2012-05-06: Getting Your Licks In

Players: Mikhail, Nicholas, Hilde and Cale

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Summary: The boys talk about college. Cale meets Hilde. Mikhail licks Cale.

Date: May 6, 2012

Log Title: Getting Your Licks In

Rating: G

Xavier Mansion - Ramsey Dormitories Boy's Floor

The second floor of the building also known as the Proudstar Wing. A red and blue carpet with a complex pattern stretches down the hall and meets with the wooden walls. Wooden doors run up and down both sides of the hallway as entrances to the boy's rooms. At the end of the hallway there is a bathroom and a shower room for the boys.

Late sunday evening and the rain s coming DOWN outside, Mik is sitting outside his room leaning his back against the door, he's dressed in a pair of black shorts and is kinda muddy, theres a pile of books sitting next to him and a couple open in front of him. Closing one of the books Mik lets out a frustrated sigh, doesn't look like banning himself from going into his room till he's done is gonna help him decide.

Cale comes wandering down the hallway from his room - he does not like rainy days no sir he does not! There's no sun during them. He looks as if he just got out of bed, wearing a Cardcaptor Sakura shirt. Is there no end to the random anime shirts he has? No, there's not! Aside from that, a pair of plaid pajama pants signify that he's been probably lounging around /all day/ because of the rain outside. He pauses near Mik, noting the unusual sitting outside of the room and of course the muddiness. "Hey Mik," he greets the other boy in a cheery voice, "What're you up to?"

As usual Mik picks up Cale's scent and hears him coming before he announces himself, he closes another book and looks up at Cale, "Heya Cale, whats up?", he runs a hand though his hair, "Just trying to make some sort of decision, it's not really going very well".

"A decision? About what?" Cale unceremoniously plops down next to Mikhail, clasping the bottoms of his feet together and holding them that way with his hands. He's quite flexible! "It's kinda unusual to see you hanging around with a bunch of books." Though, the mud is more normal!

Mikhail leans his head against his door, "I wanna see more of the world outside this school, before i came here the most i saw of the world was the inside of a cage. I love this place, i owe it so much but i want to see more of it and meet more people, even if i can't go this year i wanna try going to collage, but i don't know where to begin, i don't even know what i'd study".

"Oh… Well, that's a pretty common thing," Cale nods, "I already know what I'm gonna study! Just, getting there… that might be a problem," he ponders. "But, what do you like? You seem like a pretty outdoorsy type to me. Like biology or environmental ecology or something?"

Mikhail shrugs, "I don't know, i like my classes, i like learning things but i'm not sure what one i really like doing, even then i'm not sure if i could even go", he yawns and shakes some of the mud out of his hair, "I decided i couldn't go back into my room or shower till i decide, don't think thats going to work".

"Yeah, that's not the sort of thing, I mean, that you can decide split second I guess. Besides, do you graduate this year? It seems like you've got some time… and if you don't decide this year there's always the next," Cale nods.

"Actually i can graduate this year if i want, i look younger than i am and while yeah i haven't been at school for too long, i remember everything so i learn very quickly", still Mik has yet to grow out of a lot of his naivity.

"Yeah, I guess," Cale nods, "But if you don't know what you wanna do, there's no harm in taking the time to figure it out. College costs a lot of money," he pauses, thinking about that for a moment. Does Xavier's pay? Do people offer mutant scholarships? "Regardless of who pays. So there's no harm in making sure, you know?"

Mikhail shrugs, "I can try to get a job and i know that there's financal aid out there and i am technicly an American citizen but again i don't know if anyone would hire me, but i won't know unless i try", he flips one of the books open again before sighing and tossing it at the stairs, "You said you know what you wanna do?"

Cale and Mikhail are sitting in front of Mik's room, with Mikhail talking about college. "Yep! I'm a ways off. I've got two more years of school left, but when I go to college I'm gonna be a computer programmer. Or something like that. Maybe like robotics or something… I wanna do something cool, like make video games, or program the next Mars lander or something. But it's easy for me, I mean, to pick. 'n if that doesn't work out, then I could always be a professional chef! I'm pretty good at that, too."

Thankfully, for Nicholas, it's the weekend and a nice sunny weekend on top of that so he's been spending most of the day out riding. He's finally finished putting Orion back in his stable after grooming him and is not stepping into the dorms. He's got a light dusting of dirt along along with bits of hay clinging to him. He's currently pressing quite a few buttons on his phone making several beeping sounds. He looks up at hearing the two voices and waves. "Hey Cale." He says sounding a bit distracted.

There is a distand thudding noise that gets slightly louder with each sound. It almost seems as though someone dropped something heavy on the stairs and it is hitting each step as it goes, except this sound is coming up rather than down. The soud gets louder and louder until a woman steps up from the staircase, looking far too light to have been the source of the sound. Hildegarde glances down the hall and shakes her head, moving toward the boys and bending down to pick up the discarded book. "Seriously, someone could kill themself." Hilde is wearing a green skirt with a brown top. Her shoes appear to be flip-flops, but seem to be made of some sort of metal.

Hildegarde tucks the book under her arm and begins slipping papers under some of the doors in the hall, calling out a quick "Hello" to the two boys as she approaches them. She hands a paper to Mikhail once she is near enough. Just a short memo about not leaving the water running when you get out of the shower. "Speaking of which…"She frowns at Mik, "If I find mud all over this dormitory I'm hunting you down, mister." She galnces at Nicholas, "Probably you too."

Mikhail gives a wave of greeting to Cale's friend before frowning at the noise coming up the stairs, seeing the teacher he rests his head against his door again, taking the memo he freezes as he's about to shake some of the mud out of his hair, "Sorry". Looking to Cale, "So kind of like what Theo does?, he's got that funny little robot thing, maybe he could help you".

Cale glances up at the scary, metallic-shoe wearing thumpy woman, and then over to Nicholas, "Oh, hey Nick! What's up?" he greets him cheerfully, wondering at the phone. Then back to Mikhail and his mud. Yeah! He should clean that off. Look at Cale! He never gets muddy or dirty. *halo* "Um, yeah… kinda like what Theo does… only…" he trails off, "I don't know. He's got superpowers that help him or something. I'm pretty sure. That stuff's not normal, at all." And Nick hates him. So that makes Cale waaay less likely to hang out. Plus, he didn't seem especially warm or friendly.

Nicholas looks over to Hilde and responds. "Don't worry I was planning on taking a shower and throwing these clothes into the hamper Ms. VonReginleif." He then shrugs to Cale. "Not much is up Cale, just was riding Orion most of the day only got lost twice and luckily I'm figuring out the GPS on my phone so it helped, I was just trying to fiddle with the settings right now." He turns off his phone and shoves it into his pocket. "How's your weekend?"

Hilde smiles at Cale and gives the boy a look as though she is trying to remember something before turning to Nicholas, "Oh? I hope Orion is doiung well." She nods to the boys before continuing down the hall to complete passing the papers out. The woman pauses at the end of the hall and pulls out a phone, looking down at it for a few minutes as she types on it.

Hilde smiles at the phone and returns to the boys. "Ah that's right, you must be Cale? I am Miss VonReginleif, though most people call me Hilde. I make sure things in the dorms are running smoothly, so if you need anything feel free to stop by my room or office." Hilde glances at the book she picked up and sits it down next to Mikhail, "Would you mind putting this in the common room when you pass by? Someone may be missing it."

Mikhail nods at Cale, "Yeah, he has the mutant bonus when it comes to mechines i think but he probably has some knowledge to go along with it, i'd say ask Mike because he sort of is mechine but he went to a different school and he said his mom won't let him come here", shame, he liked Mike. He puts the book from Hilde on the pile next to him, "Sorry, it's mine i got a little frustrated with it".

"Oh, you know… it's good! I slept quite a bit today. 'cause of the rain earlier… it must've missed wherever you went," Cale smiles, "Me 'n Mik were just talking about his college plans. Or well. He's not sure what he wants to do. So lack of plans," he smirks a little, shifting his position so he's leaning against the wall with legs splayed out. "That's right," Cale nods at Hilde, "It's nice to meet you! Things are going pretty good right now, though," he tells her. "Anyway… Mike? I don't… know him, I guess," he drags his fingers across the dorm carpeting,

Nicholas wants to sit down but is a bit afraid of getting one of the chairs dirty while Hilde is standing right there. "Orion's doing good, he's gotten used to it here quicker than I have." He then nods to Cale. "That's good. I can't really sleep a lot." He says shrugging as he keeps his mouth shut in regards to Theo. "Oh…college. Yeah." He says as there's a very bland and unemotional tone to his voice as he says that.

Hilde smiles at Cale, "This is good to here." She gives Nicholas a sidelong glance but decides not to question his tone quite yet. She makes a mental note to bring up college to him a little later. The woman waves a hand dismissively about the book, indicating that it's fine. "Oh? Mikhail you are planning for college already? We have many professors here who would be happy to advise you if you need some help deciding. Do you know what field you are interested in?"

Mikhail shrugs, "I don't even know if i'd be able to graduate this year or not, i remember things i learn very quickly but i started really late learningwise, but i am old enough". He sighs sitting up and taking his head off the door, "I don't know what field i'm interested, i just want to do more, everyone else left to go to collage or some other school and i wanna do more, get a chance to see things, at least maybe meet new people. But i'd have to 1. Find a school that would take me, cos of the whole only having records that go back two years and close up, i'm pretty obviously a mutant and 2. find financial aid and a job to pay for tuition".

"Well, the records don't necessarily matter… they only need a GED to get into a college. Maybe some evidence of a GPA or something…" Cale shrugs a little, "But you've got all that. Nothin wrong with staying here, either. I'd feel kinda weird going to college after only going to regular school for two years."

"Why don't you talk to the guidance counselor here, they can let you know if you can graduate or not, also they might be able to help with that college stuff." Nicholas says but his voice has almost no emotion behind it as he talks. "What do you mean by you want to do more?"

Hilde smiles at Mikhail, "I know of a few schools that take mutants, but you need to know that you are ready first. Take your time, there is no rush to grow up. When you are ready for your life to move on past this school you will know it." She pauses and pulls out her phone, typing a few things into it before putting it away. "There are a few alumni from this school who may be able to assist you in making the right choice for you as well. It seems that you know a few of them, try talking to them about it. Or as Nicholas has suggested you can speak to the guidance counselor." She gives Nicholas another odd look, but still says nothing about his tone.

"Before i came here my entire knowledge of the world was what i could see though my bars, and while i love this place i don't want to keep being left behind, i wanna expirience something new", Mik looks up at Hilde choosing his words carefully, "Thanks but i don't want to go to a school for mutants or people who are different, if i could go i'd want to mix with normal people too, isn't that what everyone at this school has been trying to help us do, protect ourselves and learn how to survive out there, with them", "Ido know alumni from this school but i'm not sure i want to talk to them about it, i guess i'll try the guidence counselour".

"I don't think that's… what she meant," Cale murmurs, "I mean, just 'cause a school takes mutants doesn't mean it's only for mutants." Mulling over that for a moment, he glances over at Nick, wondering about his tone of voice. He has a GOOD day, out riding his horse, right? So why so mopey? Le sigh.

Looking over at Mikhail with confusion, Nick has to ask. "See through your bars?" It's a question filled with a confused disbelief. "Why not talk to the alumni, they'd be the ones that know best, right? And besides, going to a school with non-mutants…just hide what you are."

Hilde nods and ponders what Mikhail has said for a moment. "While we do want you to be able to protect yourself and mingle with society in peace, the world is unfortunately not completely accepting of us yet. The last thing that we want is for our students to be hurt by those who would like us to stay in hiding…or worse." She sighs, "And yet I suppose the outside world cannot be asked to tolerate us until they are exposed to us. It is a difficult choice I suppose." Hilde smiles again, "And besides, there are students here who chose to stay so that they can help younger mutants. They are not left behind, they chose to stay where they are needed. Decide where you are needed and choose your path based on that.

"It's nothing, some stuff just happened in my past, it's gone though, i'm good", Mik smiles over at Nick, not knowing the boy even he is picking up the odd tone, "I can only really hide to a cirtain extent, the blue hair is natural which i could say is dye but explaining that, people would still know a soon as i open my mouth or they make eye contact". He just nods at Hilde, "Ok, i'll think about it like that", she doesn't really get what he's saying and he doesn't really want to get too much into it now. He looks over at Nick, "We've not really said heya properly, I'm Mikhail".

"He's a puppy!" Cale adds helpfully, grinning as bends his legs slightly, digging his toes into the carpet. "That's why he's got fangs." See. Puppy! Of course, besides that, he doesn't really bear much resemblance to one. Aside from being constantly covered in mud and leaves.

Nicholas extends a hand towards Mikhail as he introduces himself. "I'm Nicholas, or Nick. I answer to both." He says cordially enough. The thing about the bars and Mik's past still sits a bit uneasy with him. "A puppy? You're way to chipper Cale." But there's a faint smile from Nick that shows he's not irritated or annoyed with Cale. "I should go grab a shower, I'll see you all later." He says as he goes to head towards the elevator.

Hilde gives Cale an odd look. "That's…Not a very nice thing to say…I think." She glances at Mikhail to see what his reaction to being called a puppy might be. The woman suddenly realizes that Nicholas is leaving them. "Oh, I'll see you later Nick. Have a good night, yes?" She turns back to the boys and smiles.

Mikhail shakes Nick's offered hand, when he's called a puppy he lets out a growl before he catches himself, "er, no not really". "Bye Nick, nice meeting you, properly this time i mean".

"I know, right? But the first time I met him, he came bounding out of the woods covered in dirt and leaves while I was laying out in the sun on the quad, with no shirt on even. So, I can't help but think that!" Cale smiles a little. Though he certainly wouldn't have said that had Wolverine done the same thing. "I didn't mean anything bad by it."

Hilde has an interesting expression on her face, one of surprise and mild amusement. "Well. I suppose I may have been…Surprised had I seen this occur. Though in this school you will see many…not so normal things than that I assure you." She laughs and shakes her head as though recalling some memory. "Anyway, are you finding your way around the mansion easily enough?"

Cale glances towards Mik, offering him an apologetic face and a, "Sorry Mik," before turning back towards Hilde, "Yeah, it's pretty nice. The kitchen and rec room are great, and the atrium too. I haven't seen the basement, yet, though," he smiles a bit nervously, "Someone told me there was this thing called the Danger Room down there. And it's like some kinda big, I dunno, virtual reality simulator or something. But I suppose I can wait to see that." Clearly he's got mixed feelings about what is, essentially, a giant video game, and what is also essentially gym class… he chews on one of his nails, recently painted a bright violet, a little nervously before stopping. "Anyway."

Mikhail doesn't like being refured to as an animal but stopped growling because he figured Cale didn't mean anything by it, he frowns for a second before a slight smile forms, he leans over and licks Cale's cheek just like a puppy, when he moves away his eyes widen as if he's just realised what he's done.

Hilde nods to Cale, yes it's a…" She stumbles over her words when Mik licks the other boy. Seeing how Mik reacts to this she tries to continue on as though nothing happened, hoping to belay the awkwardness that could potentially follow. "The Danger Room helps the students and staff here learn to control their abilities." There are of course, other reasons. "It is helpful if you have an ability that can…Cause a lot of damage to an ordinary gym."

Cale rubs he cheek a little, peering at Mikhail curiously. His cheeks are burning a bright red. He doesn't seem especially angry about it, but he does look pretty confused. What, exactly, does that mean? "Oh, you mean like, Shane? But yeah. I don't think my abilities would really hurt anything, unless I was really trying." Does Mikhail… like him? Oh boy. "Anyway."

Mikhail doesn't move for a good thirty seconds before pretty much stuttering, "Licking people, this… Well this is a new low for me, licking people. That's disgusting". He scrambles to pick up his books and stumbles into his room as quick as he can.

Hildegarde tries to reach for Mikhail as he darts into his room. "Wait!" But the door is already shut. She shakes her head and mutters something in German before smiling at Cale, "He will be alright…I will talk to him later and make sure of this." Hilde folds her hands behind her back and places one foot behind the other, tapping the toe of her shoes on the ground behind her slightly. It sounds like someone is dropping a bowling ball. "Shane?" The woman thinks for a moment, "Oh! Miss Morgenstern. Yes that is a good example, though most people are not quite so destructive. But yes, we would like to be able to send our students into the world feeling confident that they will not cause harm to themselves or others." She pauses for a moment and looks at Mik's door again, "Do you mind if I ask what your gift is?" She could look it up, but she would like to direct attention away from Mik for now.

"It's um… Well I do a few things. I'm kinda like a… a lizard. Like a gecko, sorta," Cale rubs the back of his neck, "I can't always do it at will but like, I change colors 'n stuff. And I can climb things," he puts a hand on the wall, pulling himself up until he's completely resting on it in a relaxed fashion, before he lets himself back down, now standing rather than sitting. "And, well, I've sorta got this whole tongue thing going on. It's sorta gross."

Hilde nods at the display, chuckling a little at the tongue comment. "Ah well, you can't be too concerned with that. And rest assured that you will learn to control your abilities better with time. Why when I was young, I used to destroy everything around me without even trying. My parents were very unhappy." She shakes her head, "And well…Now I have few problems controlling myself."

"Oh, I guess I'm not too worried about it. It helps me hide when I don't wanna be seen or anything… though… my clothes don't change color with it so it doesn't seem that useful sometimes," the boy shrugs. Cale doesn't really feel like his mutant powers are a big hindrance, not compared to some others. "But to be more specific, it's sorta like. It's really long and I can grab things with it. Even pick people up, if I want to."

Mikhail's door opens and he slips quietly out, he seems to have cleaned most of the mud off his face and is now fully dressed in jeans, a blue and while long sleeved t-shirt and white sneakers. "When you get a Squad uniform it'll change with you", is said quietly as he walks over to stand by the opposite wall.

Hilde smiles, "Well if you would like your clothes to disappear, I know of a material that reacts to mutant abilities. I am certain that would work for your clothing. I know that it changes form if the mutant using it does the same. For example, there is a man in the city who can turn into sand. His clothes change with him. I assume his outfit is made of that material. I do not know how expensive it is, but I will look it up for you." The woman nods at the tongue explanation, "That is actually a rather fascinating ability."

Hilde stops when Mik returns and smiles, "Ah yes. The uniforms are made of this as well. But they can make street clothes for you as well I hear." She positions herself so that she is facing both boys.

"Oh, well I guess that would be pretty cool. I mean, if I actually needed to disappear, you know?" Cale smiles, "Sometimes I have to work pretty hard not to," he glances over at Mikhail, "That's cool, though."

Mikhail still isn't making eye contact with anyone, obviously still embarassed, "Some of the students withfire powers have normal clothes made out of that stuff and i knew a teleporter who had it aswell".

Hilde nods to Mikhail. "There, you see? Not so uncommon around here then." The woman glances between the two boys and silently curses the awkwardness. "So…Have you been into the city yet? There is a section of the city with a large mutant population. It is worth seeing…Though I must suggest traveling in a group."

"I actually went down there with my friend Taylor… They took me shopping for some clothes." Cale trails off, "It's a bit overwhelming. I've never been to a city has big as this. I lived in Denver, but it was pretty small, in comparison, I mean. New York really is like a giant concrete jungle. Mutant Town was pretty nice though, I met a rat girl while I was there. She was friends with Taylor I guess."

Mikhail nods, he has been here for over two years afterall, "I've been to New York a fair amount but i've only been to Mutant Town a couple of times, Robyn, Rashmi and Connor live there, havn't visited though".

Hilde smiles at Cale, "Yes it can be a bit overwhelming I suppose. I like New York, it is a very international city. You can find just about anything you are looking for there. I am also interested to see how Mutant Town developes. A place where mutants can live together within a sea of humans? It will be interesting to see if a culture developes there." She looks over to Mikhail, "Oh? Are you close with those three? I am sure they would be happy to have you visit if that is the case."

"Mm, I suppose," Cale nods, "I mean honestly, I don't… /feel/ that different, I guess I'm lucky, and I can fit in most the time. But I don't feel like a not-human. Honestly, even though I'm a mutant, I didn't really like…" he pauses for a second, trying to find the right words. "I guess what I mean is, I'd feel okay living anywhere. But then again," he glances at Mikhail, "I've got it easy, some people don't."

Mikhail shrugs, "I was pretty close to Robyn and i argued a lot wit hRashmi a while back but she's so strong and i didn't really know Connor that well but he's good friends with Robyn so he's gotta be a nice guy, i havn't really spoken to anyone who's left the school since they've left".

"Ah yes." Hilde agrees. "I suppose you could live anywhere while others may be unable to. But…It is still an interesting experience to visit there. I do not know that I would personally choose to live in Mutant Town, but that is more because the city is too busy for me personally." To Mikhail, "I have seen a few of them since they left, though generally I have met them for…Matters that I needed their help with."

"Oh, I liked it, it was pretty neat. It seems like there're a lot of mutants with tails… which is pretty cool. I always thought having a tail would be pretty neat, you know?" Cale nods, "But apparently it's also kind of a pain… that's why Taylor went down there, to get some clothes specifically made for people with tails."

Mikhail slides down the wall until he's in a sitting position, "Thats part of why i want my chance to move on, everytime i make a friend they leave and it'll keep happening, so, i'm gonna be the one who leaves".

"Why don't you just, I dunno, keep their phone numbers, and visit the city now and then? When me and Taylor went it was like an hour's train ride. Not that big a deal! Takes forever to get around down there in the city anyway. 's not like they just disappeared or anything." Okay, maybe it IS like they just disappeared, but…

Hilde laughs suddenly. "You know, I never even thought about that. Those store owners sure did chose a good niche. No one else will be selling clothes to accomidate tails for a while I bet." She shakes her head and gives Mikhail a soft smile, "Well I should be off. Have a few things to do before bed. Have a good night you two." She turns and heads back toward the stairs.

"Why don't you just, I dunno, keep their phone numbers, and visit the city now and then? When me and Taylor went it was like an hour's train ride. Not that big a deal! Takes forever to get around down there in the city anyway. 's not like they just disappeared or anything." Okay, maybe it IS like they just disappeared, but… He nods as Hilde moves to leave, giving her a wave, "Was nice talking to you!" Cale himself begins to head back towards his room. "I think I'm just gonna write this day off and go curl up myself," he says to Mikhail, "I've got a project that needs finishing anyway."

Mikhail stands back up as Hilde leaves, "Goodbye Miss Von Regenlief", with the teacher gone he'll now be left alone with someone he accedentally licked a not too long ago, and he's going too? good. A quick "Bye" is given before he to retreats quickly to his room.

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