2010-02-16: Gifts And Apologies


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Summary: Robyn has a gift for Rashmi, then Robyn and Rashmi go to see James apologize unconventionally to Jade.

Date: February 16, 2010

Log Title Gifts and Apologies

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Rashmi and Sophie's Room

Slightly bigger than the old room, the new rooms fit two students comfortably. Each room has off white walls with a dark brown carpet. There is one window in the middle of the wall that looks out over the grounds. Each room has two beds, two dressers, two desks and two closets, one for each student.

Deciding that he should just head to Rashmi's dorm, Robyn is now outside of it. It's been a long day of rebuilding the boat house but at least they're almost done. He's dressed in his usually Tim-Burton Fanboy attire as he knocks on the door. He's balancing a small box in one hand as he waits for her to answer.

Behind the door come assorted stumblings, mutterings, at one point a fairly loud crash and a squeal, followed quickly by "I'm all right! One second!" Shortly after, the door opens to reveal a rather… rumpled… Rashmi rubbing irritably at a shoulder. "Sorry… My hair sort of got caught on the desk lamp… Anyway, hi!" she says, perking visibly. "What's up, Robyn?"

Robyn winces at the desk lamp comment. "That sounds painful. Sorry to interrupt your homework time but before I forgot I wanted to give you this." He says handing her the box. Inside is a handmade sculpture of Aragorn, definitely looking like he does in the movie. "This what I've been meaning to get to you, kind of a thank you for putting up with my mental issues during the whole demon thing."

Rashmi takes the box, head tilting to one side. "Oh, you didn't have to… I mean if I didn't care about you, I—" As she opens the box, her eyes widen, and she falls silent, backing into the room and absently stooping to pick up the desk lamp to put it back. "Oh my God, Robyn… *You* did this? I…" Gingerly, she takes the figurine out of the box, setting it on the desk to get a better look. "It's *beautiful,* Robyn… Oh my God how much *work* did you do? It's perfect!"

It's no professional work but it's definitely above average for a sixteen year old kid. Now if he put as much effort into his school work as he did his sculpting. "Yeah, I did it, it took a bit of time but, it was something I wanted to do. It was kind of hard getting the cloak to look like that but it was a fun challenge. The detail, carving it in, is kind of the easy part but….I'm glad you like it. I know you like him a lot."

Rashmi gives the statue a minute adjustment, angling the desk lamp to shine on the statue like a spotlight. Stepping back and nodding her satisfaction, she turns, throwing her arms around Robyn and squeezing briefly. "It's wonderful, Robyn… Thank you."

Robyn hugs her back and smiles. "I'm glad you like it." That's the way that Robyn really knows how to show appreciation and gratitude, make them something. He doesn't have much money but the school has a wealthy clay supply so he makes do with that. "Pretty soon you'll have Lucas all to your self again, we're almost done wit the boat house."

Rashmi chuckles. "How's that working out, anyway? I mean, I haven't heard about anyone getting sent to Medbay, so at least I know everything's at a simmer…"

"Tough." Robyn says finding a place to sit. "My body hurts, I'm not used to doing stuff like that. I've never had to build or repair anything like that before. You should meet my Dad, if something's wrong in our apartment, he's calling maintenance as soon as possible. I don't even know if he owns a hammer."

Rashmi chuckles, scooting a book out of the way to create a good spot on her bed to sit, and takes the nearby chair. "I can imagine… But, I guess if it's exercise, it can't be all bad, right? D'you think you'll be doing it much longer?"

Robyn shakes his head. "Nah, I think we should be done by the end of the week and now that Lucas has those gloves, we're getting things done a lot faster. And don't we get enough exercise in the Danger Room?" It's kind of obvious Robyn is one that doesn't exercise that often as he skinny as hell with barely any muscle showing. "Honestly though, I need to get into a routine to get more of a build."

Rashmi grins. "I'd been thinking of seeing if they teach any kind of martial arts, here… But I don't know, I'd want to do something… pretty I guess," she admits, shrugging. "Like you see in the movies, you know? But I mean, I think it's only too much like exercise when you overdo it, like Dallas was—how's he doing, by the way? I mean, he must be better if he helped Lucas decide to stay, but… I never see him anymore, you know?"

"Wait, he helped Lucas decide to stay? I didn't know that. And Dallas is doing good, he's been really busy lately." Robyn says with a shrug. "I can't blame him for working out all the time. It's to him what sculpting is to me. You lose track of time doing it and it relieves stress. I mean he just loves his sports, same with Jordan. Goes to show you I have a think for jocks." He says with a slight blush.

Rashmi chuckles. "Well, Lucas isn't a *jock,* but he's kind of a fan of… oh what d'you call it, that ice-boxing one… anyway, I'm gl—" The redhead nearly jumps as her cell gives a generic text-message tweedle, but just as briefly calms down enough to grab it and check. "…*Hate* that sound," she grumbles, but her annoyance melts away, into a badly hidden sort of laughter. "Oh my… Okay, listen to this Robyn, it's James. 'I want to apologize to Jade. Mind backing me up?'" Her head drops into her free hand, shoulders shaking with laughter. "Oh, that's just… Okay. I guess I have to. Wanna come with? You'll probably be seeing a better side of him than he'd normally show."

Robyn is about to ask what ice-boxing is when she gets the text. "Why don't you change the tone then, and James? I've never met him but I guess I can help. I know Jade and she's cool." Robyn says as he knows it's gonna be awkward but he'll go for Rashmi.

Rashmi nods, putting the phone back on her desk. "All right, let's go watch him try to keep his foot out of his mouth, then. And, um… I… never had a cell phone before. I don't know *how* to change stuff, you know?"

"I'll follow you and after this is over I'll show you how to make it make better sounds that aren't as irritating and even get songs you like on it." Robyn will have to ask her later about music she likes but for now he motions to the door. "After you I guess?"

=Xavier Mansion - Dining Hall

In a school for children the dining room is decorated to be practical instead of elegant. The walls are a pleasant tan color. Two large windows line the walls looking out to the school grounds. A large table for at least forty people sits in the center of the room. Two chandeliers hang from the ceiling to light up the room. Along the wall is a hole in the wall looking into the kitchen so food can be passed back and fourth.

Jade sits at the long table, about halfway down. In front of her is her laptop, and the ubiquitous coke that sits besides her. She taps on the keys, not seeming to care if she can see the screen or not. A voice reads the words to her softly.

"Well, I don't really *listen* to all that much, to be honest…" Rashmi's voice floats down the hall, getting progressively louder as she and Robyn approach the dining hall. "I mean, I'm not all that good at keeping track of bands… If I like a song, I'll know it when I hear it, but…"

"You don't listen to anything while studying, I mean I'd guess classical at the least." Robyn says joking, yet being serious at the same time. "I listen to a lot of older stuff or obscure stuff but when you have a father whose in a small band, you grow up on music." He walks in behind Rashmi and spots Jade. "So we're just here to do what?"

Meanwhile, in the far corner of the kitchen, a cloaked and hooded figure going through one of the 'fridges, a scythe leaning up against said fridge, a boney hand holding said 'fridges door open. Suddenly he laughs deeply pulls out of the fridge, flesh-less skull visible for only a moment, {THOUGHT YOU HAD ESCAPED MY EYE DID YOU? YOU'RE MINE NOW.} He stop and turns to regard the sound of entering feet— Robyn's to be precise —skeletal features only slightly lit by red piercing eyes; that cloak of his hiding most of the rest of his features. He tilts his head; in his hand he holds a tub of Yogurt. {IT'S EXPIRED. PAST ITS DATE.} Strangely enough, though, the Grimm Reaper is wearing James' goggles.

Jade hears voices, and looks up from her laptop. The little man inside the computer stops talking and she quietly shuts the lid before anyone can see her bad poetry. "Hey," she calls down the table, while Death is of course unseen. The voice, however, makes her hair flare slightly in a rustle of expanding tentacles.

Rashmi pauses mid-stride as Death takes his next victim… And it was strawberry-banana, her favorite… "We're here," she mutters aside to Robyn, to watch James fail *miserably* at apologizing… Hi Jade!" she says, loud enough to be heard and with a bright smile on her face and audibly in her voice. "It's been awhile since 've seen you, are you settling in okay?" Nudging Robyn and chuckling, she moves forward to sit next to the blind girl, nodding for Robyn to take the other side. "Robyn's here too, by the way."

"Hey Jade." Robyn says as he can't keep his eyes off of Death. "Wow, that's just awesome, does James always look like Death?" He asks as he always has found physical mutations kind of fascinating. "Between James and Jade here I kinda feel…normal." And he says it like a bad thing.

The Image begins to fade, displaying the 7' hyena's true form {YOU CAN"T….} The creature removes something from around his neck, "You can't guess the number of students who wouldn't play chess with me." He puts the container back in the 'fridge and grabs the 'real' sythe, heading towards, "Well…lets get this over with." He keeps his gaze far far far away from Jade's and addresses his teammate, "Thanks for coming Rashmi."

Jade is surrounded, and her head shifts from one side to the other. "Uh… hi. I am doing okay… what?" Her hands flatten on the table and her hair rises further, like a ruff almost around her. James + death = Unhappy Jade. A sudden fear overtakes her. "What—what's going on?" Surrounded. Death. Getting something over with. She fumbles to reach for her laptop, dragging it away to stuff in her bag. "Um… I didn't do anything wrong! I was just trying to make friends," she licks her lips. "I didn't do anything wrong….!"

"By the looks of it, it's lucky for us all I did," Rashmi says with a heavy sigh, reaching out to rest a hand on Jade's. "Jade… Jade, it's okay. There's nothing to be scared of, all right? Robyn and I are right here, there's nothing to worry about."

Robyn is completely confused as to what's going on and when James shifts, there's a 'woah' that escapes him. He looks at Jade and goes to reach out but Rashmi already does. "Jade, nothings wrong, that I know of. No one said you did anything wrong and there's nothing wrong with trying to make friends. We're all trying to make friends here." Or so he believes.

James hmmms and sits somewhere nearby and lowers his goggles as if they'd offer some protection from the upset student, "No Jade…I'm not here to do anything else other than apologize." He looks sheepishly over at Rashmi, ears pinning sideways, "Albeit in an under appreciated way." He rests his gardening tool in his lap and looks around, "So….ummm…hiya." He gives Robyn a quick study, a sniff, and a second look; one of his eyes looking out from a broken lens.

"Why is he talking about death? Do you know what he said to me?" Jade's voice rises in pitch. The touch to her hand is unexpected, and she flinches away. "He said he was Perseus! Perseus cut off Medusa's head and now he is death?! What kind of school IS THIS??! I have heard stories about hazing, but this isn't even college or whatever…." she pushes back in her chair and pauses when he mentions apology. It really seems like quite an implausible setup.

"And it's not at all how I *suggested,* he go about it," Rashmi says with a touch of patient asperity, "but, yes. He told me about the Perseus thing… And he really, really felt bad about it. So, please, Jade… Just… hear him out, okay? I promise you, nothing bad is going to happen." Leaning back, she looks at Robyn with a slightly weary expression, as if to say 'see what I deal with?'

Robyn doesn't respond to Rashmi's look as there's so much he can say in response to that. "He just looked like Death, that's all Jade. This place is a school, for teenagers, all kinds of teenagers, that just happen to be mutants. Like any other school you have your jocks, your geeks, your weird kids and your bullys. No one here is out to get you." He says looking at James and remembering what Zack said about him being a bully ealier. It seems Zack was right.

James sighs, blowing a lot of air past his canines, "No…the death thing was a left over from me visiting the med bay." There's a lightning-quick glance at Rashmi followed b an equally quick look at the floor, "I mean…damn…I'm screwing this up again, aren't I?" He crosses his arms over his chest and tries to salvage another of his Titanics, "So…Jade…Ummmm…I'm sorry?" Maybe not so much a bully. More like a social inept with an inability to back down from a perceived challenge. Okay….maybe.

Jade settles enough to hear things out. Though her arms remain against the table, prepared to push away at a moment's notice, she does not leave. She pauses, her hair moving around her head and neck in a shivering motion, like being touseled in a car with an open window. "What are you sorry for?"

Rashmi nods slowly, encouraged by this reaction. As Jade asks her queation, Rashmi leans back, raising an eyebrow at the hyena. "That would be your cue," she says, voice far gentler than the expectant neutrality on the redhead's face. Clearly, a detailed apology is exactly what Jade and Rashmi expect.

Robyn just watches for now, he doesn't have much to say. He feels like he shouldn't be here but he's stuck in the spot. He just looks at the giant Hyena and it's a curious look as he's trying to see just how big and Hyena like he is. Though he does slowly reach a hand to put it on Jade's shoulder reassuringly, giving it a small squeeze.

"For being a horses ass," James responds, "For starters." He hmphs, looking at Rashmi, "You know, I'm 'trying' here. Give me some room." He frowns a little, or tries to That doesn't work so well on a muzzle. He stands up, and walks over towards a counter in the back, "I bought these," he says fishing the remains of what 'mostly' looks like flowers out of the back sink. They're in a rather plain looking vase, the poor things having taken a recent beating, "But I broke the vase. So I replaced it with something I found in here, got distracted, and went looking for food." He gives his teammate look like that isn't recognizable.

Jade can smell crushed plant life, and flowers. Her lips tighten, then soften again. She reaches out to feel where the replacement vase might be, as if confirm that it does, in fact, exist. "Okay," she relaxes a little, pulling the vase in against her nose."

The moment the flowers are brought out, James receives a bright smile and a slow nod from his teammate. There's an appreciative chuckle as he describes his distraction, but by the looks of it Rashmi firmly cleaves to the 'the thought *does* count' philosophy of gift-giving.

Robyn looks at everyone and sees that things are going okay, and well, this is enough awkwardness for him. "Alright, well I think I'm gonna get going. Let you guys handle this. I'll, see ya later Rashmi. Nice meeting you James and Jade, have a good night." He says with a smile as he waves and heads out. He should meet up with Jordan before bed anyway.

James admits, "It's my hands. I don't deal well with fragile things. People included." He holds up his big, clawed, finger, paw, things…the ones big enough to fit around most people's faces. He sighs, "Anyways…the water ruined the chocolate..and it was a huge mess. So I did what I could." His ears go back, "So…I'm hoping we can start over?" He gives Robyn a nod, but doesn't want to ruin the moment. So leaves it at that.

"Bye, Robyn," Jade waves to the departing soul. Her attention is focused on James as he speaks. "There was chocolate too?" Impressed by the small things, he has her attention. She thinks about what the boy/hyena has said. "As long as you don't want to cut off my head, I think I would be okay with like, trying again or whatever."

Rashmi smiles at Robyn, nodding and waving goodbye to the teen, before turning back and almost melting on the spot herself. Chocolate. There was *chocolate* in the offing… Settling back, she laces her fingers together in her lap, watching Jade in silence. By the look of her expression, her posture, James has things quite well in hand, and needs no more help from her.

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