2010-04-12: Getting To Know James


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Summary: Kenta decides to meet with James, Jono joins in the convo.

Date: April 12, 2010

Getting To Know James

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Music Room

The music room has four levels of tiers that each sit one row in a semi circle. On the floor in the semi circle is grand piano. There is a large closet on either side of the room, one filled with string instruments and the other filled with various wind and brass instruments. There are a few guitars in the back of the room next to a large variety of percussion instruments. All the instruments here are for the students to use provided they take care of them and clean any necessary parts after they use it. The room is sound proof, so once the door is closed, the music being played will not interrupt the other classrooms.

Well the music room has been damaged, and someone decided in their infinite wisdom to rip his guitar cable for reasons unknown to him. "Ya know, I don't care if you destroy the room but my guitar stuff, fucking ass." Kenta says to himself as he's clean up so that way repairs can begin. There are chairs stacked up in the area of the room that isn't damaged and he's sweeping up the mess that he can at the moment.

From down the hallway, James' cringes as his ears pick up the music teacher talking about an event the hyena was partially at fault for. He nearly turns around and heads back in the other direction, but at the last second inhales deeply and continues on his way to "meet the new guy." Arriving at the door he gently raps his claws against the frame. *KNOCK*KNOCK*KNOCK!* Hmmm, didn't think it would be that loud. When Kenta takes notice, James clears his voice and says, "I'm told I needed to see you?" His ears pin back a little.

Kenta hears the knocking and the voice, not recognizing immediately, and stops what he's doing and turn. "Ah you must be James, I'm Kenta." He says walking over with his hand out. "Not really needed but I did want to talk to ya if you don't mind. How ya feeling?" He asks as he hasn't heard the gorey details of what went down just knows a bit of what Lucas told him.

James takes the hand in his oversized paw and give it a light shake. There's a shrug, and the hyena states, "Ehhh…feeling guilty. But…you know. Also, waiting to hear back about when they wanna scan me and stuff." he makes quotes with his fingers, "Jono thinks I've gone 'round the bend.'" Of course, 24 hours ago, James basically agreed too. But he's slept sicne then. So now he's in a different mindset. He looks at the wall, a grim reminder of Sunday night, "Sorry about the room."

"Eh, it's Xavier's, it's meant to get destroyed. I'm more pissed about my guitar cable than the room. I'll just have to pick up another one." Kenta says grabbing a chair and sitting in it backwards. "I talked to Lucas, he seems pretty concerned about Jono on the team and wanting him out. I wanted to get your opinion on that as well." Kenta says as he's not really trying to pry as much as get things settled.

"That brilliant idea would be Theo's," James says as he's more than happy to put some blame on the new kid. Not knowing medical, James hasn't a clue about what the strange little kid was planning, but…hey…at least Kenta knows 'this' part of the ordeal wasn't because of the beast. He pulls up and chair and sits down, putting a leg up into his lap. His eyes look over at the dent, more out of discomfort of the subject than to avoid the teacher's gaze, "I dunno. I've got concerns. I think Jono needs scanned just as much as I do. But no one is listening." There's a sigh, eyes back to Kenta, "What do you think?"

"I think something caused a fight between two good friends and that Lucas is willing to take the blame for the whole thing. I think that there is a lot going on that I don't know but something needs to be done or there's gonna be another fight, between who, I'm not sure." From the little bit Kenta has figured out about Lucas is the boy has issues, and if James does too, well, that's not fun. "In regards to Jono, well I get along well with him but Sinister messed with him and people are never the same after that. Trust me, when someone messes with your mind and uses you like a lab rat, things are never the same after that." And if James notices, there is a number on Kenta's forearm in the same weird black that the rest of his 'tattoos' are. "What I wanna know is what caused this fight."

James doesn't notice the tattoo, but he does hear what Kenta is saying. "That's what I'm trying to tell everyone." His voice, exasperated, as if he's been yelling that bit at a brick wall for ages, "But no one is listening. Jono needs a scan just as much as I do." The hyena clicks his tongue, "Lucas called me a liar. Said I had people in my head." He sticks his lower jaw out, "I'm not a liar. 'Funny'…yeah. Liar, no." He continues on, "He got up in my face, was poking me..then Theo started fucking around…and I lost it." A large amount of air escapes Spotty's nose, "It was my fault. Not Lucas. He was defenting himself…from me."

"Well I made a deal with Lucas so I'm not going to be punishing you for this." Kenta says as he's not going to go back on his word with Lucas. Even with a teenager, he's not going to do that. "So you beat up your friend for calling you a liar?" He raises his eyebrow and leaves it at that. Hoping that James realizes how ridiculous it sounds. "The other thing I want to talk to you about, do you think you can work with Jono?"

James' ears do the sideways thing. Yeah, he thinks it's as ridiculous it sounds, "It didn't start out like that. It kinda…escalated. He started taking his gloves off and I reacted. It was kinda a blur." The gnoll looks back over at the wall this time away from Kenta, "Jono's right, you know Something 'is' wrong." DING! Record time for a realization. Maybe there is hope? There's a prerequisite teen shrug and sigh, "Depends." On Jono. "I wanna know what Addison finds first. With him and me. I mean.." and with that James looks back at Kenta, hands cupping with his claws points in the air, "I unerstand he thinks he's helping. But he needs help to. You said it yourself, Sinister and all. And he messed with me while he was under Sinister's control." The gnoll's arms cross, "Jono and I used to be good friends. I'd like to get that back. So, yeah…I can work with him as long as I know 'someone' is watching him and can be a voice of reason."

Kenta reaches out and puts a hand on James's upper arm and nods. "Okay, well just as long as I don't have you trying to kill Lucas again. And…just go visit him, I think he'd like to see you." Kenta says as he could tell Lucas had no ill will towards his friend., "And I'll talk to Jono if you want, see if we can get him some help too, make sure everything is okay. This place….it's good to hold onto your friends. We are family here, a weird fucked up family but we can't be killing each other when the next villain is trying to do that."

James is sitting, somewhat sprawled, in a chair across from Kenta. With his arms still crossed he nods, "Yeah…I'm starting to realize that. The last 48 hours have made me kinda wonder about this place. It's seriously fucked up. But Julian said something that kinda hit home. Like, what if I did this to a human. I'd be a rug. So, it's better I'm here, I guess." Unaware that Jono is probably nearby, the creature too busy in his own thoughts to sense him out, James continues, "Well, I told him if he doesn't get scanned. I'm not either. And I mean that." There's an unkind look, "I still think something's wrong with him too." For what it's worth, Jono just missed James admitting that the man was…right!

Drat his timing then. Jonothon pauses just outside, listening to this. He hasn't heard much, but he does catch the 'if he doesn't get scanned' part. Which has the man motioning a sigh. «James, I did get scanned.» Where do the kids get their ideas? «Addison gave me a full scan twice. First time to set my mind free of Sinister, and then a second when I went back to undo that bollocks no touching thing.» The Brit has a guitar case in one hand, but is otherwise wearing his normal attire. As in black. Today is a little nicer than average. Nice shirt and pants. Got his clumpy boots on though, and it's amazing James didn't pick up on his arrive. Dark eyes shift to Kenta. «Bad time? Should I come back later?»

The music room is a mess at the moment and Kenta has been cleaning but he's taking a break. "Nah, not a bad time, maybe a good time for all us to sit down and chat for a bit. I was just trying to find out what happened that sent Lucas into the medbay and I think I know now." Kenta says with a nod as he pushes his hair back. It's hard to tell if he's looking at James or Jono with those eyes of his. "This place is a mix or good and bad, but I'll say this, even if you leave, shit still happens. We can't escape what we are James, for better or for worse." It's the truth. "So now that the three of us are here, what do we do to make sure we work as a team?"

James fuzzes out a little, ears alert, eyes widening as his lips pull back to show off all those bright white teeth. In a word: surprised. He's silent for a moment, looking off to the side as Jono explains the scanning thing and looks unhappy to hear that he might be wrong. Or that maybe Addison stole Jono's brain too. Grump! But, with a shrug he answers the question that Kenta already had, "No…it's fine." He turns to watch the brit enter, only turning back as Kenta speaks, "Yeah…I know…and even if I stayed in Indiana, it would only be a matter of time before something happened." Like it or not, this is his homefor nowand he's slowly admitting that to himself. On the team, the suggestion rings true, "Kick off Tara and Zack. Not so much Marshall. He can fight."

Jonothon enters slowly, not all that certain where this came from, and he leans down to place his guitar case in an out of the way spot. «Work as a team? You lost me, mate.» He's no idea Lucas has been running around saying the things he is. Approaching the pair, Jono tilts his head at James, «You okay?» And here he was thinking they'd worked a couple things out yesterday. And yes, the Brit has his face back. «James..» Chiding for kicking off Tara and Zack. So not happening. «The whole point of the squads is to having to learn to work together.»

"Okay, we can't exactly kick of Tara and Zack. That's not my call." Well that's not entirely true but Kenta or Jono can make that call if something drastic happens, which hasn't happened with either of them. "But what's your issue with Tara and Zack?" He's just wondering is all and maybe giving James a chance to vent will help. "This is my first time leading a team like this, so there's a lot of learning for all of us."

James shrugs to Jono's question, "Well enough given the past 4 months." Kenta interrupts any more of that sorta speak. So, he responds, using it as a distraction, with, "Just don't like them. We could be a much better team with out her attitude and Zack's 'durrrp.'" Yeah, because James provides enough of that already. "I haven't liked either of them from day one. And i consider myself a great judge of character." Deft nod to that.

The shrug has James' ear carefully tweaked. You know, for a guy that's supposedly trying to get James in a lot of trouble, that sure was a fond gesture. Jonothon doesn't ask again, but the tweak says the shrug wasn't enough. Pot calling the kettle black, yeah. Oh wait, he's already in black. «You could have a better attitude too, mate.» He reminds the teen. «I think it's more that the team's changed and he's not comfortable with that.» Explaining to Kenta, for all Jono could be wrong. «Summers makes the teams, James, and he has reason for what he does.» Jono's pretty sure it's done to make things difficult for the kids.

"Sorry dude." Kenta says with a shrug. "That's not a good enough reason so you're stuck with Tara and Zack." Who he has to meet, well more than briefly. He nods at Jono's words but right now, he more wants to hear what the kids have to say. "And yup, Jono's right, Summers makes the teams. Just think, it's three times a week, you don't have to be friends with these people but ya gotta work with them."

James narrows his eyes at the ear tweak, but he doesn't move away. Which is hyena for 'it's alright.' "I could," he responds to Jono, "But who would keep you in line?" Smile at that…first real joke in 24 hours. "And, yeah…I'm not. I don't like either of them, and I don't trust them to do anything but get me hurt when things really happen." He glowers a little, "Well, at least you're both stuck with me. I'm not leaving the team. Obviously, with that sorta lineup, you need someone with my expertise!"

Since there's no moving away that hand drops to James' shoulder. Jonothon grips and then lets his hand drop. «You could try it with a better attitude.» He says with a smirk. Not angry about it though. Very glad that a joke has been made. «James, I know it feels like bollocks, but the point of putting new people on Squads is so that the experienced members can help show them ropes. They'd get up to speed if you helped them do so.» This whole logic thing sucks, doesn't it? Jono moves away to find a chair and drag it over. «Glad you're not leaving. Mate, think you could try? Like Kenta said, you don't have to like them. Don't have to spend time with them outside three hours a week, but during those hours you have to work with them.»

Kenta stands up and walks over to the window throwing it open, he can't help it as he lights up. "Don't tell Summers I smoke out the windows." Which he does. "But ya see, you said so yourself, you expertise is needed on the team." If he's being serious or joking, the second is probably correct. "I'm glad your not leaving too, now do you want me to talk to Lucas or do you want to? Cause he seemed pretty adamant about Jono last night."

James bumps Jono with his shoulder as the man passes. Just like old times…just more tense. And a lot more near deaths. The hyena makes some grumbling sounds, and hmphs, with a shrug. But, it's not a 'no.' And he 'is' coming around a 'little.' The creature watches Jono sit, and then Kenta light up. He screws up his face a little, obviously not fond of the smell. But he says nothing. "I'll talk to him…it's better that way. I need to apologize any ways." He snaps his jaw shut, looking at the floor, "Any idea how I do that? I did hurt him pretty bad."

«Christ.» This as he hears Lucas mentioned, «What the hell is that bloody idiot saying?» Jonothon's gone and created a monster. The bump earns James a smile, and the chair is turned around before the Brit sits in it. Arms are draped over the front. How to apologize? «Tell him you aren't leaving the team?» That seems to be a big issue going around. «Really though, what's he saying? I am trying really hard not to be surprised over how out of proportion he's made all of this.» It's not great, but geez, this is hardly end of the world.

"He didn't really say much to me, just that there was a fight and that it was 'Jimmy's issue'." Kenta says with a shrug. "Just apologize, honestly, I don't think he's made at you James. He seemed pretty worried about you though." He says to the Hyena teen as he tries to hurry through his cigarette. Kenta's just got a horrible habit and with all the serious convo, he couldn't keep his addiction in check. "And like Jono said, tell him you aren't leaving the team."

James frowns at the summery of Lucas' adventures, "There was something else, though. He was already on edge. I could smell it. But he got pushy and I reacted badly." It's an admission of guilt. Maybe he can be taught! "And yeah…" He sighs, looking at the floor, "Him and I will have a talk. Most days I think he and I are the only two friends we've got." Aside from Rashmi and Robyn of course. "He's got a lot going on. And I only made it worse," the gnoll finishes, as he starts steering the conversation down hill.

«It's probably what I told him.» Having no idea what Lucas was really up to before the fight. Being a telepath doesn't make one omniscient. Close to James, and leaning forward, Jonothon tilts his head at James, «Just expect him to be on edge again, okay? Don't get into another fight.» Could happen so easily. «What? I don't count any more?» Rashmi and Robyn don't either? No, not upset. He knows it's just James being a teen-ager.

"Lucas has a lot going on, I can tell that." Kenta says with a shrug. "I'm not gonna force him to open up." He's already come up with a lot of theories on Lucas but he's not about to vocalize them. That's for him to work out with Lucas, if the chaotic teen will let him. "But if you two do fight like that again, I will be stepping it and both of you will get in trouble. This time you're lucky James where Lucas stepped in and made that deal with me."

"I try… Theo put me on edge. He smelled like fear. Just kinda went down from there," the hyena admits, adding the new detail to the story. And, really, if nothing else, James can be overly honest at times. Probably part of his being him. So, at Jono's question the teen shrugs and nods a lot, "We're trying.." It's in response to him and Jono. "I just…need to ask Addison some things and maybe after the scan things will be like they used to." Cryptic, eh? His eyes flash very to Kenta, "What deal!" It's more of a declarative statement and less of a question, "He did something stupid didn't he?" Frown at that. At least, in the eyes.

Jonothon can't say he likes it, but he accepts what James says. A scan by Addison and maybe things will return to what they used to be. No, he's sure they won't, but he would like them to get better. For that alone he lets James have his trust. Yes, he's fairly sure he'll pay for it. «Alright, mate.» Doesn't look all that happy, but he keeps it fairly neutral. With such a limited scent it has to be difficult to tell what he feels by his scent. «Lucas likes to make deals apparently. Bloody idiot.» A roll of eyes there.

Kenta grins and shrugs. "Well lets just say he took a punishment that he has to meet with me once a week while you're off the hook, with me, for now." Kenta says as he finishes up his cigarette and tosses it out the window before going back to join Jono and James in sitting. "I'll talk to you later about it Jono, and I dunno, right now, he might be a bloody idiot but I think what I have planned will help him out in the long run. Alright kids, I gotta get going, I gotta make sure Armande's sleeping still so I can get him up for school tomorrow. James, you ever need anything from me, just ask. And Jono, I'll meet with you soon, and drag your ass to the music store with me. I need a new fucking guitar cable." He grumbles. "I swear, you guys are lucky it was just the cable, if you hurt my guitar, you'd all, all three of you, would be spending a month in those holding cells." Kenta warns, is he joking or just that serious about his guitar, it's hard to tell. "Good night guys."

James continues to frown, eyes furrowed, "Yeah…I get that about him." Arms crossed as he adds that up, "Idiot taking the fall for the guy that crushed him." Kenta's exit gets the hyena's attention for the moment as the squad leader packs it in, "Night Kenta. Thanks for seeing me. And I will, if I ned anything." Being that it's James, he'll be on fire first. He waves his large paw at the music teacher.

«Cheers.» A good bye, yet also confirmation about talking and the music store. Jonothon nods, for he loves music stores. Really. The kids are bloody lucky that it was only that indeed. Jono is fairly sure he'd strange them himself otherwise. After that though he looks to James. «You don't have to stay.» Said with a curious tilt of the head. He would talk to James if the other wanted, but neither does he want to trap the hyena here.

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