2009-03-07: Good Connections


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Summary: Browsing catalogs, Leo meets someone new.

Date: March 7, 2009

Good Connections

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Living Room

It's getting close. The time of Leo's release of energy. He's getting way too energetic and bright. At present, his body glows almost as bright as a 40 watt bulb, and his eyes as bright as a 60. However, despite that and all the energy flowing from his body, he's seated on a couch in the living room, browsing through a catalog. Clothing. GOOD clothing.

The first sign that the newest residents of the Xavier mansion are about to enter a room is, as always, the sound of thier voices locked in discussion…or perhaps a low level argument. "I am telling you we can get more vertical lift out of it with just a few tweeks here and there." "Yeah, sure just like with the rocket boots. If you set your room on fire in the middle of a school lock down your going to get us both in trouble." "Please brother dear, I know what I am doing…this time."

The face of light looks up to the oncoming voices as he offers a wave as they enter. "Yeahdefinatelynotsomethingtododuringlockdown." He nods. Yes, his words come out as one right now. He's faster than a normal person and it's coming out in his voice. Not excessively so, just his power levels are extremely high today. "Hi!" He offers, "I'm Leo." He glances back down to his magazine. He's in the men's section, between shirts and underwear.

The sudden burst of words is greeted by identicle Spock like raised eye brows, and bright grins. Although, the twin grins are not quite as bright as the litteraly glowing Leo. With a smooth hard to place eastern European accent one of the twins says, "Hello, we are Pryce, and this lump of malcontented electronics expertise is Vincent."

"Have a seat if you like." Leo says, obviously trying hard to slow himself down. "I'm just looking through some clothing magazines." He has a few others on the other side of him. Some French. Some Asian. None are local, obviously. "Getting ready to get a new wardrobe." He chuckles.

The twins both laugh at the same time and drop into the couch on either side of Leo as they look a thet magazines. The twin to the right says, "ahh the joys of spring and the new clothing lines." The twin to the left makes a derisive snorting sound, "You say that every time the seasons change. I would say you only cared to go to the shows for the models if I did not know how much of a clothes horse you were."

Looking between the twins, Leo can't help but laugh. "Hey, I like watching the models as much as the clothes. Especially since…" He looks left and right. "Well, it's all about the hiding without showing everything in the underwear models." He grins impishly, shrugging. He's surrounded by a pair of twins. Nice looking twins at that. That's a new one on him. He's not bothered, though.

Pryce is good at surrounding people, especially the cute ones that either don't notice or do not seem to mind until too late. The twin on the left nods as he leans over and grabs a magazine without so much as asking about it while saying, "Speaking of underware models, what ever happened to the red head you picked up in Milan Pryce, he seemed rather talented in hinting at what was there without showing too much…" The twin on the left shrugges and says, "He was fun, but not a brain in his head. About like the blond girl you were with at the same time." Almost conspiratorily he adds, "Thats the problem with models, fun to look at and have fun with on occasion but can't hold a conversation worth a damn."

"Hey, I coulda been a model, but I chose gymnastics instead. And I have plenty of brain." Leo says with a bit of a chuckle as he listens to the boys around him. He would scoot in one direction or the other, but he doesn't know which way to scoot. Course, Leo's already been known to be a little cuddly with some of the folks around.

The twin on the left just grins at Leo a moment before saying, "I can see it, and I bet a cute thing like you would just light up the walk way like no one before him." To Leo's left the other twin just snorts at his brother's choice in cheesey lines. Other than them occasionaly playing video games wihtout touching the controlers the twins alas do not yet have much of a reputation in the school…but give it a few weeks and that might change.

"Probably. Especially since my name's already somewhat known." The Light Conduit rolls his eyes sheepishly. Of course, with the twins not telling their names, he hasn't put two and two together himself. "Well, in the business world anyway. Leo Osborne. The Osborne Conglomerate is my heritage." He rolls his eyes. Number 8 in America in sheer monetary value.

The twins blink and grin at one another around Leo for a second. "To think Father said…" "…We would never make important…" "…contacts at this school." The two share a laugh before the one on the right offers his hand to Leo. "I think we might want to give our full introduction, all things considered. Pryce and Vincent Von Gregory, as in the Von Gregory Industries Incorporated Von Gregorys."

"Ooooh! Another one of the families." Leo says happily as he grins, leaning back to give them access to each other. "You know, Warren Worthington works here sometimes, right?" After all, that's pretty much THE wealthiest man (save for country rulers like Doom). "Wow. I didn't know the Von Gregorys had twins. Especially… well, to be blunt, hot twins.

The twins do the Spock eyebrow thing again at the mention of Warren Worthington. The one on the right says, "I assume you mean Mister Worthington the younger right? The one that is still young and hot. Hmm, something we are going to have to mention to Father next time we talk." The twin on the left nods and grins. "Yes, father has not said much about us publicly. He is just waiting to introduce us to the public till we can actually take part in the company."

"Of course. The Third. He's like us." Leo says casually, getting up briefly to go get one of the pictures from the mantle. He picks it up and brings it over. It's the costumed original X-Men. "There." He points to the winged one.

The twin on the right lets out a low whistle as he gets a look at the picture. "Wow…" His brother picks up the thought without thinking, "…I never would have thought…" "…Warren Worthington the third…" "…was one of the origional X-Men." The two shake thier heads and make sure to get a good look at the picture in case it becomes usefull later. "And I thought the discovery of the Danger room was mind blowing."

((From there, the teens join the fight in Attack on Xavier's))

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