2012-03-05: Going Awol


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Summary: Summary of what happened.

Date: March 5, 2012

Log Title: Going AWOL

Rating: R

Barnes Academy - Jeremy and Kai's Room

A two-person room. Two beds are in the room, one on each side. Both beds are twin-sized. There are wall-build dressers and closets and a single bathroom for both people to share.

The good thing about having Jeremy as a roommate is that he's definately quiet Usually either hiding in the library, music room or off somewhere running he's rarely in the room as well unless it's to shower or sleep. After spending a morning practicing his violin playing, Jeremy has decided to come back to the room to drop of the instrument, pick up his books and head to class. Like usual he's covered from the neck down, wearing a school issued turtle neck shirt and pants, gloves and a scarf.

Since Xavier's forced him back here Kai has been pretty much confined to this room other than bathroom breaks, between him disappearing and from what Xavier's has said Kai has been told that he's on probation and that later that day someone will be coming to interview him, they want some answers. It seems that things are closing in on him, he can either wait until SHIELD or HYDRA see fit to end his life or wait until one of them locks him away for the rst of his life as far as he's conserned that is just as bad, this knowledge along with the moral and mental trauma he's been though reasently has Kai pushed to the edge, during one of his allowed bathroom breaks he slipped away and raided the medical center and has now been sitting here for a good couple of hours just staring at the pills in his hand, having one more glance at the few personal things he has in this room that HYDRA didn't cose for him as part of the Kai Oaken personality, he takes a deep breath and puts the handfull of pills to his mouth. Before he can begin swalowing however his rarely seen oomate walks in.

Jeremy doesn't notice right away what Kai is doing as he enters the room and when he finally turns around to give him a shy greeting, the Asian mutant notices that something seems a bit off. "Is…everything okay?" He asks eyeing the pills and then Kai.

Jeremy's enterance has Kai pausing for a second as the other teenager asks if he's ok, "I…" what is he doing? is this really what he wants to give up of life without a fight?, no but he can't keep on going feeling so…, he drops the pills onto the bed in front of him and doesn't look over at Jeremy as a thought begins to form in his mind.

Jeremy looks at the pills and then looks at Kai again and sits down on his bed so that he's facing his roommate. "I've been there." He says quitely. "Anything to ease the pain. I turned to drugs. It's why I'm contanstly on watch here, you might not of noticed but I know they're watching me. I was taking weekly drug tests, now I'm taking them monthly still. If you want to talk about it, I can't judge."

The main thing screwing with Kai's head is that he cares, but why? He never had this problem before, he did the job and didn't care about the results, his time living long term aroung these people has weakened him, forced a crack where morality has started forcing itself in. He didn't have to deal with this before, maybe he doesn't have to now, it's like a fluke that he just has to get past… "You havn't been there, trust me on this", he opens a drawer by his bed and pulls on a pair of gloves.

"I have been there but how either you or I got there is different." Jeremy says quitely. "You don't have to talk about it or anything." He says reaching for a hairband to tie his long hair back. "I ran away from home once I found out my parents were plotting to kill me for being a mutant. My powers just kept getting worse, soon it was everything I touched and it hasn't stopped. Everything is stuck in my head, every past I've seen is in there. It drove me crazy, I wanted it all to stop…." He looks down at his gloved hands and chews on his lip a bit. "I started taking drugs but it only made me hate myself more because I turned to them. I was begging for money and I'd rather starve than go without a fix. I hated myself that much that I wanted anything to hide from the pain I felt." He doesn't mention that he still hates himself.

Kai shuts his eyes tightly to block out what Jeremy is saying, he can't let himself be swayed by feeling sorry for the other teenager, any suffering he's been though is due to end shortly anyway, "Odd thing about pain, yours can end mine", using his enhanced speed Kai gets to his feet and aims a mawashi geri at Jeremy's shoulder doing his best to adapt to the smaller space.

It takes Jeremy a while to register what Kai has said and by the time he looks up to say something a foot is already connecting with his shoulder, knocking him off of his bed. He falls to the floor with an unblanced thud and quickly pushes himself up to his feet, rubbing his arm. "What the hell Kai?!" He doesn't make any move to fight back but instead is calculating his best escape out of the dorm.

Kai may have gained a lot more morality since living in the city but is mind is still very twisted, what is the most likely way for a drug abuser to die? overdose and even ex-junkies are known to meet their end falling off the wagon "As far as they know, you're still in pain, maybe too much to bear", grabbing the dropped pills off his bed he moves to tackle the now standing Jeremy trying to aim the fall so he can pin the boy down.

Jeremy tries to get out of the way of Kai but with such limited space it's hard and he's tackled to the ground. He tries to fight back but even with all the training through Barnes, he's still too skinny and not strong enough to fight off Kai. "Get off of me!" He grunts to Kai before moving to try to remove one of his gloves with his teeth.

Kai shakes his head at the struggling Jeremy as he tries to move his arm to pin down the hand whose glove he is trying to remove, "Look i'm sorry ok but i gotta do this and move past this, if i take you out i get me back, nothing personal, you were just in the wrong place at the wrong time".

The problem is that Kai is just much better of a fighter than Jeremy so while he strugles against him, Kai eventually overpowers the postcognative. "If you're going to make me take those, you're wrong, cause I'm not going to." He says between his teeth. "After all, you have to touch me to make me do anything like that." All the time he keeps his teeth locked together so he takes through them.

Kai smiles a very dark smile, "You don't think i thought of that?, did you think i put on gloves cos my hands were cold?", though the gloves do come with a downside, harder to access his cyrokinetic abilities, moving one of his knees he frees one of Jeremy's legs but uses the knee to pin down arm to free one of his to get to work on trying to force Jeremy's mouth open.

Panic starts to set in as Jeremy keeps his mouth shut tight and thrashes around his head so that it'll be harder for Kai, he's not about to let his roommate try to force feed him pills. He kicks and pushes against the floor with his one free leg and struggles to get his arm free from Kai's grip, all he needs to do is make the smallest bit of skin contact.

"Theres no reason to struggle, this is going to happen, it has to happen", Kai notes Jeremy trying to get loose and uses his enhanced strength to apply more pressure, not enough to cause serious pain but enough to lower the other teens hopes of escape.

Jeremy doesn't stop fighting so easily even if he knows it's a battle he's going to lose. After a bit he finally stops moving and looks right into Kai's face. He speaks again, still keeping his teeth clentched. "I didn't go to rehab just to die on a drug over does." And with those words the panic rises deeper and the sting of tears starts at the corner of his eyes. "Why are you doing this?"

Kai's eyes widen at Jeremy's tears and the words 'why are you doing this?", every person he has ever heard say those words goes though his head as Kai realises, "I can't do this", a single tear slides down the teens face before he makes a firm decision, he uses his teeth to pull the glove of his free hand before reaching out to grab Jeremy's wrist.

As soon as Kai touches Jeremy's wrist it's almost as if it's locked there for several minutes as not only all of Kai's life flashes in Jeremy's head but Jeremy's life would flash into Kai's. After about three and a half minutes the memories stop on both sides and Jeremy is left gasping for air as his brain is quickly trying to process everything that he's just seen.

After the several minutes are up Kai falls off of Jeremy putting a hand to his head as he tries to make sense of what just happened there, he wasn't aware that the process worked both ways and the funny thing? the thing brought to the forefront of his mind is one of the things XIII genuinly likes, an episode of Doctor Who and a quote, 'A door, once opened, may be stepped through in either direction', he laughs for a second followed by an "Ow".

Jeremy pushes himself halfway up, his mind still reeling from trying to organize everything that just got 'shoved' in there. After a bit he just throws up right on the carpet, sick from what his brain is seeing combined with the situation. He's shaking quite a bit as inbetween his stomach rebelling on him, Jeremy cries a bit. "You were….made to…Oh god." He says as he knows every little detail about Kai's life now.

Kai just lies there quietly as his mind plays though someone elses life, slowing down to play though Jeremy's happy years, he's in no hurry to expirience someone elses dark years but it's not long before he snaps back into his own life and is reminded of what he just tried to do.

For the most part Jeremy isn't saying anything to Kai as to him, it feels just as real as any memory would feel to Kai. It's more than 'watching a movie' for Jeremy. He scrambles to his feet and starts moving around the room in a daze almost ignoring Kai. "Gotta leave." He mutters to himself as he reaches for a backpack and freezes as he starts to see the familar memories of the red bag flood into his mind.

That snaps Kai back into complete wakeyland, getting to his feet he shakes his head, "No, you have to stay, i'm going but you need to stay here", he moves quickly over to the door, listening ou to see if anyone could've heard anything and be on their way.

Jeremy looks around the ground and pulls on the glove that he took off, fighting through those memories as well before he looks over at Kai. "FUCK YOU!" He screams at him. He walks over and swings a fist at Kai, and then another in a bind sort of hysterical race. His fists don't stop trying to hit Kai as Jeremy continues to cry. "You, don't try to kill me and act like it's nothing!"
Huh? Hmm? Bad player. No biscuit.

Kai takes one or two hits he feels he's owed before grabing hold of Jeremy's wrists, "Look calm down, yes i tried to kill you but i didn't, i couldn't, i'm gonna have to resign myself to that one but just calm down and think straight for a minute", while he is searing with guilt for what he just did and is being faced with the memory of every life he has taken, saying 'sorry' would not be a smart move right now.

Jeremy struggles against Kai but after a few moments gives up and through the tears he glares at Kai. "I am thinking straight, I've seen every fucked up and twisted thing you've done! It's all in my head and it won't ever leave. Never. What is there to be calm about!"

Kai sighs, "Sorry about this Jeremy", using his non-gloved hand Kai forms an ice dagger and moves forwards to stab Jeremy trying to aim for a non-vital organ part of his abdomen, it's gonna hurt the other teen like hell but he can't let Jeremy leave Barnes without delivering his warning.

The ice dagger to his belly comes as a complete shock to Jeremy and he takes a few steps back, clutching his stomach, looking shocked and surprised. He crumples to the floor and looks down as his shirt and hands are filled with blood. If it's missed a non-vital organ or not, that's for the medics to see. "W..why.." He says as his face starts to pale rapidly.

"You can't leave yet, sorry but i had to, if it makes you feel any better that was my last stabbing but i need you here to help the others", Kai goes over to a drawer and pulls out a first aid kit, "Now i'm gonna patch you up enough to stop you from bleeding out until i sound the alarm and someone comes for you to take you to the medical center, there you will tell them everything you know, including my name", since he met XII Kai has been sure he's not the only one like him HYDRA has in place, he walks over to Jeremy with the first aid kit.

Jeremy "Get…away from me." Is all Jeremy says Kai approches him. He doesn't make any move to force him away as both hands are concerned with covering his wound, the blood starting to soak his leather gloves. "I don't believe…you."

"If you don't let me deal with that, you will probably die, and i feel enough of a monster already without that happening, so let me help or i'll have to start breaking bones", Kai knows this is all wrong but if Jeremy has to go though some pain to help the rest of the school then he will, either way he's been in their medical facilities and they are more than enough to heal Jeremy as good as new, "You've seen my entire life, why would i lie to you now?"

"Because, you don't want me…to…ruin your cover." Jeremy says to Kai trying not to let him near him. "I don't…trust you. You've…you've tricked me…twice." He breaths out believing both were ploys to get at him, paraonid much? Oh yes, Jeremy has trust issues three miles long.

Kai crouches down in front of Jeremy, "I'm the one that touched you remember? i gave you access to every moment of my life for a reason, you've been on the straight and narrow since you came here, time to give them a little something back", he opens the kit and pulls out a thick gauze pad and some medical tape, before reaching over to try and move Jeremy's hands and lift up his shirt.

"You're wrong, I haven't." Jeremy says as he had a relaspe about a year ago. He doesn't really have the strength left to fight Kai but he just wants the other student away from him. "Give them something back…like my body?" Still thinking Kai is trying to kill him.

"I am not trying to kill you, you've seen what i've done, if i wanted to simply do that you'd be dead, now will you please stop fighting because i'm really not sure how long i can hold things together, i can't..", the guilt is kicking in again, Kai bites it back before trying to force Jeremy's hands away yo apply the gauze and the tape, "Now you will also tell them that i am very sorry but i am probably not the only one they'll send to take this place down, do you understand?"

As soon as the gauze hits Jeremy's skin his eyes go wide and stare at nothing as the exacts of how the gauze was made and packaged and such start flashing through his mind. "You're not sorry." He whispers to Kai. "If you were sorry you wouldn't go back."

Kai laughs, "That's where you think i'm going?, honestly i do know i probably won't live to see the end of the week but i'm not going to seek them out for them to kill me, nope i'm planning on going down fighting", once the gauze is all taped in place, he wraps a bandage round is stomach as extra security, "You really think they'd let me live after telling you all this?"

All the things touching Jeremy's skin has his mind in quite the daze at the moment and is almost overwhelming. Minutes go by before he actually speaks, reaching a bloodied gloved hand to grab onto Kai's wrist. "If you want to live you ass, then live. My parents were going to kill me, I ran, if you really want to change, then don't go out the easy way." He whispers to Kai before passing out.

As Jeremy passes out Kai pulls his bloody hand from his wrist and lays it across his stomach, remembering he still has some stuff stored elsewhere he grabs a bag, chucks the dagger into it along with a few extra belongings, "Good luck Jeremy, it was nice knowing you", he runs out of the room and sounds the alarm just as he's short on getting out, "Hello? Jeremy has been injured and needs help, he can tell you all you need to know about his attacker, hurry", with that XIII leaves the Barnes base.

Mike has been a total bore lately. All he does is study, apparently. He doesn't go out of his room except to go to classes, to the mandatory parts of physical education (mostly martial arts) and to the Motor Pool. He doesn't even go to the cafeteria to socialize. Today, he was in his room, sitting like a deactivated robot, while running simulations of different kinds of super-thin carbon fabrics, trying out different folding patterns.
However, when the noise next door exceeds the threshold of normal decency, he freezes the calculation. As he's standing, the alarm goes off, and as he reaches the door, the far exit slams… and he looks at a bloody footprint exiting Jeremy and Kai's room, and opens the door.
"Jeremy! Can you hear me?" The robot kid notes the bandages, the vomit, and snapshots the scene for later forensics.

Jeremy just groans as he hears Mike's voice, his entire midsection is covered in a bandage that is quickly getting soaked through. "Kai…don't…let him leave." He groans out as he tries to push himself up, leaving bloodied hand prints where he touches. "Mike…he's bad."

"Alarm is sounded, I'm forwarding your warning to the SHIELD guys as we speak. Don't try to get up, you'll make it worse. I'll get you to the med center." Mike looks around the room, scanning for something like a carry-board. The beds are too wide to fit through the door with a person on them. Perhaps one of the doors off the wardrobe?
"He's an agent…HYDRA. Something called HYRDA. They made him." Jeremy tells Mike. "I need to talk to…someone from SHIELD. He showed me, everything." He says as he moves his gloved hand to rest on his injury instinctivly. He doesn't say anything else except starts to cry from fear.

The robot answers in a calm voice, trying for 'soothing tones' rather than hyper or excited. "HYDRA is a terrorist group. I'm forwarding that request, Jeremy. Don't move a lot, OK? They're sending the doctor here instead of having me move you."
Mike waits in place until Angelo can arrive and he'll leave as soon as that happens.

Jeremy nods to Mike. "I…know…saw…it all.." He says pointing to his head. "I won't forget..it. I…so much is there." He says as in a short amount of time his powers have been working over time. "I'm not…ready to die." He says to Mike as the fear of having someone try to kill him is overpowering.

Not having the advanced sensors he wants in his normal body, Mike can't scan Jeremy to tell the severity of the injury, but he can tell from voice-stress that Jeremy is going into shock, if he isn't already there. Hard to tell.
"You'll be OK, they're almost here," the robot says reassuringly, "and dying isn't in your near future. Don't worry about the other stuff. You just focus on breathing and staying still, OK?"
About ten seconds later, the door opens and two SHIELD agents (armed) and the Barnes medic arrive. Mike is shuffled out of the way, and sent to make a report. Angelo is already lit up.

As soon as Jeremy sees the SHIELD agent he reaches out for him, pulling off a glove. "Kai….thirteen….he's…he's a double….agent. Works for…Hydra." He says as lies there. "And, I have…to show…to someone." He knows he can show what he sees to other people as well so it'll give a full detail report.

The unusual "report" probably takes the SHIELD agent by surprise, but not as much as if she WASN'T stationed at Barnes. Angelo, meantime, is using the Mystic eye thing to look for anything unexpected, but sees mostly severe bleeding. He can do this through light clothing, without triggering Jeremy's power, so he puts a hand on each of the boy's shoulders and begins pouring Light through the mystical tattoos, forming the healing matrix. It starts to work immediately.

The use of powers again in such a short period of time causes Jeremy to pass out, he physically and mentally can't stay awake, as on top of the information he gave to the SHIELD agent, he also got memories from her. Though now SHIELD has all the information they need on Thirteen aka Kai and Jeremy is no longer knocking on death's door.

There isn't a lot that Mike can say about what happened, but he forwards the images he captured, and then returns to his room to work on graphene folding. And if he wants to be concerned and sympathetic about Jeremy's injuries, he'll consider that when Jeremy's no longer in the med center.

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