2013-02-19: Getting Into Trouble


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Summary: Amy gets high, Nicholas gets drunk, Amunet Climbs a Tower and more!

Date: February 19, 2013

Log Title: Getting Into Trouble

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Communications Tower

This large metal tower has many mysteries and stories surrounding it. Deep in the woods it supplies most of the radio frequencies of the school. Danger and High Voltage signs hang all around the tower, but that doesn't stop the occasional group of students from trying to climb it.

For the first time since he's healed up Nicholas has ditched classes for most of the afternoon and the danger room combat class he takes with Shane. Instead he went into town, managed to convince an guy in his early twenties to buy him a six pack of cheap beer. Now he's camped out at the Communications Tower hoping he doesn't get caught. It's not the best weather to be outside, the ground is wet and still has patches of snow and the sky is gray. Nick's sitting on a wool blanket on the ground with a can of beer in hand.

"Aw, snap," says Amy as she comes up to the communication tower. She smells like weed. "What are you doing in my hideout, are you like a spy or something?" She puts her fingers up to her lips and laughs at that, "But seriously, shut your face about it, I just need to relax sometimes." She looks up towards the tower, hands in her pockets, before laughing again.

"I'm telling you, he's this way… I can smell horse." Ahmed says softly to Shane, his furred hands in his pocket, and his hood down for once as he pans the woods, every so often taking a whiff of the air, "There's no mistaking it… it's in like… everything with him. Even his pencils smell like horse… and don't ask me how." Tail twitching with a bit of irritation, before his ears flick about, trying to catch some sound or sign of his roomie in the woods, walking closer towards the comm tower.

"Then he prolly don't want company," Shane mutters, headphones around her neck, hands stuffed into the kangaroo pocket of her hoodie. "'Mean, people jus' don't come out this way, 'less they wanna sneak booze 'r weed 'r smokes 'r somethin' without gettin' caught." Raking one hand through her hair, she totters over a particularly large branch, her boots not the best design for uneven forest floor.

Nicholas looks up at Amy and raises an eyebrow. "I would think that someone doing something so against the rules would be a little more observant." He holds up a can, and there's already one empty one next to him. "I won't tell if you don't." Then hearing foot steps and he puts a hand up. "Ssssh, ssssh. I hear someone coming." He tries to be slick in that he hides the six pack behind his back and chucks the can into the woods, where it lands not to far from Shane and Ahmed.

Amy looks pretty dumbfounded when Nicholas holds up the can. It's clear she is not paying a lot of attention, but when Nick says that someone is coming, she drops down to sit next to Nicholas and also defending his beer, eyes shifting a bit slowly. She whispers towards Nick, "Who does it sound like?"

Ahmed hops the spot that Shane almost took a stumble with easily, almost gracefully, "What, you think he came out here to get his Bella Swan on wi-" Only to have karma intervene in the form of the can not just landing close, but bouncing off a tree, and smacking him in the side of the head, "Okay, what the hell?!"

Shane's head snaps toward the sound of the ricocheting can, an amused snort coaxed out of her purely at the look on Ahmed's face. Clumping to his side, she stoops, using the rigid sides of her armored boots to keep balance, and picks up the can, peering at the label. "….Heh. Yyyup. Fuckin' Pabst, too. Holy *shit,* is he gonna be sorry he scored this." Shaking her head, she levers herself back upright, looking around for sign of the telekinetic.

"Who does it sound like? Um, let me get my super hearing on that allows me to identify foot steps." Nicholas says a bit too sarcastically. Hearing Ahmed yell, Nicholas breaks out into a smile. "Hey Ahmed! Coming to join us out here?!" He's not hard to spout now that he's yelled that out. "Wait…Ahmed, you're not with a teacher are you?"

"You have super hearing?!" says Amy, wide-eyed towards Nicholas. She nods once and then breaks out into a grin, "Oh, it's Ahmed, I know that guy. Hey Ahmed! Yeah, come join us out here, what's going on?" She brings her knees up close to herself.

Ahmed looks like he was more startled than hurt by the can, and as Shane picks it up, he looks at it, and then just rolls his eyes, compounded by the announcement of Nicholas, and the request about teachers. Looking at Shane apologetically, he then flattens his ears, "I guess that means I dragged you out here for nothing… sorry…" But then he turns, and raises his voice, which adds more of the feline growl backbase to it, "Yeah, I invited Dr. McCoy and Miss Braddock out here with a mini-keg of Heineken and a Hibachi… OF COURSE I DIDN'T… But you, like the idiot you are… took off without your phone after class."

"Oh, naw," Shane says, shoulders quivering, just enough to be noticeable. "Now I get t'watch his face as he tries t'down 'is third can jus' t'prove what a Dudely McDudeBro he is… 'n yak all over th' dirt. Trust me, 's worth th'ticket fee." Though she pauses now, nostrils flaring. "…..Nick?" she calls, raising her voice for the first time since hitting the forest, "'f you're tokin' *and* drinkin' I'm'a slap th'*shit* outta you. Just *sayin!*"

"I'm a telekinetic, that's it." Nicholas says to Amy shaking his head. "What?!" He says sounding surprised at the suggestion of toking. "No, I'm not smoking anything. Just having a few beers is all. Bodie always said he'd kill me if I smoked weed." Even though Bodie's dead Nicholas can't bring himself to go against him. "What do you mean I took off without my phone, I wouldn't have been able to get back here without it. Or to Salem Center and back." That's one thing Nick doesn't do, leave his phone behind. "Are you sure it's my phone…or do I have someone else's phone?" Now he's not sure and he takes out the phone he's been using to check if it's his. "Crap."

Amy glances towards Nicholas and sniffs herself for a moment, and then whispers, "How do I smell?" She looks towards Shane, offering her most awkward grin, raiing her hand up in the air to wave at her. "Yeah, I was watching him, made sure he didn't smoke anything illegal or anything. Just had some brewskies or whatever. I can't, 'cause it makes my blood all thin, and then it just comes a pourin' out. You know how that is." Shane would know from being Amy's roommate that the girl bleeds nearly constantly. It's a wonder that she's ever able to stand up and be unwoozy. "Did you steal someone's phone?"

"Yeah, thanks for that, Radio TMI…" Ahmed mutters so only Shane can hear, followed by a shrug of his own as he flips his hoodie up, covering his features once more. Stepping out into view, he looks at the pair, then the blanket, and then the area around them before he takes an identical phone out of his own pocket, and holds it up, "You took MY phone, dude. You didn't notice… oh I don't know… the lack of GPS stuff, Fruit Ninja, Diner Dash… all my cooking websites?" He doesn't move too far, instead keeping close to help Shane keep balance as needed, "So you missed some fun today. I learned a couple cool things… like I can dead lift my own bodyweight now." Says the guy who under all the plush fur still has the physique of a career video gamer.

"Jus' checkin'," Shane says, flipping the can to the ground near Nick's feet. "Cos there ain't a whole lot smells like pot… So that'd be Amy, huh?" Lifting a shoulder, she makes her uneasy way into the clearing, coming to a halt at the first sign of cleared dirt. "…So, Pabst, huh? Funny… Louis bought me a can 'a that t'*keep* me from drinkin' beer."

"You smell like weed." Nicholas says to Amy quite bluntly. "And I'm only on my second beer…" He shakes the can and takes a final swig. "I've only had two beers, you act like I've never drank or gotten drunk before. Yeah I might have a slight buzz but that's it. Just starting to get a bit hungry is all." He looks back down at the phone. "Oh thank god it was just your phone. I was hoping it wasn't that guy O'Doyle from class, he can't stand me." He hands the phone to Ahmed. "I thought it was weird that the GPS had gotten uninstalled…well there's not a lack of GPS anymore. Sorry." He puts out his hand and uses his telekinesis to pull back the can. "Thanks, felt bad littering. Just panicked and threw." He looks at the can. "Yeah, wasn't my choice. Went into Salem Center, asked some guy in his early twenties to pick me up a cheap six pack, gave him a twenty and told him to keep the change. Should have been more specific, my own fault there. Still, it's doing it's job."

Amy pulls up her shirt and sniffs at it, "Oh, I smell like weed? I… should get some febreeze or something and just…" She makes a hand gesture as if she is using an aerosol can, and presents to spray it on herself while making a hissing sound. "I don't wanna get caught or anything, I just need to relax sometimes, you know. Be chill." She looks towards Shane and Ahmed and says, "You guys aren't gonna tell anyone?"

Ahmed shrugs again, as he pockets his own phone once more, "And what… miss out on good blackmail material? Yeah right. Secret's safe…" Letting it hang there with a sort of glee. His tail starts swishing a bit more, and he moves to the other side of Amy, so the smell isn't hitting him directly as he looks around, "So, this is your superhero hideyhole… cozy… but the big shiny radio tower's kinda a giveaway."

Shane smirks at Nicholas, finding a handy place to sit where she is. "Ain't gonna tell nobody, Amy. Ain't my business. Jus', Nick'll wanna be careful he don't get caught, 'cos Iunno 'f Ms. Frost'll do it, but sounds like her t'fix it so *every* drink y'taste is Pabst."

"And get a lot of mouthwash, and probably a change of clothes more than febreeze. Cause smelling like air freshener is probably a dead give away that you're hiding something." Nicholas suggests to Amy. He pulls a third can off of pack and cracks it open. "I know it's crap but if any of you want one, I know I'm not going to polish off a whole six pack. I'm with Amy, just want to relax not end up puking my brains out. And honestly, not many folks come out here, I mean Q used but…" He doesn't want to say much more in fear of the mere mention of Quenton might cause Shane's jaw to twitch. Nicholas runs a hand through his hair and sighs. "Look, I know drinking isn't an answer to my troubles, it isn't something I plan on repeating often. I've seen what alcohol can do to people it's just…I need this right now. And I don't plan on getting caught."

Amy nods a couple of times towards Nicholas and says, "I might have one, like, just one though. Alcohol's a blood thinner, and I don't know what you use as a blood thickener. It's not like I can eat corn starch or anything." She pauses for a moment and then giggles, "I'd have like gravy blood! But yeah, you're right, gotta avoid smelling like… like febreeze. Good thinking. Doesn't febreeze smell like nothing, though? That's the point."

The sound of someone climbing up the tower is heard, while a soft female voice is murmuring, "Clearing the head, reaching inside. I control it, … Reach for the cold. Reach for the.." And then her head peeks up and Amunet's eyes widen to saucer size. A small "eeep" escapes her lips.

Ahmed blinks a few times, and replies to Amy, "One… Ew. And from me, that's saying something. Two… Febreze reeks… I smell it every time someone uses it. It's like someone trying to mix flowers and baby powder in water made from candy." Waving his pawhand in front of his muzzle a few times, he starts to look around the place, just shaking his head at the offer for the beer… and then the sound of the girl up in the tower hits, and he says, "Not to interrupt anyone's train of thought… but how did she get here, and how did she get UP there?!"

Shane does begin to wilt a bit at the mention of Quenton, but is soon snapped out of it by Ahmed's uncanny powers of topic change. "Fuuuuuuuck," Shane breathes as she looks up, eyes widening at the sight of Amunet on the tower. "….Nick, hope y'ain't *too* buzzed. Cos um…. y'might end up bein' all heroy. … ….Hey Ahmed. You're okay with heights, right?" Subtle hints, not Shane's specialty, but it's difficult to miss her train of thought.

"Ummm, I think I'm going to deny you that beer Amy. Besides I've seen kids smoke and drink and end up puking all night. Also with your powers, probably not the best of ideas, sorry Amy." Nicholas may be buzzed nearing drunk but he's not at that stupid stage of really poor judgment yet, just mildly poor judgment. He looks up when Ahmed brings up the girl on the tower and looks up. "Well I think I can cross this spot off for being quiet and isolated. REally most of the time I come out here it's dead, the /only/ time I decided to sneak some beers the place is crawling with folks." He then yells out to Amunet. "Be careful up there!" Then Shane's words make him remember, he can move stuff with his mind. "Amunet if you need help getting down, just say so, I can use my powers to get you down safely." He's already starting to form a bubble of a force field under her in case she falls all the while muttering something about 'buzz kill'.

"Ha, I know right? I just smoke a little, and it's like I lit a flare and was like, 'Hey, it's a party at Amy's hideaway' or something. I mean. Oh, I'm denied a beer? I guess that's cool, it's your beer, and you're probably right, I'll be like a fountain of blood," says Amy, laughing at that, seeming to think it's a hilarious mental image, before she says towards Ahmed, "And what's ew? Febreze? Or gravy? Nothing wrong wtih gravy, guy." She then looks up towards the tower and mumbles, "That girl's higher than me. What's she doing up there?"

Amunet just keeps climbing though, and of all things once she finds a semui flat bar to sit on, she wraps one arm around the bar, and then grabs what looks like a very long belt from her pocket. Wrapping it around where she's holding on and fastening it like a rudimentary harness before swinging her legs over to just sit down where she was climbing on. Glancing down she calls out and then smiles, "Nah I'm fine!" Just waving a hand and otherwise looking up at the sky. She may not be a flier or anything but apparently she likes it up there cause her feet swing and she just looks up at the sky while murmuring to herself. Looking more than a little odd with her self made harness but apparently she didn't come unprepared. Murmuring to herself rather softly, "I wonder if its cold up here."

Still staring up at Amunet, Ahmed says to Shane as he remains close to her, "What does it say about me that you're the most normal and stable person I know right now?" Unthinking, his tail curls around a couple times, and ends up brushing one of Shane's tankstomper boots and up along the back of the opposite knee before coming back. But, he manages to bring himself around to the conversation once more, "The image of someone cutting themselves over a turkey and bleeding brown? Now not only am I grossed out… but I'm missing poutine. I haven't had poutine since I manifested…" That feline tongue comes out in a curling gesture of 'yuck' as he then flicks his ears back, "Not that I'm bashing your deal, Amy… seriously… the guy who sweats blue goo and has a four foot long feather duster glued to his ass… just… c'mon… even you have to admit it's amusingly gross."

"That you're lucky enough t'still be able t'freak out 'bout th'new girl scalin' the goddamn tower an *just _what in the marinated BLUE FUCK TARTARE_ ARE YOU DOIN UP THERE AMUNET?!* *Seriously?!*" Blowing out a breath, she glances about the clearing, raising a jaundiced eyebrow. "Yeah an' now y'all know what I was feelin' whenever I tucked m'self inna attic, couple years back."

Nicholas looks up at Amunet and shakes his head. "I'm so not in the mood for this kind of crap." He mutters putting his hands down and his glowing blue eyes fade back to normal when he drops the force field. "If you start to fall, yell and I'll catch you." He plops back down on the blanket and takes a long swig from the can. "You're not going to have a big mouth and tell on us are you?" He asks Amunet. "And of course it's cold up there, it's cold down here." He looks over at Ahmed and points at him with a grin. "I remember when you used to mope that Shane hated you, told you she didn't. And never heard of poutine. And I can't let myself be grossed out, my girlfriend drinks blood." When Shane shouts, Nick just looks at her and grins. "See if I said that, I'd look like a total jerk but Shane, she makes it so you cringe when she yells at you."

Amunet winces faintly and peeks open an eye. Yeah she knows that bellow, she usually does something to encite it lately, "Hi Shane!" She calls out and just flashes a big cheeky grin before wrinkling her nose towards her roomie and goes back to staring up at the stars again. Nope, she's not paying attention, not yet at least. Starting to mutter to herself in psuedo broken Arabic.

"Yeah, Jill eats blood, like, they label our drinking blood in the same fridge. Freaks me out a little, it's like, 'this is Amy's, this is Jill's' but it's like… it's blood. It's just freaky, you know?" says Amy, looking from Nick to the others, "I guess it's freaky to me anyways. I never used to do anything like that, but now that tangy little taste, best thing ever. And… yeah, I get it, blood gravy would probably be kinda disgusting. But it's okay, 'cause I could totally go for some right about now."

"This conversation is worse than the bus from Speed…" Ahmed grumbles, his hands going back into his pockets, just putting the contrast of his fur color to the dark forest green of the sleeveless hooded top, the shade of the hood covering almost anything but his rather bright-colored eyes as they reflect the incoming light somewhat, "I'm not sure if I heard her right… but I think she just called you big sister, Shane… congrats. Now you have someone to pass on all your wise snark-fu, and your ability to fire off a rant to make Dennis Leary fish out a thesaurus."

"Jus' watch R. Lee Ermey f'r twenty straight hours an' practice not breathin' till' y'see spots," Shane tosses off, without looking at Ahmed. "Same thing." Then she pauses, eyes traveling down to stare at Amy, jaw falling open for a moment. "….Okay no wait was *what* fuck?"

"Maybe it's a quantity thing? Or blood type, I dunno." Nicholas shudders a bit though as the blood thing is a bit weird. "Okay it does freak me out, even if Jill is a vampire, I just don't want it to freak me out cause I care for her." He blurts out, the alcohol making him talkative about anything. He looks up at the communications tower where Amunet sits. "She's…she's either completely lost it, totally bat shit crazy or smoking something stronger than what Amy just smoked." He looks over at Ahmed with a confused face. "Speed, that's that movie with Keanu Reeves, right? I've never seen it." It's a bit before his time. "Aw congrats Shane, you have a little sister here now." He's expecting to get smacked for the teasing.

And Amunet is blissfully unaware that Ahmed only heard two words of a longer string of words. Kicking her feet idly while she has started to close her eyes while of all things looking like she's reverted back to ten years old while at the same time is semi meditating all while hugging the bar she's wrapped around.

Amy stops for a moment staring up towards Amunet and then says, completely misunderstanding what the others are saying because she is only half listening, "That girl smoked speed?! Can you even… smoke speed? I've never touched that sorta thing. I've heard it's crazy and it can melt your brain. Or was that ecstacy?" She rubs her eyes lightly and then says to Shane, "Wait, what? I don't understand the words that you just said, wow, can you try that again, I promise I'll pay more attention."

Ahmed just blinks a few times at how the converation seems to bounce around like a ferret on espresso beans, and just folds his ears flat before he says, "Okay… this is all a bit too much for me. I'm gonna head back and give you all a decent alibi… you know… saw you out for a walk towards town and stuff… technically not a lie… but you know…" Shaking his head once, he turns and makes a little hopping step that actually carries him almost six feet, "Going back to the dorms… where it's safe… and warm… and with TV… and like… WARM…"

"…..I was sayin', how 'bout them Sportball Sports?" Shane says with a sigh, apparently of the opinion that it's better to just flip the table over and start fresh than even *attempt* to make sense to Amy. "That, like, offhand three-pointer puck bounce off the end zone was awesome." "Later, Ahmed. Might wanna check th'ground f'r y'brains on the way, just in case any leaked out."

Now the last word Amunet hears that comes from Ahmed, her lips twitch faintly as her feet keep idly kicking. Muttering to herself again while her face stays lifted up towards the sky. After a while, she opens her eyes and bends over the bar just enough to peer down at the group. For a moment she gets an actual impish look on her young face, but after a patting down of her pockets, quietly grumps and goes back to watching from onhigh.

Nicholas looks down at his beer and frowns. "Fuck. Seriously, this just sucks." He takes a deep breath and looks over at Amy. "Amy, just breath okay. She didn't smoke speed, I doubt she did any drugs. You're high right now, just take it slow okay." He reaches for the backpack not to far from him and pulls out a bottle of water. "This was for before I got back to school but I think you could use it more." He cracks it open and hands it to Amy. "Ahmed, you sure you don't want to stick around? And besides, my alibi will be 'I was with Orion'. It's believable enough." He lets out a sigh and looks at the half full beer can in his hand. "Waste of money. Buzz has been killed. And honestly, I don't really watch many sports. Now with the superbowl over, no real need to watch anything."

"Aren't you like… some kinda snowy cat guy?" says Amy, raising an eyebrow towards Ahmed, "Wouldn't you like it when it's a bit chilly out and stuff? I don't mean to be racist or anything, but if I were a snowy cat guy I'd be pouncing the heck out of this snow while it's still out. Seeya later, though, thanks for the alibi!" She grins at that, but then nods towards Nick and says, taking the water from him and taking a drink, "Thanks. I feel fine actually, I think I'm not really very high at all. And… and… yeah, I think I saw that game, Shane. Pretty cool, huh? Like. Wow."

"You *are* baked," Shane says with a sigh, shaking her head. "Hey Nick? Ain't a big loss. Now y'know why nobody drinks Pabst on purpose, 'less they can't afford anythin' decent. Also…" Cupping her hands to her mouth, she tilts her head up the tower. "HEY AMUNET! MAYBE WHEN Y'DONE Y'ASK FOR A RIDE DOWN SO I DON'T GOTTA GO T'COUNSELIN' COS MY ROOMIE SPLATTERED HER EVERFUCKIN' HEAD ALL OVER TH'EVERFUCKIN BUILDING, YEAH?! WATCHIN' LAIN'S ENOUGH, AIN'T LOOKIN' T'LIVE IT!"

Amunet looks at her Roomie and then rolls her eyes, calling out, "Fine fine, ok … mom!" Sarcasm running rather rampant out of the usually rather sweet girl. Sticking out her tongue before giving a rather big sigh and starting to unhook her safety belt, "I'm comin down already, hold your pants on. Good grief, I know how to climb! I'm not a complete infant you know!" Yawp buttons been pushed, and the way too much time around her roomie starts to show. making suyre she's wrapped around what she needs to be not to fall face first after a rather long jump.

Nicholas jumps as soon as Shane starts yelling up at Amunet. "Just let me know if you need a ride down, I'm not to drunk to use my powers, honest." He shrugs, smiling for a second in Amy's direction. "Can't blame Amy for finding some relief in marijuana, I'm trying to find it in alcohol." Nicholas says looking down at the can. "For about ten minutes I was able to forget that they were gone, it was nice. Then, buzz kill. Nothing to do with how crappy this beer is, and it is crappy, but it was doing it's job until I have to watch out to make sure I can catch Amunet if needed and make sure Amy here doesn't freak out too much." He stands up and takes a deep breath, reaching out with both hands towards Amunet. "And here's when I need to be on my guard." He's ready to catch her, just incase she slips.

In a page-pose to you, Amunet ponders the liklihood of getting smacked for being sarcastic and calling her mom. *snickers*

When Nicholas mentions 'them' being gone, Amy's smile turns flat and she say, "That just reminded me…" She rubs her brow lightly and says, "Lots of kids don't get along with their parents, but mine were so cool, you had no idea. They were the bomb…" She kicks out her foot and then stares off a few moments, "I still got Cale, though, he's great. She. Kaylee. Uh. Don't tell him that I said he. Her. I mean… shit." She brushes her hair back and then says, "It's nice to just be relaxed, that's all. Chill."

Shane looks from Nick to Amy, face falling a bit as she flushes. Scuffing the toe of her boot on the dirt a moment, she clears her throat. "….Wasn't gonna say anythin' 'till I knew for sure, Nick… but… gonna talk t' Ms. Frost. Thinkin' I'm'a try 'n go int' th' X-Men, when I graduate. Not changin' th' topic 'r anythin', jus'… 's kinda got t'do with what happened t'ya… Both 'a ya."

Climbing down slowly, Amunet keeps her attention on where her feet arte going, and her hands/arms wrapping around the bars carefully. One time she leans to the left a small bit, seeming to look at her footing of the same foot. The same moment a branch of a near by tree breaks and falls down by her, missing her due to her leaning to the side. Unknowingly to her she just straightens back up a few moments after it's past ands continues climbing down again.

"Yeah…" Is all Nicholas says to Amy, in almost an agreement. "Really Shane, that's cool. With how much you've been working lately with with danger room and stuff, can't say I'm too surprised. Just a bit though. I still don't know what I'm gonna do, but I've got a bit of time I guess. Just don't let Ms. Frost talk you out of what you wanna do." The branch that starts to fall stops in midair as Nicholas uses his powers to try to stop it from hitting Amunet. "Watch ou…nevermind."

"What happened to me?" says Amy, blinking a few times slowly and then looking towards Nick and then back towards Shane, "Well, I think it's cool, being an X-man and everything. I mean, don't they have a junior team or something for students to go to? Being a superhero… Crazy. When I was a kid I thought my parents were secret superheroes."

"Nick, cos of what happened t'his family," Shane mutters, ooking down at her hands. "You 'n Cale, 'cos o' what people *could* do t'ya… 'n almost did. Ain't just that it ain't right, it just… pisses me off so hard, wanna stomp on *anyone* thinks they c'n get away with it. 'N, well… ain't no better place t'find out."

Amunet's finally about half way down, and she turns momentarily to look to see who all is down there. "Watch out below! Dropping my bag!" Letting go of the bag close to the tower so as to hope and not hit anyone with it when it lands. Before going back to climving down. Completely unaware of Nich's almost attempt to stop the branch or his beginning calling out.

Nicholas runs a hand through his hair after he puts the branch gently on the ground. "Buzz kill." He mutters, plopping back down on the blanket. "And again, I'm called for." He reaches out his hand so he can telekinetically grab her bag and ease it down to the blanket. "You know there's a perfectly good telekinetic down here, you can just ask for help." He then looks to Shane and frowns. "You think you're pissed off, maybe I will end up finishing off the six pack before the night is over. Shane will you hold back my hair if I start getting sick." He jokes.

Amy stares with mouth agape as Nicholas guides the bag towards the ground, before the corner of her mouth turns upwards. "Wow, nice," says the hemokinetic, before flapping her hand in the air, pulling out a tissue from her pocket, and sneezing into it. It's fortunate that she did that, as a fine mist of blood would likely have sprayed everywhere otherwise. "I know what you mean. When those people kept me in that facility, I was like. Man, this isn't proper human treatment. Ridiculous. Good on you. My power is bleeding, though, so I don't think I'm gonna join you. I do half the job of defeating me myself."

"So?" Shane says, brows furrowing as she looks to Amy. "…Ain't sayin' it t'guilt you int' joinin'. 'N hell, 'f anyone's gonna put th' boot t'people wanna fuck with us, may as well be me. Biggest boots, 'n all," she says, lifting her armored clubstomper to illustrate." Shrugging weakly, she looks to Nick, trying for a smirk. "Yeah, but I ain't promisin' not t'dunk your stupid head in after. Remember that."

Amunet's eyes roll as she calls out, "I didn't throw the bag atcha, you could have let it drop, therre's nothing breakable in there. And I don't need help, I got up here, I can get down. Go back to what you were doing, you'll be happier." And then you can hear it, she's hummming under her breath as she climbs. And yes, she's tone deaf, hopefully the birds haven't come back from their winter down south yet.

Nicholas grabs the half empty can of beer from earlier and just chugs it. "Looks like forgetting isn't on the menu today." He looks at Amy. "I don't get how you and Cale…Kaylee manage to do it." He makes a sour face and looks at the now empty can. "Uuuuhg, shouldn't have chugged that. Just let me flush the toilet first." He looks over at Amunet. "Yeah but the ground is wet and whatever was in there could have gotten wet, besides, I didn't want it to accidentally hit anyone. So next time, you're welcome." He shakes his head. "It sucks Amy, this whole thing sucks."

"Manage what?" says Amy, blinking a few times slowly at Nicholas, "I'm clearly the most together person on the entire planet." She gestures her arms out, the very gesture seeming like she is miming, 'see my kingdom, see how she is in disarray?' The teen rubs her forehead lightly and shakes her head, "And it's cool you're gonna do that, Shane, really cool. I mean it."

Shane shrugs, glaring at Amunet's direction. "…Okay y'know what? I'm th'bitch here, Amunet. An' it says somethin' when the *bitch* is wonderin' why'n'ell y'couldn't say thanks f'r someone just bein' *nice.* So mebbe y'wanna back up 'n think 'bout what you'd think 'f y'jus' saw someone climbin' a damn tower like she's either high 'r mental." CLosing her eyes for a moment, she draws in a deep breath. "Aight?"

Nicholas looks over at Amy and raises his eyebrows. "You and your bro..sister are quite a bit more stable seeming then I am. Especially Kaylee." He looks over at Shane as she rips into Amunet and shakes his head. "Just my type of day anyway." He looks over at Amy. "Hey, for what it's worth, I'm really sorry about your folks. It sucks. Also Shane and I saw what they were doing to you….I really hate those guys."

Amy nods her head slowly and says, "Kaylee's just glad to have me still, I think. She like, sees how upbeat I can usually be and I've gotta keep on a brave face all the time for her sake, 'cause I can't let my kid brother be all mopey or anything. It's hard sometimes, but it's my responsibility." She rubs her eyes for a moment and adds, "Jesus, Shane, I think you're right. I'm a little high…"

"Wonder 'f it'll fuck up my chances 'f I boot y'fuckin' bed through the wall," Shane mutters sourly, rubbing a knuckle ofer the bridge of her nose. "Fuckit, Nick. 'F she wants t'do it on'r own, let'r. You tried, I saw it, ain't your fault 'f somethin' happens. And, Amy? Chances are, 'f you're just now figurin' it out, you're way blasted."

Nicholas just stops at Amunet's words and stares at her. "Why am I taking it out on you?! I just don't want to see you fall and hurt yourself and I didn't want anything to get damaged in your bag but excuse me for trying to be a gentleman and make sure something bad didn't happen. And I'm not doing it because I think you're an infant, I'd treat Shane and Amy here with the same respect, heck I'd do the same for Ahmed, but I guess it's too much for someone to try to be nice. Oh and if someone being nice and trying to make sure a fellow /classmate/ isn't going to get accidentally hurt well….I wonder what this would be considered." Nicholas is fuming at this point and in a bit of alcohol induced anger he starts to lift up her backpack with his telekinsis but before he hurls it off into the woods like he intends, Shane's words cause him to drop his hold on it. "Amy, is it possible for Cale to get all mopey?" He asks in a flat voice, the anger still apparent on his face.

Amy nods a couple of times slowly and says, "Yeah. Yeah, it is… But usually, he takes his cues from me, and I'm not really one to mope usually, 'cause there's better stuff to do. You gotta keep a good attitude, because no matter how bad it gets out there, in here?" She points to her head, "It's gotta be amazing." She then just grins at Shane at being told she's way blasted, before saying, "I don't understand what monkey girl is talking about, like, how do other languages even work?"

Amunet keeps climbing down till she's on the rails that keep her /just/ out of reach. Movnig instead to run and then sit on one of them, again pulling out the long belt that she uses to harnass herself in. Feet dangling all the while, her arms wrapped around the closest upper bar, so she doesn't accidentally slip. "Sorry." She mutters once she's close enough. "Felt like you were babying me is all." Still she's closer /to/ the ground, she doesn't seem to want to get all the way on to the ground.

"Man Amy I ain't gotta clue, but that must be some good bud 'cos I'm thinkin' anagrams. So I'll jus', y'know, be over *here.*" And with that, Shane shifts herself a good few feet to one side, apparently content to stop when she can't smell the pot. "Also, Nick? Yeah Cale can get mopey. Trust me." Squinting, she looks up at Amunet as the apology registers on her brain. "…Uh, no, more like 'suddenly tower climbing!' an' you seen how many kids're pbroken, an' we're pretty sure you ain't a flier, so yeah. That's prime flip-out material, Amunet, no lie."

Nicholas grabs another beer and pulls it out of the plastic but doesn't open it. Instead he just taps on the top in contemplation. "I wish I had an eight of your outlook Amy. In here…" He taps on his own head in return, "it's just a lot of horrible stuff. Maybe I've never really seen Cale mope cause he's always so bouncy around me, trying to make me unmopey." He knows it's not an easy task. "Think of me as trying to be a safety net, not a babysitter." Then it's decided, he cracks open his fourth can of beer and takes a sip, good judgment be damned.

"Oh, sorry, I don't mean to smell bad Shane. I usually smell like a heaven of angels," says Amy, rather matter-of-factly before saying to Amunet, "Hey, what is your power anyways? Mine is hemophilia. No joke, I am as bloody as the queen of England." She then nods towards Nicholas, "Yeah. Cale used to get bullied a lot and got pretty sad about it sometimes, but I kinda… dunno, I took care of it and I'll take care of Cale. Cale just wants to take care of you I think."

Amunet seems to think about Shanes comment for a moment, staring down at the other three as the one buzzed, one high and one just generally being herself is being watched rather interestedly, "Nah,I'm not flier. Never flown any way other than on a plane. Yeah I spose. But I've been up on the tower a few times now, didn't think it was anything to worry about, I even made myself a kinda harness so I don't fall." Pointing to the long ass belt she's got wrapped around her and bar. "See?" Thinking on then she thinks again glancing then to Nich, "Safety net huh? Yeah I spose. I'm not covering for you if you get sick in the hallway though. Even if you were looking out for me, isn't no way I can cover up the whole alcohol thing." Before looking at Amy and she just blinks at her before saying simply, "Don't wanna talk about it." Her gloved hands flexing faintly as she just hugs on to that bar a little tighter and turns her face upwards now.

"S'fine Amy," Shane says, waving a hand. "Jus'… personal. No biggie." Gancing up at Amunet, the slight young mutant shrugs wordlessly, content to leave it at that. "Didn't know you were a party guy, Nick."

"Yeah I remember him…her telling us about that. Kaylee's a cool kid. Can't say I understand the whole guy/girl thing but I'm trying." Nicholas shrugs and takes another swig of his beer. "I grew up in a pretty conservative county, even if anyone was gay there they wouldn't mention it. I guess Don't Ask Don't Tell like in the military is what it was like back home." Nick waves a hand at Amunet. "I'm not asking you to cover for me. And someday I'm gonna learn to be a flier then I gotta figure out how to make Orion a flier. Screw the pegasus, my horse flies because of my mind." He points at his temple. "And don't worry about being embarrassed about your powers Amunet, how bad can they be? But if you don't wanna share, no worries." Nicholas then looks over at Shane and raises his eyebrows. "I never told you about the field parties back in Sheridan? I mean there's nothing to do there. NOTH-ING. To go to a mall, the movies or hell a McDonalds it's at least an hour drive. Video Games and horse back riding that's it. So weekends would a group of just drinking in a field. It wasn't every weekend but, oh god, there was this time that Bodie had to drag me home I was so drunk and helped me hide it from my parents." He laughs and then just starts to cry. "Amy…I'm so sorry about your Mom and Dad. I'm really, really sorry."

Amy nods at Amunet and says, "Oh, I mean, no problem if you don't want to talk about it. I guess I'm pretty open about my amazingly gross power. Shane knows, she used to be my roommie!" Amy sleeps on a sheet over a plastic cover so not to mess up the mattresses. She listens to Nicholas, her expression changing as appropriate during his talking, though she laughs a bit much at the idea of a flying horse. "He'd be so scared! Haha! Poor horse!" She then gets a bit of a sad expression and clasps Nicholas's shoulder, "It's okay… It breaks my heart, they were amazing, but… it's not your fault or anything. It happened… I miss them a lot…" A tear actually falls down her cheek, though it's a tear of blood.

Amunet seems to watch the others for a long moment then asks, "Is it wrong to not know who to trust when it comes to knowing bout what your powers are? I'm not embarrassed really, just umm… worried. I don't t hink I'm ready yet. Mr. Christopher knows and the Headmistress knows. I guess I'd kind of like to keep it to that for a little while. I dunno. I'm just not ready yet." Keeping still out of reach though before she asks the question, Nich does manage to get a small smile a the mention of the flying horse. Then Nich… cries? Her own brow furrowing a bit as she just looks from one to the other trying to figure out what she missed.

Shane clears her throat, looking away from the teens… which, conveniently, Amunet is there as a distraction. Looking up at her roommate, the green-haired girl tilts her head back, silently beckoning the younger girl over.

Nicholas pulls Amy into a hug, as much for himself as it is for her. "Still, it's not fair." He doesn't notice the blood until he lets go. "Amy…you're bleeding from your eyes." He sniffs a bit and looks at his beer and shakes his head. "That's enough of that." And he dumps the last half out on the ground. "I miss them a lot too. I'm a bit jealous of you and Kaylee to be honest, that you have each other but just because you still have Kaylee doesn't mean it's any easier. I forget that cause I wish I could smile like you two do. You and your brother…sister, you both are sooooo strong."

"I know… it's not fair that they're gone…" She wipes her bloody tear off, frowning for a moment at her hand as she just manages to smear it on herself, "Oh. Yeah, that happens sometimes and… anyone who has to deal with that kinda loss gets strong fast enough. I've gotta be a mom and a dad to Kaylee, so that's what I'm gonna be… it's not strength, just what I gotta do"

After a long moment of not seemign to know whether to stay up and out of the way or xcome down, Amunet unfastens her harness belt, tucks it into her pocket and then slowly scoots back to the rails again where she can finish climbing down. Hopping down off the last bar before moving over to grab her bag and then scoot over by Shane. Not too close, but flops down on the ground, hugging her bag again.

Shane watches AMunet's progress, as much for the pretense that Nick and AMy are being left alone as anything else. Once the younger girl sits down, she nods first a Nick. "…Purifiers," she mutters quietly, keeping her voice from carrying. "His whole family. Almost him. Made his whole town say he was horrible." THen, she nods to Amy. "Car crash. Her'n'her sister, allat's left. Pulled her outta Purifier barn lab. Don't talk much. Shoulda maybe talked hella days ago."

Nicholas pats his pockets looks around for his backpack. "I think I have some napkins in there." He pulls it over telekinetically and fishes out said napkins for Amy. "You really have to have the freakiest powers, but I think you know that." He does hear what Shane says and shrugs. "It's why I'm out here getting drunk. And as for your powers, it's up to if you if say anything or not but if you're worried about….I don't know what you're worried about so…whenever you're ready I guess."

"Napkins, yeah, thanks Nick… and yeah, my powers are awful. Last time I tried to drink a little, I became like a blood fountain!" Amy starts to wipe her eyes down, glancing down towards the ground a few moments and then shrugging, "I'm just glad I regained consciousness long enough to save Kaylee's life somehow, I just remember it a little. If I was the only one left…" She shakes her head, "That'd be a toughie."

Amunet frowns a small bit and says, "Tough luck. Sorry to hear bout that." She murmurs softly, otherwise not moving to try and really comment on anything else, though the whole crying blood thing gets her attention momentarily she doesn't watch for long.

Shane shrugs a bit. "Dunno 'f there's anyone that ain't got a horror story," she mutters after a moment. "'F they don't, they'll get one 'fore long. 'S just how th'world works."

"And that's why I refused you a beer earlier." Nicholas says to Amy with a sage nod. "Lemme think…who doesn't have a horror story." His speech is becoming a bit slurred at this point. "Nope, can't think of anyone. We're all ten shades of messed up here. Just some of us are darker shades of black than others. I think I'm a nice onyxy black. I'm shiney. Not really."

Amunet just rubs at her nose a small bit, "Umm Shane? I'm gonna head back to the room. I'll have the dampener on, I figure you're gonna need sleep after dragging him back to his room. I'll see you tomorrow -k-?"

Amy waves her hands towards Amunet and then says, "Yeah, have a good night." She smiles slightly, seeming a bit relaxed again, "Yeah, lots of messed up people, but I think everyone anywhere is a little bit messed up. Being not messed up is hard. I just hope I'll be messed up in interesting ways… my parents dying, though, that's not interesting…"

Amunet hops up and moves over to where Nich had dropped her bag. Picking it up and slinging itback over her shoulder. Seeming to think for a moment before muttering, "Thanks nich. See you tomorrow Amy." Giving the girl a small smile with a hint of the dimples on her cheeks before she turns to head back at a light jog, "Figures one of my favorite places is out in the back forty."

Shane snorts. "Later, Amunet," is all Shane says, before looking back to the drunk and the stoned, blowing a lock of hair away from her face. After a moment's uncomfortable silence, she shrugs to herself, pulling a Vita from her kangaroo pocket and flipping it on.

Nicholas lies down on his blanket and puts a hand on his head. "My head is starting to spin a bit. I drank to much." He waves at the leaving Amunet then looks down at the last two beers. "What the heck do I do with these, I can't just throw them into a trash can and I don't want to hide them in my room….I'm awesome at thinking things through. And that girl, Amunet….how's it rooming with her Shane?"

"Oh, just like… leave them out here, I guess. Maybe burry them like you're a chipmunk or something, scurrying away nuts for the winter, except instead of nuts, it's beer. Actually, do chipmunks do that? Squirrels do, but squirrels are too obvious…" says Amy, nodding a few times slowly, "Yeah, how is it? Probably not better than me. I was like. The best roommate possible."

Shane snorts, choosing not to voice her opinion of Amy as a roommate, instead nodding at the pile of cans. "Give'm here," she grunts, sitting back and looking up at the sky. "S'okay. Keeps t'herself, fine f'r me. Kinda stupid 'bout computers, but whatever. She sews an' she don't steal my clothes. Can't complain I guess."

Nicholas isn't worried about the pile of cans, he's worried about the two full cans so that's what he hands to Shane. "Here. The empty ones I was just gonna crush down my brain. Wait, why I don't just empty those two into the woods and crush those down. I figured I could throw away those no problem." He looks over at Amy. "Sorry I made you cry blood."

"What? It's okay, I cry a lot of blood and stuff, it's just the way it is, you know? The first few tears are always blood, it just gets all up in the ducts you know?" says Amy, nodding her head slowly. "And that sounds fine. My new roommate is that telekinetic girl who can't see. She's alright. Not as great as my original roommie, am I right?" She puts out her hand for a high five lazily, grinning lopsidedly.

Shane, being rather a good distance away from Amy and Nick, looks up, arches an eyebrow, and mimes a fistbump in the air. Putting the Vita aside as the full cans float her way, she pops the tab open and empties them out near her, very careful to only hold the bottom of the can each time, flattening them a bit by bashing them against a nearby rock. Seems someone has no dsire whatsoever to get *touched* by the cheap, horrible beer.

Nicholas stands up and grabs his backpack then uses his telekinesis to squish the remaining cans into a ball. "Alright well, I think I'm gonna go wander back to the school and try to sleep some of this off. I also gotta take a leak really bad. Thanks, for keeping my weakness out here a secret."

"Yeaaah, if you keep my secret a secret, I'll keep your secret secret too," says Amy, smiling slightly towards Nicholas, "You have a good night, Nick, have a good pee and a good sleep."

Shane looks up, raising an eyebrow at Nick. Holding the flattened cans in both hands, she draws in a deep breath as her hands start to flush. A brief glow, and a sharp *CRACK!* later, the cans are a compressed, irregular ball. "…Fuckow," she hisses, dropping the ball and sucking on a cut newly appeared on her palm. "Shrapnel… dammit." Looking up, she shrugs, nodding her head up one to Nick. "'Night, Dude. OUghta hit bed m'self I guess."

"Oh, you're heading to bed too, Shane? I think… I'm gonna stay out a little bit longer," says Amy, glancing about as everyone else has left. She has come out to be alone, and while she is usually a bit of a social butterfly, she still wants that short while of solitude.

Shane gets to her feet, tossing the pellet aside, nodding. "Know th'feelin'. Later, Amy… Sorry f'r bargin' in 'n all." And with that Shane turns, clomping her way unsteadily through the forest toward the Mansion… using her Vita, apparently, as a flashlight.

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