2010-07-19: Getting To Know Your Twin


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Summary: Richard comes down to the Medbay to visit his twin brother, Robyn.

Date: July 19, 2010

Log Title: Getting To Know Your Twin

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Medical Bay

The Medical Bay contains the latest medical equipment to patch up students and X-Men with the smallest and worst injuries. Six beds line the walls for injured patients. Equipment lines the walls, medicine in the cabinets, and more serious medical supplies locked in cabinets. One this about this room it screams sterilization.

Things have been stressful around the mansion. Having just git back from a visit with his family, Richard heard the news about Robyn. The young mutant headed down to the med bay right after. The doors open and allow RIchard to enter. He's dressed in much of his normal clothes, jeans, sneakers, and an orange t-shirt. He looks around to find his brother's bed.

Robyn is in the back of the medbay but he's looking a lot better. His arm is still in a sling and cast but the bandages are off and he's no longer on an IV. His ribs are still healing but he can at least move around better now. He's even allowed to wander around for a few hours a day but he's still required to spend most time down here. He's wearing a pair of sweatpants an a t-shirt and is sitting up in the bed trying to read through a magazine resting on his lap. Hearing someone walk in, he looks up and grins at his mirror image. "Hey Richard."

As soon as he is spotted by Robyn, Richard waves to his twin. "Hey, I heard something happened. Wanted to see how you were doing." He says, moving to Robyn's bedside. "I uhh…also wanted to say something to you." He says, a little out of his element. Talking things out isn't necessarily Richard's strong suit.

"I'm doing okay, I got hit by a car." And Robyn leaves it at that, it's just easier to explain that way. It's just a long story and a lot of information to go into. He gets nervous though as Richard says he has something he wants to say to him. "If it's badnews…can it wait?"

"It's not bead news. I promise. Just…" Richard starts and stops quickly. "I'm just sorry, about earlier in the year. With Dr. McCoy, denying what is so plainly true in front of me." Astro had been way into his own truth that he failed to see what was in front of him.

Robyn reaches out with his good arm, well good in the sense that it's not broken but it's got cuts all up and down it from road rash. "Don't be sorry Richard, just..we're twins and I know it's weird and with everything from dealing with being mutants to finding out we're twins…it's a lot. Just…I'd like to get to know you, you know? Find out what your life was like before this place."

The short-haired twin takes the offered hand and chortles. "I know, just I realized it. Couldn't keep lying after so long." Richard keeps himself calm as Robyn says he'd like to know Richard more. "There's not much past a life of sports, but if you really want to know, you can." He says, smiling to his brother.

"Hey, I'm mostly an artist so, it's not like there's much interesting about my life before coming here." Robyn says with a chuckle. "And sports is a general term, I mean for all I know you're the curling champion of where you're from." He says with a grin. "It's just weird having a twin and knowing nothing about him execpt his name and birthday, you know?"

Richard starts to laugh at the curling comment. "Oh yeah, curling champeen of the world right here." He says, flexing his arms. "I did a lot of hockey, and baseball. Wasn't really big enough for football before I started lifting things that were like, three hundred times my weight." A little embellishment on the weight thing. "Art is cool, I don't really get it, but it's cool. I just am not one of those dudes who stands in a museum saying" He contorts his voice to sound stuck-up like Mr, Howell. "Oh, I do indeed think that the artists representation of pain fits this piece well."

"I'm not a sports person myself, Jordan is but I'm not. And it depends on the museum and art, I mean modern art can just be weird." Robyn says as a line on a piece of canvas is not art. "So where did you grow up?" He asks as he's not sure where Richard is from and it's kind of weird asking your twin these questions. "We're like oposites or something, the art dork and the jock." He says with a smile.

"I grew up in Manhattan. My dad is the manager of The Plaza hotel. My mom is an actress, and a playwright." Of course, Richard can sometime feel like the black sheep, but his folks have always been there for him. "I know, it's a little weird. But kinda cool." Richard looks back to Robyn. "And you?"

"Brooklyn, Williamsburg. My Mom's an artist. She illustrates children's books and my Dad's a musican. It's a small band, mostly play weddings, small cover shows, stuff like that." Robyn's not from a wealthy family by any means, the Larkins very much just make ends meet. "Even though I'm adopted I think they rubbed off on me since I play the Cello and I love to sculpt."

Richard's folks managed to get by as well with some excess. Though living in the hotel that your father manages helps cut down on costs. "I haven't done much of anything musically, but I do like to listen to it. My dad is a dork, but he's kinda goofy-awesome. My mom is down to earth, like she knows a lot of stuff about life, you know?" Much didn't rub off on Richard, he's always loved sports and…sports. "Do…you ever think who our real parents are?" Kind of a dumb question, but how else to you ask it?

"When I was younger I used to. I used to wonder if I had siblings out there but….as time passed by, I dunno. It'll always be a curiosity but I do love my Mom and Dad and they are my real parents." Robyn says and there's a smile as he says his dad is a dork. "My Dad is too, a dork that is, it's great. He's kind of flighty and forgetful, always busy with something and gets really excited over small projects. It's fun to be around him. My Mom, she's really creative but she -hates- super powers. This is all very weird for her cause she gets nervous. They both told me that to be happy in life you have to be true to yourself. Friends and money don't by happiness, but keeping true to who you are does."

"I really didn't pay mind to it until later. But then again, I was always kinda wrapped in my own life." Richard smiles to Robyn. "But with all the changes going around. I'll adjust. Neither of my parents were surprised to find out that I had powers, they were more surprised that I had completely thought that I was an alien. Like Superman from the comic books."

"My Mom refused to speak to me for the first month after I developed these gifts, but she's a lot better now. I think she's actually coming to visit soon since I've been mostly stuck down here." Robyn says and the school is finally allowing his parents to visit now that he's doing better and making a fast recovery thanks to the magic shi'ar tech. "Well you do have Superman's powers, all strong and stuff. I just have the mind stuff."

"I think the Doc may have told my parents that I had a twin. Cause when I told them about you, they weren't really surprised at all." Comments Richard. "Yeah, I noticed that too. I guess not a lot of people expect me to be as strong as I am. But then again, everyone thought I was you when I got here." A chuckle from Richard before looking back. "Maybe I can get my folks to visit too, it could be a whole meet and greet for long lost brothers."

Robyn looks down and finds his broken arm to be very interesting for a few moments. "I..I haven't told my parents yet. I just..I'm afraid on how they'd take it. Just, I'm afraid to tell my Mom much about a lot that happens here. I know she's debated taking me out before but…it's scary." He looks up at Richard and since this is the first time they've really talked, as brothers, he sasy. "I'll tell her today, I promise."

Richard's smile lessens a little at the news. "I don't really blame you on that. I mean, who would want to tell anyone about most of the stuff that happens here." He offers. "If you don't want to I won't ask that you do." Especially after what Richard did to Robyn, he won't try and force the issue.

Robyn shakes his head. "No…they deserve to know. Hell, they'd probably want to meet you. Also since she's coming to visit soon, I figure it'd be better to let her know in case you run into her and she doesn't freak out." He figures that's the best option to go about it.

"Alright then." Richard says with a smile. "Hopefully she won't freak out. But I but it happens more times then they can keep track of here." Just going on the student freak-outs alone reaches high on that list. "But it makes sense, or else she'll think you chopped off all of your hair."

"And wonder where all my Tattoos went." Robyn says as he still needs to get his next one, maybe once he's healed. "The twin thing…I don't think she'd be freaked out just kind of…hey, lets go out when I'm better. Just you and I, hang out and do something like watch a movie, go out for lunch or just something…I dunno, what to brothers do?"

"I've got no idea, most movies show brothers fighting and stuff…but I don't think that's a good idea." Richard chuckles. "I guess a movie is pretty good. Unless there's something else you had in mind?" Richard asks.

"Not right now, you might break me more than I am." Robyn then shrugs as he doesn't really have much in mind. "What's your favourite movie? Mine's Edward Scissorhands…I'm a huge Tim Burton fan. I want to be a sculpture for movies someday."

"Umm…I don't really have a favorite. I like funny stuff. Like, I guess Will Farrell or something." He used to be a big fan of action movies, but these days, all he has to do is go outside and there's some kind of action going on. "Nightmare before Christmas was fun, and I've seen Edward Scissorhands, wasn't bad." He smiles at Robyn's dream to sculpt for movies someday. "You know what they keep on telling us, put your mind to it, and there isn't anything you can't do. My dad used to tell me that all the time."

"I didn't get into that many Comedies…so that's what we can do. We can watch one of my favourites and one of yours, make a day out of it." Robyn says with a yawn. "Thanks for coming to visit Richard, it means a lot but I think I'm gonna nap for a bit. Getting tired." He does sleep a lot while recovering but it's only expected. "I like having a brother."

"Sure thing!" Getting excited for their plans. Richard smiles as Robyn comments on having a brother. "Same here, take it easy." He says, not wanting to overstay his welcome. He floats himself above the tile so he doesn't make too much noise as he leaves.

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