2009-05-29: Getting Things Together


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Summary: Kage introduces Toad to Kas and Paul.

Date: May 28, 2009

Log Title Getting Things Together

Rating: PG-13

NYC - The Plaza - Kage's Penthouse

When you first walk into Kage's Penthouse there is a short hallway that leads into a bigger living area. Victorian style furniture decorates the room and an elegant carpet sits on the floor. Everything seems to be polished and well maintained. There is a fireplace with a well crafted mantle that various sculptures and pieces or art are displayed. All around the room tables and shelves display rare books, interesting pieces of art, and decorative lamps. The main focus of the main room is the large painting above the mantle, an authentic Monet painting of Water Lilies. Large glass windows leading to a balcony, give a beautiful display of Central Park. There is a small kitchen seperated from the main room by a small bar. A curved staircase is on the side of the room that leads up to two door ways.

Wherever Toad's been, he's been busy. That's all anyone needs to know for now. He's never too busy to check his 'messages', though, and that's how he came to learn that Kage needed to speak with him. Within a twenty-four hour period of the message being sent, the amphibious is on his way up the side of the building where his fellow Brotherhoodlum lives. In the cover of night, he hops onto the balcony and taps on the glass.

At the same time Kage sent a 'message' to Toad, he actually told Kas and Paul where to find him which is something he very rarely does. He has a bottle of whiskey ready for Toad and a bottle of rum ready for Kas and Paul when they show up, for himself, a chilled bottle of Pino Griggio. At the tap on the door, Kage, dressed in a nice pair of paints and a loose fitting shirt with ruffled on the end of the sleeves, and no make up so he actually looks less like a woman, he walks over and opens the door. "Hello Toad." He mutters sounding upset.

As usual, Kas dresses himself identically to his twin. "Remember. Be good." He says, softly, to Paul before they get to the door, knocking softly. He stands calmly, without a fidget. Unlike his brother, Kas knows that there are times when one simply has to wait for things to happen to them. Their last mission was a success. Everything went off without a hitch. these new powers work well.

Paul just pouts as Kas tells him to be good. "I'll try," he mutters, leaning on his brother. He's dressed indentically of course but holds himself more casually. He scowls at the door, resisting the urge to just smash it off the hinges. Even if the powers work well, he wants his old ones back.

Toad squints at Kage when the door's opened and immediately heads for the bar. "Wussit, then," he starts to say, then blinks when there's a knock at the front door. His hand pauses on the whiskey bottle as he wonders if he should just jump backwards and head back onto the balcony.

Kage is hoping that it's Kas and Paul at the door as he can't feel anyone's life force and he doesn't like it one bit. "Hello Toad, there are a few things I would like to discuss with you first is meeting to aquantances of mine." He says as he goes to open the door. "Greetings Kas, Paul, this is Toad." He says leading them in. "Toad, this is Kas and Paul they're helping me solve a little…problem."

Tilting his head as he looks over at Toad, Kas gives a bit of a grimace before shaking his head. "Of course, Kage." He says with a quick nod. "Everything is already in place. It's… simple to toy with them." He laughs softly, saying no more about it until Kage does. Squeezing his brother's hand, Kas steps fully into the apartment and glances around with a nod. Nice.

Paul blinks and looks around for an actual toad. "You keep a pet?" he seems confused by this. When the man realizes it's a man being spoken of, he looks annoyed for a moment before offering a short wave Toad's way. He squeezes his twin's hand back and follows along, not really caring about the apartment.

Toad arches a brow at Kage, then peers at the twins with a deep frown. That suspicious glare of his doesn't go away, even after he takes a swig of the whiskey. "What's he on about," he grumbles and settles on a bar stool. His legs pull all the way up to touch the cushion of the stool.

Kage glares in Paul's direction. "Toad is not a pet, Toad is one of the orginal followers of Magneto." He spits out at him. He may think Toad is vile but at least Toad knows where mutants stand. "They're helping me with my problem. You see there was something going around stealing powers and I was…unfortunate. Now I have something else but I want to get back what was stolen from me. I asked for their help and I figured I'd as you too since you still have what you're comfortable with." Kage then turns to Kas and Paul and nods. "Thank you, I have the data feeds coming back here, we can go over them in a bit. Where exactly did you plant them?"

"Less likely places. The war rooms were too well guarded in each. But, the kitchens, dining rooms… a few general gathering areas… living areas… those were not guarded at all." Kas says with a grin. He looks to Toad. Despite Toad's appearance, he will at least treat him like a… well, like a person. "Forgive my brother. He's a little bit different."

Paul scowls at Kage, metal objects rattling as Paul squeezes Kas' hand again. "I thought you were talking about an animal, not a person," he grumbles.

Toad chuffs at the twins, but listens intently to what they say. It definitely sounds like they have something going on. "Heard about it," he mumbles from behind the whiskey bottle. "What powers got palmed off on you?" He squints at Paul and Kas. "On them?"

Kage looks at Paul. "Please don't destroy anything in here Paul, I know I blasted things in your apartment but I have a lot of irreplacable pieces here." Most things are one of kind stolen art pieces. "I don't know whose I have but I have some sort of energy blasts. They're devistating but not mine." He says with a sigh. "Thanks Kas, if the Avengers say anything about what's going on we'll know. And then Paul, you can kill them."

"I don't know. But I find this power to work well with my… finesse." Kas says with a half a grin as he holds himself back. "Though, I shall not exercise it here. I do not wish to make Kage fly into a rage, or anything of that nature." He chuckles softly, nodding. "Kas will remain calm. I can hold him in check moreso now than ever."

Paul just continues to scowl, rather annoyed. "I'm keeping a couple of them," he grumbles. He leans back against Kas and shrugs. "I got magnet powers like Magneto," he says. He then looks at Kas and makes a little noise before leaning his head on his shoulder.

Toad maintains his deadpan frown, like an unimpressed British judge. "Sounds like you got it all wound tight, so what am I here for?"

"You're here because I need your help. You can get into places I cannnot. You're a theif like me Toad." Kage states simply. "You're also here because we're Brothers and someone has been stealing powers from Mutants and I think they should pay for treating us like that." He says as he actually thinks Toad will be able to help a lot in futher recon type missions since Kage doesn't have his normal powers. Kas though gets a suspicious look at his last comment.

"Empathy." Kas says with a shrug. He won't deny it. He gives a soft grin. "Though, I did not mess with your emotions the other day. Only my brother's." Did he? Maybe. Maybe not. He moves to seat himself as he waits for the others. "I still have no idea who it was. Only that he was green."

Paul sits right next to Kas, leaning on him again. "Wish I could've torn that green bastard's head right off with my bare hands," he growls, punching his palm.

Toad chuffs again, this time at Kage's words. "There's bigger shit in the word than having someone else's powers palmed off on you." Not that he wouldn't be pissed if he had his mutancy switched. It all depends on what it was switched with. "Least you still got something to work with. Least you ain't in a fuckin' cell somewhere lookin' to rot regardless of what you got." He squints, "More of that after the fact," then folds his arms across his chest. "Now get on with the need, 'cause the Brotherhood's got bigger fish to fry after all's said and done here." Wherever Mortimer's been, he's been busy.

"Well I'm not frying any fish until I get my powers back." Kage huffs as he's a very selfish person and he likes to get what he wants and right now his want is his powers back. "I can't work with this, and you know I'd kill them before they could put me in a cell somewhere." He looks at Kas and nods. "I'll be checking the data and when I have a lead I'll let you, all three of you, know."

"Of course. Just keep us in the loop and we'll be glad to do our part." Kas enjoys manipulating people, while Paul… he's just the brute. He moves slightly to place his arm over Paul's shoulder. He doesn't really have anything else to add right now, though.

Paul nods slowly but scoffs. "Nobody can put me in a cell. I beat one of those X-men chicks and an Avenger kid," he says, puffing his chest out a bit. He remains otherwise quiet though.

Toad just shakes his head at the three of them. "Right," he gruffs and slides off the stool with the whiskey bottle in hand. "You know how to whistle. Do it with a bit more of a pitch next time." In other words, send more information in the next message. Mort heads for the balcony and doesn't even stop to give a farewell. He's over the edge with only a fraction of a second to prepare himself.

Kage shrugs as Toad leave as it seems to be what usually happens between the two. "Thank you for your help, would either of you like a drink? I have some rum and a chilled bottle of Pino Griggo if either of you are interested?" He offeres trying to be polite.

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