2009-12-11: Going On A Trip


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Summary: Daisuke tells Eddie his last minute plans to go to Japan for the holiday.

Date: December 11, 2009

Log Title Going on a Trip

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Daisuke and Nathaniel's Room

Daisuke's side of the room is a bit cluttered but still neat as he has a few drawing pads piled up on his desk along with his art supplies along with a few pictures of his grandmother, brother and mother taped on the wall along with a poster from Cowboy Bebop. A drum pad sits folded up at the end of his bed. His desk has stacks of text books, CD's and a laptop on it. There are a few small chibi style anime figures on his desk and end-table.

After talking to his grandmother last night, Daisuke has been trying to make last minute plans to go to Japan for the holidays. Right now he's at his laptop trying to find the best deal he can for a flight with such a late notice. Faintly through the door music can be heard as Dai tends to listen to music while he's alone in his room.

In jeans and a Fantastic Four t-shirt, Eddie Parker-Mayfair's made his way up to his friend's room with a candycane in his mouth and humming a little tune. He's got a small bag with him and a smile as he stops at the door. He listens to the music for a moment before knocking on the door.

Daisuke rolls off the bed softly and walks over to the door. He's wearing a pair of jammy pants, loose tshirt and socks as he opens the door. "Eddie, hey, come on in. Come to see the room with a new roomate?" He asks as it's still weird for him not to have Jared in the bed across the way.

Eddie smiles and steps inside. "Hey, Dai," he greets, words a little affected by the tasty peppermint snack in his mouth. "Yeah. And I brought ya something," he says, taking a candy cane from the bag and holding it over to Dai.

Daisuke smiles and takes the candy cane, giving Eddie a big hug. "Thanks Eddie." He says sitting down on his bed making room so Eddie can sit next to him, not bothering closing the laptop on the bed. "I don't think I'm gonna be around for the holidays Eddie, I just wanna let you know."

Eddie returns the hug then move to sit next to Dai. "Aww, why not?" he asks, frowning a little. "Going to visit your Grandmother?"

Daisuke nods. "As much as I want to spend it with you and Jared, I really miss my grandmother." Daisuke says running a hand through his hair. "It'll give me a chance to get Christmas presents for your guys while in Japan? I just want to spend sometime with her I decided. In the spring I wanna go again and bring you, Jared and maybe Ricky along."

Eddie nods, reaching over to give Dai a side-hug. "I understand, Dai," he says. "I'll just have to give you your gift early," he says with a smile. He blinks at the news though. "Really? That'd be awesome. I'd have to ask the Dads though." (re_

"Either give it to me early or when I get back from Japan." Daisuke figure while he's over there he'll look for some good hero stuff to bring back. "I think it'd be fun and I really want to introduce you and Jared to my Mother and Brother. I get a sort of comforting feeling when I visit their shrine and I think it'll be fun celebrating New Years in Kyoto."

Eddie nods. "I'll give it to you tomorrow," he says, biting part of the candy cane off and eating it. The power booster then nods. "It sounds like it'll be nice."

"Why tomorrow?" Daisuke asks sounding confused. "I probably won't be leaving for over a week." He says leaning over to give his friend a side hug before opening the candy cane. "I really am going to miss you two though. And Skyler, it'll be weird but, I think I need to do this. It feels right."

Eddie blinks. "Oh. I thought you were leaving sooner," he says, blushing a little bit. "We'll miss you too, Dai. Jared especially. I'll try to keep everyone cheered up though," he says. "Just have a safe trip and stay out of trouble over there?"

Daisuke nod and chuckles. "I plan on staying out of trouble while over there. I just want to relax for the most part, spend time with my Grandmother, and relax. I think a part of is I just want a family member, like a parent, to spend the holidays with. You have your Dads and so does Jared, I think I'd just be a bit jealous and lonely."

Eddie frowns a moment and then squeezes Dai. "I understand perfectly, Dai," he says. It's why he hated the holidays before Chris and Jeri took him in afterall. "So…whatcha up to right now?" a pause to look around. "Ooh…travel searching."

"Yeah, plane ticket searching but I think I can be up for some food, wanna go downstairs and watch a movie and stuff." Daisuke says pushing himself off the bed and holding out his hand to pull Eddie up. 'We can watch one of those movies that everyone goes 'you haven't seen that?!' to us."

Eddie laughs as he accepts the hand up. "Sure thing, Dai. Sounds like a great plan!"

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