2012-02-09: Getting Along For Once


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Summary: Quenton and Nick don't tear each other's heads off for once.

Date: February 9, 2012

Log Title: Getting Along For Once

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Gymnasium

This big room with wooden floors is build with powered students in mind; the entire room is power proof. Blast the walls all you like, they are not breaking. The gym can either be one large room and it also has dividers to make it two smaller gyms. This large Gym has basketball nets, equipment to set up equipment badminton, volleyball, hockey, soccer, gymnastics, fencing, and everyone's favorite, dodge ball.

In one corner of the weight room, a large duffel bag filled with weights has been taken out, as well as a bench press. The bar Quenton lifts is not made of steel, its made of some sort of plastic that doesn't bend or break under the pressure of the ridiculous weights he's lifting, four two hundred pound barbells on either side of the bar. He lifts them easily, seeming to be working out more out of boredom then to improve his ridiculous, not neccessarily attractive physique. Still. It's ridiculous. Steam rises from his body instead of sweat forming.

Having skipped his training session the other day, Nick has been given extra work to do. He walks into the gym carrying with his telekinesis a sort of set up that looks like something kids would throw bean bags at to get it through the hole while at a carnival. Instead of large holes though it has small ones in all different shapes and sizes. He stops for a second as he spots Quenton and then lowers what he's carrying to the ground a bit rougher than intended. "Don't worry, I'm not going to bother you."

Quenton pauses as he hears the sound of Nick's bag dropping on the ground. "Why not?" he wonders, tone edgey. "I bother you all the time." He glances over at the wall, before hurtling the weight bar there roughly, causing there to be a loud crashing noise. But it bounces off harmlessly, as he lifts into the air, moving to catch it before it falls, landing with a loud thud, the air around his feet rippling from the force.

Nicholas leands down and pulls out a small block in the shape of a star from the bag and shrugs before turning to look at Quenton. "As pissed off as you make me I'm not looking to get into a fight with you." He says as he uses his powers to float the block over to board as he tries to find the right hole to put the block through, but it seems like he's having trouble getting it through the hole once he's found it.

Nicholas leands down and pulls out a small block in the shape of a star from the bag and shrugs before turning to look at Quenton. "As pissed off as you make me I'm not looking to get into a fight with you." He says as he uses his powers to float the block over to board as he tries to find the right hole to put the block through, but it seems like he's having trouble getting it through the hole once he's found it. At the loud crashing noise, Nick jumps and the small block is dropped to the ground and he turns abruptly to look at Quenton. "What, do you want to fight all the time or something?!" He snaps.

"Yes," Quenton admits. "Yes I do. Well. Not exactly fight, though it sure does get the fucking blood flowing. No. I want to kill all the time, Nick," he murmurs, while he launches the weight towards the wall again, making that loud crashing noise and then snatching it as it bounces back towards him. He pauses to study Nick's own exercise. "Most people think I'm an ass due to my power. Which, that's half true. To be honest, though, it isn't because of that. I'm being a jerk because it lets some of the anger out, doesn't let it build up so I rage and get my ass kicked by a teacher. Or, if a teacher isn't around, hurt someone really bad."

Nicholas walks over and grabs the block, gripping it in his hand tightly. "I don't have any emotinoal issues with my powers they are just…there." He says, his back turned on Quenton. "At least you have that half true excuse me, I'm just a jerk because I don't know how to handle everything." He says before turning to look at Quenton. "Is it your powers or is it cause of….your friend, that you want to kill?"

"Your whole family was murdered and everyone else who you care about suddenly despises you because of something you didn't do." Quenton shakes his head, now, resting the weight on his shoulder, turning towards Nick again. "That sounds like you have more of a reason to be a dick then me." His fist clenches hard enough that his knuckles can be heard, cracking so loud it echoes off the gym walls, at the mention of his friend, but it's obvious that isn't hostility towards Nick. "Both, probably," he growls, that hand lifting to smash into his temple once. "It's an urge. Like when you have to go to the bathroom or you get a boner."

"And the only thing I want to do right now is to hear her voice just telling me I'll be able to get through it. She said all that shit about me and I…I can't be mad at her anymore." Nicholas says turning around flinching every so slightly at the sound of the cracked knuckles. "Is that why you're always punching yourself?"

"I can't explain it to anyone without them getting the wrong idea of who I am." Quenton shakes his head, releasing a sigh. "It's a fight. It's a constant fucking struggle to not give in to my… my urges. Everything's on steroids. When I want to eat, I want to eight a dozen fucking big macks. When I gotta piss, I wanna just whip it out and say fuck the world. When I… well. When I want Shane… lots of things. But everything else, crying, or annoyace, that all becomes rage. Rage so strong I need to beat it into submission." He releases a breath. "People call it noble. But I hold off for my sake, not anyone else's."

Nicholas doesn't vocalize it but one thing he definately thinks is that he got lucky when it came to powers. "That's one thing I can't ever understand, what it's like to have a power that…changes you. I just used to make things fly around at random, like a ghost or something, before I got them under control then…it's been easy since then." He says with a casual shrug of his shoulder as his eyes look anywhere but at Quenton. "That really sucks. And I don't know if I'd call it noble, I know I'd hate feeling that angry all the time. I hate feeling this angry now and then with how miserable I always am…it's like a freakin' lotto of suck here. The winner just gets more crap piled on top."

Quenton shrugs his shoulders now, while he glances over himself a moment. "I don't mind being angry all the time," he admits. "I just wish I could better focus it on what I should be angry about. And I can, really. I can hold it all in and just explode at every enemy I have to face. But it'll change me more and more and I'll kill again. I just know I will. So I have to let loose." He grunts now. "So are you losing control? David told me your telekinesis is precise."

"See that'd scare the crap outta me, knowing that my power would drive me to kill." Nicholas says. "I might have felt like I wanted to kill those Purifier dicks after everything but I know I wouldn't be able to. Went to church to much, thou shall not kill, yeah I believe in it." He then looks at Quenton with a bit of a horrified expression. "D-david? You didn't go to Martin….."

Quenton shrugs his shoulders now. "I don't know," he murmurs quietly, scratching behind his ear slightly as he drops his crimson gaze to the ground. "I'm not afraid of killing someone. I'm afraid of what my father, my sister, and Shane would think if I did." He shifts uncomfortably at that. "Their opinions is what matters to me."

"When did you talk to David?" Nicholas asks more directly this time. "Well right now I am afraid of killing someone, the only chance I have of seeing my Mom, Dad and Bodie again are in Heaven." He tosses the star shapped block he's been holding into the air and before it falls he catches it with his telekinesis and tries to get it through the right hole again. Like always he moves his hand with the object almost to 'guide' it. "At least you have the opinions of people you care about from stopping you doing something stupid."

"You know. Prodigy. Not long after you first came." Quenton shrugs his shoulders. "And well, he didn't tell me, really. But I think it's him that does the fancy little write ups of our power profiles on the website." He scratches his cheek slightly. He doesn't say he doesn't believe in Heaven. "Don't you care about Jill?"

"Oh. I haven't really seen him since that day so I forgot about him, when you said David I thought…" Nicholas just shakes his head. "Never mind. I'm working on finer control, I'm good with stuff but not like pinpoint good. If the hole was a bit bigger I'd have no problem but since it's pretty much the same size and I have to get it through exact it's harder." Nick explains. "Anyway I didn't know we had a website. As for Jill, she's cool and probably the closest thing I have to a friend here. She puts up with my bullshit."

"There's no such thing as finer control with me. The more I develop, the more chaotic my powers get," Quenton mutters irritably. "Still. It'd be badass if you could Jedi your name on a board, or clink your glass against someone else's, or other shit like that." Shit like that. "Jill is… nice. She really is. One of those people who are good without knowing it."

"Jill's got a great heart. I had a crush on her a first but I think it's because she's so nice it was what I needed after all that and just kinda…" Nicholas says waving a hand. "I can tie a shoe with my powers but it's not a great knot. But yeah, Jill just likes seeing people happy." He says pausing before speaking. "Tomorrow, Star Wars comes out in 3-D, I wanna get a group of people to go see it, including Shane, Jill and Taylor. You..uh..interested?"

"Had a crush on her?" Quenton wonders, furrowing his brow now, while he leans back. "Uh, well…" He was just invited to go see the Wars. Old Quenton would have jumped up at the chance to do this. "I guess," he finally says, after a long silence, the man's brow wrinkling and upper lip curling, as if saying that was hard to do.

"Yeah, I think it was because I was just so messed up and she was just so nice that I felt something. But as more time goes by I'm hung up on Kirsten." Nicholas says as he'll be in love with his girlfriend from North Dakota for a long time. He finally gets the piece through the hole and then digs the next one out of the bag, he'd probably have a lot more suceess if he wasn't having a conversation at the same time. "Cool."

"Cool," Quenton echoes after a moment of quiet, scratching behind his ear, awkwardly shifting on his feet. "I can't ever avoid the wars, you know. That'd be uh… sacriliege, and stuff. Not even if it's the newer episodes. And Shane will be there." Shane. Steam rises briefly from his shoulders as he rubs the side of his face.

"I was four when I saw Phantom Menace, it was the first movie I saw in the theatre." Nick says as he's quite the fanboy when it comes to the Star Wars movies. "Shane's an interesting girl, in a good way. She's cool." He says using his telekinetic to start moving the next piece towards the board. "Uh….sorry about throwing you in the water, was Shane's idea but…" He winces a bit. "I mean, I did it so I'm not trying to blame her for that…"

"Shane is the coolest girl in this school," Quenton grunts loyally. "She's awesome, and willing to stick up for herself and everyone around her." And she has nice lips. And looks adorable in those costumes. And… well. The steam at his body makes him frown a moment, as he tries to focus on Nick.

"She's got a strong opinion and sticks to it. She's blunt and most girls aren't." Nicholas says as he finally gets the second piece through the hole. "Maybe I should just say eff it and call her. Try to figure out why she said that crap." He says quietly as if it's more to himself than to Quenton.

"Call her?" Quenton wonders, and suddenly his brow furrows. Why the hell would Nick be calling -his- girlfriend. "Uh… why? What did she say? What crap?" he wonders, while he tilts his head to one side, suddenly rigid.

"Huh?" Nicholas says to Quenton looking confused. "Oh, sorry not Shane. Kirsten." He says feeling a bit stupid. "Shane didn't say anything, just got pissed about me and Ahmed fighting in the kitchen but I think that's more because we were disturbing her peace."

"Oh. Right, I knew that. Why would you call Shane? Uh, what did Kirsten say?" Quenton asks, scratching at his scalp now, suddenly sheepish, the steam dissipating immediately, while he shifts on his feet, grunting now. "Why did you and Ahmed fight?"

"I..uh haven't talked to her since I left, I was just wondering if it's a good or bad idea." Nicholas says looking a bit bashful. "Well….I haven't been sleeping in the room since you two fought. I'm not really keen on the idea that he can go all crazy on me like he did with you."

"Oh. Well. Call her. What did she say that was wrong?" wonders Quenton, idly, moving to the wall to lean against it, crossing his arms over his chest idly. "And Ahmed and you are friends. Hell, partly why he attacked me is because I'm a prick to you so much. I'd bet if you talk and keep it easy, you guys could make up. He's a good guy. Forgiving."

Nicholas runs both hands through his hair and sighs. "Well, she said all this stuff about me to the paper after…everything. Saying I beat her and threatened her and stuff with my powers. I'm pretty much wanted for the murder of my parents and Bodie." There's a miserable bitterness to his voice. "Yeah well it's not his problem if we have problems. I dunno about friends but we're roommates."

Quenton furrows his brow. "Seems she just started lying for no good reason. Either the Purifiers threatened her, brainwashed her, or…" He trails off. He doesn't say anything more, but the anger wells in him, steam rising from his shoulders. Maybe she just wanted the attention.

"Wasn't just her, was my best friend David, my teacher and one of my neighbors. It's like they all decided to talk about how I am this horrible person who does horrible things with my powers." Nicholas says sounding irritated. "They didn't seem to give a rats ass for four years but once my parents were killed, it's my fault and I'm this mutant whose a horrible killer. I was able to lift the tractor off of Mr. Willis but no, that doesn't matter cause I killed my Mom and Dad."

"Oh. That's what David you thought I meant," Quenton grunts while he straightens out his arm, wiggling it slightly befre he drops his hand to his belt. "Weird. That sounds like brainwash. Did they all seem to care about you before the incident? Or were you defined by your power to them?"

Nicholas just sits down on the ground and shakes his head. "No one ever seemed to give a damn before that, that I am a mutant that is. It's just all sorts of effed up." He says looking down. "God, why does being a mutant have to be all sorts of fucked up?"

"Because we're not human," guesses Quenton with a huff. "At least, that's not what normal people think. We're mutants. Monsters. All kinds of crap." He shifts slightly now, before shrugging his shoulders in a rough shrug. "I dunno. What do you think is wrong with them? Just… attention seeking?"

"Attention seeking? No." Nicholas says as it's obvious the thought never crossed his mind. "Honestly I don't know. It really doesn't make sense and I know it's stupid that I want to go back there but, it's home." He pushes himself back to a standing position with a long exhale. "I dunno."

"Stupid? Hell, I wanna go there and see what's going on," grunts Quenton, shaking his head. "To find out what the hell is going on. But nooo. Some people just would rather let it go unsolved for things like student safety. Doesn't matter. I'm eighteen now. Old enough to be irresponsible."

"I'm still stuck here since I'm only sixteen." Nicholas says feeling a bit weird that Quenton is two years older than him. "So I'm kinda stuck here under their whatever it is. Ms. Frost told me they got to my grandparents down on Florida too, but I don't even know what that really means. Just those Purifiers are horrible."

"I turned eighteen two weeks ago," Quenton mentions. He furrows his brow. They got his grandparents in Florida. Fuck it. He's going down there as soon as he can. "Right," he murmurs now, clenching his hands into his fists. "They are fucking horrible. They need to be…" The steam rises from his skin now.

"Happy late Birthday dude." Nicholas says and it does sound like he means it. "They need to be wiped off this planet." He says bitterly as his eyes glance to his watch. "Damn it, I had to be in math class five minutes ago. I gotta jet, sorry for me being all..miserable. So, Saturday, Star Wars."

"Saturday. Star Wars. Gotcha. We'll rock that shit like we're from mutant high. Which we are," Quenton notes. "Anyway, have fun in class. I'll be skipping." Like always. Back to the weight lifting.

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