak with a George Washington Statue.

Date: March 31, 2011

Log Title: George Washington The Drag Queen

Rating: PG-13

NYC - Union Square

Always bustling with life is Union Square, with its large statue of George Washington standing in the center. Live music, dancers, artists, activists, vendors, and more can all be seen here on a daily basis. There are even some tables set up for chess games. The Green Market can be found here, selling fresh fruit, breads, vegetables and other farm products. Union Square has more of a younger feel as most the kids who hang out here have that artistic, indie look to them, making Union Square one of the more open minded parks in the city.

Knowing better than to return to the school so long as she has an inhaler in her possession, Robin sought out one of her sleeping places. As such, she is filthy, using garbage to keep herself warm in the chilly night. She still wears a jacket, the same as yesterday, and the clothes she wore the night before. But she doesn't seem particularly distressed, rather, she seems ecstatic. Her puppet, Blank, flashes through a series of colours, in a rainbow flash as Robin looks around the park with a self-assured grin. The two move in synched motion for the moment being.

Travis's Mom's birthday is coming and Travis is in the area trying to figure out what to get her for her birthday that isn't flowers. Shopping for girls and Moms is harder then dealing with fitting in six arms, which four are currently hidden underneath his jacket. Deciding to take a break from his search he's decided to have some lunch, a few hot dogs and a soda from a near by cart. Halfway through his second dirty water hot dog he spots the rainbow coloured blink and just watches her for a bit, trying to remember why the form is so familar.

Fiona is out for a stroll - maybe she's skipping school if it's still early in the day? It wouldn't be out of the question. She's never really been a straight A student, after all. Her destination seems to be, or rather, seems to have been, the music store, as she's carrying a bag with some odds and ends in it. Her attention is pretty much also immediately grabbed by Robin's display of color.

Off to one side, and amidst the other chess players, Connor is currently stooped over the board he's playing at, frowning a bit to himself as he looks across at a smiling young man. The two exchange some words in Russian, and the Xavier student flops back in his seat with a scowl just as he pushes his king over. The person across from him laughs and motions at the board for a moment before holding out his hand. A dollar bill passes between the pair, and then they begin to reset the board, still chatting amiably back in the tongue of the Motherland.

Her dogs nowhere in sight, Anita strolls along. She doesn't really appear to have a destination in mind, instead just stopping to look at various stands as the mood strikes her. The dancer is wearing a black t-shirt with red lettering on it, dark gray jeans, and a leather jacket (left open) and biker boots. Under her right arm is a full-face helmet showing that she'd ridden instead of taking a cab or walking. She pauses for a moment when she walks past Connor and his companion, watching the chess pieces get set back up for another game.

As some tourists and regular visitors of the park back away from the obvious mutant pair, Robin grins and brushes a hand through her hair. "Scared? Maybe you /should/ be!" She laughs and shakes her head though not before taking a quick step forward just to check. She continues walking and looking around, stopping in front of the statue in the middle of the park and staring at it for a few moments, her expression going blank.

Travis stands up cautiously and walks over to where he hears the voice and now he knows why Blank looked so familiar, it's Robin's puppet. Though he's only seen her as blue. "Robin?" He asks starting to walk over to her. "Is everything all right?" He asks as caution and confusion are apparent on both his face and in his voice.

Fiona keeps an eye on Robin - it would be somewhat difficult not to, really; raising an eyebrow at the seeming threat. Still, the mutant doesn't seem all that threatening, despite being filthy or covered in garbage. There's so much more going on than that though, she can't help but glance over at the chess games and - hey, that's a familiar looking face! "Hey!" she calls over at Anita, waving.

Connor was just finishing setting up for another game when Robin's cry goes up. There's a brief scowl on his face, but then his eyes go a bit wider as he sees Blank, and he turns to his friend. They exhange words quickly, and the other young man starts putting all the chess items away. Pulling himself up to stand, he begins making his way over towards Robin, looking around for anyone else getting involved, particularly any police or otherwise. Coming up behind Travis, he doesn't note or recognize at once, seeming content with watching quietly for the moment.

Anita turns in the direction of the call, giving Fiona a blank look for a moment before she recognizes the girl, "Oh, hey." She pauses, "Fiona, right?" Maybe that's the name she heard last night. She glances back over at Connor and his chess game as he stands and makes his way towards Robin. She can't help but watch the young man for a moment, but then she spots a very… colorful… creature? It's certainly not human, that's for sure, "What the hell is that?" She shakes her head a little, not really expecting any kind of answer.

"Hey, Travis, everything is /perfect/. I'm doing /great/!" says Robin, grinning and stepping back. She steps back right onto Blank's hand, and the puppet gives her a huge boost to try and jump up onto the statue. Because Robin is actually not that great at climbing statues, she just bounces off after hitting her face, but the puppet teleports up to midair to catch her. "Hehe, ow." Robin rubs her mouth lightly. "That's embarrassing." The rainbow puppet lifts her up and holds her in front of George Washington, and the girl pulls lipstick out of her pocket and starts applying it to the statue. "Even dead former presidents should feel pretty sometimes," she decides out loud.

"I'm not… sure…" Fiona trails off, looking rather mystified by the whole business. "A mutant, I guess?" she offers a rather obvious answer - but more than that, she certainly couldn't say. She begins, however, to meander over in that direction slowly - trying not to stand out among the crowd of onlookers but being just a little bit ahead of them. If something happens, she's not going to remain uninvolved! Okay, not just a mutant - a crazy mutant!

Travis just stands at the base of the statue, not able to climb up since it's several feet taller then him. "Robin!" He calls up to her completely at a loss for what to do. "What the hell is wrong with you?!" He's acting completely different then anytime he's ever met her before. "You're going to get yourself arrested." He says in a pleading tone to get her down. "And I'm sure George Washington felt very pretty, with his wooden teeth and all." He says reaching out a hand to Robin to see if she will take it to help her down.

"I think she's on Kick," says a familiar voice behind Travis as Connor steps forwards and looks up towards Robin. Still dressed for the cold, his normal clothes are covered with an old Russian military overcoat, and a black knit cap on his head. There's a slight shake of his head as the glow in his eyes intensifies for a long moment, "And by the looks of it she's got the impulse control of Cesar Romero's Joker…"

The dancer looks over at Fiona for a moment at the suggestion that the puppet is a mutant, "You think?" Anita shakes her head a little and follows a little behind the others. Just in time for Robin to pull her stunt with the statue, "Ok, I think that's just about enough, kid. Why don't you let your friends here take you home and sleep it off." She shakes her head, turning to Fiona again, "I think you're right. She's either insane or on something." She glances at Connor when he mentions Kick, one brow rising slightly, "That's one I'm not familiar with…" Her voice is a low murmer and her expression grows thoughtful for a moment.

Robin pouts at Travis and says, "I won't get arrested, don't worry about it so much, geez!" After she finishes putting on the lipstick she leans back and shakes her head, "Oh, George, there's nothing to be done for you. Now you just look like a poor old drag queen." She laughs and pats the president on the forehead before getting her puppet to let her hop down. "Hehe!" Again the rainbow puppet teleports next to her. In response to Anita, Robin takes a haughty tone, "You wouldn't know a sense of humour if it bit you in the ass, bite marks and all. But what authority do /you/ think you have over /me/? There's nothing you can do about it!"

"Kick?" repeats Fiona - this drug seems to be causing so much trouble for everyone. Didn't people learn their lesson with NORMAL drugs? "So stop her, she doesn't look all that dangerous," the girl states aloud, purple eyes looking up to the girl clamboring about on top of the statue. "If she falls off, she's gonna hurt herself real bad."

"Who?" Travis asks and then shakes his head figuring that it's not important right now. "That mutant drug right? Shit." He mutters as he didn't think Robin would be the type to go for drugs but then he doesn't know her much more then as a shy, kind of mousey, girl. He looks over at Antia and gives her an annoyed look. "She's not insane." He can't believe Robin's attitude and he looks up there. "Can you….nevermind." He doesn't want to ask Connor to use his powers in public. "Robin, please get down here? I uh…" He has to think fast. "I'll get you lunch, or a drink, or whatever."

"God willing in this state we never take her to Disney World… she'd turn Abraham Lincln into Lady GaGa." Connor mutters under his breath as he moves around Travis and closer to the statue and around so he has the most room to move. His voice raises a bit, as he glances nervously around the crowd, "Robin, please don't make me report this… because you know I will. Just… go with Travis. Get a drink… relax some place until it dies down… anything. C'mon… we're being fair. No one wants this to turn into one of those things on TV."

Anita blinks a couple of times and frowns at Robin, "It was just a thought." She shrugs one shoulder, smoothing her features into indifference and turning her back on the scene with the three teenagers, "I've been there myself, honey. It's not fun to have to go dry out in jail." She pauses for a moment, looking back over her shoulder at rainbow colored puppet and mistress, "Not any of my business if you want to land yourself in jail for being under the influence." She starts moving away, shifting her grip on her helmet.

"Hehehe!" says Robin, standing with her puppet stabilizing her next to the horse, "Well, of course I'm going to come down. My other makeup just /won't/ show up on statues." She furrows her brow and scrunches her nose at Connor, though with an amused expression on her face, "I just slipped up. Have you never had to owe Robyn cookies? Yeesh!" She puts out her arms as she tries to stabilize herself, then pulling one of her arms to waggle a finger at Travis, "You're pretty forward for a taken man! Just give me a sec here."

Travis closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. "Robin, I'm worried about you okay? I just want to make sure you're okay." He says as she looks like hell. "I think there's a small coffee shop down the street, I even saw a store that sells makeup, we can go in there and look at what they have if you want to get more. For yourself." He tacks on at the end. He looks at Connor and gives him a worried look before speaking to him quietly. "Thanks man, she's totally freaking me out and I have no clue what to do." He then looks to Fiona and frowns. "I /am/ trying to stop her. Why don't you stop whining and try as well."

Fiona shrugs. "Well, I could definitely stop her, but, I'm not sure that would be the best idea," the girl replies a little bit bluntly, "Unless you want me to try and climb up there after her." Which, being shorter than Travis, probably isn't the best idea either - although she's not half bad at climbing. "Actually…" she taps her chin for a moment, "I could probably get up there if you gave me a boost," she comments.

Connor focuses on the base of the statue, and the area around it for a moment. With everything else going on, the ground beginning to sparkle very slightly would easily go unnoticed by others here, but for Robin, suddenly it's much harder to move, and everything is heavy and sluggish. Gravity ramped up to twice normal in the area local to the statue, and slowly moving towards three times within the pillar of influence, he attempts to hide his eyes from the causal viewers, since now they are obvious… "Robin, we all screw up… but there's a big difference between owing your roommate cookies and turning General Washington into an 18th century french dandy."

"I would kick your ass and push you off if you came up here!" taunts Robin to Fiona, both her and the puppet synching again for a moment to raise a middle finger at her. "But I'm /tired/ of this altitude anyways. I'll still kick your ass and push you over if you try anything funny, though." She points at Fiona in a challenging way and is about to hop off, but the the gravity ramps up, which knocks her off balance so she falls forward anyways. To cushion her fall, she ports her puppet just below herself to perform a catch, but she still lands with a pained thud and she rolls over and bangs her first once on the ground in an expression of pain before, face down, raises her hands in the puppet control position. Blank dashes at Connor now in following the command. "You're being such a dick!" says Robin's echoey voice through the puppet.

Travis hates revealing that he's a mutant because of his past but right now he figures his other arms will help. "Okay Robin, I hate to do this to you." He says as he sheds his jacket revealing the six arms and he goes over to try to grab Robin from the back and wrap all six arms around her to hold her. "Robin, calm down. Connor's just trying to help you." He says. He tries to heal her, hoping that he can purge the drug out of her but Travis finds that he can only heal the physical injuries not her drug use.

Fiona decides she's not going toi be of much use with all the goings on - this girl's frioends seem to have everything in order. At least, relatively - and there's probably not a lot that she can do to help. "Well, glad that's over… I should probably go." she trails off, rubbing the back of her neck. After a few seconds, she sprints off in a northward direction.

Connor puts one hand up, and the air in front of him wavers a bit, Blank about to slam into a gravity barrier if it doesn't slow up, bracing himself for the kinetic bleed of something that large hitting one of his shields, "You don't want this fight, Robin… not here or now… you have to trust me on this, because right now you can't trust yourself. Wake up and see what you're doing… this isn't you. Not the you you want people to know. This is the drug."

Robin struggles against Travis' grip, but she slows down slightly as she realizes, "Hey, my jaw stopped hurting…" Indeed, Blank does slam into the barrier and Robin winces slightly and she shakes her head, "Well, you shouldn't have knocked me off of there! Frick, Connor! Frick!" Blank starts to punch at the barrier, the hits unnaturally strong, but the puppets colour changing is slowing and becoming pastel.

Travis doesn't let going, locking his arms together by grabing his wrists with his hands. He fights to keep a hold on her. "Robin, please just calm down, come for a walk with Connor and I. Get Blank under control and we'll all go out for tea or coffee or that funny tea with the black balls in it that you girls seems to like." He says trying to be gentle but with her struggling it's hard. "Cause I don't want to use my last resort."

Connor's eyes flinch a bit every time one of those tantrum-blows hits the disc-like and almost invisible barrier in front of him, the bleed from each punch beginning to make his ribs and face sore from where the punches are 'landing'. One gets him to flinch a bit more, and there's a touch of blood that trickles down his nose from it… the hit from Blank would probably have broken it! But he remains there, stoicly sucking up the damage while Travis deals with Robin more directly.

Robin grumbles incomprehensibly and furrows her brow. "Are you talking about bubble tea?" She still struggles and says, "Fiiiine… I'll get green apple if you put me down!" She frowns and teleports Blank back next to her and they both look back towards Connor, and Robin says, "I could've got hurt if I fell on-" Pause. Her eye goes wide. "Oh no. You're bleeding. I'm sorry Connor, oh gosh…" While Robin is restrained, Blank puts her hands up to where her mouth would be.

Travis lets go of Robin quickly and is breathing a bit harder then normal. "Yes, that bubble tea stuff, we'll go get that." He says pushing his hair back and walking over to Connor. He rests a hand on Connor to heal him up if he'll allow it. "You okay man?" He asks. "And thanks." He says not knowing if he could have calmed her down on his own.

Connor groans in relief as the healing washes through him, and it seems like he's been hiding more injury than was suspected… perking up a bit more at the end of it, "I've had worse… you should've seen my arms after the Rally… looked like someone had taken a switch to them." Shaking his head a bit as he wipes the blood from his nose and mouth with a kleenex, then folds it up and puts it in his pocket, "I don't want to get you in trouble, Robin… word around school is Miss Frost is deadly serious about Kick. She finds out, you could get worse than what's been doled out in the past. Let's get something to drink, and maybe talk about what you're going to do."

Robin nods slowly at Connor and crosses her arms, "I know, it's just… it's hard not to take it. I'm sorry…" She looks down at the ground and nods, "Um, yeah, maybe we should get something to drink… I'm starting to feel tired again." Blank's colour settles back after a few more colour changes on blue.

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