2010-07-19: Going to the Chapel


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Summary: James out of the way hiding spot turns into Grand Central Station. Jinx and Lucas suggest ways to derail an oncoming train.

Date: July 19, 2010.

Log Title: Going to the Chapel

Rating: R

Xavier Mansion - The Sanctuary

Through the large double doors lies the main sanctuary, pews and alter still set up as they were when it was in use, however, the ash is still thick within, and the smoke has stained the walls and chairs and wood black. Back and to the left lies and opening the fire left, a charred passage to the grounds. Leaves and dirt have made their way into the room, concentrated the most heavily in that area. Behind the alter on the back wall, there is only one place left unblackened, which seems to have once been under a large cross, as the shape, if not the cross itself, is outlined on the wall. Off to the right side of the sanctuary are a few doors leading to small and simple rooms, all bare at this point, but once used to house the priest and other permanent staff of the small parish. The first of the trio still has a rosary hanging on a peg in the wall. The others, however, hold nothing at all, only the effects of the fire.

Since the lake has been infested with assholes, Jinx has found the next best place to hide from people until her meeting with the Headmaster. The skunk girl has brought her blanket and her radio, and listens to some driving grumbly tunes as she sits cross-legged on the floor, her book folded open with a clawed thumb.

There’s a noise that emanates from the back room not long after Jinx gets situated. The door opens, and from it peeks a rather large muzzle and the hyena it's attached to. "Hello?" James ask as he looks around. His senses tell him right away that there's more in the air than the lunch he just finished: Jinx. "Oh…hi…" he responds as he carefully considers locking himself back in the room. It'd take the skunk at least 5 minutes to break it down. And he’s pretty sure he could squeeze out the window by then.

Jinx breathes a small sigh. One is never truly alone at Xaviers. Someone could be melting through the walls, teleporting, phasing, or doing whatever to interrupt the peace. She reaches over to press pause on her radio, and breathes in the smell. Hyena. She stiffens. "Hey…." she says carefully, her eyes instantly seeking the exits and estimating how quick she could get there.

James catches the fear-laiden, ears pinning back as he does. He's always had issues with other's expressing that emotion. But coming from one of his own friends, he experiences something other than anger. Instead it's disappointment. He kicks at the floor, "I'll go find somewhere else to hide.” He steps back inside the room and grabs his book bag. Slinging it over a shoulder, he says, "For what it's worth, I'm sorry. If I'd have known that sorta thing was inside me…” He lets the sentence trail off.

Jinx doesn't know what to say. Her heatbeat is quickened, and the moment when she was lifted by his claws replays in vivid color in her mind. She feels the life leaving her again and again. She swallows the lump in her throat. "Who—who are you?" she asks. Her book is folded into her palm and she figures she can always use it as a weapon if things go south.

James fuzzes out a little, his learned instinct telling him he should be getting mad; his logical one telling him that he should leave. He pauses as the two forces battle out the whole stay-or-go argument, "Ummm…James. I mean…you know…as much as I've ever been?" He screws up his face a little, "I mean…I could say I dunno since I've spent the last 7 months split between demons and a crazy vampire woman. But, that'll probably freak you out. As it is, I'm talking too much arn't I? Yeah…I am."

Lucas has arrived.

Jinx hesitates. The sounds is very different— his voice is different. She sits on the floor of the burnt-out chapel while James lurks by one of the private rooms. Confusion shifts in her scent, and she draws her knees up against her chest, arms curling around softly. "Don't get mad," she says, softening her words with deliberate effort. "I didn't know you that well before. I am just trying to figure things out…" she pauses. "So they sucked her out of you?"

Standing by the door of said guest room, book bag slung over his shoulder—body language all about leaving—James nods and says, "Yeah…few days ago. I've been hiding here since they let her have the room I usually take." That last part sounds a little bitter. "Everyone seems to be looking for me today. Just want some peace and quiet, you know?"

Jinx snorts a laugh. "Yeah, I hear you. I just faced asshole Connor down in my usual spot," she looks at the big hyena. He really is scary, and it will take a little time to divorce the past images with the present occupation of his shell. "Do you know about asshole Connor? If you don't yet… suffice to say you want to avoid anything remotely Connor-like until like… forever." She makes a face, fur ruffling and scent taking on a very pissed tint.

James listens to the description, ears rolling forward, "I know enough to avoid him and that 'every' person who has come across him has had the same thing to say." The hyena considers the facts, "Almost makes me wanna go find him so I can see what he's got to say about me. But you know what…I'll let you in on something. 'WHO' said he was okay? I mean, really…someone on staff had to okay him being here. Was it the same staff who told everyone one 'I' was okay before my body went on a rampage that nearly killed you, Robyn, and Lucas." Spotty frowns at a thought, "I dunno what she was planning…but I found a pile of death in the woods. A whole pile. And my scent was all over the things she killed using me. Moose, deer…Nothing but bones now. And 'I' was okay? And now 'Connor' is okay?" His look saddens a little.

Lucas steps into the sanctuary wearing a pair of khaki cargo shorts and a wifebeater. Around his neck is the necklace with the guitar pick on it, and there is a bandage on his right shoulder. On his right cheek is the healing cut with two nearly disolved stitches. He steps in from the hall and freezes, looking to Jinx, then to James. He sighs, not sure who he's more unhappy to see, "Hey," he offers to neither, or both, or whatever.

"She said sacrifice. I think. I don't even know anymore," Jinx rubs her head with her clawed hand. "Blood, life, whatever. She was big on all that… had some great plans for all of this…" she trails off as Lucas= comes in and just pauses a long moment. "Hey," says the skunk gal. "No, Connor is possessed by his future self, who seriously needs to get run over by a truck. Or like, atom bombed or lobotomized or whatever future shit happens to future assholes. I am not even sure I give a damn anymore if Connor comes back if he turns into this fuckwad," Jinx fumes, a lil deathcloud of hatefulness seemingly forming over her head. "So, you're not the only one who was possessed by someone out to ruin lives. I am sure misery never really loves company, but that one sure needs a long walk of a short pier."

James frowns, "And how do we 'know' it's Future Connor? The same way we knew Selene was me? Getting verification from the same people who said it was okay? Who let her into the mansion? Who are letting her stay in the mansion right now?”
He watches Lucas enter, eyes rolling, "Sheesh…I can't go anywhere without Kenta sending his goons after me." He *thumps* into an old pew, hands raised a little, "Tell him I said Fuck Off and that this isn't 'leaving me alone.'" After a second, he adds, “Holy hell…" and looks over at the cross on the wall, "And fuck you too." Yep, a job well done.

Lucas furrows his brow a little. He folds his arms over his chest as well. He first scowls at Jinx, "You. Ah'm sorry. Let's move on, okay? Ah thought it was funny, but instead, Ah was just a douche." He looks at James, "And you." He walks over, and just hugs James. "Ah missed you, Jim."

Jinx shakes her head. "I don't know anything about it, honestly. It's is impossible to talk to this guy. I don't even want to try. I said I would go to the Headmaster if he kept harassing kids, and he took it as a threat… which I suppose it sorta was. But I am still going," she sulks softly, her chin resting on her knees. As Lucas comes in, she blinks at his apology but watches him walk over and hug James. Part of her winces to see what might happen.

James bwraaghgsh!!! and throws his head around in the air in a huff as Lucas hugs him. As soon as that's ended he wraps his arms around the boy and hugs back, "I'd say I missed you, but I don't remember -any- of it. So, I'll say I'm sorry instead. And fuck everyone for saying it's not my fault. I'm allowed to apologize…it's not their frekin' call!" For those familiar with the hyena, the F-Bomb is a rare commodity, said more in the past 5 minutes than the former 6 months. "You okay? I mean, you both okay? And I mean 'really' okay. Because I'll know if you're lying?" He sets his senses to work just to be sure.

Lucas winces, "Ow… Careful… Shoulder…" when he gets hugged back. "Ah'm mostly alright. Really, Jinx an' Robyn an' you bore the brunt." He shrugs, and scruffs James' shoulder fur. "Ah almost killed you. Sorry about that," he says, glancing at Jinx, then back at James. "Whatever. Bygones."

"I'm okay," Jinx lies. There's so many things not to be okay about, but she gets to check out the guys hugging, and that is pretty okay. She is not above a little carefully concealed ogling. "It worked out okay, though. I am fine, and I was just a little dazed. Robyn hit me too," that part is the truth, and she loosens her posture, legs sliding forward and hands moving back to brace herself on her blanket. "So it wasn't just you. Robyn fell over himself apologizing, but I made him eat chocolate until he threw up and it's all good now." She smiles bright.

James scowls at Jinx as he lets Lucas go, "Well, at least one of you can tell me the truth." He shrugs and recrosses his arms after Lucas has left, assuming he does, "No guys, it 'was' me. I let her in, I knew she was in. I made the choice not to tell anyone she 'was' in. It wouldn’t have mattered if she had turned out to be a princess. 'I' made the decision to conceal it. So, the next person who tells me I shouldn't apologize or that it wasn't my fault is going to get punched in the nose." He gahs, "Kenta tried to lay that team bullshit on me today. That should have been the frekin' red alert right there. But he tried to tell me I was a good leader. I mean, seriously…have I ever lead 'anything?!'"

Lucas shakes his head, "The team thing was one of the indicators for me, bro." He walks over and flops on the ground beside Jinx, bumping his good shoulder with hers, giving her a little cocky smile. He looks back at James, "Okay, so, you know how y'all were sayin' that we ain't allowed to tell you you can't apologize? Well, we let you apologize. Now's the part where you stop fishin' for us to lay a ton of blame so you can feel guilty about it. Okay? Great." He smiles, "Ah decided to keep the team."

"I don't think anyone's innocent here. We could have gone to the teachers long before any of the serious stuff happened. We talked about it but when the time came, I lied to Ms. Frost because she came across like a total sleeze," she snorts a soft sound and eyes Lucas as he gives her a shoulderbump. "Robyn and I talked about the team too. We like the idea of doing it, even if it isn't official. Who cares if it is or isn't? We canstill practice and all. It's not like we don't have free time."

James shrugs, listening to Lucas, then Jinx. Skipping over the blame game, he settles on the easier topic, "As long as I'm not leading, fine, you can keep 'my' team." He hmphs and puts his feet up on the seat. For what it's worth, however, the sound is far from serious. It wasn't his idea and he can't conceive of a time when it will be. His ears move forward once again, his posture falling slack as he relaxes around his friends.

Lucas shrugs, "Looks like Ah'll be leadin', if'n y'all will have me," he says. "Since Ah'm on staff now." He smiles, "It's weird, but you know, Ah wouldn't have ever thought about leadin' a team if'n it weren't for you, Jim." He looks at Jinx, right in the eye, "What do you think? Think you'd be okay with me as your boss, Jinxy?"

Jinx replies by raising her hand and shoving Lucas' shoulder roughly. "Not a good name, Lucas. Not a good name. I don't behave too well if people are making bad decisions, so you can go ahead and lead as long as I say it's okay," she smiles smugly. She uses Lucas' shoulder to push herself up, walking over to James in her slow swaying walk, skirt moving against her legs. She holds out a hand to James. "C'mon. Be part of Team Dysfunctional. We want you there."

James 'phhhts' at Lucas compliment, "I'm full of bad ideas. I can't help that you keep listening to them." As Jinx approached him, he starts bounding his foot a little, eyes looking the other way as his arms cross just a little tighter. Sticking a tooth out over his bottom lip he "mmmmmmm….Fine," and offers a hand to the skunk. "Thanks for understanding, and not like…hanging all over me. Both of you." How James doesn't qualify Lucas' hug as hanging, he doesn't say, but the two share a unique understanding.

Lucas watches Jinx cross the room. Okay, maybe he's checking out her ass. Or not. Hard to tell, though his scent changes slightly in reaction to it. "Team Dysfunctional? Seriously?" He sighs, "Ah was gonna go with somethin' more like X-Friends." He smiles, he thinks he's funny.

Compassion flows through the link between Skunk and Hyena. It differs from pity, which has a condescending quality. This is true compassion, and forgiveness in ways she could not speak otherwise. In ways, James' possession has given her a glimpse of something she'd never have seen in another (and recoverable) way. She looks back over her shoulder. "X-Friends? That sounds like some lame Saturday-Morning cartoon. We should be something like… like…." she thinks, her jaw offsetting a moment. "The Unmentionables."

James watches Jinx for a long moment. He's mads it clear in the past he wasn't a huge fan of her powers. He's comfortable being his usual walled-off self, and she threatens that safety with little more than a touch. Today however, for whatever reason, he lets her have the moment, offering only a light, "Thank you," after she lets go. "Someone said the team was supposed to be Excalibur. But, that's probably more professional than we'll ever be."

Lucas laughs, "Excalibur? Ain't they normally in England an' shit?" He keeps smiling, "Wow. That would be great though." He looks between the two of them, "We've been through a lot together. All of us. Ah think we're ready to fight real shit, ya know? An' who knows? Maybe there's worse things to be than heroes, right?"

Jinx snorts a soft laugh, her thumbs moving to hook in the waistband of her skirt. "I don't think I am ready for anything, frankly. But we can practice. It'd be fun to get in the DR and throw things around. Can you arrange that now, being all professional and shit, Lucas?" She waggles her brows at him. Maybe having a friend on the inside isn't a bad thing after all. "Otherwise, we can light up the woods or something. Apart from Lucas' happy hands, it's not like a lot of what we does spreads or anything."

James give Lucas a plain look, "Where you been, Blondie? Staff just kicked out a 17,000-something-old living-vampire thing out of my body. I dunno if it gets more 'real.'" He shrugs, a sardonic look on his face, "I think I'm as ready as I'm gonna get. And, yeah…under the radar is the perfect way to fly."

Lucas smiles, "Ah ain't THAT professional, Jinx." He stands, and leans against one of the burnt pews. "So, what do we do about Connor."

"Can we tie cement to his legs and throw him in the lake? No.. teleporter. We'll have to gas him first," she sticks out her tongue, clearly Done with the boy. "I really don't give a shit. I think this future-him has ruined what's left."

"If that's even really him," James insists irritably, "People make mistakes. But, I’ve already said what I can on that matter—even if you’re all ignoring me." His face turns stoic, "Seems to me, though, all my friends think he's a threat." And James has a way of dealing with threats. On his own. "Any ideas…’boss?’"

Lucas folds his arms, and paces a minute, thinking with a sigh. "Ah dunnow…" He chews his knuckle a moment. "We don't know what he's here to do, so Ah don't know how to help him finish so he can get the fuck out." He sighs, stopping his pacing. "He prolly won't let any of us get close, he's got better teleporting skills than our Connor. Ah don't know how to keep him from doin' that." He looks back at his friends, "More than that, though, is that he has Frost and Addison on his side. We can't fight them. They know everything."

"They can't know *everything*, or they would have known about Selene earlier, unless they allowed her to exist tucked into James for whatever fucked-up reason," Jinx hmms softly, swaying a little from leg to leg as she thinks. "Maybe we should let him rot. I just figure Robyn for the type to go seek him out or something."

Conspiracy Theorist James tosses up his hands, "See? Selene too. They're all in this together. Magneto too, I bet. How long before we see him on staff?" The hyena frowns, "I never liked him. You just can't trust someone who can zip his own fly without using his hands." At the suggestion of Robyn, he can't but help to agree. Same for Connor, "Everything I'm hearing makes me think it's only a matter of time before he goes off and hurts someone."

Lucas sighs, "This may be one of those way fucked up annoying moments where we just resign ourselves to leave him to the adults, and hope our Connor comes back undouched." He looks at James, "Robyn says he's better, that he's done bein' the victim. That's great, Ah believe him. But," he looks at Jinx, "between the three of us? He's still a pussy. We have to break him of that. One threat, he'll sell us out because he's afraid of a little pain." He sighs again, gently rubbing at the stitches in his cheek.

Jinx snorts and shakes her head. "Naww, Robyn's better than that, he—" she pauses, growing thoughtful. "Hey, could he bump Connor out? Like what he was trying to do before?" She looks between the two, but pfffts as James wouldn't remember. "I am gonna talk to Scott about Connor. If he has to be this future-jerk, I am figuring we can get a restriaing order or something against his power-crazy madness. WE just need him to stay away from us for now… but I really think it's important that no one goes looking for him, either," she looks between the guys.

James' gaze never leaves the spot it last settled on. And to Jinx's suggestion he only 'prrfs.' Why the idea he'd go after someone himself? Laughable…! Sounding rather gruff, he restates the ideas, "So…you'll see what Scott has to say?" He looks around the room, "I think we should make this our unofficial meeting spot."

Lucas looks at Jinx, "Talk to Scott." He looks at James, "Not here." He thinks a moment, "The boat house. There's no security coverage in there." He rubs the cut on his face again, it's itching terribly today. "Ah'll let y'all know when the team has a name and a real assignment. It ain't even official yet that Ah have you, but Ah think our work in the med bay will justify it."

Jinx finds the idea of meeting in a burned church delightful to her inner goth. "I am cool with meeting here," she agrees. Looking over to Lucas, she smiles, but when he suggests a different local, she clucks her tongue. "Aww," she huffs softly. "I am not sure you should even ask, but I suppose you have to now that you worrrrk herrre…" she drawls the last. She moves then to pick up her blanket and radio, and that book she will never get finished. "I should go. I have a stupid civil war test tomorrow."

James stands and holds up his hands, "I'm not doing anything official. It's off the books or it's off my radar." He starts walking towards that large, fire-damaged wall and the lawn a short distance beyond it. "Ready or not, we're still kids in the eyes of the law and Scott. Asking anyone to make us official is only going to attract attention I don't want right now.” He gives Lucas a look, "You know how I feel about you…but regardless…only reason you're leading anything is because Kenta gave you a chance and we wanted you to. Beyond that, we're all still fuck ups. Ones with out cars, a job, and…most days…homes."

Lucas face remains unchanged, but he doesn't realize his scent shifts, revealing the discomfort and hurt he takes from James' words about why he's leading. He slowly nods, "If that's how you feel," though it doesn't answer if he's okay with that or not. He looks at Jinx, "Ah gotta go too. We're doin' inventory on the instruments in the morning." He nods again, and turns to head for the door.

Jinx looks between the guys, but doesn't have a lot more to add as this seems between them. She touches Lucas' arm lightly, and confidence ebbs out in a slow warming curl. "He believes in you, but he's got a right to be nervous. We all do. Robyn's still healing… we all are in our own ways. Won't hurt nothing to practice, and the see about going official," she withdraws her hand, and hefts her stuff. "I'll see you guys tomorrow.

By the time the farewells are said, the hyena is already to the graveyard the creature's mind set on finding Connor and all that it entails.

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