2009-06-06: Go Go Rainbow Ranger!


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Summary: The source of The Rainbow of Absurdity is revealed. Chaos Ensues again.

Date: June 6, 2009

Log Title: Go Go Rainbow Ranger!

Rating: R

NYC - Bryant Park

Located right behind the New York Public Library is the quaint Bryant Park. Looking over 42nd Street, chairs and tables have been set up all around the green, making it ideal for book readers, people to sit down and eat, or just relax with friends. Trees surround three out of four sides of the park, and in one of the corners sits a little stand called The witchcraft creamery which offers ice cream sandwiches, milkshakes, floats, and warmer beverages in the winter.

Saturday afternoon's a lovely time in New York City. Even better when the weather's as nice as it is today! Nice, comfortably warm, and only a few puffy clouds floating around up there. In Bryant Park, people are enjoying the day. Or they were. Since about four minutes ago, some kind of bright light streaked out of the sky and crashed into the park. While some people are leaving quickly, there's a crater in the park with smoke rising from it. Some kind of glow is coming from within the smoke but it's too thick to see what exactly it is right now.

Dmitri has spent his Saturday in Bryant Park, something he often does when he needs a littel air or has finished with all the work he has been paid to do as a jewler. The streak of light gets a long slow look before the Earth Spirit decides he should check things out, just in case its another alien invasion or worse. Walking with an odd gait he heads in the direction of the smoking crater to see exactly what is going on.

Crashing things in the park? Well, Laura was on it. In this case, well, she hadn't much of a choice, seeing that, like Dmitri, she was in the park when the light smashed into the ground. Hugging the cover of the trees, the X-student creeps closer to the foggy mess, green eyes narrowed dangerously.

People continue to move away quickly as the smoke starts to clear. And then suddenly, something comes leaping out of the crater to land gracefully on the edge in the typical 'stuck the landing!' gymnastics stance. It's a teenager of some kind based on appearances. And he's dressed like in odd ninja in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, pink, and purple. Looking around, this young man laughs. "HELLO EARTH!" he calls out with a grin!, his mouth the only part of his face visible. Waving rapidly, the young strange man starts to say something else when he seems to sense something. Looking towards Laura and then Dmitri, he wags a finger. "My first players! Well, here we go!" he exclaims, unleashing a wave of brilliantly multicolored light at them each. A rushing sensation will occur for Laura and Dmitri. And when the light clears…well…

As the light rushes twords him Dmitri does not seem to react, except for a large spike of earth erupting out of the ground in front of him to try and block the attack. As the feelings from being hit fade the spike of soil and dirt falls apart revealing….that Dmitri is suddenly a decade younger. Younger, but still with a stoney look on his face he does not look too impressed. "The Earth says hello. Who are you, and what are you doing here?"

The light strikes Laura in spite of her sneakiness, and all of a sudden… well, she feels strange. And a bit wobbly upon her feet. Frowning rather mightily, she staggers away from the cover of the trees, feeling her balance all off. Moving to stand by Dimitri, and adding her glower to the intimidation factor that Dmitri was trying, well… Dmitri may notice that Laura was a 'he' now. Long, dark hair, slightly gaunt features, athletic and slim like a swimmer's build, her clothes were a bit stretched tight upon her now, too. "…what is going on?" he asks Dmitri, frowning at the deeper quality of 'his' voice.

The young multicolor-clad trouble maker regards Laura and Dmitri curiously, tapping his chin with a pair of fingers. "Well that was decidedly random," he muses. "I do like the changes though," he goes on. There's a pause as the teen finally acknowledges he's being spoken to. "Oh? I am the Rainbow Ranger!" he declares, striking an overly dramatic pose and causing a small explosion of multicolored smoke behind him. "And since you rounded up all my gems, I've come to have fun on this planet!"

Dmitri gives the Rainbow Ranger a Spock like single eyebrow raised look. Without taking his eyes off the flamboyant alien he says to Laura, "Apparently the space ninja thought I was too old for his taste." The mention of gem stones gets Dmitri's other eyebrow to raise, but gets no other physical responce. "Ok Zordon, you want to have fun, how about I get you a ticket to Disney instead of you running around scaring the normal peoples."

Laura's frown deepens, then she glances down at herself. Blinking rather rapidly, she grabs at her own stomach, then up to 'his' chest. "…what the… I was too… female for his tastes, as well." Glaring back up at him, 'Laura' levels a glare in his direction, and says, his masculine voice underscored with a growl. "Alright…" A flex of the muscles, and twin claws spring out of each hand. "…change me back. Now."

The Raindow Ranger just laughs quietly, dancing slightly to unheard music. "Disney? That cheap tourist trap? Been there, done that," he declares. The young man snaps a few times then looks to 'Laura'. "Really now? Why?"

Dmitri blinks as he hears that Laura used to be a girl. Hmm, the flashy freak has a lot of power up his sleaves, changing ages and genders around. "The new leg is a nice touch, but I have been this age, done that, not interested in going back to school…or being younger than Kaden and Drew." Dmitri moves to the side edging away from Laura and so that he can get the Rainbow Ranger between them.

Laura gives Dmitri a sideways glance. "…" she says, frowning a bit deeper. Needless to say, she wasn't too fond of her own 'new leg'. However, the question posed by the rainbow ranger gives her pause, the once-girl pursing 'his' lips before saying, slowly, "…because I'm not a boy."

Rainbow Ranger blinks and looks 'Laura' over. "Yes you are," he says in a teasing manner. He then turns to Dmitri and grins. "I have no idea who they are but if you don't wanna go to school…just don't go."

Dmitri shakes his head. "She is not supposed to be a boy. Of course she makes a cute one but, that is neither here nor there. I will give you one more chance to change us back, but that is all. Even the patience of mountains can wear thin over time."

The patience of mountains didn't quite last long in Laura. With a growling shout - that sounded a bit more frightening than Laura's did normally, the once-girl dashes forward, hoping to close the distance between herself and the rainbow ranger with a dash, whipping out her claws to try to catch him across the chest. Not much for talking right now, it seems.

Rainbow Ranger just looks up thoughtfully. He starts to say somehing when 'Laura' growls. Looking over, the young man yelps when 'she' dashes at him. The claws connect and Rainbow Ranger just…pops like a ballooon. Confetti and small pieces of candy fall around 'Laura' and clapping is heard. Rainbow Ranger's suddenly standing where LAura dashed from. "Spectacular! You win the candy prize!"

Dmitri sighs as Laura decides to go with a…more agressive negotiating tactic for getting back to normal. As the Rainbow Ranger pops he keeps an eye on the area he used to be in till he starts to clap. As the alien ninja speaks up Dmitri just raises his right hand and the ground under the Ranger splits and dirt sarts to fountain out of the ground to try and trap him in place.

Blinkblink. Laura has to stay dumbfounded a moment as a few long, multicolored streamer settles over 'his' hair and extended arm. Not to mention the M&M that dinged off 'his' nose. Turning back around, streamers still fluttering on him, he murmurs darkly, "…this isn't funny. It's pissing me off." as the end from one of the streamers flutters into his mouth, and he spits it out. Pwut!

Rainbow Ranger points and laughs at Laura, highly amused. "Oh, please get angrier. I'm rather enjoying this!" he declares. When the ground starts fountaining dirt, the young man yelps. He shoots into the air surrounded by an aura of light. "Hey! Watch the threads!"

Dmitri does the Spock eyebrow thing again as he comes close, or at least cloer than LAura to getting the Ranger. With a dismissive wave the Earth Spirit lets the dirt fall to the ground and fall back to where it belongs under the grass. With a grin he holds his right hand out to the side and waits for about 13 seconds before a large black something seems to shoot out of the ground where he can grab it reealing the item to be a sword made of black stone. "If you did not want your clothes dirtied you should not have antagonized a wo…a person with claws or the very spirit of the Eart."

A grunt from ManLaura. Sheathing his claws now, he dashes forward, frowning up at the being in the air. "Are you from… outer space or something?" she asks.

Rainbow Ranger lowers back down to the ground, staying a foot above it. He shrugs. "Technically from another dimension but I was hangin' out in space deciding what planet I wanted to visit," he explains to the duo.

The ground under the Rainbow Ranger shivers just a little as small fissures appear. "And you considers spreading chaos and random changes to our beings as…something appropriate to do on a simple visit?" Given that chaos in general is something Dmitri does not approve of he finds the idea of an extra demensional being comming just to mess around a bit abhorant.

Still dashing, Laura comes to a skidding stop a few metres away from the floating Ranger. Remembering the whole candy and confetti incident, (there was still a streamer caught around his ear, in fact,) he pauses, with a frown. Bringing up a hand to brush his long, unruly hair over his shoulder, his eyes narrow. So many problems could be solved by beating them into oblivion - this did not seem to be one of them. Casting a glance towards Dmitri, Laura remains silent for now.

The Rainbow Ranger chuckles. "Why not? I'm a being of chaos, you're just mortals…" he trails off, gesturing vaguely. "But if you're sooooo displeased with your new forms…perhaps I could fix it."

Dmitri gives the Rainbow Ranger another Spock look before the ground under him shifts and a pedistal of rock pushes up underneith him till he is at least on eye level with the Ranger. "I would rather not be fixed, the word has a less than pleasent connotation. I would like to be the age I am supposed to be. Also, you should make sure the people you are dealing with are mortals before you call them that."

Setting his jaw at an angle, Laura bends forward to scoop a hefty little rock off of the ground, tossing it into the air and catching it again testingly. "I'd like to be fixed, myself." he says. "I'm meant to be a woman." he adds, glaring with his bright green eyes at Rainbow Ranger. Words that may sound a little odd coming from Laura's new growling masculine voice, but such is life.

Rainbow Ranger just smiles. "Oh, reaa~aally?" he sing-songs. "Well. I suppose I'll change things then," he says. "Alright then! I'll fix things up!" he laughs. With a snap, the Rainbow Ranger unleashes that same flash of light from before.

Dmitri blinks as he is changed once more, and then blinks again as he looks down and sees he is no longer 14, and because of the obvious mammery glands is apparently no longer a he. "Those are new. You realize this makes me question either your compatence or your seriousness." Dmitri gestures with his left hand a little as a small portion of the ground under him raises up to replace hisright leg, which disapeared when he was made into a 25 year old woman in a rather nice pleated skirt

Another flash of light, and Laura was back to being the wonderful girl we all know and love. Closing her eyes, she breathes out a sigh. She turns her head though, towards Dmitri, and points at the other person. "Well… I'm better now, are yo…" she starts, but then frowns. The tip of her finger was on fire. In fact, small flames were springing up all over her body, and then, rather suddenly, she explodes into a ball of fire. Leaping up, Laura hits the ground, and starts to roll around reflexively.

Rainbow Ranger starts laughing, one arm around his side. "Oh man! Can't believe you fell for that!" he laughs. Then as Laura starts rolling, he just laughs more. "By the cards, you guys are a riot!"

Dmitri's right eyebrow twiches slightly. "Riot, yes, I see now. If a riot is what you want…." The ground all around starts to shake and roll, with the odd exception of where Laura is trying to put herself out. After a second a half a dozen man shaped stone things each about 8 foot tall break through the surface of the park and al stand facing the Rainbow Ranger. "Ever wonder why they call the Earth a mother?" As he says mother a 3 foot long razer sharp spike of quartz shoots stright out of thr ground under the Ranger, almost as if the Golems were a distraction or something.

Another few rolls, and Laura realizes two things. One: she wasn't dying. And two: the flames weren't going away. Rising to a woobley stand, Laura turns around to face Rainbow Ranger again. "Now you are ~really~, ~really~ starting to get on my nerves." she says. One of the problems of giving Laura fire powers? Well… she pushes her fingers at
Rainbow Ranger… and nothing happens. Frowning, she tries a couple different hand gestures, and in a move that surprises her, a gout of flame shoots from her to the poor chaotic creature's body.

Rainbow Ranger's stopped laughing but he's got a grin on his face. He looks up at Dmitri and chuckles. "Golems? Seriously?" he asks, unimpressed. As the dagger starts to emerge, the odd being pulls a backflip and lands in a crouch behind the dagger. An arm is raised as the flames shoot at Rainbow Ranger and he grits his teeth. The flames split to either side of the teen and he shakes his arm, now sporting a burn-mark on the one used to block. "So it's a fight ya want. This'll be fun!" he laughs, starting to toss bolts of energy at Laura and Dmitri.

Dmitri's technique for dodging attacks is not graceful, instead it is simply him falling backwards off his pedistal and falling through the ground as if it were water and not solid ground. After only a few seconds he raises out of the ground behind Rainbow Ranger with a sword made of flint in his right hand.

While Laura might have usually tried to tough out an energy blast like this, and be all badass and heal before everyone's eyes… something told her that that wasn't a grand idea. Still burning, she dodges and leaps to one side, the energy blasts a second behind her. Falling upon her side with the final roll, she fires more fire at the Rainbow Ranger, nostrils flaring as she grunts. "Think we're outmatched, here!"

Rainbow Ranger jumps as the fire comes at him this time, hanging up in the air. "A sword? Really? Unless that's more than cheap rock, you're gonna find it won't help you in the least bit, lady," he taunts Dmitri. "And you, seriously. Ya got lucky woth the one shot but its boring now. Try something new," he complains. "Maybe I'll just change things up aga-" he pauses, the light in the area starting to dim significantly, even around the fire-chick that is Laura. "Uh oh…" Rainbow Ranger lets out.

Dmitri gives a grim grin as he waves a hand and sends tenddrils of dirt out of the ground reaching upwards to try and grab the Rainbow ranger. "Cheap rock my now way too shapely ass. You have ten seconds to give me my manhood back or I will be forced to just take yours." To back up her words several of the tendrils trying to grab the Ranger sprout blades at the end of them and start to swipe at Rainbow Ranger.

With her vision mostly consisting of licking flame, it took a moment longer for Laura to notice the enroaching darkness. Getting ready to shoot another bout of flame at the guy, she looks over towards the now-feminine Dmitri. "…crap." she says. Anything that made this guy say 'uh oh' couldn't be good.

Rainbow Ranger jumps, startled by the tendrils. He vanishes in a flash of light and reappears a few feet away. "You idiots, we're in trouble!" he says, cool attitude gone.

"You're damn right there's trouble! And you'd better prepare to make it double!" comes a new voice, male and older. Suddenly, a spot-light clicks on. In it, a new figure appears. Face hidden behind a black mask, this man's dressed in black and white with an S on his chest. "What the hell is going on here?!" he demands.

Dmitri trys a simple over hand throw with the flint sword in her hand at the Rainbow Ranger as he reappears. "Trouble, you don't know trouble. I was a woman in my last incarnation and I was enjoying be male again in this one. Your friend can wait till after I am done skinning you." Dmitri is a very focused person, enough so that he could care less about 'S' man until after he is done with the Rainbow Ranger.

Slowly pulling herself up to her feet, Laura gives her head a shake, frowning across towards the 'S' man, and the Rainbow Ranger. "…no - you are in trouble for screwing with us." Laura says, her voice lowered dangerously.

Rainbow Ranger doesn't even move, apparently frozen to the spot. Rathern suddenly, Dmitri's sword just stops in mid air. The man with the S on his chest has apparently caught it as he's standing right there and holding onto it. He looks at Dmitri and snaps. There's a sudden rush and Dmitri will find himslf back to his normal self. THe S-man turns to Laura and does the same, returning her powers to normal. "So. One of you care to explain what this brat has been doing?" he speaks to Laura and Dmitri while staring at Rainbow Ranger.

Dmitri shivers slightly as he is returned to normal, making sure to check a secont to be sure he is all there. Of course now that he is back to himself the golems and earth tendrils just fall apart and dissolve back into the ground. "He landed in a large crater, proceded to make chaos and antagonize the first people on the scene, and generaly acted annoying."

The fire goes out, and she couldn't be happier for that. A pause, and she glances down at her chest, good, still there… then her arms… if something was still off, she was sure to find it later. Taking a few sniffs at the air, now that things had cooled down, she stares at 'S' man, as Dmitri talks to him.

The S-man says something in a language that isn't very understandable. Rainbow Ranger cringes and steps forward and mumbles something. Seconds later, he's smacked upside the head. "My brat of a son apologizes for the trouble he's caused the two of you and I'm taking him home," the S-man clears things up for Dmitri and Laura.

Dmitri just gives the S man a raised eyebrow look. "You really need to look into getting a nanny or something if you leave him alone often enough for him to escape and endanger other people." THe Earths spirits words are said in an utter deadpan as he watches S-man with his kid.

Laura sighs, bringing a hand up to the bridge of her nose, squeezing it. Lowering her chin, her eyes close. "…I hate this city." she murmurs to herself, taking a step away from all parties, towards the treeline.

S-man shrugs. "He takes after me. Though he will be punished for this," he assures the Earth Spirit. Laura gets a look before both the S-man and Rainbow Ranger just vanish into thin air. Seems all has returned to normal…as normal as NYC gets anyway.

Dmitri takes a deep breath and sighs before looking at Laura. "Tell me about it, Nothing like this ever happened in LA, or in Bucharest. but New York, it is a weekly thing. I can only hope that the little.." Dmitri takes a moment to say a few things in Romanian that are best not translated, "…languishes in his punishment."

Laura pauses on her path towards the treeline, looking over her shoulder towards Dmitri. "We're both alive… and the way we are supposed to be. I suppose we should count our blessings."

Dmitri shrugs and laughs a little. "Dead is no big thing, been there done that. We are back in the shape we should be with powers intact, that is enough to be counted as a blessing." Dmitri shrugs and since Laura is headed for the tree line he starts in another direction twords his own home. To himself he mutters, "Perhaps I will eventually learn to just ignore bright flashes in the sky…"

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