2009-04-18: Gifts Of Love


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Summary: Gifts are exchanged and cuddling takes place.

Date: April 18, 2009

Gifts of Love

Rating: R

Max and Nathaniel's Room

It's late afternoon on Friday and Nathan recently returned from the city; he sent out a little tendril to Leo, as much poking Leo with the urge to see him as keeping it seperate enough to let Leo know that Nathan wants to see him. It's a confusing thing, trying to communicate with empathy, but he finds a balance. Waiting in his room, he doesn't even leave the door closed, just flopped on his bed with his head hanging off the foot, staring at the door with a mix of thoughtfulness and hope.

Stepping past the door, Leo peeks in, carrying a box. "Hey." He says brightly, bringing the box in and holding it out towards Nathan. When he DOES open it, it's good paper and prismacolor pens. SOme people said they were good. He has no idea.

Nathaniel twists into a sitting position in a weird, flexible wending of his body, until he's sitting up properly; he greets Leo with a grin, all the same, "Hi." He accepts the box with one hand, tucking it under his arm, while the other reaches for Leo in order to tug him down into his lap. He kisses his neck, jaw, and earlobe all in quick succession, "Mmph." Missyouyes. He clears his throat and sets the box on the bed, peering at it curiously before popping it open one-handedly, "What is thi - holy shit, Leo." He's startled, that's all, blinking only to look up at Leo and poke his nose against his jaw, expression a touch concerned, "Is this for me…? …if it is, you really shouldn't… I mean, it's great! I just…" He's blushing. Idiot.

"Of course it's for you. I can't draw for crap." Leo snickers, blushing softly at the kisses as he sits in the lap. "What? Are they the wrong kind? Is it not something you can use? I can exchange it for something better…" This is the guy that has no realization of monetary valur.

Nathaniel shakes his head quickly, reaching up to slide his fingers into Leo's pale hair, voice lowering quietly, "No, Leo. It's incredible, that's all. It's perfect. Thank you." He tilts his head up so he can give the other boy a firm, sound kiss, squeezing the back of his neck gently. It's sweet; Nathan's just not great at receiving gifts. He blushes suddenly, and deeply, sucking at his lower lip before he mumbles, "I have something for you too, kind of… if you want it…" Nathan isn't a big blusher (generally), so there's likely some reason.

"If it's from you, of course I do." Leo says, leaning forward to brush his nose against the empath's. The light sparkles slowly brightening against his skin. "Sometime this summer, my parents are gonna be around." He says with a nod. "And… they wanna meet the person I'm dating." He adds on, wrinkling his nose.

Nathaniel's expression suggests misgivings, but he nods slightly, "Sure… I mean, don't get me wrong, just…" Just his parents aren't ever going to be around to meet Leo. He smiles, then, squeezing Leo around the middle and sliding him onto the edge of the bed so that he can stand, then come around the side of it. He rummages through the myriad of stacked papers, books, canvases, and other sundry until he takes out a good sized leather portfolio, sliding it carefully onto the bed. It's even got a turn lock on it that he opens quickly, then, with a glance to Leo and a deep inhale, he slips out a single piece of canvas, carefully cut, preserved, and inside a plastic protector.

It looks much like Leo when he's using his light power, complete with billowing white hair and light rays behind him; between his hands, however, where the light converges to become a single shot, there's a much simpler picture of Leo himself, just standing in his usual school clothes, back slightly to the viewer, smiling and carting around a backpack. It's a sappy picture, but it's a good one, at least.

Leo simply stares at the pure talent poured into the picture. A bright smile crosses his face as he emits a bright squeal. "It's amazing." He says, bouncing in place not knowing how else to phrase it. After all, gifts from the heart are always so much better than thinks you buy for people. At least, that's what Leo was always under the impression of. This is the first time he's really gotten to feel it.

Nathaniel blushes and shifts his hands so he can set the painting on the bed, ruffling the hair just above the back of his neck as he murmurs, "I started on it after that last fight. It just… seemed right…" He huffs softly, smiling at Leo after a few seconds, "You really like it? I was going to try and find a cool frame for it in the city, or maybe Japan…" He's never actually shown his art to someone, so pardon his extreme embarrassment.

"How could I not? I mean, I may not know art, but to quote the popular phrase, I know what I like." Leo says with a chuckle. "I'm sure you'll find something somewhere. I trust your judgment much more than my own. Fashion, sure, I can do that. Frames and design… not my forte."

Nathaniel laughs as he slips the portrait back into its protective portfolio, locks it up, then hides it away under his bed once more, dropping down on the edge of the bed and reaching for Leo again. Snuggle! He will nudge his nose against Leo's neck again and, eventually, sigh a relaxed sigh, smiling at him as he takes to running his fingers through his hair, "Anyway… what've you been doing lately?"

"Not much really. Just been… staying by myself for a bit. Keeping myself away from temptations." Leo laughs softly. "I wanna be sure that I only have my best interests and my man's best interests." He snickers, moving to lay down next to Nathan with a grin, nuzzling up happily.

Nathaniel blinks curiously at that, tilting his head to the side and shifting beneath Leo, "What do you mean…?" He slides back onto the bed with Leo, curling his arms around him and leaning his head down to kiss his ear again, sneaking a hand under Leo's shirt so he can run his hand over the other youth's stomach in idle circle. Mmm. Warm. He does live with Max, after all. He shifts until comfortable, then relaxes completely, looking at Leo in a curious fashion.

"Just been staying alone so I don't go too far with my snuggling with folks." Leo chuckles softly, shrugging. The stomach under Nate's hand is firm, after all, he IS a gymnast. He gives a soft purr of happiness at the motions. "I've just got a lot of thoughts in my head. Been spending more time with Dai and some art students to find out more abour artists."

Nathaniel winds up letting his hand run across Leo's stomach so he can curl his arm under him, nestling snugly against his side and looking somewhat concerned again, "Leo… I said it was okay. You really don't need to be so worried about it… I don't want you seperating yourself from your friends just because of me." He exhales and continues to speak, admitting, "I was flirting with a guy recently… sort of. I feel like shit now, though." He makes a face, propping his head up on his free hand largely to ruffle his fingers through his hair, annoyed at himself.

"There's no need to feel bad. I don't mind. Though, I DO wonder who." Leo chuckles softly, reaching a hand out to brush through Nate's hair. "I'm not distancing myself from friends. I'm just avoiding situations that I shouldn't let myself get involved in. That's all." He says with a quick nod.

Nathaniel seems to feel better with those words, though he continues to look a little pensive, sliding that hand further under Leo's shoulder while his other hand turns to drop to his forehead, brushing back his hair quietly, "Some guy named Tanner O'Kane. He's attractive and everything, but… mostly…" His brow furrows and he kisses Leo's nose lightly, "There's something off about him. He wants me to go camping with him this weekend. I told him I had to talk to you about it."

"Some guy you just met's inviting you camping. That… doesn't feel right to me. How old is he?" Yeah, Leo is thinking the guy might just be a creepy old pervert. Of course, anyone past 19 is old, in his book right now. "Or have you known him a while?" He asks, correcting himself. After all, he might be wrong in his assumptions.

Nathaniel shakes his head, laughing slightly as he kisses Leo's collarbone, green eyes amused, "He's twenty-one, and I know why he wants to go out there." He sighs and shifts upwards, looking down into Leo's eyes now, "I don't think I'm as good a person as you. I… don't mind the idea. It's not that part of him that worries me. He's just… he's not quite right. I feel like I should keep up with him for now. Like it may be important later." He bites that collarbone idly, adding, with an amused look, "He's not a bad guy, either. We hung out the other day."

"Oh please. I'm the one with a sex drive like a nymphomaniacal monkey on crack." Leo laughs, shaking his head, giving a squeak of pleasure at the collarbite. His body tightens in enjoyment as he does so. "I just worry. I mean, ya know? This IS New York. I had my fair share of weirdos in San Diego, too." He reaches out, sliding his hand up and down his partner's back, slowly.

Nathaniel nods his head in understanding, though now his prior worry is making him embarrassed, blushing as he shoves his face against Leo's neck, skin hot, "Mmm. I like my nymphomaniacal monkey on crack, though… and hey, if he messes with me, I'll just drive him crazy." It is something few people have a particularly good defense against.

Leo gives a quick nod. "Ok. If you feel fine with it, go for it." He says, until he's taken in for the neck nuzzling that always drives him crazy. He moves quickly, sliding his legs about and wrapping them around Nate's waist as he tilts his head, giving the other boy more access to him. "I missed you." He whispers. Sure, they probably have classes together during the day,but it's still there.

Nathaniel moves so that he is on top of Leo, letting his body rest comfortably due to the fact that he's more than aware what Leo can take. He runs his tongue along the taut pulse of Leo's neck, kissing it delicately just below the jaw before he bites down on the same spot, enough that it'd usually leave a mark on other people. He sighs softly against that damp skin afterwards, smiling warmly at his boyfriend, "I missed you, too… I need to get one of those pay-as-you-go phones so I can leave you dorky texts." He flickers a quick grin, then proceeds to nudge Leo's shirt up so that he can nibble illicitly on the boy's nipple. Shame is wot?

"I could add you onto my plan." Leo says softly, biting his lip before he's moved down. He goes willingly, of course. He'd not resist Nate anyway. He does give a soft giggle, though, squeezing tightly with his legs, making sure not to squeeze TOO hard. He's not as aware of what the other can take, just knowing he's closer to normal than Leo is.

Nathaniel shakes his head at that, rubbing the flat of his tongue in slow, firm circles over that nipple before giving it a hard suck and tugging his teeshirt back down. He grins up at Leo, reorienting himself to nuzzle his neck again and rocking his hips in an incendiary fashion against the other youth's, "Mm… no, that's all right. I'd only really use it to call you, anyway." He's not weak by any means, but there's no doubt Leo could squash him if he wanted to; still, it's better that a martial artist type is chosen than your standard geeky artist, or there might be some issues.

There's a giggle from Leo as Nathaniel licks hi, followed by a sudden "Awwwwww" when things stop. But he does understand. This IS still a school. "Well, you could use it as much as you want. I have a completely unlimited plan…" He mutters, shrugging. "Tease." He says, squeezing the shoulders in his hands as he sighs. "I can't wait for this trip to Japan."

Nathaniel nods his head in agreement, letting his body weight rest on Leo, enjoying the feel of the gymnast's body beneath his own while he runs his fingers through his hair again, generally sending out good vibes, "I guess. I'd feel weird, though. I don't want it to seem like I'm using you… you know, for more than sex." He nods in a super-serious fashion only to break it with a grin, kissing Leo's ear playfully, "Me too. I have some particular plans for you in a yukata, to be honest. There's going to be dress up and pictures and then horrible, dirty things."

"I'm scared." Leo says with a firm nod. "I don't mind it if it's fashionable, but… I don't do dresses. Kilts, fine. Robes, fine. Dresses, no." He nods succinctly again as he leans in for another nuzzle. "Getting about naptime. Want… me to nap in here?" He asks softly, biting his lip. "I don't mind, if Max doesn't."

Nathaniel laughs hard at that, shaking his head only to assure the other boy, "No dresses. Just yukatas - the kimono-style things? I swear." He nods his head in quick agreement to Leo sleeping here, shifting away from him only to carefully set that box of markers and paper on the floor next to his bed, tucking it snugly against some of the other supplies he keeps under there, then pulling the blanket up and out from under Leo's butt, "Nah, he won't care… or I guess I should say I don't care if he cares… but that's mean." He obviously intends to nap with Leo, which seems to be something he enjoys doing; he doesn't like Leo being alone when he wakes up, if he can help it. Once things are settled, he'll slide under the blankets with Leo and nestle against his side.

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