2009-12-02: Going In Circles


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Summary: Xane tries to get Jeremy to open up.

Date: December 2, 2009

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NYC - Central Park Lake

Bethesda fountain sits at the edge of the lake with a large terrace for people to hang out and relax. Benches sit under the trees creating a peaceful atmosphere. A dock stretches out into the lake for people to rent row boats to enjoy the entire lake. In the distance Bow Bridge can be scene crossing the man make lake.

After looking about the house, Xane felt like creating a new dish for the restaurant today. But he's out and about looking for ingredients. He's not in the biggest rush today, he's taking the time to pass by the Central Park Lake. He's bundled up pretty well for the cold.

At least Jeremy's been able to get clean recently and he doesn't look like he has a layer of filth on him, well his skin at least. His clothes are still pretty ragged. He's got a pair of gloves with holes in them on, a hat and a ragged jacket on, stuff he was able to scrounge off the streets. He's sitting on a bench not to far from Xane, cigarette in hand, leaning over a bit as he smokes, trying to keep a tad warm.

The chef lights up a cigarette of his own, taking a moment to take a drag. He sees the young man on the bench huddled over and starts to walk over to him. "Mind if I park here for a bit?" He asks, looking at Jeremy, taking another drag of his cigarette.

Jeremy looks up at Xane and shrugs, sliding over a bit so that the chef has enough enough. "Sure. It's not as if I own the bench." He says moving his backpack down to inbetween his feet. He looks out at the lake for a bit, just kind of lost in his own thoughts as he takes another long drag.

Xane takes a seat on the bench. "Thank yah." He says, leaning back on the backing of the outdoor furniture. "Name's Xane." He says, looking out to the lake as well, exhaling the tobacco smoke.

Jeremy looks back over at Xane seeming a bit surprised by the introduction. "Jeremy…I'm Jeremy." He says after exhaling the smoke. He looks back to the water and then looks back over to Xane. It looks like Jeremy wants to say something, but he's not quite sure what so he turns to keep looking at the water.

Xane looks to Jeremy before taking another deeper look, his eyes glaze over as if he were a blind man. He's checking the aura around Jeremy. After looking his eyes turn back to normal. "You alright?" He asks, feeling something about Jeremy that makes him want to reach out.

Jeremy looks back up at Xane and gives him a confused look. "Yeah, I'm fine. I'm just sitting here, smoking." Sure Jeremy's bodys feeling a bit of a need for heroin at the moment and he's not exactly in top health, and he's living on the streets, but he's not about to tell his life story to a stranger. Jeremy is too timid for that. "Why?"

The chef gives a nod. "Dunno, I guess it was a feeling." He offers before taking another drag. Xane can tell the kid is obviously homeless, given the shape of his clothes and health. "Well, I thought you were gonna say something to me. That's why I asked if you were alright." Xane admits, looking at Jeremy.

Jeremy shakes his head. "No…I just..I dunno." He just doesn't do much all day and sometimes gets bored. Sure he has a talking cat to chat with, but it's werid at times talking to a cat. "I guess I'm alright though." He says but Xane would be able to tell he's lying, especially after seeing his aura.

Xane doesn't believe the kid when he lies, but he will not push the issue hard with Jeremy. "You dunno?" He asks, flicking his cigarette on the ground, pressing the ember with his shoe to extinguish it. "That usually means you do, and just can't say." He offers, perhaps getting Jeremy to pipe up.

Jeremy looks at the little bit remaining on his cigarette and drops his as well. His eyes focus downward and he just shrugs. "I dunno." He says again as he wants the company but he doesn't know what to say, espeically to an adult. "I don't really know you or anything." He's spouting off excuses.

"Does that mean that I woudn't care about what you have to say?" Xane asks, looking to Jeremy with a straight face. He's hoping that he will be able to get him to possibly finally speak.

Jeremy sighs and shrugs again, continuing to keep his gaze at the ground. "No." He stays quite for a bit and rubs the toe of his beat up sneaker against the ground. "Why do you want to know what I have to say anyway?"

"Because, I like to listen." Xane offers, really wondering what it is Jeremy is guarding so much. The chef is committed now, not to let up unless he gets a beating threat or something.

Jeremy bends over and picks up his backpack and hugs it to his chest, almost protectivly. Like he's guarding himself and what's inside the pack. "Why are you nosey? I don't even know you, what do you want to know from me?" He asks more out of fear than irritation.

Xane nods. "Because, I dunno." The chef admits, not knowing how to respond to the fear he's feeling from Jeremy. "If you don't want to say anything you don't have to."

"I thought dunno was something you said when you wanted to say something but don't." Jeremy says looking up at Xane. After all that is kind of what Xane told him earlier. "I just don't know you, you're some random guy in the park."

"Because, you look like you needed to say something." Xane says, before standing up. "Exactly, you don't know me." He says, not aggressive, just not sure if he can get this guy to open up.

Jeremy is worried because he doesn't know who Xane is or if he's a cop or what, and if he says something wrong he could be in serious trouble. "I'm just some kid, that's all. I haven't done anything wrong." He says, and that's another lie right there but Xane has him on edge a bit.

"Tell you what, have you eaten? I'll make ya somethin." He offers to Jeremy. "My restaurant's in the Upper West Side." Xane says as he searches his coat for his cards.

"You own a resturant?" Jeremy asks seeming a bit surprised. "You're not a cop or anything?" It just kind of slips out in a startled manor as that's one thing he doesn't have to be as nervous about. "You're not looking for…and you're serious about food?"

"Cop? Hell no." He offers. Xane smiles as Jeremy reacts to what he said. "That whole cop thing was never one of my interests." He points in the direction of the Upper West Side. "Of course I'm serious." He says, still smiling.

Jeremy looks at his gloves and tugs them to make sure they're covering as much skin as possible. He needs better gloves. "Thanks, I could use some food. I don't eat that much." Though he did have a good meal a few nights ago. Jeremy stands up and pulls his backpack over his shoulder. "What kind of resturant do you cook in?"

"It's…well. 'Haute-cuisine' is the usual term for it, but that doesn't mean I can't cook other things." Xane looks to the teenager and nods. "So, you interested?" The chef at least feels good about helping this guy a little.

Jeremy nods as he isn't too proud to turn down food, actually he's not really too proud about anything. "Haute-cuisine?" He hasn't really heard of that kind of cooking. "I'm from Ohio, they don't really have fancy places out there, or that my family used to go to."

Xane looks back to Jeremy. "Well, my place is one of those fancy places. But I promise, I don't just have the freaky food. I'm not gonna make you eat sweetbreads." Xane says with a chuckle, not telling what sweetbreads actually are. "Ohio? Long way from here." He mentions idly.

Jeremy just shrugs. "I'm really not picky when it comes to food and sweetbreads aren't bad." He's thinking of the sweet bread you can get in Chinatown with various things stuffed inside of it. It's about a dollar for a Pork Bun so it makes for a good cheap meal. "Yeah, well I'm not in Ohio anymore, I just decided to come here."

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