2010-03-31: Getting A Last Name


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Summary: Mikhail approaches Christopher for a last name, Mike shows off his Van to Christopher.

Date: March 31. 2010

Log Title Getting a Last Name.

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Living Room

Cream colored couches and chairs are placed among end tables and a coffee table. A large entertainment center covers one of the blue walls. The windows are set back a bit creating comfortable window seats for those who want to read.

Sitting on the couch with a Gormet Cooking magazine in his hands, Christopher is trying to think of what to make for a nice Easter meal at the mansion. Sure he can do something nice at home, but he always feels bad about the kids who have to stay home for the holidays and don't have family. He puts down the magazine and picks up another one trying to find something that isn't overly complicated and good enough to feed a large amount of people.

Mikhail has a free this period so has met up with Marshall and they're heading to the living room to watch some TV, hes dressed in dark grey jeans, a dark green t-shirt, a light brown jacket with two darker brown strips on the elbows and shoulders, a wood bead necklace (like the ones surfers wear) and white and green sneakers. He enters talking to Marshall, "What wanna watch?", said in his origanal accent.

Marshall shrugs broadly. "Don't know. Anything work." He says, grinning up at Mikhail. "Just want something. Bored." He laughs. "Also want learn." He admits, following along with a grin at the other person in the room. He offers a wave. He hasn't really gotten to meet christopher yet.

Christopher looks up at Mikhail's voice and smiles. "Hello there Mikhail, feel free to watch anything, I'm not using the television. Just trying to figure out what to cook on Sunday." He says holding up the magazine. "Oh and hello, I don't believe we've met." He says to Marshall holding out a hand. "I'm Mr. Parker-Mayfair, the culinary teacher here."

Mikhail smiles at Christopher, "Thanks Mr. Parker-Mayfair, how are you?, by the way i chose a name", he's switch back to his New York accent, he's still in Marshall's line of vision so he can see what he's saying.

"Marshall." Marshall offers to Christopher as he blinks at the change in Mikhail's speech and smirks. "Forgot. Mikhail speak normal sometimes." He shrugs. "Been here week and half." He tilts his head to Mikhail. "Name?"

Christopher puts down his magazine and smiles at Mikhail. "Great, the paperwork is upstairs in my room here." It's been sitting up there since he last spoke to Mikhail. "Once we fill that in I can give it to Scott to pull some strings. Then we'll get you set up with a government registered identity. So what's this name you decided on Mikhail?" He lets Mikhail explain it to Marshall.

Mikhail smiles and looks to Marshall, "I don't know my last name, so in order to have some proof i exist in America, i need to choose one", he grins at Christopher, "Thanks, I chose Kane".

"Ooooh." Marshall says as he pays attention to all of that. Interesting, but not bad. His eyes keep flicking back and forth between the two, trying to keep the conversation visible. "Good. Mikhail need be recognized."

"It's just impossible for us to know Mikhail's real last name at this moment so I figured he could choose one now and if we find more information on his family we can get it legally changed later." Christopher says as he bends over the couch to look for a pen and paper. He doesn't realize Marshall is deaf yet so he doesn't know to keep his lips visible. "Okay now Mikhail Kane, that sounds pretty good. And Yes, it is good he'll be recognized." He looks back up and starts to jot down Mikhail Kane and a few other things.

"Mr. Parker-Mayfair, you have to look at Marshall for him to understand you, he can't hear", Mikhail's used to talking to his roomate now and wants to make sure he can understand Christopher so he's not left out.

After all, with Christopher looking away, Marshall doesn't know what's going on but just sits there and waits. Not much he can say or do at the moment.

Christopher didn't realize that the later half he said was missed, so he looks at Marshall. "I apologize, I didn't realize." It's just he talks so well so it's hard to tell. "Well now that the last bit is settled, what are you two boys up to today?"

Mikhail shrugs, "We were gonna watch some TV, not sure what we're gonna do after that", he looks to Marshall, "Any ideas?"

Looking up, Marshall shrugs. "don't know. Cooking, I have." He thinks, listing. "Origami, I have. Need something new." He explains to Mikhail, not that Christopher knows what it's all about.

The curious Christopher does have to ask what Marshall is talking about since it doesn't make much sense to him. "Cooking? Origami? What are you talking about?" He asks as, of course, his subject was mentioned. "And how long ago did you start here Marshall?"

Mikhail nods at Marshall, "A new trick, hmmm, gymnastics? or driving?, you got a lot of choices", he likes Marshall's power, it's interesting.

"A week and half. Something like." Marshall explains to Christopher. "Hmm… Maybe." He ponders. "Oh, sorry. Power. I see. I learn. I do." That's it, in a nutshell. "Got Robyn speech. TV Show Origami. Paula Deen Cook."

"Learning to cook from Paula Dean, there's absolutely nothing wrong with that." Christopher says with a chuckle, at least it's not Bobby Flay? "Okay and you two are trying to figure out what else you can have Marshall here learn? Driving would be practicle. Is there anything you've always wanted to learn how to do as a kid Marshall?"

Mikhail watches Christopher and Marshall talk, grinning, he's very curious to see what he learns next.

Marshall ponders. "Don't know." There's a buzz from his side as his phone goes off. He looks at it. "Mother messaging. Got to go. May be conversation." He says. "Don't want be rude." And with that, he steps outside.

"Well it was nice meeting you Marshall." Christopher says as he turns back to Mikhail. "What about yourself Mikhail? Everything going well? Are you adjusting to things here okay?" He remember a little more than a month ago he was having a hard time with his feelings and things at the school.

The sound of voices from the living room attracts the attention of a certain little blind girl. "Hello?" she asks the room in general, poking her head in. In one arm dangles a backpack, and the other is holding her cane.

Mikhail waves to his friend as he leaves, "I'll come find you later Marshall", he turns back to Christopher, "I'm coping better now, thing are a lot easier, but i get in trouble a lot", he waves hello at Tara, not sure if she's really blind or not.

Christopher raises an eyebrow at Mikhail's comment. "Getting into trouble? Why's that?" He's curious but yet he's also a teacher so he's gotta ask these things, right? "And I've seen you've been making new friends." Then Tara walks in and Christopher greets her. "Hello Tara, have you finished labing the kitchen yet?"

"For the most part," answers the girl, navigating around the living room to plop into a couch next to the teacher. "I need you to buy new knobs for the oven, though, so I can tell what temperature I'm setting things at." Only slightly important for cooking. Tara, then, makes a show of scowling. "And people keep moving the sodas around. I thought I had a Dr. Pepper but it ended up being a Diet Coke. Blech."

Mikhail shrugs, "I broke some rules, like leaving during lock down, and answering back" then nods, "Yeah, I've made some new friends, like my new roomate Marshall".

Christopher sighs at Mikhail and shakes his head. "Yeah, talking back usually will get you in trouble. It very rarely helps your cause hon." Christopher says with a smile to show he's not angry or anything. "That's good, I'm glad you and Marshall are getting along." He looks to Tara and can't help but chuckle. "Well maybe you should start getting your own sodas? Lable them Tara's and what they are. Hopefully that will work. Or we can sit there going through the firdge and putting your braile labels on every bottle and can?"

Tara wrinkles her nose in distaste at the prospect of labeling everything that comes into the kitchen. "I think I just may put in a petition to have a mini fridge installed in my room." She bounds over her chair to flop down beside the teacher. "So." she says in a sudden change of subject. "You're gay. Is your husband cute?"

Mikhail crosses his arms, "But sometines people are wrong so i have to talk back, otherwise they'll continue to be wrong", he raises an eyebrow at Tara's question to Christopher, labels like that make no sense to him.

Christopher blushes quite a bit at Tara's direcetness. "Well yes, I am gay and yes I have a husband and yes, I believe he's extremely attractive physically and in personality." Christopher says in answer to her question. "And I'm sure a mini frige in your room might not be too much of a problem. You just can't expect a hundred or so teens to keep everything in the same place." Christopher says as he reaches over and ruffles Mikhail's hair and grins at him. "You're a stuborn one aren't ya?" He teases. "Sometimes you just gotta realize it's better to keep quite then get yourself further in trouble cause everyone believes they're right."

Mike Drakos has heard Christopher's voice from the living room, and comes in carrying a large shoebox. He's in normal metal today, wearing his standard "school uniform" of durable shorts and shirt, and carrying a messenger bag over one shoulder, and stands just past the doorway for a second to get the lay of the room. He waves hello with his free hand, and murmurs sotto voce, "Already told you he has the best chassis in the school, Tara," then continues in normal, even cheerful tones, "Mr. Parker-Mayfair! I wanted to show you my pet project, I know it's not for class credit but I used the plant studies from the attic and I thought you might find it good for a laugh at least."

Tara claps her hands in glee at Christopher's reaction and description of his partner. "How /awesome/," she gushes. "I wanna meet him." Mike's entrance elicits a wave from the girl and a perky, "Hi, Astroboy! Gonna show him the van?"

"I'm not stubborn, they're just wrong", Mikhail grins though when Christopher ruffles his hair, then waves as Mike come in.

"Your stubborn." Christopher insists to Mikhail as his statement just proved that to him. "I'm sure you will Tara, he's a teacher here and seven feet tall. He's hard to miss." Not to mention his sheer bulk. "Okay Mike, what's this you're gonna show me." There's a bit of fear in Christopher as he knows Mike tends to be a bit of a clown and the words 'in for a good laugh'.

Mike nods. "It dried a bit funny so I had to hollow it out and repolish it anyway, but it's still mostly good," and he puts the shoebox on the coffee table. He doesn't even TRY to correct Mikhail's thing about being right. Because he knows it will be better to just keep silent. He does return the wave though.
When the teacher gives the OK, he gently removes a leatherware - dried clay object, a foot-long model of a somewhat more streamlined-than-usual panel van. There is a subtle leaf shape to the side panels and a faintly embossed "fern fringe" partly etched on. The windows all shine with a glossy black paint that looks a bit like glass, and the wheels are painted with black as well.
"I have sketches of the interior too."

Tara tilts her head as Mike does the big unveiling. "What is it?" she asks. "It's a box shaped thingie, that's about all I can tell."

"I'm not", Mikhail mutters under his breath, further proving Christopher's point, he leans forwards to look at Mike's model, "If you make a real one, can i suggest you make it a bit bigger".

Christopher looks over at the van and not knowing much about cars or car design he kind of smiles. "That's…nice Mike." He says trying not to sound to disinterested to hurt Mike's feelings. Then at Mikhail's comment he can't help but chuckle. "Well kids, I have to be going, I have to get to my other job, the salon. You all take care and make sure Mikhail here stays out of trouble." He teases as he ruffles his hair again before making his way out of the living room.

Mike makes a well-sampled frustrated sighing noise at Tara. It's the same one he used before, so it might be familiar.
"I'm sorry, T. It'ss a model of the van design. I'll show you in the garage ssometime. It's a more ferny, organic-shaped van design."
He gives Mikhail a quirked-eyebrow look (yay for eyebrows with 2 degrees of freedom!) and says, "You do know this is not a full-scale model, right?" And nods, to Chris, not even getting to show the sketches which were actually relevant to his classwork. Oh well.

Tara looks bewildered for a moment. "Why would you want to make a van look like a fern?"

Mikhail waves as Christopher leaves then notices the time, "Crap!, sorry guys, gotta go, my next class started ten minutes ago", he gets up and runs out of the room.

Mike watches the disappearing teacher (and panicking feral-boy) disappear, and then answers Tara.
"Well, Mr. Parker-Mayfair had said this really neat thing about organic designs as opposed to super-linear hard mechanical design that I had been focussing on, and I came across a comment on the web about the same thing where organic designs are better at some things, like lowering wind resistance, but also that they just look and feel better, so I did a van interior with the organic design ideas. More natural colors, textured surfaces that felt more like plants, curved shapes that are more natural feeling and stuff. I did some sketches in the attic and there were some really neat fiddlehead fern leaves so I used them for the design element then I had the idea to extend it to the outside. But I guess he's not really interested in whether I take his ideas into car design."

Mike shrugs, and says, "Doesn't mean I'm gonna give up on it though. He may not be into cars, but it doesn't mean the ideas are bad."
Does it? Oh well. Everyone's off to class now anyway. "Later guys."

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