Giea Parkin
Portrayed By Ellen Page
Gender Female
Date of Birth December 26th, 1992
Age 18
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Aliases None
Place of Birth NYC
Current Location NYC
Occupation College Student
Known Relatives Mother: Margaret Parkin, Father: Jerry Parkin
Significant Other None
Identity Public
Known Abilities None
First Appearance ???

You don't need to let yourself be held back.


Giea was the firstborn child to a rich couple in New York. After she was born, it was quickly discovered that her eyes were useless. She was completely blind, barely even able to sense the difference between bright light and pitch darkness. Furthermore, she was cursed with a weak constitution, seemingly destined to get sick frequently. Because of one such an illness she had as a baby, an ear infection, she does not have anything near the super hearing that blind people are stereotyped to have: quite the opposite. She often needed to request people speak up so that she can understand exactly what they’re saying. Despite all of this, she was a happy child.
One might wonder how much trouble a frail, blind and hearing impaired child might get up to. The answer was lots. Giea would frequently leave her house if left unsupervised and explore, just wandering aimlessly to try and find something to do, getting herself irreversibly lost. Fortunately, because she lived in a friendly and well-off community, the few times she managed to get far, the neighbours would stop her and bring her home. So instead of being scared frequently and having their neighbours spread rumours about them being bad parents, they opted to have a nanny to keep track of the girl.
Because she did not have many friends (as friendly and social as she was, she just wasn’t very much fun to play games with. Also, her parents were pretty protective of her and didn’t like her playing with other kids anyways), Giea spent most of her time reading and fantasizing about, well, silly fanciful things. She had an interest in storytelling, and enjoyed making up scenarios to tell to her nanny. Even though her tales were sometimes outlandish and she would insist that they are true, nobody told her otherwise because they figured that she knew better. And she did know better: for the most part, the stories were just her way to deal with her loneliness.
As she grew older, from childhood into teenage years, the kinds of stories that she engrossed herself in became different: she started reading religious and spiritual texts, and the stories that she used to write gradually morphed into reflections upon all of these texts. She didn’t seem to adhere to any particular religious tradition, though, instead finding beauty in all of them and simply declaring herself ‘spiritual’. She was an average student in school, though, making a B grade. More people began talking to her at school in her teenage years, since there was less emphasis on the physical games to be made. Laid-back and intensely positive, Giea made a few friends with the artsier students, though she was never able to fully appreciate their audiovisual statements. One of the things she became known for in her circle of friends was her stability and support whenever they needed someone to talk to, most of this inner strength drawn from her sense of spirituality.
After she graduated, she applied for college in NYC, majoring in religious studies. After all, being fascinated with the material made it a natural choice. Today, she still lives with her parents and her nanny, needing a little bit of extra help in order to get from place to place, especially since she still has the tendency to become lost.


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