2011-06-03: Getting To Know The Roomie


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Summary: It's Friday night and the Rec Room is popular at the X Mansion. Tyler was there sketching away when Kieran popped in to relax with his music and the new room mates got to know each other a bit better.

Date: June 3, 2011

Log Title: Getting to know the roomie

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion- Recreation Room

//What was once the Parlor has been turned into a Recreation Room for the students. A nice plush carpet meets the light blue walls giving it a homey feel. A pool table at one end, a foos ball table at the other, and entertainment center with video game systems, movies, and of course, cable TV. Big comfy chairs and couches surround a coffee table for comfortable loafing. Long glass windows with a pair of French doors line one side of the room bringing in plenty of light during the day. The main rule in here is to clean up after yourself. //

It's after the dinner hour Friday night at the Xavier mansion. Some students are studying, others are working out in the gym, many are wandering around the grounds and handfuls are spread about various rooms in the main building engaged in leisurely pursuits. One lounging teen in particular is Tyler who's dressed in a t-shirt, jeans and a pair of loosely tied skater shoes. He's sunk himself into one of the big comfy chairs in the room and is currently sketching away with a charcoal pencil into a sketchbook he's been carrying around all day. Might as well hang out and be social for the last few hours before everyone had to return to their dorm for the night.

Entering into the rec room, hair still damp from showering after a good work out and carrying a folder under his arm as he makes his way towards one of those big comfy chairs humming softly to himself and not really paying a whole lot of attention right now, Kieran's the epitome of distracted. He doesn't so much as look around until he flops down into the chair and lets out a bit of a sigh, body melting a bit into the chair as it were.

The sound of scratching pencil upon paper stills. Peering up from his latest sketch Tyler notices that his room mate has sunk into a nearby chair. "Hey, Kieran." Setting a finger between pages he flips the cover of the sketchbook over that finger to hold his place. "Everything alright?"

"Yeah. Just tired. Running low on juice." Kieran says laughing a little bit at that,"Still have to look over some sheet music my mom sent me. Supposed to review it and be able to find what she did with it and then be able to perform it on my guitar when I get home." He says grimacing a bit and holding up the folder,"How're you?"

"Are you learning it for fun or a gig or something?" Tyler asks crossing his feet out in front of him as there's no one around to trip over his legs. "I'm not doing too bad all things considered, thank you for asking. I'm just goofing off for a bit and thinking about the squad practice next week." Slipping his finger free from the sketch book Tyler tucks it against the arm of the chair. "Have you gone through a training session already?"

"Yep. I had one with Cloud Rosen a bit ago. Just… ugh. Spider bits all over me and german shepherd sized flying spiders…" Kieran says shuddering a bit in remembrance,"And it's because she wants me to? I don't really like the stuff she writes. It's usually technically good but boring and uninteresting. She's not very good to be honest. So it's never hard for me to learn what she's written. So you're from Cincy too?" He asks the last bit curiously.

Tyler shivers at the mere thought of spiders let alone ones of that size. "I hope we're not in store for something similar. Eugh, I guess it could be worse than that." A few students come and go playing games on one side of the room or having found someone they were looking for. Tyler shifts in his chair bringing one leg up to bend and hold onto his ankle. "So you're basically having a mother and son jam session. Do you compose at all? Oh, yeah, been in the 'Natti since I was a baby pretty much. Couldn't believe it when I showed up here and they said that we were roomed together and you're from there as well. Kinda a stroke of luck. Least we can talk about where we're from and make fun of the Bengals."

"Yes, I do a little bit. And it is mother and sons. My brothers will all have had to learn it as well for their varying instruments." Kieran says shrugging a little bit,"You mean the Bungles?" He asks grinning broadly,"I have three brothers. All of us play at least one instrument, even if only tolerably well." He says casually with a bit of a shrug,"I have a pretty big family I guess. We live in the suburbs, over by Antoninus."

"Wow, must be neat to have a musical family. Get to share all of that together. Pretty awesome!" Tyler beams a smile Kierans way and nods emphatically about the football team. "What do they play? You're guitar obviously…" The artist pulls his pencil free from the sketch book to twirl about between his fingers for something to do with his hands as he looks thoughtful. "Antoninus…" mumbling that as if trying to place the location. "I don't think that's very far from where I live actually. My parents have thought of moving further out of the city but there's no way they'd pass up reduced rent."

"Guitar and piano, actually." Kieran says grinning a little bit,"Well let's see, Sean can play the piano tolerably, Tim's not bad on the violin, and Brian's incredible on the violin, but can also play piano, guitar, and tin whistle." He says laughing a little bit,"It's out past Covedale. I lived not too far from Anderson Ferry Road." He says trying to help place where he lives,"Brian's the most musical of us. Although he only took up guitar because of me. Only instrument I can say I am /definitely/ better at than him." He adds with a chuckle,"Where are you from?"

Tyler wonders what it would be like to have siblings as he's an only child. "Must be one hell of a party when you all get to playing. I don't have a musical bone in my body. Sure I've got pretty good taste in music I think but I can't play a thing. No doubt I'll get to hear you practice if you bring your axe up to the room." How best to explain where he's from as he has a better idea of whereabouts your family resides. "Are you familiar with St. Martins? Our apartment building is a couple of streets over and back. My Dad teaches over at Cheviot Elementary School. Actually, if you know the street there's a United Dairy Farmers on St.Martin Place. If you're in their parking lot just head directly across from it down that street and you'd run into the complex eventually."

"I've been there before. St Martin's occasionally sends some kids to Elder and I went there with the Elder Glee Club when one of the kid's grandpa passed away." Kieran says nodding his head a bit,"I know Cheviot fairly well. I don't go there often because we have a pretty nice neighborhood." Kieran says absently, before he nods,"Well actually my acoustic's up there but I don't usually play in the room too often because it might bother people when I get the muse. So I usually take it down to the Quad to play."

"There are good places scattered about. I tend not to be outside all that often between helping my parents, and working on my painting." Tyler's not the sort to be out in the neighborhood park, or walking the streets heading towards the Wendy's at the corner or causing chaos in the apartment complex. "Hmm, I may have to go out to the Quad to have a chance at hearing you play. So strange that we lived so close and yet meet here." Chuckles a bit, "I bet we've been in a Skyline at the same time or at that big electronics and dvd place. I can't believe I've forgotten the name of it. Anyways….I don't know how you go about asking people about what their powers are and I don't want to be rude but we're rooming together and on the Paragons so I thought I'd ask before we blew each other up or needed to work together in the training situation."

"You can just ask me?" Kieran says laughing,"My powers are electrical generation and electromagnetic manipulation. Basically I work through manipulating currents in electrons I guess. I don't really grasp much of the physics but it can be useful. I'm still pretty weak in comparison to what people think of. Not like I can go around hurling lightning bolts or moving a bridge or anything." He says as he looks about,"Possibly. We'd go to the Skyline actually by where I went to school over on Warsaw, or the one on Glenway. However, we always go the Boudinot LaRosa's. Man. Skyline, not a huge deal, but I miss my LaRosa's!" He says laughing a bit.

Tyler appears sheepish, "I could, yeah. Heh. Not Pikachu for you're not yellow and about a foot tall, and not Thor either, hmm…" Fingers run through his hair a moment before he snaps his fingers, "Do you tase people? That could come in handy." He's partially serious but as with anything Tyler says he's also poking a bit of fun into it. "I miss LaRosa's too. My gran and I would argue about whether we wanted a calzone or a pizza all the time. It was a weekend thing for us but I bet my parents will keep taking her." Shifting about in the chair again Tyler sits up straighter and plants his feet firmly on the floor so he isn't slouching any longer. "I should tell you what I can do because you need to know a bit just to keep safe." Sounds rather ominous but it's not when he throws in a quirky smile. "I can fire off energy blasts but I try not to do that. I've not had much practice with it yet. That's not the part you need to know about though. See, I have this cosmic form. Not hard to miss as I appear sorta like a human shaped nebula or something. Whatever you do DON'T get near me like that. I'm worse than frosty."

"Cold like the vast cold of space?" Kieran asks curiously,"And if you call me Pikachu, I reserve the right to use all the power I have to shock you into your senses." Kieran says changing subjects again and grinning broadly,"As for tasing, yeah. I don't really suffer energy loss when I try and tase people. So far it's kind of like a Sith lord the way I release my bolts." He says laughing a bit at that,"Just so you know… My electrical powers aren't completely under control. I touch people and I can shock you ranging from a little jolt like most get up through enough power to knock a normal person out."

Tyler shakes his head, "Not that bad but pretty damn awful. I'd have to print out what the tests read on me. I remember it being -100 something. Don't worry about me calling you anything funny. I'm not like that at all." At least you weren't offended by him poking a little fun about the powers initially. "Oh great, I'm roomies with Emperor Palpie!" Laughing he picks up his sketchbook from between the arm of the couch and the cushion before it sinks further into the chair. "I truly hope that neither of us accidentally hurt the other. At least if you zot me I'll eventually get up. I'd rather not know what would happen if you came in contact with my aura or whatever."

"I wish! I don't have his juice." Kieran says laughing even more,"Dude, as long as it's all in good fun then I'll take anything. Sean used to tease me about things all the time. If I was really thinned skin I would have had a nervous breakdown. I don't tease Brian or Tim much cause well… Tim baffles me a little bit, and Brian… Well he looks up to me." He says considering this a little bit,"And you seem cool, so I'll risk coming in contact with your aura. Not like I go around wanting to hug folks that turn all dark and starry all the time."

"Alright," Tyler chuckles. "I joke around but try to get to know a person a bit more before I start picking on them. I'm kinda jealous that you have brothers to cut up with. I had a hard time in elementary school figuring out the whole social thing since I'm the on-liest one." People seem to be cleaning up their games and what not so time must be running short before curfew. "Thanks for thinking I'm cool. I think you're pretty alright yourself. I'm kinda glad that people can't get that close when I'm twinkling away. Saves me from getting poked to see if I'm actually there. That and I have space cooties don't you know?" Laughing as he stands Tyler pulls down his t-shirt then tucks his sketchpad underneath an arm while twirling his pencil between the fingers of one hand. "Think curfew's about to get us. I'll walk back with you if you like. You can tell me more about your brothers, your music or whatever."

"I think everyone has a hard time figuring it out. Because siblings tend to get insular unless poked but my mom teaches music, so I had people coming and going from the house for awhile." Kieran says as he gets up and straightens the back of his shirt,"Well if you want some point soon I'll show you how I can play Clapton's music." He says laughing a bit,"Maybe you can help introduce Kevin to real music. He's never known anything other than his church's music."

Tyler nods in understanding. "Hey, you've got good taste." Looks like the rec room is about empty as the pair head out into the hall towards the dorms. "I think you might want to see my collection before asking me to help your brother out. I'm into a lot of the old classic rock but I do like bands like The Cure, Muse, Blue October, Mumford and Sons….erm…Cake. Into Korn, and some of the harder bands. Closet Santana fan."

"Not my brother. It's Kevin Parker-Mayfair, he's on our squad." Kieran says seriously,"He's a totally sheltered person, even though he has two dads now. The guy who raised him was a pastor or something." Kieran adds as he walks along,"I am into stuff ranging back to the fifties up through more modern stuff. Korn has a weird effect. It makes me tired quickly." He says laughing softly. "So whether it's all good or not, doesn't matter as much as it being something new."

Tyler smacks his hand to his face then drags it away slowly, "Sorry about that. I'd claim my brain is blitzed but I'm really bad at remembering things sometimes. Kevin on our team then? Maybe I can help him out since I've two dads myself." At the door Tyler jogs a few steps ahead to pull the heavy door open. "Korn was putting you to sleep? That's pretty funny actually. Maybe you can hit him with the old school and I can bring him into grunge and alternative."

"I can hit him with grunge too. There was a lot of good music in the 90s." Kieran says grinning a bit,"You'll have to see my iPod. My brother things it is really weird the variations in music that I have on it. I've had it go from Metallica to classical musical to J-Pop to Irish music and then back to something else entirely. I like music. Although no rap on here. Least not the gangsta rap. That stuff is meh."

"What? You don't appreciate the auto tune?" Tyler shakes his head laughing as the door falls shut behind them and they're now walking towards the dorms. "We'll do an iPod swap but I warn that my music is a bit all over the place too. There's some opera in there, bit of country, dance music and such. I've got all of Peter Gabriel's Passion Sources as well. SO….just to see if we're going to be compatible as roomies. Old Metallica or New Metallica? This question is worth all the marbles."

"Old Metallica." Kieran says seriously,"New Metallica is just a bunch of people trying to wring more money from their past. I mean they've written a few decent songs but it's not near the level they used to have. It's more about the money than the music." He says grimacing a little bit,"I like the remix of Cotton-Eye Joe?" He says laughing a bit,"Don't mind dance music and auto tune is how people who have little talent manage to get big."

Tyler places a hand over his heart and pretends to swoon a sigh of relief. "So glad we're on the same page there. I don't mind the Black album but after that it went to crap." The Cotton-Eye Joe got so overplayed like most of the big dance crazes do but at least it brings back fond memories of dancing like an idiot with friends. "Heh, kinda like when I heard the Black Eyed Peas live and any love I had for them died with Fergie opened her mouth. I don't mind if people can actually sing and use the auto tune for fun like Akon or TPain. TPain cracks me up."

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