2018-05-17 - Going For Distance


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Summary: Strange contacts Distance with an offer…and gift.

Date: May 17, 2018

Going For Distance

Rating: PG

Going For Distance

In the year 2018 there is one apartment in Manhattan that is still untouched. It's hidden away on another dimension, it was once Dr. Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum, now it's where the new Strange has holed himself up. Now him and his partner Magik have decided it's time to act, gather those they think that can help in secret. Wherever Distance is, a dark form approaches him, it's not real but astral. The features are covered so it's hard to tell anything but the fact that it's male. "Good evening, I'm sorry if I scared you, but I'd like to talk."

Sorry, but the first thing Distance does is disappear. He's been in the states for nearly a year now, searching out the rebellion with no luck. Tonight that astral form finds the man in a tiny bit of space beneath what was once a building. There is no way out, no door or hole, which is why it's perfect. It has airflow, and just enough room to cook on a tiny grill and stretch out some. Layered clothing hides many weapons, but Distance doesn't fight. He flees.
And only on the other side, as he's bringing weapons to hand, does he realizes that the dark form he fled from isn't solid. Wait, something's wrong here. Said he wanted to talk. Thinking, just a couple of seconds, the dark haired man reappears where he was. "Then talk." Weapons are tucked back into hidden places about his person.

Not moving Strange just keeps his Astral form where it is. "Sorry to bother you, but as you know these are desperate times right now and though I can't come to you in person, I can ask you for your aid. My partner and I are seeking out those who can aid us, those we can teach to use more than just their powers. I know you're not a mutant Distance, but you are on the right side." Yes, he just called him Distance. "If I aid you in the fight, will you be able to aid me, my partner and those we call Harbingers?"

Considering how well Distance has learned to hide, and how long he's been hiding in New York without being found.. it says a lot that this strange form is here now. He's silent at the offer, looking confused at the idea of Distance. Huh. The whole thing has him wondering if he missed a memo. More than their powers? Considering how well trained he is, the man doesn't think this shadow means physical skills. "You won't even introduce yourself and I'm to accept joining some unknown group? Go with you? Do you realize how dead I would be to trust blindly?" Asking for more information here. "I'm not adverse to helping stop this hell, but I have to be more wary then that."

"I am called Strange." Strange says and that's all the information he can give Distance. "I apologize for the secracy but as we both know it pays to be hidden. You hide in your other dimension and me in mine. How about I give you a bit of what I'm offering you now?" He planned on giving it to Distance once he accepted but sometimes the proof needs to be now. He holds out a hand and small portal opens up followed by a small cloud with a box sitting on top of it. "Open that up and if you choose to help us, Distance, those are yours."

Strange? That has the man blinking. "Doctor Strange?" You don't work where he used to work without learning a few things. It's a name that Distance hasn't heard in years. He lifts his hands to suggest 'no' but there's that box anyway. "You don't have to bribe me. If you're the real Strange that's all you had to say. I've been searching for the Rebellion, but have had no luck." For a guy who made a living finding things, he sure feels lousy about that. "Sounds as though you've already decided for me.. Distance?" Finally asks about that.

"Inherited." Is all Strange says as he's not the original but he's taken over the business so to speak. "I can point you towards the rebellion. Distance, that is what we shall call you, sorry but we wish to keep this brotherhood in secrecy for now, until the time is right. What you have in your possession now is the Wand of Watoom. Learn how to use it for it's power will be greater than your guns. And the vial is a powerful serum, the Serum of the Seraphim. Using that you can heal any wound or diseases, even blindness in a person can be cured over time. There is enough in there for two people." The astral form looks over at Distance and nods approvingly. "Yes I have already decided and I'm sorry, but over the next few years we will work together and I'll even teach you a few things."

Not the original Strange. That has the man worried, but he holds his tongue. It's either take a risk and see if this is legit, or go on sitting here in this hole, searching for a group he's been unable to find. Talk about desperate. "..Wait, magic?" Distance knows it's real, but use it? Not even close. He's so many questions, and this isn't the place for him. "…I have many questions, but I'll accept." For now. "I'm not getting anywhere currently and want to change that. How am I suppose to work something when I know nothing about magic?" The serum he thinks he can manage.

"First, open your mind to me." Strange says and if Distance lets him, Strange will project the location of the mutant base and how to get there into his mind. It's not really telepathy, just a spell that allows him to use it. "There, I directed you to those you can help. And I will come to you, once a week, and teach you how to use magic and what it is. Sentinels don't understand Magic…or us Non-Mutants for that matter. Meet with me once a week and you will learn about magic."

Sure he's uncertain, but Distance does as he's asked. The location has eyes widening. Shit, no wonder he hasn't found it. "That's why they can't locate me. I don't register as mutant. It's a severe limitation in their design." Then again he thinks who ever set this in motion was a complete moron. What? Ruin everything because of some mutants? "Very well." Subdued that about magic, but the man crouches down before that box to open it. Magic? This is going to be so weird. "Will I have any means to contact you?"

"Right now, come to this dimension and call for me, Strange. I'll be looking out for your call this is probably the safest place we can meet." Strange says as he starts to take a step backwards. "One will, I'll seak you out again, keep this a secret until it's time to be revealed. Go find them, they need your help. They need all the help they can get." Strange says before his astral form vanishes, leaving Distance there to ponder what just happened.

A hand on the box, Distance doesn't open it. No, instead he watches Strange vanish, then turns his dinner over before it burns too badly to eat. This is all very strange. Saving dinner, he drops the box into the other dimension. Will look at it later. For now, he sits back down and thinks. Going to be tricky getting in with the Rebellion. Especially since he knows where their base is. Hmm. Much to ponder!

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