2011-07-08: Good Morning Good Morning


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Summary: A little breakfast, Xavier School style.

Date: June 8, 2011

Log Title: Good Morning, Good Morning

Rating: PG-13(L)

Xavier Mansion - Kitchen

This kitchen was designed to feed large numbers of people, and looks it with its bright white walls and stainless steel appliances. The stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher are all larger than normal. There is an island with stools around it for people to sit and eat around along with a table for twelve by the windows in back. Along the wall is a hole in the wall looking into the dining room so food can be passed back and fourth. Anything you want to cook or eat in the kitchen you will find the food and supplies to do so.

The smell of cinnamon wafts from the kitchen to the hallways of the mansion. Fresh baked cinnamon buns, some with raisins, some with craisins otherws with currants and others without any fruits added sit on the island of the kitchen on various platters. Christopher is at the kitchen sink cleaning up from his morning baking. He sings to himself as he cleans up his mess in a cheery tone. He's dressed neatly in a pair of kakhi pants and a button down blue shirt, his hair meticulously style.

Jem is on the hunt for something to eat. The likes of which you really no idea. Morning and those times before lunch are the worst for her. She is on a special diet, which is to say that her intake is far greater than the average teenage girl, or teenager for that matter. She could put linebackers to shame in an eating contest. But before that… "Oh my god, I'm thirsty!" Jem comes bursting into the kitchen wearing her a pair of tight jeans and a halter, high tailing it quickly for the fridge. She find a water, snatching it up rather quickly to crack open the cap and start to guzzle it with one breath, sucking the contents of the bottle faster than it can pour which caves the bottle in on itself a little with plastic crackles.

Pretty much just killing time and trying to distract himself from the fact that he has absolutly no idea what he's gonna do when he leaves Cloud heads to the kitchen, he's dressed in beige cargo shorts, red sneakers, and a white t-shirt, he sees Jem run past into the kitchen as he's about to turn the corner and catches the smell of what Christopher is cooking, cool people to talk to, as he enters he can't help but laugh at Jem.

"There's umm…fresh squeezed…orange…juice…" Christopher tries to tell Jem as she just inhales her water. "I would recommend drinking that a bit slower. It might go down the wrong pipe if you drink it too fast." He says as he finishes washing up and goes to pour himself a cup of coffee, milk with one sugar. "I'm Mr. Parker-Mayfair, the culinary teacher here. You must be one of our newest students. Now are you Ms. Evelyn Greer or Ms Jem Savalion?" He then nods to Cloud. "Good morning Cloud. Both of you are welcome to have some freshly baked cinnamon rolls."

As Cloud laughs at her, Jem pulls the water bottle away from her lips with a vacuum suction pop and she peers at him, "Hey, bright eyes! Don't you judge me! I happen—" on an impulse, she swings her water bottle towards him, trying to fling water on him, which soon after she blinks, realizing that she is kinda wasting it by doing so, "Damnit.." she mutters, setting the bottle down to prevent any more loss of the precious and delicious fluid, "I just so happen to dry out, really easily." she smirks, not really mad at him or anything, just poking back at his teasing. It will suit her for now, she doesn't have as much a dry mouth as she did before, "Oh, sorry.. I totally didn't realize anyone else was here. I get thirsty or hungry and all bets are off. I get tunnel vision. Yeah, I'm Jem, Evelyn's the cat girl.. which I hope she doesn't shed. I've never been much of a cat person." she then notices the food, "Oh sweet! Food!"

Still laughing Cloud jump back as the water is flung at him, "No judging, just never seen anyone drink that fast", he checks his shorts to make sure no water landed in an awkward place, "Hey Mr. Parker-Mayfair, hows it going?" he walks over t the rolls, "Thanks".

"Well at a place like this it's always good to be aware of your surroundings. But then again so many students here always seem to be starving and eat like there's no tomorrow." Christopher says to Jem with a bit of a chuckle. "Well, welcome to Xavier's Jem. How are you settling so far?" No comment is made on Evelyn shedding. "It's going well so far Cloud, thank you for asking."

Jem finds her way over to the rolls, using her hip to sorta bump into Cloud's a little as she takes one and takes a big bite out of it, raising her hand to indicate that she is one such student that eats like there is no tomorrow. "Ability requires it.." she explains with a mouth full. "Drives my dad nuts." The words are of course a little muffled at best, but reasonably understandable. She munches almost as fast as she was guzzling the water. "Mm. So far so good." she answers, "No major mishaps or anything." she peers over at Cloud and grins, raising her brows, "Yet. Right? I've been hearing things about you, lately that I find surprising. You have a reputation around here if I can assume correctly?"
You sense you have new mail from MadHatter.

Cloud turns slightly red as Jem mentions him having a reputation, "Well, er… you know… you can't belive everything you hear", he takes a bite out of one of the cinnamon to stop himself talking, whatever it is, it can't be good.

Christopher takes a cinnamon roll for himself and takes a bit out of it. "Of course they're not bad, I'm the culinary teacher here. And why do you think there would be mishaps with my cooking?" He asks raising an eyebrow with a bit of a grin. "Actually Jem there are a few students here with unique diatary requirements. Heather has to eat many times per day as does Chloe to compensate for her speed. It's actually amazing how common a higher caloric intake is for mutants. I'm lucky where I don't have to worry about that though I do love cooking." He doesn't say anything about the rumours of Cloud, after all it's not his place to gossip about students. Especially when they're right there.

"Oh good. So I'm not the only one then." Jem replies brightly, being used to being the only one in her house to have second and sometimes third dinner. "And no, no mishaps with cooking just… in general." she peers over at Could, "Cloud is a bit of a trouble maker." she smirks, "He likes to influence impressionable new students to do bad things." Of course she is totally kidding, as she doesn't need much coaxing to do things that aren't something that a teacher pet would do, but still. "I also hear that he tends to be really impulsive and not irrational. Not what I was expecting when I first met him."

"What?, no i'm not", Cloud wasn't expecting that, "I've only ever been in trouble once and i don't try and get anyone to do anything they shouldn't i swear", who's been telling Jem that, "Mr Parker-Mayfair as a teacher you'd no if i was like that right?", turning back to Jem, "I'll give you that i can be a little impulsive sometimes but thats it".

Jem just grins, "Oh yeah? I've been hearing allllll kinds of things about you. Someone even seems to suggest that you and I are perfect for each other. I really have no idea where they would get such an idea, Cloud. Quite frankly, I'm pretty well behaved, and well.. you're a troublemaker, as the rumors say." Jem puts on a bit of an innocent look, clearly making with the teasing at this point. She even silences herself by taking another bite of her snack.

"Seriously i'm not a trouble maker, there was that one incedant but it was a one off", Cloud stops when something said cuts though his babble, "S..someone said we were perfect for each other?", "You've seen i'll be a bit impulsive but i've never activly done something to get in trouble"

Christopher quietly sips his coffee and eats his breakfast as he listens to the two. "I do know some things Cloud but it's not my place to say anything." He says as a he can't help but chuckle at the exchange between the two. "Though I will agree, from what I've seen you can be impulsive. But so can a few other students here though I will correct you and say that you and your sister have done something to get in trouble." He says remembering an incident regarding beer on campus.

Jem can't keep him squirming for too long, and the girl laughs, reaching to poke her fingertip to the boy's nose, "Calm down, I'm only kidding.." she admits, "..About most of it. I think there are rumors starting to fly around, according to my roommate. And I think someone named Robyn said something to that effect." She tries to recollect it, having a bit of trouble remembering the past as she is a here and now type person. "He had quite a bit of an opinion about you to be honest. I was honestly surprised you had such a rep." Jem could possibly be a little impressed, maybe. "No but really. Cloud has honestly been really cool about helping me get adjusted." she tells Christopher, "No real complaints about behavior or anything."

"You…, so not funny", Cloud isn't too annoyied though, "Robyn?, what did i ever do to him?, i've never even really spoken to him outside of squad sessions, i wonder why he don't like me?", he shrugs, "I'm supposing you're talking about the alcohol incedant?, i havn't been in trouble since then, i learnt my lession", mostly.

Walking over to Cloud, Christopher pats his shoulder. "I doubt it's that anyone doesn't like you it's just you've done some impulsive things and have earned a bit of a reputation as one who runs blindly into things without thinking about the danger or consequences. And that's good that you learned your lesson with that." He says smiling. "I'm glad he's been good about helping you adjust. Most the kids here are quite welcoming to new students as we've all been in your shoes before."

"Strange. I thought it was pretty funny." Jem smirks, bouncing her brows at him. "And I don't think it is that he doesn't like you.." She starts to explain, but Christopher sort of says it for her, "Yeah. Something like that. Which kinda reminds me of someone I knew once, to be honest." A few people that she can think of, really. "Oh, everyone has been pretty nice so far. I was expecting to encounter some broody emo types that don't really think the world understands them or something, but everyone seems pretty adjusted around here. Mm. There was a little incident involving Connor and the boy's locker room, but it was pretty harmless, if not… interesting." Jem grins. "Oh, Cloud. I was kinda hoping I could learn a little football, because I had a little idea, so I was wondering…"

Cloud nods, "Maybe thats it, guess i do come off as stupid sometimes, but i really have been trying to think before i act", he raises an eyebrow at Jem, "The boys locker room?", maybe he shouldn't press that one, "Yeah i could help you out, what do you wanna learn for?"

"We get a few kids who have more trouble adjusting them others but the angst doesn't usually come out until something bad happens…which it does. This Halloween Cloud, through no fault of his own, and many others were transported to another dimension and had to find their way home." Christopher says. "Oh did I miss Emma during that month." He admits. "And we heard about that incident Jem, we have you jumping through Connor's portal on the security feed along with walking out of the boys locker room moments after." Though no cameras appear in the locker room since it's private in there.

"Yep, Connor, portal, boy's locker room. It was a shock for everyone, lemme tell ya." Jem chuckles, "There are a few boys around here that can't really look me in the eye anymore. Or maybe they can, who knows. It was a really weird trip. And I didn't really stay any longer than I had to. Just.. kinda being one place and then suddenly being somewhere unexpected is a little disorienting. So much room for pranking." That is Jem's take on Connor's power at least. She looks to Cloud and smirks, "I wanna learn how to tackle somebody."

"Sorry but I think the prank title has to go to Quill." Christopher says. "That boy…" He just shakes his head in response not saying what he thinks. He then raises an eyebrown with an expression that shows he doesn't believe what he's hearing. "You want to learn to tackle someone?"

Jem gives a solid nod, "Yep, I wanna learn how to tackle people." she assures, "See, I'm told the squad sessions get pretty rough, and it pays to come up with ways to use your powers. well, I figure with a little thrust, a big body of flame, a giant flaming tackle could prove useful at some point. At least something to have in my arsenal. "

"I counld help you with that but i'm kinda worried about hurting you", Cloud's not really sure how to go about teaching Jem, he knows how he could teach a guy, but Jem could get hurt, "What do you think Mr. Parker-Mayfair?"

Christopher drinks the last bit of coffee from his cup before answer. "Well, I think that Jem should have a few danger room sessions to see how working with a team is before figuring out things like that. If, -if- she does want to work on learning to tackle with her powers it should be done in the danger room with staff supervision so noone gets hurt. And if you're not comfortable teaching someone how to do that nothing is forcing you to do so Cloud."

Jem chuckles at Cloud's assumptions on what she meant, "Wow. You really do wanna jump all over me pretty badly, don't you." she smirks at him and gives him the 'shame-shame' finger gesture. "Little more than just a bit impulsive I'd say. Wolf in sheephish clothing is more like it. No, what I meant was for you to instruct me. Tell me the mechanics of a proper tackle, showing where to properly hit and distribute weight? I'm already pretty athletic, and good at taking instruction." And she is always looking for inventive ways to try her power out, "That's reasonable, isn't it? Kinda like reading a book on it? Or getting a diagram. I can practice it in the Danger Room." she nods to Christopher.

As Jem may have possibly intended Cloud goes bright red, "No thats…", he stops talking before Jem can find anymore words to turn round, "If you just want instruction i can do that, i can ask Xorn if he minds running a session in the danger room for it".

"I'm a teacher here, will the students please keep their hormones in check while the adults are present?" Christopher says to Jem raising his eyebrows. "Aaaaaanyway, I have to be going for now. I have to get to my salon and get ready for my afternoon apointments. It was good to meet you Jem and I hope to see you in my culinary classes. And Cloud, have a good day and don't let her tease you so much." He says grinning at the teen before heading out of the kitchen leaving behind mountains of cinnamon buns.

"Oh, okay, well have fun. Nice meeting you. But really, I was just teasing him. I think he'd think that I don't like him if I didn't. We're cool like that. I know he probably thought I initially meant for him to instruct by experience. Guys are just like that. I wasn't too clear on exactly what I meant initially either." Using her tongue ring, Jem rolls it against her back teeth. "But it's funny to watch him blush, isn't it? I bet I can do it again…" Jem shifts her eyes to the side to peer at Cloud with a sly smirk, and then she sorta jumps at him, reaching out to grab for him to wriggle and tickle her fingers at his sides.

"See ya Mr. Parker-Mayfair and i'll try, but i'm not sure if i have a choice in the matter", Cloud raises an eyebrow when Jem states that it's fun to make him blush, man girls ARE all the samel, now heres where the bad lies, Cloud is very ticklish, especially on his sides, he immediatly starts laughing and trying to move away.

It'll take more than a little squirming to get away from Jem. The girl is persistent if anything else, and naturally she finds it pretty hilarious that Cloud is ticklish so she pursues him, "Oh! I found your weakness! You're in trouble now, it's gonna get spread around the whole school!"

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