2010-06-21: Getting to Know You


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Summary: Caleb and Sabina meet one of their teachers, James Madrox.

Date: June 21, 2010

Log Title Getting to Know You

Rating: PG-13

Barnes Academy - Classroom Two

A working lab facility, Classroom two is where practical work in physics, chemistry, forensics and a dozen other disciplines is performed. Given the volatile nature of some of some of the substances involved, this room as a double security door and even more safeguards than most of the modules.

Jamie stood at the front of the class, both hands down on the counter infront of him. He had been talking for about an hour and a half on Translation and Genetic Code, followed by Mutuation DNA Repair and Recombination. Once finished with his 'lecture' he would walk back and forth behind the counter, taking note to who all was present, who had seemed to pay attention and who was not. "Now remember, in replacing Miss Tenat, I've updated your syllabus, follow it, live by it." A quick stare was given over those present, "Tomorrow we will be going over what you've learned today, then getting into some labs on the Genetics of Viruses and Bacteria. I can tell how enthusiastic all of you are! Now, thats it, have a nice day. Sabina Vida and Caleb O'Callahan if both of you would remain at your labs." He carried on as he stood, a clap on the table and another of him was there, shuffling paperwork as another clap was heard on a counter top and the chalkboard was being erased.

Sabina had sat in her stool that bore a low back to it with a slump. One leg was bent and rested from knee to ankle on the lab counter, the tanker boots left open and the buckle was flicked idly back and forth as the new professor prattled on and was drown out to white noise in her mind. She instead focused on the counter top with a blank stare intent on a solid focus while she ignored the ghost that had been stalking her for over a week now, driving her up the wall. Looks like you lack of enthusiasm has you caught. Sabina's jaw worked, but at least she had gotten better at arguing with him in the open, it already earned whispers and shifty stares her way. Other than that not a bit of her moved when the professor told told her and Caleb to stay and the rest to leave, though a sigh was expelled as she braced for being in trouble yet again.

Caleb had just stretched and began packing up from what seemed like one of the longest hour and a half of his life (seriously, even the four days he was 'dead' for didn't feel so long) and he tends to enjoy these lessons, when his name is one of the two told to remain behind, he sighs and drops his bag to the floor, he's dressed in his Barnes uniform, his white hair is gelled in a casual bedhead look and his violet eyes are glowing faintly as is the yellow stone on the silver wristband on his right wrist, he hasn't left the school since the last time he spoke to Madrox, what could he have done now?

Madrox moved around the counter to lean against the nearest side facing the two whom were still present as the rest of the students filtered out, once the last one had closed the door he quickly pulled up another clipboard. Standing there in the lab coat over his suit he looked ever the serious personality he seemed to maintain, "Miss Vida, a first we have met. My pleasure." He said while looking the clipboard's contents over,"This is the part where the two of you get to show me your abilities, I know what we have on file but I want to actually see what you are capable of, the more I know and understand the easier it will be for me to help you further explore those and what possible options you may have from there. Who would like to volunteer to go first?" The dupe cleaning off the chalkboard released a loud,"Boringgggg." Only to get hissed at by the one who was now doing paperwork behind a desk. Madrox seemed to pay neither dupe much attention, his gaze focused on Caleb and Sabina.

Any small motion that she was making ceased to exist, in fact for a moment she was as still as the dead without a breath even being taken. Not all as bad as I thought it'd be. Creepy, but interesting. Sabina gave a derisive snort and then her body came to life, rocking back and forth as the leg dropped. Having been propped there for about an hour it had fallen asleep and now she was working it back to life from pins and needles. Her head lowered and the long hair seemed to bow and fold over her shoulders, desiring to hide her face with that low bow of her head but stayed back. "It's not that easy. But I do have a question for you Professor, something you might be able to answer for me." Glancing to Caleb then she looked back to Madrox and waited for any go ahead he might give, or a simple brush off.

Caleb is confused, this guy had words with him the other day for using his powers too much, now he's asking to see them?, he looks over to Sabina to see if she'll go first, when she instead asks a question, he sighs and raises a hand to signal he'll go first if he has to.

"Ask anything you like Miss Vida." Madrox insisted in that robotic monotone. Writing quietly on the clipboard as they spoke, one leg lifting to half perch on the counter behind him. Seeing Caleb raise his hand he tips his head motioning him on, "By all means, and do remember this is one of the reasons you are here. Under supervision of trained and experienced…" He motions with a pen holding hand behind him at the two duplicates. "meta-humans like myself we will help younger ones like yourselves develop properly. So, while I am requesting this of the two of you this is not an encouragement to go around using them beyond this school, in public, or around others and definitely not against others."

Sabina was given the go ahead and once Madrox was done speaking in his drone tone she showed one slice of hope at his final statement, perhaps in hearing what she wanted from it instead of what he meant. Caleb was up first, fine by her but her question was posed before he would have the chance to get started. "So then perhaps amongst all this genetic banter of DNA and chromosome's with their differentiating of species and codes are you guys advanced here enough to nullify someone's powers instead of train to teach them how to use them?" Adjusting in her seat she muttered. "No need to tell me not to use them, tell me how to turn them off." Oh but we have such 'smashing' conversation Sabina. "Bite me."

Caleb runs a hand though his hair, "Errm, ok, which power do you want to see?", he starts to prepare to use his powers when he is distracted by Sabina's question, he doesn't quite understand everything she said, but he got the gist of it, she wants to know if they can turn her powers off.

"That depends entirely on the source of your abilities. I am, a mutant myself, you do not register as such nor does Mr.O'Callahan. Therefore shutting off your abilities is more precarious. It may be possible when we have acquired more data, which usually stems from finding out the origins of your unique gifts. Be it an external influence, genetic mutation, hereditary,undocumented phenomenon or quite possibly even something supernatural."Hearing Caleb, Madrox looks over at him,"I would like you to cycle through all of them that you are capable of and tell me when you learned you could do such a thing. The story behind each ones first use."

"It's genetic, passed through the women of my family line, just each one is different in some way. Good, you can get back to me when you can shut this off and I can go home with documentation showing I am not a…" Freak? She slid from her chair then and began stuffing the unopened books and notebooks into her backpack, that if focused within bore two large mandible bones within it. Though, when Caleb was asked for a demonstration she stopped and waited mid-zip of her bag. She would much rather get out of dodge than have another witness all she could do though.

See now that's what Caleb's afraid of, Madrox wants stories to go with the demonstration, "Well see, do you mean the first time they were used or the first time i realized i could do it?", when it comes to his invisibility and intangibility, they activated at the same time, but he didn't realize he could use it till a week later.

"We will not know how to do that without your full co-operation Miss Vida. The alternative is not very pretty." The side of his clipboard was tapped with the pen, behind him at the chalkboard the duplicate there quickly scribbled an image of a frog getting sliced open. The one at the desk looked up and asked,"Do you know the name of the oldest living female relative who had this ability? Her birth date, any possible marriages and year of death?" The 'original' Madrox in the center of the room on the counter, replied to Caleb an easy,"The more relevant would be the first use. "

Sabina's eyes were darting from the chalk board, a small smile tilting one corner of her lips upward in a smile she was fighting to keep off despite how her mind wanted to take this serious. Answering one of the dupes questions she shook her head. "My mother..Tends to hide this, mine just wasn't so easy. Discussing it was moot with her." She shrugged then and went silent to allow Caleb the spotlight if at all possible, though she was curious on this…method possibility.

Caleb nods, then reaches out and puts his hand in the desk, then pulls it out and turns invisible for three seconds, "Both of these abilities showed up at the same time, when my powers first activated, these two activated non-stop for four days before i turned back, i used them again for the first time when running away from a group of guys a week later", he listens to Sabina, his parents spoke about the magic all the time, it must be hard not to be able to mention it at all.

"Invisibility and a form of intangibility. What circumstances did they 'activate' ? What were you doing when it occurred?" Madrox asked, the other one was writing down what Sabina said. "Go on Mr.O'Callahan, share with us and display what else you can… "Not admitting more was known of course, SHIELD always tended to know more than it's fair share of things. James Madrox Agent of SHIELD was privy to that information as much as anyone else in the organization, especially considering he was interacting directly with these 'students' now. Sabina was given a smile, "Are you willing to cooperate so we can help you?"

Sabina watched Caleb go back and forth in form. She knew of that, that was how she met him, she had that sixth sense that sensed him, that and he was loud. As she was spoken to she focused on the one Madrox and nodded slightly. "Help me, do whatever it is you guys do, but I want it to be known if it can be gone, I want it gone." She was not going to fight it, or at least cooperate as best she could.

Caleb sighs, "If you must know, i was crying and wishing i could disappear, and i did, my mam died and it got too much", he also stopped taking his meds, but he'd rather not tell Madrox that, ok next power then, he takes a breath and falls backwards, except he doesn't hit the floor, instead he hovers just above it, he flips up and hovers about a foot off the ground with one knee bent, "This one is pretty basic, i fell off a roof".

Madrox's pen rose up and pushed to his temple listening to Caleb. "About how old were you?" He asks, watching as the young man levitated. The duplicate at the desk nods to Sabina,"We fully intend to help you, that is why you are here. "He said with a smile.

Sabina's eyes darted between Caleb and the other Madrox that was speaking to her, sighing and her shoulders folding in in the bit of relent with a small nod. "Yeah it was why I came here I suppose." So they teach you freaks control? Who'd'a thunk eh? Sabina's head remained somewhat hung, her eyes focused on the gris-gris bag around her neck but when the spectral spoke she visibly tensed, her shoulders drawing back and her hands clenching into fists at her side.

Caleb touches back down on the floor, "I know exactly how old i was, i was fourteen for all three", he runs his fingers over the symbols on his wristband, remembering the buzz he felt the first time he actively used each power, also he really doesn't wanna go into the last one.Caleb smiles, "It's a long story, and it kinda sounds like a fairytale, it's kinda weird", not to mention it makes his family sound crazy.

Madrox smiles briefly, a quick fleeting one. "That is fine, I am sure I have heard comparable stories. Just go in detail as best you can, hiding anything from me won't benefit you and your learning, it will only create obstacles we will have to get around later that very well could just inhibit your growth."

"Why not tell me about the bracelet Caleb?" Madrox asks, his pen tapping against his clipboard again.

Caleb sighs, "The origin of the wristband begins back in the fifteenth century, there was a man with amazing magical ability, during his prime he was the most powerful man in Ireland. As he began to weaken with age there was another highly powerful magical family and he began to fear an attack, so he traded the last of his life to seal his power within three silver wristbands like mine, which were given to his three sons who were given the job of protecting the families power. When the sons grew too weak with age to wield the powers they repeated the process removing their fathers powers from the bands and forging new ones to pass on to their children, however due to the power bonding with them and being sealed by the bands, they could never truly remove the powers from themselves, they were weaker but not gone. This process has gone on for centuries, power being past from fathers to sons, waiting for that day of attack, these are apparently my ancestors, so when me and my brother were seven, my father made us them, but for some reason ours are different, we don't do spells, we're not sure why"

Madrox nods, all of this being written down. "Sounds quite the story, I am surprised in this passage of time your family hasn't formed some sort of protective organization or alternate method of tutoring and upraising you. Also, have you shown me all of your abilities with it?" He questions, magical in nature with a few powers he could help in working with. Later he would sit and figure, research and sort how he would aid this young man in his growth as best he could.

Caleb shrugs, "It's just a story as far as i'm conserend, a way to explain the magic, i don't believe that i'm really a waiting soldier in a mystical war", fine, he'll show Madrox his other power, but he's not going to tell him what really happens when he phases, he holds out his hand and it glows violet, "I do this energy thing, it varies in strength, but i have managed to knock someone to the other side of a parking lot, the first time i used it".

"Clues and important information could be stored in those stories though, perhaps you are a soldier in a mystical war, time is the great decider." Patiently Madrox awaited the demonstration of this power, "Just make sure you direct it away from the class walls his hand rose up and he motioned to the far end of the class. "That wall there is intentionally re-enforced for a reason. Go ahead." Pointing out the scorched up area that had felt some previous use from past students and instructors. Mostly chemical burns.

Caleb points his hand at the directed wall and fires a blast of violet energy, it takes a few seconds as he's only recently learned how to do it on purpose.

The eruption against the wall was colorful enough, some of the beakers and objects from lab counters flew off to shatter on the ground. The smudge mark on the wall said it would do considerable damage as well, "Not bad, you have no way of regulating it's damage?" Wouldn't several people he know have fun with that one, Madrox put the clipboard down and gave a brief glance towards the Madrox behind him before it re-absorbed in. "That is about everything I needed to see from you for the moment Caleb, it gives me a good general idea of what I am working with here. If you come up with any breakthroughs, concerns or additional things I should know, make sure you get them to me. Tomorrow, we will begin training your abilities to the best of our ability and looking for their source so you have something more to work with, understanding is the primary key to fully controlling our powers."

Caleb shakes his head, "Nope, i have no way of controlling how strong it is", he nods showing he understands and walks over to his bag, "Am i allowed to go now?"

A quick nod from Madrox is given towards Caleb, "Yes, I will be seeing you tomorrow."

Caleb smiles at Madrox before turning and leaving the classroom as fast as he can without actually running, leaving Sabina to her turn.

Upon the departure of Caleb, Agent currently Instructor Madrox looks towards Sabina, "So, Miss Vida, where would you like to begin?" He asks in that robot like tone of voice he seems to have perfected. The clock's second hand grinding to another minute on the wall, as he watches the young woman patiently.

Sabina watched Caleb leave, staring at his back with a longing. In fact, it was not Caleb at all, it was the door, the exit and the desire to hit and run. It wouldn't do her any good. She couldn't hide and she was here for her own good, and part of the deal was struck in her mind, if they could nullify it, they would look into it. That hope would be clung to for now. "I can't exactly show you my ability to talk to the dead, but I can my other one. I need something dead." Her things were left on the lab table and a few steps closed the gap between them, but she stopped before any sense of nearness would even be had.

"Yes, we were informed you could communicate directly to the deceased. Rather intriguing ability, do you remember when the first time this happened was, and what is the extent of it? Do you see them or do you just hear them? Perhaps do you sense the recently dead or those who are about to die perhaps?" Madrox questioned as the dupe behind him stood up and walked across the room to a fridge, pulling it open to remove a plastic en-wrapped box setting it down on the lab he began to open it, while the 'original' awaited Sabina's response.

"First time it happened was my dad, he lingered for years, mom thinks he haunted me all my life until his final message was conveyed. Yes, I see them clearly, how they looked the day they died, before any makeup covers the worst of it. I sense them in some ways, but normally after they have sensed me. I seem to be a tractor beam for train wrecks." Oh, you're too kind.. "It's what you look like." With those words she gestured to her left, where Madrox would see empty space, she saw a man half his clothing burnt to him and pieces of the whole…missing. "His name is Edward Southall, part of that Battery Park bombing. He's been tailing me for weeks. You want him? You can have him."

"How old were you at the time?" Madrox follows her gesture beside him, one of his hands motioning as if to indicate where the 'apparition' might be, his hand coming over to sweep through the air around chest level."Am I actually touching him?" The other Madrox who had been behind the desk during this abnormal interview, previously the one who was bombarding her with questions when Caleb was present was un-wrapping a dead animal that upon closer inspection looked to once be a small chimpanzee. Madrox gave a fleeting obviously fake smile at the 'you want him' comment,"For study purposes, if that were possible it would be nice, but I take it it is not in your ability to command the ones who are… incorporeal?"

I'm not a dog, I can't be just given away. Sabina's eyes snapped towards her little follower but any reply was bit back, she'd much rather have a dog, she'd keep that. As Madrox's hand swept through the air it cut through Edward but any form simply seemed to bleed back into place around his hand and then he steeped back casting one faded eye towards Sabina. You can't just give me to him….Can you? "I wish..More like going through him" To answer both of their questions at once on if it was in her power. "It seems I can't command these, they're just here to test my sanity. As for how old I was when my dad died…3. Spoke to him until I was 12, conveyed a message to my mother, and gone. Then the real hell began." She stepped towards the chimp, one hand rising to grip the gris-gris that hung around her neck, beaded and feathered accessories hanging from it. Releasing it her hand came to her mouth and lips parted for her to bare her teeth down into the meat of the side until blood welled up. What are you doing?

"I felt nothing. I wonder if we have machines that could pick up his presence,.. will look into this later." Withdrawing his hand Madrox rubbed it against the other before he was walking around to the lab counter near his companion, both of the Multiple Man duplicates standing opposite of her as she began to display one of her other special talents. The corpse of the monkey being monitored by both,"And when did you discover you could do this and how? The blood drawing a requirement I take it?"

"You should have the machines to do so, though don't use Ghost Hunter's as a hope, it's all fake." Sabina's tongue flicked over her lips and the hand she had opened clenched into a fist , pushing out more of the droplets of blood to well and waver with the shake of her hand. "This happened when I was 17, though I never knew of it until it happened, and it was an accident. Lobo got hit by traffic and I brought him back with my own blood. I have read it can be done with other blood, but…fresh out of sacrifices." A wavering smile was given at that as her eyes focused on the chimp as her hand dropped the blood on its frozen corpse and then dropped to wipe the rest across it before she left it resting there. "Giving life back always takes a little from someone else. makes sense to me." Hey…What are you—The frozen chimp jolted, the muscles in its body coming back to life but not warming so there were audible cracks and pops as it rose up on the table and worked its reanimated body enough to let out a broken shriek. You are a freak. "You tell me this like I don't know already." That's not real, there's no way..

"You would be surprised on what SHIELD has Miss Vida." Madrox said casually, his eyes widening as the chimp began to spasm and move, it's shriek causing the other Madrox to back up hands curling up over it's face obviously he was revolted where as the SHIELD Agent/Barnes Academy Instructor leaned in and extended pen out towards it."Now that is amazing, can you re-animate them 'fresh' or simply as they passed?"

The chimp shied from the pen and with a crack of joint one arm swung back and then forward, slapping at the pen, again a shriek coming from it as it gave a hop towards Sabina on its knuckles, resting there on its haunches. If wariness could be had in frozen eyes it was there. "All I know of is I can do it as they passed, for now. But if it works like I said, giving life to return it to the dead, the more you give the more they get?" She shrugged and extended her still bleeding hand to stroke down the frigid back of the chimp. "Now these, I can command." I'm disturbingly intrigued. Hey could you..? "Not a chance in hell Edward."

"You have complete control over it?" Asked Madrox, the other was turning a sickly yellow color as the cracking sounds where heard, moving away to lean over the sink in the far corner. The pen drawn back the first Madrox began to write,"How long will this last? Is it sentient or simply an animated corpse?"

"As long as I stay focused, yes, if I release focus it will do what it knows or remembers to the best of its ability. Which can either be tame or not so..Or if it recalls nothing it will sit there." One final pat to the chimps back and it drew away from her, dropping from the lab table and going to her backpack, picking it up and dragging it with it back to her, climbing back upon the lab table and holding it out to Sabina. Taking the bag she set it in front of her and commenced petting it again like it was alive and well and nothing was odd about the build up of condensation around its defrosting form. "Only things I have done it to are the dog Lobo, pigeons, and a few squirrels in the park."

Turning away from the chimp, Madrox moved over to a wall cabinet - opening it up he pulled out a cage large enough for the animal and set it down. The door on it unhinging to wave outwards,"Please, make it enter."He requested while the other was washing the sink down, having just released his lunch or what he believed it to be. "And now a chimp, I'd like to help you explore this ability, just as we had promised with Caleb. The more extensive knowledge we have of it, the more likely we are to help you done with it, if there is any possible way to contact your mother and get the names of the women and men in your family before you who had connections to this ability, that would be immensely helpful. Beyond sensing, communication and re-animating the dead is there anything else?"

Watching Madrox as he withdrew the cage her eyes fell on it and the petting of the chimp ceased. Sabina was now ignoring anything else he asked as she asked her own question now. "What are you going to do to it?" You have a heart for the dead? Is that what you are expressing, I am shocked. "More like a respect, you don't deserve such a thing." Her lips drew into a thin line of thought and distrust. "Nothing else, call my mom, she may tell you more than she did me, all I got was it is hereditary and best to not have or keep hidden. Stuck in the witch hunt days if you ask me."

"Observe it of course." Madrox said curious if she was having some sort of conscious for the animated cadaver, "The more we understand about it, the more we can help you out."He stated, halting at her comment, his nose wrinkled up abit, "Much easier to deal with you than your parents, but if you're once more unwilling to co-operate."The man shrugged, tapping the cage again, as if emphasizing for her to make the chimp hurry on in.

"I can ask, it just likely won't be fruitful. It's a woman thing in our line, no men." Sabina still was hesitant to make the demand of the chimp go into the cage. "I have to keep a focus on it otherwise I don't know what it will do, a squirrel freaked out, bit me and cussed at me from a tree limb when I got distracted." One final pet was coursed down the back of the chimp and she took its hand, helping it down this time and taking it to the cage, the defrosting limbs now lowering in noise as it moved to a low crackle. Glancing to the other Madrox that had just lost his lunch she sighed and looked away, releasing the chimp to let it climb in. "Can I go now?"

"That would be appreciated, for both of our sakes. My curiosity and helping yourself out in the long run." The cage door was closed behind the chimp and locked, picking it up to deliver it back to the cabinet where it would get a seat on the top shelf. "Look forward to seeing you in class tomorrow Miss Vida, enjoy your day." Madrox offers, his back towards her. The other Madrox was walking around now, cleaning up bits of the lab other students had left messes at. Giving a quick wave that included a wiggle of fingers briefly.

Sabina shrugged and pulled the backpack onto her shoulder, making her way to the exit. If he was not going to heed her warning about the possibilities the chimp could go from sedately cages to having animosity about its placement then that was on Madrox. He was the professional after-all. How come you didn't tell me you could do that? "Because I don't like you." Pushing the door aside she moved through and out, not returning the wave, she was avoiding eye contact with the one who got sick.

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