2010-04-18: Go Go Godzilla


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Summary: James is healed and Connor is up late. Together they share a moment of sanity.

Date: April 18, 2010

Log Title Go Go Godzilla

Rating: PG.

Xavier Mansion - Recreation Room

What was once the Parlor has been turned into a Recreation Room for the students. A nice plush carpet meets the light blue walls giving it a homey feel. A pool table at one end, a foos ball table at the other, and entertainment center with video game systems, movies, and of course, cable TV. Big comfy chairs and couches surround a coffee table for comfortable loafing. Long glass windows with a pair of French doors line one side of the room bringing in plenty of light during the day. The main rule in here is to clean up after yourself.

Late Saturday and James finds himself trying to catch his favorite Kaiju movie, Tokyo SOS. But, things are different tonight. Instead of wearing his usual set military-issued goggles on top of his head, James has a rather large ice bag. With a rather miserable on his face, the hyena sits slumped on a couch, remote in his hand, his chin in the other; untouched plate of food some distance away.

Not expecting anyone to be up this time of night… it's almost midnight… which is usually the best time to catch a couple hours of video game-age on the systems here… Connor slips in to the movie blaring on the screen. Stopping a moment, he blinks, and then tilts his head to one side, before grinning to himself and says, "Never seen this one before…" Not having seen you yet until he comes around the side of the couch, and stops, "Oh, hey… if you…" And then stops, "Are you allright, James?"

James grumbles, "Waz until this place." He shifts his weight a little and makes some more room, "Connor." It's a one word greeting, nothing more. "It's good. But, I prefer Kiryu as the newer Mechagodzilla." Suprisingly civil…and forth coming! "And no…have a seat…just hanging out."

Connor moves to the other end of the couch and slips in, sticking the memory card in his hand into his jeans pocket, before pulling off his boots and tucking his feet up under him, "I never was much for Godzilla flicks… but cool. Too much badly translated Sentai television growing up." Facing the TV for a bit, he sits back, and then says without looking, "I meant your head… not in general…"

James nods, "Rubber suits. Can't go wrong." There's a long sigh, a hand shifting the bag on his head, "Kiryu is great. He was built using the bones off the original Godzilla." Sardonic smile and the hyena looks over, "Me? Eh…Addison. He spent most of Friday sorting out a bunch of bad wiring that happened over the last few months. Head hurts. Just…feels well used. How about you?"

Connor listens for a bit, and then closes his eyes, and rubs at them a moment, "Total honesty? Five minutes after all the surreal stuff is over with, there's a small part of me screaming this couldn't really be real." Eyes still closed, and then looking down at his hands, "But then it is… and I feel like I'm in over my head. I mean… I can talk it all I want… and sometimes I have the reflexes to back it up… but to be honest?" He turns his head to look at you finally, and gives a half-hearted smile, "This whole thing's kinda overwhelming."

The normally much more verbose hyena nods and adds a simple, "Good," eyes on the TV. After a moment he nods again, "Good. 'Cause it 'should' be. When it stops being an issue, something's broken." A glance at Connor is followed up with, "I've been broken for three months, apparently. And now that I'm awake again…lemme tell you, you don't want to be broken."

Those words seem to make the one who always seems to have something to say… go silent. And then… quietly, "Then you'll get what I'm gonna tell you… because I haven't told anyone else here yet… only Doctor McCoy knows… and whoever he's handed my file to. This gift… this cool thing I can do? The more I use it, I'll start experiencing things… stuff that might mess with my head. And there are things… things that can sense what I can do… and I might accidentally bring one of them here." Taking a deep breath, and scrubbing at his face, "Yeah… I found out I was a mutant. Then I found out I was a danger to everyone else."

James mmmmmmmms, an eye directing itself at Connor even though his head returns to looking at the screen, "Most of us are when you get down to it." He looks away, "What are these 'things?' Do you know? And thanks for the warning. I won't mention it to anyone else." Honesty in his voice At least as much as any Connor has probably heard from him before.

Connor rubs his hands through his hair, and then sighs once more, staring up at the ceiling for a long moment as he groans out an exhale, "Has to do with some place called the Negative Zone. I might hear stuff… see things… things not there. All I got was a basic overview… if that makes any sense." Finally looking back at the screen, "You want some popcorn? Made from the bones of Godzilla… a monster made from a monster… nice allegory. The original Godzilla was representative of the affects of the bomb dropped on Japan by the US… personifying the rage and the terror of the people into a single being of power… and nobility." And he stands up and pushes off to head to the kitchen to grab some munchies… leaving you alone for the time being.

James shakes his head, "No, I'm fine. I can't stomach anything right now." He listens to Connor's description as he leaves, adding, "A monster made from a monster who drowned himself after protecting those that claimed to love him abandoned him after two accidents." He hmphs, moving his jaw a little, "Allegory indeed." The ice bag gets an adjustment as the hyena watches Mothra beat up on the King of Monsters for a few minutes.

Connor returns after just long enough to make some popcorn, and coming along with it, he brings you a bottle of water that's been chilling in the freezer most of the day, leaving it half-iced and nicely cold. Instead of sitting down on the couch, he sits down with the small bowl of popcorn in his lap on the floor… legs splayed out, sitting closer to you this time, close enough to touch or smack if you wanted, "So who are we rooting for?"

"The good guys of course," James replies in a tone that make it questionable if he really means that. He clicks his tongue and shrugs, "No happy ending in this movie when you get down to it. But that's all I'll say." Another battle wages on screen as James states, "Bad way to get off to a start the other day. Sorry."

Connor waves dismissively, "Don't sweat it." Taking a bite of his popcorn, and then fishes a bottle from his own pocket and cracks it, dighing as he takes a sip, "I figured… whatever it was… either you were playing me, or it was a personal matter… so it wasn't my business." Not turning to face you, he leans his head back, "No happy endings are some of the best… because they're usually the most true to life. Sometimes… the good guys die. Sometimes they lose… and sometimes… they manage to get everything done before it all comes crashing down."

About that time Mothra explodes into a giant fireball and dies on screen; James lets out a dark sound at the timing, "Yeah…" He nods over at Connor, "I don't even remember what I was on about. Whatever it was wasn't important." He grins widely, "You know…funny thing about someone hitting your mental condition reset button after pulling so much crap on everyone? No one's gonna believe it. Which, you know…is okay with me."

Connor actually chuckles a bit, "So… I get to be the one in on the big secret then? Well… I won't say a word… wouldn't want to ruin any fun you can get out of it." Reaching up and back to tap your leg as he takes another handful of popcorn, "So… want to see what I do… or would you rather just we act like we're just two guys on a Saturday night with nothing to do?"

James shrugs, "Who says I'm getting any fun out of being a pain now that I'm in control again? Guess that's to be discovered by the both of us—and everyone else." To Connor goes a rather purposeless, bland look, "Not sure I'm up to any show and tell tonight." He taps a toe claw on a plate full of uneaten meat that's still sitting on the floor, "Maybe another night, unless you just want to tell me."

Connor nods once more, and then replies, "I can teleport… I can put an energy around me that makes stuff pass through me… and when I put it in my hands, and bring them together… I make some kind of weird shockwave that can knock you on your butt." Eyes turn over and down to where the meat is, and after a shrug, he then goes back to drinking, eating, and watching television… and then finally he chuckles gain, and smiles up at you, "I promise. Won't tell a soul. You've got a rep to maintain, right?"

"Maybe…maybe not," James replies, "Up to me now. Isn't it?" James nods at the TV, "If I touch something mechanical or electrical, I can tell how it works or how it's broken. I used it to overload something a few times. The latter sounds cool, but it doesn't work like you'f expect it. So, it's really only good for locking teaches inside a holding cell and almost killing them." He pulls the ice bag off his head and stands, "Speaking of rep…I've got some repairs to do tomorrow, so I gotta leave." He leans over to pick up his plate, "Enjoy the movie."

Connor looks up at you as you pick up the plate, "Hey… you want some help? I don't know much about machinery… but I can fetch and carry, and know a little bit about computers… my dad's an aeronautics engineer. Either way… offer's open. Catch you later, allright?" All said before he goes back to the screen and the movie as it continues to play out the drama of giant monsters and sad tales.

James 'ehhs' taking his icepack, food, and everything else he brought in with him, "Not talking necessarily about machines. But thank's for the offer." He gives Conner a nod and heads for the door, "Night. See ya around campus." And with that, the hyena exits.

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